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Aggressively supportive trash goblin, thrower of rocks, and generally terrible human being. She/her.

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@DevinElleKurtz I needed this today. 💜 It just makes me so happy, haha. @AksenovaArt @charamath @kortizart Yes please, lol. @Kelly_McKernan I should just stream myself watching it on Twitch with live commentary. I'd have to get reeeaaaal d… @JuliaLSingh @kortizart Wow. That's one A+ attempt at emotional manipulation right there. Too bad he burned the bri… @JuliaLSingh @kortizart Oh god. I can't find the page so I'm probably blocked, too. I'd looooove to see that, though. @kortizart He made a reply video with Sam about the harassment allegations. It's a two and a half hour gaslighting extravaganza. @enigmagrape I'm not sure. I've had Pete blocked for a long time, but I'm sure he's probably still skulking about somewhere. @marcscheff @AllenPanakalArt Marc, it's SO good. I'm not usually even a fan of the roguelike genre, but this game i… @AllenPanakalArt I have been playing it non stop since I got it. Omg its so good.Someone: Did you hear? Morbacher is being an inconsiderate, egotistical ass and treating people like crap. Me: G…
@arvalis @MARounseville @SujetoXcviii @cartoonnetwork Might as well argue with a porcupine, RJ. At least that one w… @Planetpinto @orbitbooks FINALLY! Long overdue. 💜
I... I had the most incredible combo ever. Triple strike spear with pushback, auto repeat strike, and extra damage.… @KenFromChicago @Tumerboy It's a reference to one of the most tragic and heartbreaking stories I've ever seen in an anime. @Tumerboy @KenFromChicago OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME
I am still not over the "Jurassic Bark" episode of Futurama. Just sayin'. @TychoBrahe @Riusaldregan @cwgabriel It's just good enough to make me sacrifice my sleep, free time, and productivi… @0jenzee0 Any chance we will see some high resolution prints available for any of the character portraits? =D I wan… please come help me find my jaw. I think it's somewhere on the floor., on what would have been @grantimahara's 50th birthday, we're proud to announce the Grant Imahara STEAM Found…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdOk! Finished up today's oil painting stream and here's the result! Won't be able to get back to this one until a w…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @0jenzee0 I still can't get over the art for Chaos. It has such a weird hold on me as an artist. It's so beautiful…
Got to Asphodel. It's nice to see game devs drawing inspiration from classic childhood games such as, "The Floor… @0jenzee0 So well deserved. I could look at this game forever. 💜Grew up reading PA - being referenced in one is a life goal I never knew I had 🙏☺️
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdEveryone go like this comment because I need this in my life. @neverlandreader @DevinElleKurtz Or pretty much anything Sokka and Suki, I'm not picky. ;D @neverlandreader @DevinElleKurtz THISSSSSSS @Liberkhaos Yep! Resin and lots and lots and lots of glitter.
My first successful large D20. 😃 The picture doesn't do a good job of showing the semi-transparency of it, but the…
A More Nuanced Look at QRTs: A Thread -- Disclaimer: I asked for and received @/Fulemy's permission to conduct th…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdSo I finally met Megara, and... um... could I get a glass of water over here? I am suddenly very thirsty. 👀💦 @JennRavenna These are gorgeous, Jenn. <3 Hope all is going well up in the greener parts of the country.This looks like it has the potential to be such a powerful documentary. Please, let's make it happen. Awareness is… @MingjueChen I finally peaced out to go play Hades about an hour into the debate. I'd rather suffer infinite deaths… of my goals is to start a small studio where we take and adapt existing properties by independent artists, for…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @staccatoz Whatever this thing is that's lobbing 482726274 glowing purple balls at my face is pretty high on my sho… if a streaming service created a dedicated YA animation division. Then you would have a lot of shows like…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdI’m sorry but if Twitter is capable of fact checking the things that come out of his mouth in a matter of seconds d…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @JennRavenna @DevinElleKurtz RIGHT? @DevinElleKurtz If anyone needs me, I'll be right over here dying of cute.WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GLOWING BALLS OH MY GOD RUN AWAYThis is now my "Carmen's Running Commentary While Playing Hades" thread. Also fuck you, Ares.You shut the hell up, Hades. I will pet my goodest boy if I want to.How long can one person's taxes be under audit?"We have the best testing in the world, that's why we have so many cases." Uh... no. No, it's not, you stupid carrot-faced fuck.Haaahahahahaha, Trump is already getting his lying ass handed to him. This is beautiful.
