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ms c @carmel_prescott Edgworth, England

just waiting for plan B. #Richard4Deputy✊🏼🌹

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@Boltonbhoy Cheers Paul x @Izzywildheart I’m better today izzy 😘 just tired from not sleeping well xxA trip down memory lane 😍 my two little girls with my besties little boy #reallyhappytimes ❤️ @ilikemanuni @DawnButlerBrent Oh hello trolly nobbu... think you will find the excel conference hall has been there… @Izzywildheart I’m alrasdy having my lunch I’m starving .... heated up left overs from yesterday ... very tasty 😋 @wendywooh68 I’ve been married twice so totally get where you’re coming from xx @ManCandLovingIt Oh now you’ve defo planned ahead havnt you 😂😂👍 @littlemeanj9 @MattHancock Thankyou for your advice 😊 appreciated xOh my gosh I’d love this as a painting and as a reminder of just how dystopian 2020 became 😊 @MattHancock Are you listening 👇👇👇also are you aware that the British Government are being compared to Trump… To Stick To a Healthy Routine: 1. Download the Fabulous App 📲 2. Track your daily habits ✔️ 3. Commit to a lifestyle change 🤞
Retweeted by ms c @Zoompad Well you have a friend here 😊 and I’m sure many others too ... if it gets bad and you need to just reach out xx @Zoompad Ah bless ya ... I bet you’re still shocked . I’m here fir you if you need ... if you want Some one to just…❤️✊🏼😁 @RunningClassic1 Yes please don’t even think it’s those workers I’m having a dig at It’s Handcock I’m dissing . Goi…
@robfree0 Think there might have been a view that I was being a tad unkind to the army’s work . Just want to clarif… @DrAdrianHeald I’d rather they PPE and a pay rise and renationalised NHS that never came under threat again . We ne… @jd_leveller You too Jd 😊👍 @Zoompad Awwww god nooo! Sweetheart I’m so so sorry . Was she there long . I hope you were able to be with her . Oh… @jd_leveller That’s such a bloody great idea 😁 @PillarsOfDust Aren’t they requisitioning the very basic aneasthetic machines from the vetinarians 🤔or have I dream… @hilaryprice777 Guilty xx @DeanPrecop 👌😊 @Scotscouser Why are you in the shedjohn @maidai I did thanks Kate 😊 a small cuppa and a Minnie bar xx @MrsLandDB Seriously I’d have been physically removed from parliament if I were MP fir saying all the wrong thinks… @maidai My mum has read all of hers she loved them . I ordered a new book the other day and she’d read all those too @frescos4U 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏 @humanenergy5 No ... Tis not the season 😆Oh go on then it’s just a fun size @frescos4U I turned the light off earlier to walk to my bed and forgot I’d left my hair straighteners on the floor… @ajukes69 I think you will fully recover Andrew. But it might take a good few weeks to completely recover . I’m so… @jd_leveller Ok Jd , fair comment ... but I’m an aneasthetic practitioner and I’m not a know nothing twitter on thi… @DaveDixon4 😂😂😂 @maidai Oh sounds bliss x @ajukes69 Oh Andrew it’s you that needs looking after .... how are you 😊 @lancethebass Well ... I knew what I meant but can see it may be taken the wrong way x @lindamtsn I believe it was a conference centre ... with electricity all water plumbed ETC . They’d need piped oxyg… @LansdellMum @komatiite @LouiseRawAuthor 😂😂😂😂Sometimes it’s a bit crap being single . I’m all tucked up nice and comfy in ma bed .... but I’d love a cuppa and a… it be any use if I told you all not to have nightmares 😳... goodnight lovely peeps I’m trying for an early on… @BarryBorat Phew 😅 @Chanctonman Oh was she a journo ? @BlackCloud1966 You can’t even imagine it can you @Chanctonman She deleted the tweet after calling me thick ... I wouldn’t worry . I just tend to get a bit sensitive… @colleenbawn1 Cheers x @WeGoAndGoAgain Cheers xCan I apologize to people who may have been offended by this