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Smile darn ya, smile @KyleHolmquist U need the Emily Wilson translation for the odyssey😎 (it’s tru)
Hang out with me long enough and you WILL read it @danieltickell Nothing yet...just my nightmaresmitski was right. nobody
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @MonicaJewinsky @nicky_sg777 Any Time You Like Hang with me Missing U With Every Heartbeat
@nicky_sg777 @nicky_sg777 All 👁️ do is play the same 4 Robyn songs over and over again in my headphones while sitting on my couc…, I’m boiled over. Thanks for sharing my dads obit. 💔 @MarkedByCovid
Retweeted by Carmen BushGuys I just made friends with the girl who lives ABOVE the upstairs neighbors! She was like "Ya they probably hate… asking people why they stopped texting you even though you’re extremely hot with a perfect personality
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @CORNDOGG1RL God this song slaps @CORNDOGG1RL No bidi bidi bom bom eh? OSA beat it out of all of usUnconscionable. Mine is amor prohibido @MonicaJewinsky Nora is my heroPlaying with procreate a new playlist and of course it is perfect. Enjoy tongue, cute buns, can’t lose. the Trojan Horse were brought to my gates as a gift I'd be like first of all this is ugly
Retweeted by Carmen BushSo what’s our favorite Selena songThe most powerful thing a teacher can think as they approach a lesson they're building is "Students will be able to…
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Having a “god damn it I work in corporate America” momentI started to screenshot some of @jiatolentino’s answers but everything she says here is necessary and comforting an…
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @rachel_pick This is just to say that I love the progress pics and can’t wait to see ur final results!Happy 15th birthday to @GoogleEarth, still the world’s biggest publicly accessible repository of geographic imagery…
Retweeted by Carmen Bushidc what u losers are arguing about i’m watching a children’s choir sing björk
Retweeted by Carmen BushRegardless of what the Trump administration wants, remote learning *is* happening. This is a chance to both (a) app…
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@j_zimms @MaraWilson This literally is her point, she has been advocating for this for years in online education spaces.If anyone could just google who Alice Keeler is before trying to dunk on her for exactly her point...? Seen it hell… @KyronLoggins It’s almost like this is a test for all those commenters to....easily Google her and understand the context 🙃 @KyronLoggins Tbh I’m amazed u came across this pic, is it going viral outside of the teacher sphere?? @KyronLoggins She’s a teacher influencer who advocates for homework-free classrooms and tries to push teachers to c… Revolution will be Joyful! This limited edition print will be available tomorrow, Thurs. @ 12 pm PT. I will be…
Retweeted by Carmen BushI WILL be refreshing this one daily until there is a restock @DelTaco hitting “reset to factory settings” for the 3rd time this week mf has ONE JOB and it can't DO IT @ipetersellers No
Grand Ave & Euclid | Oakland, Ca. Nia Wilson. #sayhername You have not been forgotten babygirl.
Retweeted by Carmen BushDoing consulting work on curriculum development, and creating a unit pairing these two texts. And I’m excited. This…
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @MrTravisano BRILLIANT pairing!!! @MonicaJewinsky LET HIM LIVEPosting is the easiest shit ever and yet theres people on here with hundreds or thousands or millions of followers FUCKING IT UP
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@djolder tweets
Retweeted by Carmen BushSurf spray and slept on wet and I’m lookin like a snack thank u covid hair! is a friendly tickle encouraging you to request your absentee ballot now.
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @andigalpern SF yes, Oakland not so muchStellllaaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍 @alanna Is it to the tune of the “out of the box” theme song???Trans people are valid. And hotHappy bday Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, b.1907. “Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, every…
Retweeted by Carmen Bushand so. we are here. brown babies. worshipping. feeding. the glutton that is white literature. even after it dies.…
Retweeted by Carmen BushI love this pink potato sack so much
@pfooti Actual lolThere are fireworks shows and there are Oakland fireworks show. Don’t @ me. We the best.
Retweeted by Carmen BushNo lie get on Bart and you can see this same performance
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Like..I can’t breathe. This is too close to my heart the knockout queen and I’m so invested I feel like I’m gonna throw up @nicky_sg777 The independent?!!! Come on honey @trufelman I’m 100% on board. Aye aye captain @librarygalquilt @Lin_Manuel Loveeee @MonicaJewinsky @charliespresent *Odysseus has entered the chat* @MrTravisano Hi dad!On sacred sites: know that while these locations have been places of worship for millennia, Indigenous of today sti…
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @charliespresent @leocpierotti Viola Davis in of the greatest performances of all timeI have called off my search for love. Because it is very stinky you do today...
If u make boxed Mac and cheeee with milk instead of a couple spoonfuls of the starchy water sry but ur doing it wrong @MrTravisano I heard your roast was spectacular my dear 😭😭 I truly could never withstand such a thing but it sounde… @MrTravisano This is BS! 😒😒😒😒🤮The Country Music Has StartedMaybe I’ll do itShe should yell it out during one of their 30 second sex sessions scheduled for like idk 3 weeks from nowThe upstairs neighbors have been playing Yahtzee all day and the girl...she really celebrates when she gets one, man.Saw a KISS concert at Oracle. What a time that was., @MonicaJewinsky @hellahellatight @worldmarket Oh no what happened
Hey - just wanna say my @TaylorLorenz standom came from this one. Totally changed my view on kids' rights to privac…
Retweeted by Carmen BushTrying to make a moon themed playlist and my favorite Feist song "Pine Moon" is not available??? What is wrong with… heading and description gutted me. Because it is so true. This article is saying what, at least I, have not ye…
Retweeted by Carmen BushExtremely my shit. Movie soundtracks are the secret!!! my life a joke to you
Retweeted by Carmen Bush @Foreverosie_ Cvs on Bancroft in OaklandTwitter announced support for a 9/80 schedule (1 day off every other week) but none of my reports were comfortable…
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@crys_charity @kayleypollard Thank u mama :) @kayleypollard And this one is for when you’re still sad but starting to move steadily into “fuk uuuuu” @kayleypollard Made this one the last time I got dumped :) @KarnesJordan LOL this was NOT to you-know-who lmaome? in a open relationship? i’d rather boil one grain of rice at a time
Retweeted by Carmen BushHey moon @KarnesJordan
i ask you, whos the real " Little Ho" ??? Me (for being a little Ho) or You (for not forgiving me for being a little Ho)
Retweeted by Carmen Bush how tired we are @danieltickell It’s rly rly rly mind boggling...thank god for tech stop tho, got it working 🙏 @benlikestocode I think it’s my router’s problem tbh. MAC address filtering can suck my toe. The provided login inf…