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Dad, husband, Brit specialising in tech company Privacy @hudl @duolingo, mediocre day trading, random British commentary. Privacy blog:

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@digininja Hard to say. I'll be surprised if they don't process the tests they have in hand. I expect they'll just stop selling them.Carl buys test, does test, sends test back. Then: @quentynblog If you're not "aware" of a breach then there is nothing to report. @raylehmann @AlecStapp *pretty much the same. @raylehmann @AlecStapp Pay much the same as in the EU. Ownership is with the taker, but rights over usage are mixed…
@iMeluny @NSQE @DLTsays @LourdesTurrecha @thinkers360 Ah, it's just a bullshit list @NSQE @DLTsays @iMeluny @LourdesTurrecha @thinkers360 I can't speak for the EU, but it seems over 50% women in privacy in the UK.Matt just told @Peston of f*ck off lol. This is brilliant 😅
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @nycmusicservice @elgatogaming Gotcha, thanks anyway. I know a ton of people are looking for the SDK integration. @nycmusicservice @elgatogaming I just want to be sure that this is two way syncing, i.e. using the Zoom SDK, so tha… @nycmusicservice @elgatogaming Oh wow!!! So this is using the Zoom SDK to get the actual Zoom Mute state? Is that t… @DanRusso_CMT @the_chart_life @bostonchaahhts I agree 100%. Talking to many of my friends, there does seem to be a… @bostonchaahhts @DanRusso_CMT @the_chart_life I know here in the UK it's a legal requirement for employers to start… @the_chart_life @DanRusso_CMT @bostonchaahhts I wonder if one of the problems is that for us "main streeters" with… @DanRusso_CMT @the_chart_life @bostonchaahhts And don't a huge number of people on main street have a pension that… @digininja I have some living with me. @StuHirstInfoSec Bugger, out of stock. @StuHirstInfoSec not sure, check zava and superdrugIf you're not great with blood, then this may not be the test for you. It takes quite a lot of "milking" the blood…'ve just received and done the Superdrug home antibody test. It's relatively simple to do, but getting enough bloo…
@alexjbutcher @stevelord And stay in their house? @NSQE @mdennedy It's all in AWS a hundred times over. @_darrenmartyn It needs to be made of pure RAM. @kmosier42 Have you watched Gangs of London yet? @Pietros1 Can you imagine if all this was going on during something quite important, like a pandemic? The Press are letting down the public. @_darrenmartyn If you can't have more than 64GB of RAM, how will you use Slack? @fl1bbl3 @deathkn3ll @stevelord I'm not sure, "if you strongly suspect you may be unable to take care of a child an… @wimremes @roryalsop Agreed. As an aside, over the last few months it has been interesting to see what people defin… @n0x00 @stevelord I can provide many reasons!I get people are upset that they were hoping that this would be the smoking gun that brought down Cummings. I disli… @deathkn3ll @stevelord Because he didn't end up needing to. That was the point. Go there in case. @railmeat I'm not sure that's true. If you believed your child's welfare was at risk, that's about as essential as… @roryalsop Yeah, best the child go into care or be looked after someone they didn't trust. @stevelord @roryalsop This won't bring down the Government. That's silly. @stevelord I still don't see how it wasn't essential, and how anyone else in the same position wouldn't have done t… @roryalsop @stevelord In your dreams. @roryalsop How could he have spread it in his car? And the reason was for essential child care. Driving has never been banned.Bingo. @stevelord It's sad that people are trying to use this as the way to bring down someone they hate. This isn't it. @roryalsop But what specifically did he do wrong? It's telling how the press can't find the smoking gun or the one… @deathkn3ll @helen_xxxx I'm not sure that driving through a town would put anyone else in danger.For purely public health reasons I think it is important that Trump continues to take it. @ThatMrDan I think his only mistake was not to tell the PM, and maybe some of the local drive stuff, but they seem… @0x736E Nail on the head. He's one of the most hated people in the country. That alone creates the story. @deathkn3ll @helen_xxxx 20 miles in the countryside is going to the local shop. If I wanted to see if I could do 28… clearly the press are scrambling and desperate to create a story here.I thoroughly dislike the man but this all sounds like a non-issue, if you take him on his word. @helen_xxxx I'd have a short drive to check if I could go further, if I wanted to be sure that I definitely could.Assuming he's telling the truth, I can't find fault in what Cummings did. I'd have done the same. *Quite a large assumption. @bbennettesq Hopefully that will balance out the four more years that's coming your way. @digininja Nope sorry, missed that part. The Bose sound links are amazing @digininja Google Home. Great sound, and it's a smart speaker.