tweet . My intention was to highlight Hancocks lies an… @jabbakoppie @Izzywildheart Yeah my daughter ICU Matron , she tells me that they have got PPE at her hospital ... b… @Hepworthclare Yes , I’m just taking to task how Hancock always either lies or spins . @jabbakoppie @Izzywildheart Please don’t misunderstand Rob . We are taking Hancocks lies to task not the work done… @Emwold1 @davedoubleu57 Could show off counter panes ... wonder if new nurses know what they are @duncanpoundcake 😂😂😂 @davedoubleu57 Yeah they just have to find 39 more arenas now and we’re sorted 👍Sick of all the lying propaganda ! Meanwhile ... here’s how to shut Monty up in seconds 😳😂 @duncanpoundcake Looks like the experiment went wrong 😂 @duncanpoundcake How lovely 😳She’s deleted her tweet after calling me thick 😂 @georgina09641 It’s unforgivable @peta53 Yup and St. John’s ambulance too 👍The Tory’s do have blood on their hands ! Staff have died that had no PPE @ShaunBaileyUK @VioletBailey49 Fuckoff with your clapping GET THEM PPE INSTEADExactly it’s a field hospital and morgue, filled up in 9 days with only 500 beds , building was already there. What…
Retweeted by ms c @Izzywildheart I know , same with one in Manchester , he will say that’s being built from scratch too . He’s the ministry of lies😂😂😂 @typewriterhead @TeekFran 😂😂😂👍 @Izzywildheart I know but if you’d heard Hancock saying it’s unprecedented that we’ve built a hospital in days ....… @TerriWatson141 👏👏👏 @mmusJu @cool_grandad I can’t rationalize the public Ju 🤷‍♀️ @bickypeg I bet they’d love playing together @cool_grandad Yeah but Hancock reckons it was built from scratch ... he treats the public like bloody idiots @rose_marie 😂😂😂 @mmusJu Ju , I coudnt believe the bullshit Hancock was spouting @peta53 St. John’s ambulance @rose_marie Yeah you might be right all these bloomin medical terms xI didn’t know we had built the nightingale hospital scratch ? There was me thinking we’d just filled it with beds a… @bickypeg Lots of granny input really helps doesn’t it 😉 @rose_marie You’re born with it rose it’s hereditary. She might only have found out in her 50s x @bickypeg Oh Peggy isn’t she beautiful ... and how clever and careful is she 😁 Monty would have made a Picasso on the floor 😂 @Janerthered @mmusJu I inherited a blood disorder 🤷‍♀️ oh lucky me 😂😂 @rose_marie Back at you rose xx @BlackCloud1966 Mine is done at home. She did not want to come inside my flat she was genuinely scared. So I had to… @Goody_yum_yum Oh I’m so glad it worked for you xx @tanjcrooks @Davieboy0906 @DrAdrianHeald @Shazzyrm Oh Tanya 😞 is there a neighbor you could ask to help ? @RED660 Bless you @Sausagewassage Yes ... rivaroxaban is not as reversible as warfarin. Consultant says I will never be able to take it . @greekalphabet I know 😊 I’ve had 2 good days this week ✊🏼 xx @djsworld2012 @JoyousPanther @PROUDofTEXAS @Neil_Irwin @redsteeze You are seriously underestimating the lethality a… @RED660 It’s fkn abhorrent 😡😢This is why we urgently need Parliament reconvened online. Otherwise there is nobody holding government to account.…
Retweeted by ms c @DrAdrianHeald @NadineDorries Thankyou 👏👏 @ParkerTerd @DawnButlerBrent Explain @labour_lives We need some happy posts 😁 glad it cheered you up xxHappy post alert 🚨 😃 Daddy made homemade playdo for Monty .... and they created a neenaw neenaw #daddydaycare❤️ is some good news to be happy about . We need as much as we can get right now 😁✊🏼 @BlackCloud1966 I know it worried me . I had to stop taking the anti coags for 3days then reduce the dose ... thankfully it worked . @kathiebennett My GP arranged it . Why have you not been checked ? Why are you on warfarin if you don’t mind me asking . @mmusJu 😘 @mmusJu It’s just an international measurement of your blood clotting time . A normal value is 1 . But because I ha… @rose_marie No , I have thrombophillia