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Game 3D artist / Commisions open🌵 - lvl 33 🇻🇪 🇪🇸 Nostalgia-fueled art (ESP/ENG)

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@LacrimaArt Wow Lacrima thank you so much for your kind words!!! 😳
@chaoshawkins hahaha! man channel 3... the memories!Dean Lewis - Waves (Official Video) a través de @YouTubeI'm not sure how much traction this will get, but it's worth a shot. I've set up a fundraiser for my site's 10th an…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @chaoshawkins Those TVs were inmortals!this takes me back! I had He-Man, Skeletor and Orko, the same alarm clock and of course the Nintendo...
#PortfolioDay Retro is my jam. #RetroArtist
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Hello #PortfolioDay I'm Carlos, a venezuelan game 3D artist.
@carlosbehrens is a 3D Game Artist and OC (Original Character) creator working in Blender and ZBrush. He began his…
Retweeted by Carlos BehrensHey everyone! @JMcDavitt was so nice for having me as a guest on his podcast to talk about my career in graphic de…
@robin2jumpstart 😍😍😍😍🎶Ziggy really sang Screwed-up eyes and screwed-down hairdo Like some cat from Japan He could lick 'em by smiling He…
Retweeted by Carlos BehrensSounds good. Now do the same with @NicolasMaduro and @irisvarela who has been inciting violence against Venezuelans…
@hedxhog jajajaja que bien. Se ve bien protegidoIt's snowing in Madrid (something that basically never happens) and I really love it. @Christian_Humes LOLHi friends, I also paint and upcycle garments, I don't promote it much here... maybe some of you enjoy these 👽
Retweeted by Carlos BehrensI have an emergency goal in my Ko-fi to be able to raise money for my medical care and to be able to stabilize my h…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens🌧️🌧️🌧️ @crystalcole_art Thank you so much Crystal!
@robin2jumpstart thank you Robin! 😀 @MysteryOfMe2 thanks!! @TheMindofJMan thank you!!✨✨✨
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens✨✨✨'s snowing in my city ❤️My aunt Luz, who took me in when I had nowhere to go while I was going to university, has just recently been diagno…
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@creambisart It's going to be a 2020 copycatMe: Thank god 2020 is over. 2021 should be easier. Narrator: But it wasn'tThinking about my mutuals on the US. I hope everything settles soon enough...
Zack Snyder is on trending topic at least twice in a week, the whole year. What is going onthe boy who sprouted from the concrete 🌱🏐
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @potapome love it!!! @DeePeeArts Here is this boi @NicolaMRobson I hope you feel better soon Nicola... 🙂Good morning, and happy new year!! I am open for Illustration (movie/game posters, editorial, covers, etc.) and co…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @GreatBriTom Thanks for the kind words bro!The Art The Reference
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Retweeted by Carlos BehrensSo I started watching She-Ra (2018) and it's really good and funny. A nice surprise because I wasn't expecting anyt… @donatadesignco I started Inuyasha two months ago, I'm on season 4 now. It's very good.I have not seen Sailor Moon thoughI would be relaxed because I saved my file🤩🤩🤩 of the coolest commissions I've worked on. This time for @GreatBriTom 's Twitch profile. @DerPanzerWaffle Yeah! It's like it never existedThis is a cry for help by the way in the 2000's I used to listen to a band called Gabe vs The Sad Kids on MySpace. They had an amazing song call…
@_syafjqah hahaha I thought the same thing! @MotionArtsStud1 @SenpaiBeth Thanks for the tag! And yes @SenpaiBeth I can help you with it. @crystalcole_art that looks delicious!! @fckeveryword well sorry for being sorry
A wizard kitty adventure 🧙‍♂️🔮
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @paradeofzombies 😍I feel like it's time to play Megaman Legends for the 254642374th time... @kyutahub amazing work!! @RomaBoule Buen año para ti! @DarrenDesigns_ Love this so much!Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @BeatrizGamero_ feliz año Beatriz! ❤️
I hope you all had a great day yesterday and an even better start of the year! @CM_Games 👏👏👏👏 @FarrukhAbdur Happy new year my friend!
I wish you all a great new year 2021!!!! @ArtofYorugami Happy new year!!🌟 GOODBYE 2020 ART SHARE 🌟 It's the last day of the year so let's go out with a bang artists! Retweet this if you…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @DeePeeArts Thanks Dee! @escrituratwo Fuente: De los deseos
@carlosbehrens @ArtOfRengin Here's to 2021 being better 😀
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @carlosbehrens Thank you so much, Carlos! Your work is fantastic and I can’t wait to see what you create next year…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @carlosbehrens Thanks for the share, I think I've done some of my favourite work this year.
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @carlosbehrens A 2020 send off? A 2020 send off! I'm Julie, your local Black Protagonist. Here's some art that made…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens⚡️GOODBYE 2020 ART SHARE⚡️ Ok last one for the year! 🚀Share your art on the comments 🚀Like/RT/Follow any artist yo… @EDAnimation great!Watched Pixar's new film Soul today - I thought it was great😊 and decided to draw Joe Gardner x
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @algirdas_jst LOL that would be the ultimate humilliation @MikaelThalen Is that the "humans were slaughtered" dance?Rehearsing the celebration dance for when they exterminate us @el_pais Precisamente porque la ven niños es que esos temas se tratan con tanta sutileza en las pelis de Pixar. Cre… @TheActualCel ah great! Have a nice break then! @TheActualCel Hey! Gonna miss you aroung here. I hope you'll be back soon! You are a great person :)
@CartYoun oh no bro! Get well soon! @paradeofzombies I love these so muchI mean, an art tag is an art tag, right? Lol #whatarthashtagdayisit
Retweeted by Carlos BehrensExperts: We are probably going to use a face mask for at least another year. Insecure people: Gals
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We have entered that weird space/time of the year where you don't know if it's sunday, monday, night, day, if you s… @potapome great!!! @robin2jumpstart I wish you the happiest of birthday Robin! :) And thanks for the art share, here are some retro st…’s my birthday and I have decided to hold my first artshare! But you know me, it’s a special edition ROBIN RETROB…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @TheMindofJMan that looks amazing!! @VideojuegosGAME @PlayStationES #NavidadesConGAME🔵 ¡GANA una #PS5 EDICIÓN LECTOR + MARVEL'S SPIDER-MAN: MILES MORALES ULTIMATE EDITION! 🔵 — RT + Síguenos y a…
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens2020 was a fun year for my work.! For a friend, I'm looking for blog writers for a print & design blog. Candidates must have samples of posts a… have not heard the first "2021 will be my year". 2020 really screwed us up!
I finished Shingeki no Kyojin manga. Now to wait for the last three episodes. First manga I've ever read and wow th…
@MysteryOfMe2 @PwincessMewMew that's so cute!Shrine cat guardian taking a rest...⛩️🐈‍⬛
Retweeted by Carlos Behrens @phonemova Lo siento mucho Vanessa
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a wonderful night 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄❤️