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seraphim @carlyxnicole Philadelphia, PA

PA tattooer existing out of spite since 1997 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ 👁‍🗨 email for tattoo inquiries only

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love my friends very much yup! @frankenfemme_ ://///
Retweeted by seraphim @jeannejette @mourningxrose i seen that too lmfao
@frankenfemme_ that’s facts every aries i know, except my brother, would bend over backwards for anyone who needed iti want to pass away please! @lilpochaco FUCK THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!wait a minute.... who ARE you????can’t wait to be obliterated tonight ♥️generally i’d put irises/pupils but he specifically requested that there was nonewrapped this up today for james. lines healed everything else is fresh his peace: Me: you use to fuck with some ugly ass bitches
Retweeted by seraphimi have time tomorrow around 1pm to tattoo, your design or mine. shoot me an email thru the link in my bio ♥️ get annoyed at people being bad texters when i’m literally the worst person to text ever @Everydayhate_ that’s the worst partthis has incredibly threatening energy
Retweeted by seraphimwhy is this little boy yelling at me fan of the people (usually men) who only hit me up when they want something from me it’s truly so dopei want pho so bad @cafeconlechexo i have a shirt with this design on it lmao @Everydayhate_ a lil bit of almost everything. i try to give them all varied move types and high attack and sp. attack stats @Everydayhate_ @_freeandrew literally any move this mf uses is almost always a 1 hit KO @_freeandrew insane sp. atk stat @_freeandrew my team and my fav one of them @_freeandrew i’m in @_freeandrew i don’t have the money fool you wanna buy it for me?? @_freeandrew i’ve kept my best pokémon on omega ruby lmaoi lied i’m too attached to my pokémon to restart :/// anyone wanna see my team tho
haven’t played any sort of video game in mad long for fear of wasting time, about to restart one of my pokémon games fuck it @jeannejette hmmmm makes a bit of sense @jeannejette yeah i really don’t understand what’s going on but it smells FISHYi think i would like to go to new orleans this year @xski_mask45x absolutely not @FKAMcButtz there’s videos of him drinking champagne and shit lmaoo @xski_mask45x 😳😳so that little kid who got bullied is actually 18 and just finessed everybody?ah yes it’s pisces season makes sense why i’ve wanted to cry all day every dayI have decided That I will not Have a Single thought ever again and no one can stop me
Retweeted by seraphimvibing so so hard with this
Retweeted by seraphim @frankenfemme_ yes pls DONT BE SHY IVE TATTOOED YOU PLEASE SEND ME HEALED PHOTOS ♥️♥️ @Jamesxaustin omg wait a little bit then but still get it done pls :) @Jamesxaustin get it jimbocolor-matching this tattoo to the colors on my birds was challenging but sooooo fun about this tattoo i did on my mom of our birds a year and a half ago i fixed the mcr design anyone want it
Retweeted by seraphim @hamtarohoe would rather just freehand it cuz it’s a coverup but yesrihanna may i please have a kiss on the forehead please miss rihanna just one forehead kiss from you ma’amthe second one is supposed to be an mcr jawnI’ll See You When We’re Both Not So Emotionalsome line drawings for the night. these are all available to be tattooed.’s American Football hours once again @_sinistress 👋🏻 @Itsthelimittt there he is @Itsthelimittt yes lol 😂My Uncle Is Gibbyalso noah munck plays my uncle on the ABC show The Goldberg’s lmfaoi think i wanna start being more like my uncle. that man is an actual legend. doesn’t give a single fuck about anyt… know the scales are shite i’m fixin em 😬gotta fix a few things but I haven’t drawn one of these things for fun in probably close to two years. Anybody want…
a mess @YEARSOFRAGE that is indeed the channel :) @cafeconlechexo are you okaywatching dutch crime scene cleaners happy thursdayjust got back to all emails; if you haven’t gotten a response from me it’s because I haven’t received your email so… @ChrisIsHCFest @brielle_ad i’m sorry i’ll never forgive myself 😔 @fading_into_air thankssomeone wanna let me hold $500 rqlmao will i ever feel inspired again
Retweeted by seraphimkinda want to get back into drawing portraits from life but i’m not sure if any of my friends can sit still long enough
Retweeted by seraphimi hear what mayor pete his saying about being more civil on the internet and would like to suggest that he suck tur…
Retweeted by seraphimthe music fucking kills memiss u already 🥺 u soon 🥺 @Jasmine_blu ♥️
taking some time to decompress and then i’m returning to all emails tonight ♥️Great news! I found the cure for my anxiety!! All I need is for everyone I know to tell me definitively that they a…
Retweeted by seraphim @tjiauna all good! i’m getting back to everyone tonight:/ AM SMARt, SEXY, STUNNY, GORGEST, HUGE , , UNAVOIDABLE, AND VERY HUMBLE AND ALSO BIG
Retweeted by seraphim:———(((((((((((((((((“Effect” and “affect” be kicking y’all ass
Retweeted by seraphimhello can someone please get me out of the house tonight @close2dagrave :))))love that my uncle shared this on my dads fb wall smells like chocolate chip cookies in here 🥺my sweet old man lyft driver is the only thing holding me together rn @tyIerandrew u kno the vibesmy brand is Crying In Airportsmilan has one more hour here and he’s probably gonna spend the majority of the time just shitting @hamtarohoe bruh i want the taco pizza so bad @FreshieJuice i’m gonna go thru my calendar later today and i can let u know @FreshieJuice yes ma’am :)