@bketelsen @ashleymcnamara @ThatMrDan This is the SDK @bketelsen @ashleymcnamara @ThatMrDan Challenge with that is the button just changes the status but doesn't know th… @ashleymcnamara @ThatMrDan @bketelsen Looks great. I just need to work out how to create an integration into Zoom t… using an Elgato Stream Deck? @digininja 5 is the tricky number to use, so getting to a multiple of 5 is a nice aim. @digininja Pretty easy to work out if you start backwards, thinking about getting 21 towards a place a 5 and 4 could be useful, e.g 24/30 @digininja Brackets put in to make some kind of BIDMAS sense. @digininja (9 + 8 + 7 + 6 ) / 5 x 4 (-3) = 21 @AmandaBlev @jbeda @vmstan @zoom_us Looks like the zoom SDK supports this. So it's "just" a case of creating a cust… @nycmusicservice @elgatogaming Hi, does the mute button sync with the actual zoom mute state? Or will this go out o…
@smitmartijn That SDK is beyond my non-programmer brain, so I'll probably just live with it. Thanks again! @smitmartijn Just found this and will have a read @smitmartijn Turns out stream deck can read the status for supported applications such as OBS. @smitmartijn I don't know if the stream deck is purely one way to the computer, or if a buttons status can change d… @smitmartijn Hi, thank you for this and the write up! I'm going to have a play with this, probably using the Androi…
Action Blocks on Android are great. Finally you can run a Google routine or Assistant command by tapping on a custom image.Damn, I thought this was a Virgin fighter jet at first. only way to deal with people putting non-critical crap in the Slack #general channel. @digininja Very true. live in a village named after the local pub. I'm not sure if this makes me happy or sad. insights here. I'd add that many companies are absolutely terrible at management and creating good internal c…
@bbennettesq Things are certainly going to get ugly. @bbennettesq It'll all be fine come November.I see everything is fine in the US right now. @wimremes Hahaha, good luck with that. The US is bad, but so is everywhere else, especially across the EU. Some of… consider the notion of "Establishments", e.g. in the GDPR sense, or tax sense. It gets very messy. It's not ju… people work from home is great, but the legal HR issues of a geographically dispersed workforce are signifi… @BozenaPajak I do too.Anyone ever used smart rollerblind engines for retrofitting to an existing rollerblind?
Shithousery turned up to 11. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. test ordered! @WowSuchCyber Just a smart plug socket plugged into the outside fan plug.Double success. Child finally likes the bouncy castle we own, and Google Home can turn it on with a voice command.
Wow. Incredible. this idiot's head, maybe. @northvein I'll have to try the bud.I'll admit it. I actually like non-alcoholic beer. Becks Blue to be precise. @TimmehWimmy @5w0rdFish
If you're a member of the IAPP, register for free for their virtual conference and get awarded 20 CPEs instantly (a… Business Loan Scheme is pretty impressive. Five minute application, wait 7 days, and £50k is in your account. In…
@quentynblog Very nice! What's for the main course? @Random_Robbie Nah, I'll get covid again if I go outside. @Random_Robbie Our local Chinese takeaway has fish, chips, burgers and pizzas, but no Chinese food at the moment.
@chrisratcliff When I sleep. @digininja Having a hobby would be nice.As someone with a wife, child and full time job, the concept of being bored or taking up hobbies during lockdown is alien to me. @AndrewX192 Wow, that is super interesting. That would be an ideal setup. @AndrewX192 For me it would be permanently on my desk. I'm about 70cm away from where the mic would be, so a boom mic would be ideal.