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@nick_colletti hop on valorantsaw have heart last year on this day and probably thought about it at least 350 times since then. thank you…
@sound_and_fury convenient time to take a weekend trip year who today craziest I’ve seen with my own eyes 📹: Chuy Hartman
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Ownerreplying to a news headline about florida with the bugs bunny gif is always really funny and epicwalking up to a group of teenagers outside a gas station and asking them if they could buy me a case of heineken 0.0 @kittaveli I bet the silicon valley guy got it pulled because he thought it was dog shit and embarrassing @kittaveli I watched it obviously knowing it was gonna be bad for so many reasons but with a friend who knew nothin… @kittaveli I remember looking it up once and it had 1 star on netflix @conor_tripler @ChapoFYM @Ninja @bredpress they’re gonna be here in 35-50 minutesMind wings>> @J2tellem personally I think they should extend it
new hum album is so goddamn good man @TrueAnonPod more of a steelcase guy myself though. maybe herman miller is a pedo brand actually @TrueAnonPod herman miller is definitely not anti-pedo but my money is on them not being pro-pedo either“I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968,” a woman tells Pete Buttigieg. “So you’re good luck?” he asks. “Not really—…
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Ownerfirst impressions of heavy rain after 10 minutes: -the guy looks like pete buttigieg -these controls are, without hyperbole, demonic
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Ownerstreabing valorant your effort to disconnect from the internet and curb phone usage is automatically invalidated if you make a pos… @bims_marco11 who
who’s trying to use my email to sign up for onlyfans to be announced very soon...
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 OwnerI ❤️ Haters! @puddingducky H @fugazi420 when I grow up I’m gonna be so rich I can eat lunch at panera and buy socks from nordstromwhen I was a kid I thought panera was for rich and fancy people because they played classical music @MichaelGunEmoji how much do these houses cost @MaskTheMovie same but I did a lot of work on the road/mobile before covid so I’m not gonna take my macbook for gra… @ByYourLogic I was doing a gig for a dj and I watched him pull his macbook out of his bag where he had 20 usb c converters @sound_and_fury csgo nintendo switch port @COAbrah hbd coa @vincestaples hbo max is the only place to watch mad tv in non-dvd form @postedinthecrib you play so late man @postedinthecrib it’s a tax write off @hunter_hhhh its funhaving a blast with 9 of my close friends @MichaelGunEmoji I’ve encountered every archetype in this video while working at a grocery store @MichaelGunEmoji combination of it being crazy and also having extremely transparent privacy laws for civil cases.…
pt 2 valorant clips set to funkadelic @weedhitler furry wap married to the bunny I ain’t ever letting go @conor_tripler @BarackObama @postedinthecrib straight edge hubie
@haneswhitetee lemme know I got a swab a little bit ago but my roommate went and only got offered a nose swab @haneswhitetee are they doing mouth swabs stillFeels good to be back on @Twitch Firm handshakes for the hell of a stream. Yayayayaya!
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @xrotnofsky me singing the oreily auto parts theme songI don’t know why tweeting this makes it feel like an #ad but I promise it takes 5 minutes and you literally get a $1000 grantfyi anyone who does freelance should fill out their covid economic injury disaster loan application asap I did it… back to college so I can major in esports email talking to Obama about this whole troop situation. wow
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @ByYourLogic I can’t play CSGO because I’m anti war
@conor_tripler let’s open up a restaurant named MUDgoing to h&m with this photo printed out asking them to pick out these clothes for you’m gonna start dressing like ryan adams and say no bro I know what he did to those women I just think he looks so coolBenghazi ain’t going away!!
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @keiyasui a show truly about guys being dudesstream time
locked account replying when I don’t follow you. you are speaking to a wall @moloniski you’re not wrong about that onewas so weirded out to find out nicolas jaar is only 30. he came out with “psychic” the same age that I was asking f… thinking about the worst press release of all time great looks like I have to wear a mask before I go outside
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Ownerbasically the bernie sanders campaign
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @postedinthecrib back in gold tonightMy soldiers are hiding and quivering in the closet right now because of the fireworks
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @TrashSnout69 what about the burgerseveryone is getting mad at me for playing songs: ohia and foisting impossible burgers onto them to dream on by aerosmith
Retweeted by Steelcase Leap V2 Owner @ryanhemsworth @youngguv europe 72 vol. 1Chelsea Clinton: “I’m obsessed with diarrhea” - - @Liz_Kreutz
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@okra_winfrey I have a doc marten foot print on the shoulder of my beat happening shirt from wearing it to a hardcore show, okay band @intellegint I watched a stream of their coachella set and the screen behind them had cheeky text on it throughout… @QuasarMedia_ no rules in the ocean I’m gonna move and adaptif someone says they’re gonna buy your product next week when they get paid they’re lying and just want to sound supportive @MichaelGunEmoji cowards ratio @postedinthecrib I picked it up, I bought the sovereign guardian tho it rules @nkulw @GirlfriendHaver squadstupid gun stupid kills @maxschramp shit is so tasty. beyond has a slight tinge of fakeness to me but impossible knocks it out of the park @discofriess i meant to do that @bigsufjanfan . @postedinthecrib @Sanchovies @Zedd zedd is diamond 2 or something he can carry yougo hubie @IAmMadeofJelly ? @Exfatvirgin . @Exfatvirgin I’m color blind what does red white and blue mean @Exfatvirgin ? @bigsufjanfan ?life has been exponentially more interesting ever since my local grocery store started carrying impossible meat. do… saw this band open for reel big fish when I was 15 @elmakias shooting a sold out show at red rocks for an opener that the crowd hated but that not stopping us from ha… legitimately believe the virgil pop smoke album cover is better than the updated one. the post-GOOD music streak…
can’t think of a way to mute all the tweets that are just a news headline and a simpsons screenshot @axetogrindcast the guitarist straight up disappeared and nobody knows if he’s dead or not (probably dead) @weedhitler such small martians by la b @maxschramp I’m gonna buy one to replace my h4n that I use as a gaming micMy pals, peers, colleagues and others freelancers: The SBA is giving GRANTS and LOANS to small businesses in Americ…
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