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@Ellaynuhh @young_metro3909 @WereVampKiller She’s moving to Austin for new opportunities and some other stuff, noth… @katetheuhaul i mean... @wystim_ i think this is the first del wystim tweet i've seen that makes me hurt just by reading it. @kaylenn HAP BURF KAY!!!!!!! <333 @ImSorryMsJAXON why are you so hot this is unfair @AdrianahLee @ItsElectraLive LMFAO @itshanalee i love you <333
@BaileyGoatTV @KellyCantTweet Podcast realizations?
@notkinzi you violent MENACE to society, I’m ashamed to be associated with you 😔🤚❌ @adrianah_lee what’s a normie job, a 9-5 or something with a regular schedule, or a shift-based job that’s not like… @FOREVRALWYS as I’m scrolling through old notis and am reading this noti i saw your noti appear at the top, scary!!! @chloe_randall20 @ItsMePhip true but !your @BaileyGoatTV it’s me, I’m somebody! Pick me choose me sliding in dms and shooting my shot rn ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ @wystim_ aren’t you out of breath from running through my mind all day? @Electra @Bloodhunt CRISPPPPPPPP @LocrianSensei @LunaShibuya BRO TODAY SHE HAD 10 MILLION MORE, THE WHOLE COURT WAS LAUGHING ALMOST @LocrianSensei vouch. @aarianaalvarezz if i called you stepsis would you call me too 🥺👉👈 @anubbin imagine feet-shaming on main, smh @PandaZRE @Electra *has redeemed 1m channel points for: Kansas Meet and Greet* @ashmatcha_ you don't even need to try, you just ARE
@Electra @GameStop @Xbox wooo yay, always jealous of my friends with it that get early access to stuff!!
@iTyme313 @FDSportsbook big W @BaileyGoatTV @ashmatcha_ um excuse me she told me not to call her that bc-wait i mean what @BaileyGoatTV That was a soft hit at that “me”, must’ve been a new mod @AdrianahLee Nobody tell emi monkaS
@BaileyGoatTV oooh new friends to bully, yay (: @wystim_ i wanted the spider 😭😭😭😭 @LocrianSensei man these were the DAYS ngl @ashmatcha_ @HashiraSlim Unrelated but what location should i set my bumble profile to a ha ha @LeonieMontyBTW @ukmatt_ @HayMartinn Don’t remind me Matt. @wystim_ i did NOT expect that, nobody ever says this color, but i kinda like it 😎❤️
@lonimonibtw Live, love, same difference @lonimonibtw as if I’m not going to wake up and see a noti at 4am “couldnt sleep, love on alt LOL” @KingDylpickle I’m drooling in my bed at almost 3am looking at this 🥵🥵 @katetheuhaul Corey is going to kill you too. @Electra @BurdTV @aarianaalvarezz take all my money, anything you want is yours @ukmatt_ HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY @decifers yethhh @BaileyGoatTV do it then, can’t hurt to try and to switch things up, especially for the reasons you mentioned (: @wystim_ recognize it and what it is for me to RECEIVE for sure!! @cleggnation @20s @30s HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY @katetheuhaul slayyy @alanammorgan ikr, how is it possible to be as perfect as you @BaileyGoatTV hi, I’m tired @fluctraa oh god @prinplupkitkat yeth plez @wystim_ curious hehe @kaaylen_ GAWWWW DAYUUUUMMM 🥵🥵 (well deserved, so proud of your grind the last few months ❤️) @coolestmale1 @ortumnn @jae_coraluzzo bringing this back @itsmzoid don’t play with my heart bc I’ll fly out to you right now...
@JENNAATTHEMET the true reason we’re faceless 😔 @BeaFtNoBra @ortumnn thought of you @JENNAATTHEMET lol, stupid and ugly yup, that’s why i stay away from selfies and can prob count on one hand the # of selfies I’ve ever taken @ortumnn @ItsRetto you say weird, i say hot @appleefrog yeah i'm logging off see y'all next week. @fluctrabutdumb i saw ****** in kinzi's today, can't wait until we steal "fluctra" back from her "em" @itsmzoid will the wise woman also say yes and "i do"? 💍 @keirakeiraa_ "you're so old you basically have one foot in the grave" (ty del wystim i'll never forget you telling me that now)
@AlwaysFragging OMG CONGRATSSSSSS 🎓 @BaileyGoatTV @BaileyGoatTV A minute off, shows as 12:00 for me, not morning here, L @FOREVRALWYS ME?! MF ILY @SnipezOutz @ashmatcha_ nice weather @Ryannimals hi @rynnnnaa so pretty, congrats again, well deserved, and now the next chapter begins!!!! <3 @ashmatcha_ @SnipezOutz that's bc it's too thiccc...both of y'alls...not that i would know...except...i mean...nvm @nothaless the hub one? @ItsKyloHD as nice as the weather rn a ha ha...anyways, go sportsball amirite? @BaileyGoatTV sad i missed it, was long passed out, but scrolled on chatterino and LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that dude @alanammorgan i'll bring the blanket, you bring the cuddle @ashmatcha_ @the_realRossy_V @DovahFranky the ring pop is ready @K_Rich_56 @BaileyGoatTV WTF KYLE CHILL!!!!!! (also by my count, just on chatterino, that i've said in chat publicl… @the_realRossy_V @DovahFranky @ashmatcha_ yeah at our wedding.
@anubbin lmfao same, i just watch my friend's parties fill and empty and fill back up while i just go about solos 99.99% of the time
@BaileyGoatTV hear me now go for a master’s with early classes so the degen hours and streams go back to… @decifers so very proud of you for keeping up with it!!! <3 @JENNAATTHEMET why did the “jk” tweet just pop up on my timeline, it’s been a day...May the 4th Be With You, young Padawans. @CarlyRoseMusic ALRREADY DONE, YOU KNOW IT 🌟 @Electra Evil is a word used by the ignorant and the weak. The Dark Side is about survival. It's about unleashing y… @BaileyGoatTV I am not a man of words. But I respect the power of words, for that is what transformed me. The words of the Sith Code...
@LukeBtw__ HAP BURF!! @decifers idk why but you give off artemis vibes, that's who i'd say as parental figure @decifers it's not what i expect it but i like it having looked more into helios don't worry, great choice (: @decifers lmfao i find this so funny bc irl i'm the most reserved, quiet, shy person that doesn't say a word, but t… @decifers oh i love greek mythology @aeaantoun360 nice, i've been iron/bronze my entire time playing lmao @wystim_ unrelated to the point of this but i still have a vertical one too (expires next month) and i'm over 21 by…
@Poach idk, McDonald's was up there too, toss up on which is better if you ask me @LocrianSensei that or tinder, i'd swipe right on either tbh @keirakeiraa_ def good, you got wired a million dollars in there and you're about to send me $250k, right?
@keirakeiraa_ good or bad? @notkinzi me n who ong
@ItsKyloHD which part should we start with, before or after you took your shirt off and started waving it like a flag? @arielbutnot i will do whatever you want me to @sreficed i don’t feel like i even am in any of mine’s lives tbh @Poach @TSM LFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Y'ALL ARE NUTS SO DESERVED