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Detroit Techno disciple since the days of Cybotron

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Quit jerking around with the technology and make some music
Only one week to go till we bring #Versus to @RoyalAlbertHall with @Chineke4Change. C U soon London… @GreenVelvet_ Kanye is playing brighter days ar Sunday service 💪🏽Good music should inspire the listeners to make that funk face that seems like repulsiveness but it’s complete insp… @blucu Bro, you make it impossible for wack DJs to shine
It must be tough to be Kanye. His wife is always the fat butt of every jokeWatching Derrick May DJ is like watching a magician saw your wife in half @RobBrito Yep. About to start rockin in 20minsYes, the answer is West 8 Mile RdIt must cost a fortune to be BeyoncéIf you guessed that it was their studio address, I believe you are correct. 2nd part, what street was their studio on?Techno trivia: why is Octave One’s label called 430 West? @bennyrodrigues Thank you will add @MaceoPlex I made that in my mommas basement 🤗 @MaceoPlex Detroit politics will go insane if I included myself but god forbid forgot to include someone else
@MaceoPlex You didn’t see Sean on there? Look again @MaceoPlex From Detroit? @ghostly it comes to liquor, Patron is a slutIt’s getting harder to spot a fakeI want to design a VI. I want to interface with a VI. I must be the best VI.Waajeed Parliament Funkadelic Detroit Techno Militia Shigeto Golf Clap Heidi Saunderson Brothers Eminem Proof The D… @KirkDegiorgio George’s house!
DJ Assault Chuck Daniels Piranahead Earl Mixin McKinney DJ Holographic Carlos Souffront Drivetrain Magda Jerry The… @partyshuffleliz K Hand is on the list. Erika is part of Ectomorph which is listed. Good eye on Magda and Lauren flaxNorma Jean Bell Keith Worthy Disco D Jimmy Edgar Aaron Carl Mike Servito Derrick Plaslaiko Monty Luke Gary Martin D… @Tiga Brah, I forgot you making tracks in your grandmas basement on Detroit’s east side.Ken Collier Was Not Was J Dilla Al Ester Stacey Hotwax Hale Santonio Jay Daniel Sinstarr Andres Slum Village Kyle H… Shake Shakir Alan Oldham Channel One Richie Hawtin Eddie Flashing Fowlkes Terrence Parker Daniel Bell Aux 8… A Number of Names Robert Hood Kenny Larkin Derrick May Kevin Saunderson Juan Atkins Blake Baxter Suburban… @PaulWoolford @newera_boxing A great Planet E release!
Do vegans have vegan pets?Playing @RoyalAlbertHall with @Chineke4Change is a real privilege. Next week we bring #Versus and so much more to L… @kelvinsholar Sholections
A good man is always a little dirtyLISB-ON & ON & ON & ON. upon a time, there were synthesizers and drum machines that used punchcardsYou're my little lover, orgasmatron Only I know, baby, what turns you on You're my little secret neon light Girl I… @RBMA @WallyBadarou Amazing read. I want to read more! @RBMA @WallyBadarou I missed this one! I’m glad to read it now @RBMA @WallyBadarou Love @WallyBadarou. Compass Pointe Allstars is a big influence @matthewdear @ghostly This is what I had so many aliases 👅
@blackmadonnachi @ststerling Damn. Sad @floodmagazine @ststerling @TheB52s @DTEEnergyMusic Whammy KissI’ve been informed that Herr’s is a real brand! Which is amazing because according to our survey, Let’s (the fictional brand) won @1djhelix My bad.Thanks for playing! But both brands are fictional and from the TV shows Community, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Office. 😘Which is the best potato chip brandFor the first time this year #DETROITLOVE makes it's way to the UK with @derrickmayday @blucu at @platform_18 @mikeservito Aretha was at the height of her powersWho remembers Esham? @yousefcircus @sashaofficial @dubfire @sashaofficial once I stood behind Esham (a local Detroit rapper) shipping 30… @only1jmccready @JonSavage1966 😂 @moussetofficial @JamPeppermint We all did what was needed to make our music which made the scene healthy and I’m g… @yousefcircus @sashaofficial @dubfire Bruh, I know many of us weren’t paying attention in school but epitome doesn’… down. Volume up. #audiogeneva epitome means “prime example” not we did it and nobody else did. We all have our stories and that’s what makes… @kingbritt Definitely did! Wink always reminds me too! 😆#new @carlcraignet - At Les (Versus Beatless Version) Pre-order the EP to receive a special reduced ticket price f…
Retweeted by carl craig @alvin_hill Yes u were! @djheather @djmarkfarina Amazing! So happy to see Spencer in there @djsophielloyd Floorplan mix is my joint
Detroit Techno is the epitome of DIY. We produced and engineered our own music, paid to press our own vinyl, and if… up, the most painful experience was to wake up on Sunday morning to go to church. I didn’t want to waste my…
@ststerling @ronwade Unkle C keeps it real 🥶 @ststerling @ronwade Overpressing a piece of vinyl now is maybe 500 units. That spread across the US means there wi… @ststerling @ronwade Sounds more like Black Friday @fabriclondon Thanks for the offer, but I don’t like fish n chipsMy childhood friend’s mother told me once that you can tell the value of a man by how clean he keeps his shoes. I live by this statementThank U Poland dreamt about you last night. I touched your body while you touched my soul. I played the melodies but you made them beautiful.Synths are like opinions, it seems like everybody’s got one @AllanMNyC_ Agreed @em3digital Have some more flight experience and then try to tell me that. @Ejk1084 @AllanMNyC_ We all have our grind. I enjoy mine @superlax You have a dirty mind
@laurenflax @blackmadonnachi Wisdom of the glove.@planetedetroit & @Infinemusic release the Versus Beatless EP on April 24th Pre-order the… people think touring as a DJ is a glamorous rock and roll lifestyle full of private jets, champagne and groupi… @pegerteg Squiffy? I had to look that one up 😉 @ML4949 @ML4949 button topic: The same women who throw around the term “toxic masculinity” have no problem telling a grown man to “man up”Brian Eno created some of his best work with one synthesizer and a multitrack. With that in mind, is a stockpile of…
I don’t condone jealousy but if you’re gonna be jealous of anyone pick a man with soft hands. He’s someone who prob… @themartinezbros Read this @jazzbeezy @jesshopp Attack Ships On Fire was a big club track in Detroit. Like with most electronic music of that… @jazzbeezy @jesshopp Then the music did its job. Of course Native Love was huge for them but I was into Revco, Fron… @jazzbeezy @jesshopp I loved wax trax too but on one visit to the shop I realized it was a very “white” establishme… @greg_gow Salsberry steakI’m conscious as a not thugged out looking man that when I walk into a store wearing dark glasses, a black ski cap… Carl’s Thursday Thought: Eating cake for breakfast is no different than eating pancakes for breakfastI can only comment on what I know and I don’t know Cubase, Reaper, Studio One, or many others out there. I will hav… categorize a few DAWs like this: Pro Tools is meat & potatoes, Logic Pro is meat, potatoes & veggies and Ableton…
I have a dream, a dream that should be the 21st century dream. I have a dream that one day I will DJ clubs and fest… Status: In studio. Updating scores for @Chineke4Change @RoyalAlbertHall performance with @Kate_Simko. Almost perfect!Current Status: In studio. Arms numb from sleeping in chairCurrent Status: in the studio. More awake but breath stank. Took a mint.Current Status: In studio. Still a zombie