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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times”

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Listen and enjoy sat down with @attackmag1 to talk about our legendary night at @RoyalAlbertHall. When they built that place, they… @dark_shark Claude from Montreux showed me that performance before he died. IncredibleProtect your history Protect your heroes
Retweeted by BRING THAT BEAT BACK @skyhits It was no different for Bruce Lee. @skyhits Come on. Muhammad Ali had to assert himself as being the Greatest over and over and over...
Derrick May and I are just discussing that back in the day Bruce Lee most likely had to assert himself as being the… @lewys06 @DJsComplaining They needed it @fredeverything @DJsComplaining 😹No dream is ever just a dream.What in the hell happened to @DJsComplaining ?Come & shake up your classics w/ Uncle Carl at @SALT_art_music in 2 Weeks #DETROITLOVE your history Protect your heroes
If you hear the bed rockin Tell the kids don’t come knockinBringing the D train right thru the Swiss Alps, see y'all this weekend @Fond_Beyeler @nordsternbasel @craig_connelly @SoftubeStudios I love itWomen are attracted to slutty men the same as men are attracted to slutty women
Streaming done fucked up the game @MMIV5SOS Grow up. Pinned tweet doesn’t mean most liked it’s the tweet you want people to see 1stThis edition of #DetroitLove❤️ puts you front and center in the Detroit hood with @sheefymcfly “Watupdoe” as well a…
Listen to your boy on @worldwidefm amazes me how the 808 has become so commercial but still sounds completely underground
I’M COMING TO THIS TAYLOR SWIFT LOVIN JOKERS HOUSE TO FART RIGHT IN HIS DINNER #taylortrolls @mikeservito @BODY_AUGMENTS @MATRiXXMAN @lovefingers Hahaha. They don’t give a fuck. They just wanna see blood. The… @jazzbeezy Was there a film on this? If not, i can image this being the reason it isn’t well known. Woodstock was s…
@sethtroxler 😹“My feeling is the audience comes last. If you’re lowering what you do to what you think they’re gonna like you’re… flight has safely landed. That was fun. Thanks to the Taylor Swift #TaylorTrolls making this trip so entertainin…, if you wanna defend teenagers, then please defend all of the brown teenagers that are kept in those concentrat… @CurryHani13 Hell has the best parties. HahahahahahahaStop it. You’re all grown ass men pretending to be teenage girls. Pervs @delicatearcherx The dexterity you have is amazing tweeting from 10 different accounts at the same time. Funny @polariscabello I agree with your “poor dumb bitch” assessment of yourself. I included a photo of your page so you… @delicatearcherx So juvenile. Taylor never to weed out her trolls, I mean fans. You guys are making her look bad @AberdeenAnderz I don’t know their music. Do they make techno? 😹HAHAHAHAHA Taylor Swift, come and get your dog. It’s shitting on my lawn“For me, making stuff is only fun if it’s dangerous, right? Like, if there’s danger and if it could go horribly wro… @syd_viciously I can see why people would be protective of Beyoncé. Her talent is superior to just about everybody…’m on a my flight from Amsterdam to Detroit right now and these Taylor Swift #TaylorTrolls responses are hilarious.Thanks to the Taylor Swift #TaylorTrolls onslaught I’ve realized that each fan account is preprogrammed with canne… @doogatron Nope. But he’s from Detroit baby! @syd_viciously I love Beyoncé. If she can give a 1st rate show with a band and dancers or only with a microphone plugged into a guitar amp.The Taylor Swift #TaylorTrolls are on a rampage. What music streaming farms in Asia and call centers in India are t… I ever find out that any of you have me in the same Spotify playlist as Taylor Swift I’m coming to your house and fart on you dinner @DJPAULETTE You play better music than what’s on her Spotify lamelistI didn’t drink as much as I wanted I did drink more than I should
@DaMFunK The Gemini in you wants to go HAM. Taste the rainbow! 😹 @themartinezbros @yousefcircus @DJSHARAM Blow your whistleI don’t know everything and I don’t claim to know everything but I do want to learn as much is I can @VonStroke Maybe you and Marky Mark can host the Emmys as the Other Other Guys. “I’m like a peacock, you gotta let me fly!” @DJSHARAM @yousefcircus @themartinezbros Check Beatport. He’s been releasing tracksEach time I DJ I aim to learn something new. Many secrets are hidden in between the beats @topcat_365 Word! I didn’t realize until yesterday that they sound kind of similar @chris_carter_ @memorialdevice I’m sure if I met any of these people while they were at the pharmacy buying Prepara…
51 years ago Jazz legend Sun Ra creates the song Hip Hop Breakdown. This pre-dates the Hip Hop music movement by close to 10 yearsWhich was 1st: Buffalo Gals or Cookie Puss?I read the Bar-Kay’s were planning on coming out in a chariot but Stax squashed that plan because it would upstage… was something but Wattstax was something else! Both have documentaries & amazing artists & I love watchin… @HudMo @RickRoss He skipped the step where he’s trying to wipe off sand from between his legs and his nutsack @HudMo @RickRoss 😹 @HudMo @RickRoss Jeez. What will these guys think of next
The best DJ sets aren’t about how many people screamed or how many groupies danced behind the DJ or how many VIP ta… @blucu Makes a brother feel undervalued2 Weeks to Go B4 the D takes over @Printworks_LDN with my boys at @TheHydraLdn. @DaMFunK. LarryHeard aka MR Fingers…’m Carl Craig not Ariana Grande so don’t ask me to smile
Drunk tweets are an epidemic but also funny as hell @djmarkfarina Wow! Amazing to know it’s being done. How does it work on large systems? Water bottles see to work very wellI wonder if silicon breast implants are effective in reducing rumble and feedback from turntablesLadies, if you haven’t figured it out by now, when men are horney just about anything is sexy and when we’re drunk everything is sexyI speak Detroit @FrolicJones ExactlyMake people have to think before they shoot. @sveinbjornp Real hunters don’t waste bullets. A hunter is not going to shoot an animal 50 times. The skill is to h… @raspberryjones Kick out the rhymes @raspberryjones The MC50’sWe all know that guns and bullets won’t be banned in the US so make each bullet cost $100. 1000 rounds would cost $100,000.On the real, you can buy 1000 rounds of bullets for $150 so that’s $0.15/round. One bullet can destroy a persons li…
Embark with Captain Carl this weekend for a cruising journey of sound on board @IBOATbordeaux #DETROITLOVE the people keep their guns Ban the bullets insteadMany of us will never be financially rich, so let’s be rich in knowledge, humor, family, morality, and humanity @sirjamespants So, a Donald Byrd record without Donald Byrd? Jeez
@Opuswerk VintageNo more VSTs will always be an 18 year old nobody who will do anything to become a somebody
Retweeted by BRING THAT BEAT BACK @I_Skream Warriors come out & play-yay! @blucu When he was in high school all of the people who follow him now would have dogged him for being a nerd/geek.…
America feels like a stadium for one big pissing contestThank U @platform_18“The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life.”😹I am the Nose I don't swim I don't dance I don't swim or dance I'm too cool to swim, or dance I might get my hair wet I don't even sweatThere are far too many times in life when team of staff engineers and programmers would come in handyI randomly met Pos from @WeAreDeLaSoul today at Glasgow Airport. I didn’t want to go full fanboy on him so I didn’t… @blucu We must do this againThanks to @derrickmayday and @blucu for joining another excellent #DetroitLove street party in Glasgow. It was amazing
@itsCamille price check Preparation H @matthewdear @ghostly MaddgentaI sing the funk electric
During my set someone asked me why i didn’t bring my dog, so I told her I ate itTonight. Scotland, come & shake your ass up with me in at @Tweak_Edinburgh.“Boards don’t hit back."