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Founded the most outstanding, absolutely fucking legendary esports organization @G2esports - 97.3% of the tweets in this account should be taken lightly

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@Inspiredlol ❤❤❤ sick dude"Dont be ashamed of being bad. Be ashamed of staying bad." - Mahatma Miky XNot enough League, GrabbZ diff, no crowd 🥺 Caps and the team recap our series vs Rogue with ya boi @P1noyLoL
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteUNDEFEATED ON THE DAY 😎 We'll be back tomorrow for more 2-0's (this time we won't forget the spike)
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelotePLAYOFFS SECURED
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteThanks for the laughs and memes #G2ARMY. We love you ❤️ Bring on Summer Split and the Memes.
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteIf G2 has million number of fans i am one of them . if G2 has ten fans i am one of them. if G2 have only one fan an…
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @SulisSharon will do ❤ok time for the good news we are now 3 years undefeated at MSI playoffs in a rowsucks sorry brothers and sistersyo i still believehahahahahahahhahahhhaha @LEC @G2Caps cursed as fuckthis "support" is trolling lmao! He's stealing all of the farm from his ADC?? If a support did this to me in a rank…
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelotethis "support" is trolling lmao! He's stealing all of the farm from his ADC?? If a support did this to me in a rank…"They'll surely take a lower bracket game seriously" G2: *picks seraphine mid & gragas ap support*i told you behave or next game is janna @RainbowSushii98 @Heelmike nah you havent watched the stream to say thatCelebrating 6-0 week
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteYour screen never looked so good #G2ARMY Show your support this LEC finals weekend and download our new desktop an…
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteIf we lose we know who to blame
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @RainbowSushii98 @Heelmike whats wrong with this kind of content what are you 83? @AvaGG nice @Orb @scheist_ @PsyonixStudios @1stClassTrouble @vs_evil thank you all so much ❤❤❤❤❤ @cloakzy 😚 come by and lets talk bmws
How we sleep knowing we're going 3-0 tomorrow
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @dreazuh LOL @RLEsports yo bro follow back @sniekr i am waiting until the pros find out whats broken playing labs atm @Orb orb just called me at 1am while at was at my bed playing legends of runeterra he asked me for a bmw for a gi… @dreazuh ez @scheist_ @dreazuh @G2esports noiceHUGE W #RLCSX
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @JKnaps bro WTF LMAOOOO @TheRock MY PRESIDENTNot sure our Founding Fathers ever envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking…
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @G2ArcticES @Koldo_LoL hahahahhah dioooos @Heelmike motherfucker you are jacked send workout plan 🤣🤣🤣dmx is the man1.5 Millones en Twitch ❤️
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteDEMON HANDS @yuliexe 😈
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @G2esports @RekklesLoL @G2Wunder @G2Caps @G2Mikyx @G2Jankos @LEC @ladythebug01 SICK SHITWe're here for the crown 👑 TOMORROW | 17:00 CEST
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @Orb lmaoooooWhen even @G2Mikyx reads a manga, you know it's 10/10 🔥
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @JakeSucky G2 rule number one: seltzers can be drank freelycant believe our valorant team won masters 2 @H3CZ @Mixwell hector somos hermanos de sangre @G2esports @LRojo__ LUUUUCAAAAASWho would have thought? 🤔 Welcome @LRojo__ to the #G2ARMY as our new VALORANT Analyst!
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @G2Amenyah @G2esports 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @G2GrabbZ hol'up @G2LeTsHe @hennesheijmans @G2esports lmaoooooo @G2esports idiotMy great grandpa running the first Olympic marathon (1896)
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @Mixwell SOIS COMO YO NECESITAIS ALMOHADAS DE BOOMER got awesome coaching for League from @CarlosR and was named Ghandi of attack damage by my twitch chat. #realgamer
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote
EZ 3-0 🧹
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @C9Perkz LEGENDDD @AraneaeLoL @Ethieen LETS FUCKING GOOOOO @leyohs @karelkr_lol @G2esports thats odd what does the shipping thing sayi am going to show @thecodemiko how to get backdoored and still win in life @MarcMerrill this sun tzu guy being quoted plenty must've been a good chap @neekolul LOL"they got lucky" "picks and bans weren't that bad" "lost on purpose for the memes" "didn't wanna play vs damwon… @lusio2 @jllavec @G2esports te pones esta camiseta y te salen parasitos en la pielWE FINALLY HAVE OUR OWN MANGA Read the first #HeroesofRivalry chapter NOW 👇
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteLooking forward to winning more drafts Saturday 😊
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @FionnOnFire i voted no @jllavec @G2esports puedes abrir ticket y te lo reembolsamos. lo pone en la web. manda recibo
@CohhCarnage @LIRIK .emit fo etsaW @niiicolo ok how the fuck do I comeback from thiscant wait to inject 5G in my bloodstream @thecodemiko jokes on you i dont know how to play the gameHow patient can @CarlosR CEO of G2 be when teaching me league of legends :D?? Carlos is coming on stream tomorow to…
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @MaShy_lol @G2esports LOLMight be time to bring back Shoeless... @RekklesLoL
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @RiotMAXtheX @ROGUE @FNATIC @G2esports ... EVER?? SO YOU'RE SAYING WE GOT A RECORD IN OUR HANDS???First picking Karma Saturday so we potentially dodge Damwon, FPX and Ender's casting 👌
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelotefpx is qualified for msi good reason not to qualify @Mixwell noiceWhich is your favorite G2 Skin so far?
Retweeted by CarlosR oceloteYou ever look at things and wunder how they got there?
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @VanyVisuals @G2esports sick broNOMINATE NOW for the Esports Organisation of the Year 2021, who will be joining the previous winners @Cloud9
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @blakeir maybe youre becoming a robot?? @thecodemiko @timthetatman vouch
VALORANT Roster Update @ozzyxaxa will be standing in for @G2zeek during our next VCT Open Qualifier games. He'll b…
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @G2GrabbZ @CAPS_dad @RiotMAXtheX nice @BritanniJohnson 🤣boobas are life @GiliusLoL merry christmas gilius???????? @noobjames111 @dynx__ @G2esports @FaZeClan we quite literally have 10 different employees for this.@G2Mikyx getting ready for his @BMWEsports manga debut in 2 days 👌
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelotefaze clan's joining another video game to get fucked on
Retweeted by CarlosR ocelote @G2esports @FaZeClan 🤣