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Aimee's original account is back and now that we can see all of her old tweets I am DYING that this "mass suicides because we couldn't go to Applebee's during the pandemic" narrative has basically… @LyibovPop The impairment of social connections is obviously bad but it isn't some kind of unreasonable ask in the… @FactsFaceLeft No a lot of these guys are actually pretending to be MarxistsWhen weirdos say that the US's half-assed lockdowns have been a soul-destroying psyop meant to crush working class… @commiecock Wrote a little post about it, but it's basically Republicans who use Marxist rhetoric @GarlicCorgi when you have some very strong ideas about what it is to be Manly @delmoi they're whining because they have to take their craft brews to the applebee's patio instead of getting to sit at the bar @GarlicCorgi just for the record @rudzki @RSandninja @SweetEggPerson lol you're a dorkIt's so pathetic watching these Post Left guys - college adjuncts, NY finance guys, and DC blue checks - pose as ch… @benghazifanatic @Proud_Shooter have to bear in mind that @wokehuggies was saying nice things about warren before he realized how em… @Proud_Shooter GSD is pretty clearly a trust fund guy who spends all his time in $25/cocktail lounges, I wouldn't b… does anyone in the universe actually believe this
Joe Manchin right now to @SenatorSinema, @MarkWarner, and @CaptMarkKelly
Retweeted by Carl Beijer @MoreSocialism absolutelyApplebee’s closing the bar area and only offering limited patio seating is a tactic of psychological warfare that g… @atbobb The last time a teenager tried to knockout game me, I choked him out with a Kirifuda clutch before he even… cool guys
Retweeted by Carl BeijerWhole type of progressive who shrugs off nationalism when it's Maddow talking about Russiagate or a Democrat runnin… @itskrev I mean that's extremely common! @nokber @CokeEnjoyer Sporpsball guys love to uncover the latent nationalism in team sports and then a minute later… in 2018 WWE had a heel who was an extreme germophobe and I keep thinking how perfect this gimmick would be if… @Vinncent Sure, I just think it’s a big analytical leap from “it’s hard to mobilize a pacified populace” to “capita… check. drop your last saved image that has a girl in it
All you Russian-financed leftists working to undermine Joe Biden, are overdue to face the facts about Biden.
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