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@iainthomson That sounds awesome. I will defo try that. Thank you. @iainthomson [Insert joke about asking them if they do liver] BTW, do you have a recipe for that ragu? I've not se… freely admit I would like to see one get sucked in. I wonder where they go? Maybe Australia. BBC News - Peak Dist… Parliament is about to kick off big time in 5 minutes @GossiTheDog From their Privacy Policy: 🙄 @iainthomson My local Morrisons has loads. I'll send some over in a little blue airmail envelope.
@tjcmorgan That's a joke right? @AppSecBloke Let's unpack that. Are you saying that we should give people a free pass on privacy compliance if they… spoke at length with a very well respected Infosec person last week who wanted to create a threat intel vendor bu… @AppSecBloke Btw, the weight of public opinion loves Facebook, but that doesn't mean it's not playing fast and loose with compliance. @AppSecBloke I do like it and have no beef with HIBP. This is an incredibly simple question - "demonstrate how you… @AppSecBloke Compliance doesn't work that way. The privacy policy will very clearly show this, e.g. lawful basis an… point for Man United will be vital come end of the season and the relegation dogfight.🔞 Longest winning streaks in top flight league football in England: 1️⃣8️⃣ Manchester City 1️⃣7️⃣ Liverpool…
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @digininja @SonOfSunTzu Actually, I don't think I got an email when it was approved. Will probably have to keep checking. @digininja Yeah, I was stressed too but you'll be fine. Just watch for the email that will come. @digininja I had this last year. It'll actually arrive within 24 hours. @georgelunduk How does it email people if it contains no personal data? How can people subscribe? How can it match my email to a breach?Still yet to hear any evidence that Have I Been Pwned complies with the GDPR. @georgelunduk Hashed doesn't matter. It's identifiable data, hence it's personal data. If it wasn't then how could… @tjcmorgan Marketing, sales, promotion, using EU breach datasets @bruntonspall I think you might be thinking of a component of HIPAA, not the GDPR. @bruntonspall Art 27, art 37,.... The list goes on.... @bruntonspall But how does this comply with the GDPR, e.g. article 9, article 14, etc...? @tjcmorgan Yes @bruntonspall HIBP with sensitive data. @AshDurairaj I'm struggling, but maybe someone knows better.Does anyone have any idea how this complies with the GDPR? @iainthomson Maybe he should begin with trying to comply with the GDPR, then the CCPA, etc... Infosec gurus get a f…
@wimremes @GossiTheDog Ah, gotcha. I thought you were talking about security ROI or positive contribution to the bottom line. @JaneScott Nothing different. First sponsored one on mobile is the fifth tweet. @wimremes @GossiTheDog How are you defining dollar earned for security? One of the problems we have in privacy is t… NEWS: We are partnering with Uber for our new service, "Sending Thoughts and Prayers".BIG NEWS: We are partnering with Uber for our new service, "Sending Thoughts and Prayers". @Random_Robbie I'll be happy with anything less than five nilNEW STARTUP: Saviour-as-a-Service (Fiver but for religion) Users pay poor foreigners to pray for them in each major…’s a problem with the model of 4% of revenue should be spent on cybersecurity.. well, there’s many problems.…
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @GossiTheDog How about 50 cents per active end user. But all of this is BS if it's using a crappy formula and not d… @GossiTheDog Seems like an incredibly high number, and as you rightly say, especially for those in low profit margi…
Any great box sets out at the moment?Can anyone recommend an iOS app for controlling inappropriate web content for kids? (Asking for a friend.)