Yep. Y'all were right. Hades is amazing.We've added a stroke specialist to my medical team, and I met him today for the first time. At one point during th… @arvalis That would be glorious. Though I guess that's pretty much the same as him yelling. There's a chance a str… love you, San Francisco. it now: There will be at -least- one point in the debate tonight where Trump actually yells across the stage when his mic is muted. @Trungles I wish that conversation could be recorded. I could listen to that instead of the debate tonight. @MingjueChen I think Kipo would approve.
Restore peace. Find the last dragon. Watch the new trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon, in theaters March 2021.…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdI cried when I read this. What an awful thing we've done as a country. And only one of so many awful things... @Aaron_Safronoff Well that's a recommendation I can't argue with! Bought it, about to sit down and play now.
So... I guess I should play Hades, huh?Being a part of flipping Arizona blue feels sooooooo good. The Senate race polls are all showing McSally getting he… if Trump is going to lose your state by 15 points, make it 20. Don’t take your foot off the gas. Accelerate.
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @arvalis OMG YOU MADE IT 😭 I love her. I love her so much. @djamilaknopf Artist Carmen: "Oh wow, this is so beautiful and has such great atmosphere and mood." Mom Carmen: "O… is the dumbest shit I have ever heard a doctor say. Take a listen, and if you have even a basic grasp of how m…’m boosting this again because this is an incredible opportunity. Even if you don’t feel ready, just try. you neve…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @xavierck3d Sweet. Can we nominate it for president?I have listened to a new Justin Bieber song like six times this morning and I don't know what is happening in my br… @FromHappyRock You working there isn't a an "if", it's a "when". Just a matter of the right show coming across the…
"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees th… sure who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up your normal life for the last 7 months may have saved s…
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Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @JesseHeinig @VengeanceGOD @thomasthecat "This isn't a sledgehammer, it's my anti-abortion hammer!" @BS_artsss *faints*
A little peek at tomorrow's piece ⚗️🌿
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdSaid it back then and I'll say it again now. If you were part of that awful dog pile, get bent. Walk your petty bab… "SUFFERING ARTIST" IS A MYTH, PLEASE ABOLISH IT FROM YOUR BRAINS IMMEDIATELY, I BEG YOU
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @javi_draws I need this in my life. @ForkFrenzy Yeeeah, I read the comments on a Kirstie Alley one and I am done for the month.
One of the up sides to the spectacular crash and burn of my career is that I never have to worry about getting fire…
@xavierck3d We clung to each other. 💜 And I will never stop being proud of my role in his demise. Never, ever, ever.Fuck you, Feinstein.
Halfway through October and its 97° outside. I have to get out of Arizona, uuuuuugh. @hlbarnwell @KarlYoungAuth I cried like a bitch during that song.Let's try this again, you perfect and lovable jerks. <3 What are some things you've done (places you've gone, expe… @RobertJSchuster Same. As much as I don't want to hurt them, I also like sleep for my epilepsy. 😐 @RobertJSchuster I'm going to go buy the biggest Nerf gun I can find today and ready it for tomorrow morning. I'm n… year, we get a few weeks of waking up early (by force) to the sweet sounds of Bird Hell. It is impossible to… finished watching Avatar: The Last Airbender with my daughter. Whoever animated those final episodes with A…
It’s #PortfolioDay or something, yeah? I draw weird stuff, that’s about it.
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdI know women who've been calling every black woman Shanaynay for thirty years, who are now unimaginably upset and s… next Nobel Prize should go to whoever invents a machine that can detect anytime someone says the phrase, "the f…"She insisted on doing it anyway—and ultimately provided conclusive evidence for a supermassive black hole at the c…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @CarmenSinek April’s Bucket List ———————————
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psd @kimsokol Oooh, that's a good one. @CubeApril April, I fucking love you so much.What's at the top of your Bucket List? 🙂
Wowza. DA really... uh... rolled back those erotica rules, huh? Me: I think I'll log in and- DA Front Page: LABIA… hello #PortfolioDay ! I’m Karla Ortiz, Boricua. Im an artist who works in films, tv, games, trading card games,…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdWaiting for spring 🎏
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdIt's #PortfolioDay and I'm here to say: I'm a freelance 2D illustrator and concept artist. I really like drawing m…
Retweeted by CarmenSinek_Final_SuperFinal3.psdI’m Dani, an illustrator looking for work! 😊#PortfolioDay.
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