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I'll always regret that we didn't get to see this happen with Hillary - it would've been a hundred times worse, wit… @ebruenig just needs an iv drip and a bed pan @Washington6451 @BLaw u mad @DuckAlertsNOW whos that @BLaw
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @BLaw @jattburner @lunch_enjoyer I'd like to see the story of Christ's birth, but in the age of Twitter. Imagine the possibilities
@humidnightbIue @CarlBeijer
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @MaxBlumenthal lmao i hadn't heard of this @MailmanStalker That and shizzle of course @MailmanStalker White boomers loved that word in 2010haha happen, people. let it go.
Retweeted by Carl BeijerX dvm
Retweeted by Carl Beijerb
Retweeted by Carl Beijerstarting to think twitter is for some people just a quicker way to be nasty and annoying
Retweeted by Carl Beijeri dont have time in my life for rude tweeters. if thats your game, good luck with that, but thats not what i see twitter for.
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @jaketapper it's so exhausting watching people come up with excuses for why it was wrong to respond to their tweet @j_blaggard @amaninabathtub @DuckAlertsNOW @stillgray That's not you @j_blaggard @amaninabathtub @DuckAlertsNOW @stillgray ok pajama boy think I would prefer the murderer love to add you on Facebook because they met a friend of yours once @DuckAlertsNOW @stillgray Unfunny. Gross. Dumb. Sexist. Racist. Trumpist. I guess y'all have to lower your standards though! @DuckAlertsNOW @stillgray god right-wing women have the WORST taste in menAfter being doxxed & smeared by the far right this past week @twitter has suspended @oliviakatbi and provided no re…
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @rmc031 Have to note that even if Reed does not get the OMB director appointment this is still a goalpost shift for…
@HidehiroAnto That's fine but if they're all going to put their names on it, they own it @ben_mishiev @Slampig2012 you're just a puppet, maaan... @ae53 Get used to it because this is going to be the next four yearsThis is like one of those blue check tweets captioned "Only in New York baby!" and it's just a picture of a normal… @ebruenig This is all just Southern / Mexican stuff, I got a 28 and I'm nothing like a Texan all - with Biden announcing so many Cabinet positions, I've launched a little project: The Data for Progress Cab… @ByYourLogic Unfollowing you to stay on good terms with the Newsbusters guyHow it started, etc @WeedMubarak Good point. I can only imagine the ingenious mind traps and cognitive manipulations that would ensnare Lee in the end @PlaceboJones At 70% Bruce Lee wouldn't even qualify for strawweightTo clarify, these are all percentages OF his regular size. At 70% we are talking under 4 feet tall and less than 90 pounds.You can shrink Bruce Lee as much as you want. How much would you have to shrink him before you could beat him in a… @WeedMubarak I believe the fight would be tougher than expected. Lee did not have size on his side, but he had cunn… @Vanessa_ABee @ebruenig Same, when you’re a kid it’s the most interesting book and it’s also terrifying @Ashleyscowcroft @ChipMonk28 @IGN @mashable Nice counterargument @ebruenig It’s The Book of Revelation for me, should not be read by childrenAlso I would absolutely buy this album @JoshuaMound Yeah that one really gets stuck in your head @WeedMubarak Notice that he does not rebut what you have posited here with facts or logic. No statistics, no resear… @Good_Guy69 People who one might call "homeless" do sometimes have regular nooks or tents and such that function as… @nokber In any case the notion that Bernie would have been worse than Trump on Iran is too brain-dead to even argue… @nokber I love how they’re all pretending this didn’t happen inspiration got some heat for calling this when all the coup talk started, but it’s how things were always gonna go. Some fa… @chiweethedog that's right @borrachacansada If you don't answer it within 15 seconds Picard calls a red alert, has Data scan your room for lif…
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @jattburner Launch a GofundmeBro that tiktok you posted looks so badass
Retweeted by Carl BeijerSomewhat concerned about Blinken's plan to partition China into 2000 sovereign nations each centered around a new U… we can get Aaron Rupar to read articles by filming and uploading them to YouTube @Iittlejoy @serenelyinhell didn't make it when i lived there but want to try next time... @Iittlejoy @serenelyinhell Was that at that ice hotel in Sweden? @kxyleeee enjoyed watching him get dragged by a black guy who got pissed off about his whining about the iverson avi @atrupar @kxyleeee that man is a total pervert @MeettheBlues this isn't rania buddyJust to clarify, my source on this was meSources telling me that Hillary Clinton asked if she could be Secretary of State under Biden but he turned her down @kxyleeee @Trillburne begone, putin bot @Trillburne @kxyleeee Reporting this accountZero for eight so far @mags_mclaugh gotta stay prepared for a pickup basketball game at all times @SeanRMoorhead The World of Warcraft Saga?I love how these right-wing ultramasculine alphas just can't stay in character movie is the same as your favorite birthday?
@tatsandcatsva @actualylaughing @Marty_Shannon @briebriejoy you just do this for clout, that's why you're bragging about it right now#StillWithHer
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @tatsandcatsva @OldManOfTheSea_ @briebriejoy It's odd that you are opposed to helping at-risk communities if someon… @kxyleeee Top ten places to hide your house key @ebruenig I just do not understand why, if the grievances of this class are "cultural, not economic," we refer to t… @tatsandcatsva @OldManOfTheSea_ @briebriejoy IIRC she just spent a year campaigning for a candidate whose agenda wo… @HeerJeet I guess in this sense you could also say that my liver is manufacturing consent every time I try to persuade someone @lunch_enjoyer You can pop it too if you need create a distraction, but you can only do this once @bufordsharkley @MattBruenig yeah good thing he didn't do thatThis is why you don't see Chomsky saying stuff like "Bill Buckley is manufacturing consent." It's not a person that… reason Chomsky called it "manufacturing consent" was that he was describing a *process* within media institutio… @as_a_worker I like the passing admission that the working class is not actually on board with them @tatsandcatsva @briebriejoy Why are you asking this @JebBush Thank you sirRunner up: @dominickguzzo Disgusting and offensiveWomen love taking selfies where they are hiding behind their cat @GarlicCorgi At the Blue Collar Work Factory and I just addressed the guys as “folx.” They didn’t respond so I expl…