@SimonRWaters My wife has all my passwords. If you can't trust your partner, get rid of them. @GossiTheDog This is true. This is why I have also sanded off my fingertips. YOU CANNOT TRUST THOSE UNDERTAKERS!!!!LOL. We're supposed to be worried about someone unlocking your phone when you're asleep or dead?? Riiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhttttttt.This is excellent @GossiTheDog Considering they print VERY sensitive letters, that could be an interesting notification to the ICO. @quentynblog @J4vv4D I think we can all agree it is high time we ban maps. Or at the very least make them available to 18+ with proof of ID.Do not mess with Londoners. else for @piersmorgan to identify as: Paris zoo unveils the "blob", an organism with no brain but 720 sex…
@Random_Robbie @stevelord @ryanteck It's worth trying and see how you get on @Random_Robbie @stevelord @ryanteck NUC and ssd/usb? @quentynblog Agreed @stevelord @Random_Robbie @ryanteck Huge point. You will often need to transcode without realising it. So the power…🤣🤣🤣 this. in the US now that the CCPA has gone further than COPPA requiring verification for child data selling. Verification isn't dead. Just go and read the ICO's Age Appropriate Design Code.How about that! Government drops controversial 'porn blocker' plan. Digital Secretary Nicky Morgan said other measu…
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @ThomLangford @tumitravel Ribbed too.
If you're looking for great information security people, @martijn_grooten should be on your shortlist. Have a chat…!!! An evening of US workplace privacy law!!! 😴😴😴😴 @martijn_grooten @struppigel I'm hardly a cancer doctor, but with a quick Twitter search I can see people globally… @martijn_grooten @struppigel Good plan. I'm lucky in that respect. Duolingo brings language learning to those anywh… - brilliant show. Truly pathetic finale to season 2. @martijn_grooten @struppigel I'd have a big think about how you measure that so you feel you achieve that goal. Is… @martijn_grooten @struppigel People know you as a person, so I'll bet you'll get a lot of wide ranging suggestions.… @struppigel @martijn_grooten It's also worth very clearly telling the world you are looking. It's super common that… @martijn_grooten Try and abandon any concept of who you are as determined by who you have worked for, what you have…'ll be right back. I just need to WhatsApp my friends to remind them about my Instagram post to #DeleteFacebook.Happy Birthday @clappymonkey @digininja @chrisratcliff @infosecmo @ThomLangford @stevelord I have that, but for getting my child out of the door. I never account for faffing around time.
@CarlGottlieb I am able to select whichever queue will take longest. My Marvel Superhero name would be GridLock.
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @nt_hacker And I'm guessing it's usually by people with zero sense of personal space. @simoncollo @LifeAtHudl Let me know if anyone's booking tickets.My superpower is always selecting the shopping trolley with a bad wheel. What's yours?
That next day feeling after a big curry. @Random_Robbie Ds716 has been great for me. Use it just for steaming, but can easily do anything else you'd want it for.Thank goodness. #Governor Newsom finally signed the few #CCPA amendments. AB 25, AB 874, AB 1146, AB 1355, & AB 156…
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@PlayWell_LLC @PrivacyMaverick To be more specific, with CCPA I'm referring to educational systems that combine an… @PrivacyMaverick A bit. But one of the issues is school districts that don't want to take on this responsibility, a…
@digininja Use the cloud instead. Cables are so 19th century.Although a £808 ethernet cable is better. Well done to @digininja for finding this one. (FYI, this one is faster be… doesn't need a £208 ethernet cable in their lives? (FYI "cat 8" means it is 8 times as fast) cool stuff. The draft CCPA regulations require large businesses (processing over 4M consumers per year) to pub… vendors rejoice. The draft CCPA regulations have a specific carve-out for a "request to delete" only applyin… 2020: Sounds good
The idea sucked. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JusticeSummary @ChambersGuides @seanjonesqc Adding your middle name would clarify all this.It's 2019, and hold music still has wind noise on it. WTF.
@MalwareTechBlog @GossiTheDog Will it filter vape fumes too? I hear they kill mice.The orange firewall is my favourite Visio shape. Vardy had the right to be interviewed by a WAG at least one rank senior
Retweeted by Carl GottliebFootballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Rebekah Vardy
Retweeted by Carl GottliebI don’t know who came up with it originally but summarising the Coleen Rooney / Rebekah Vardy saga with the hashtag…
Retweeted by Carl Gottlieb @andydale23 @mshaw @GossiTheDog @joetidy @LearnBonds That's not what she said to me last night... @joetidy @GossiTheDog @LearnBonds 2018 - between 2nd and 3rd quarters, growth rate declined from 11% to 9%.