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@chosenjuan285 Love and loss are universal. #CarnivalRow @dicksgrayscns #CarnivalRow @RobertBEnglund @amazonprimenow Welcome to our fair, fae city.✨ #CarnivalRow @izyanR13 There's no one more loyal and true. #CarnivalRow @tearsofarapper Even in secret, love is blossoming on #CarnivalRow. @glitzybrite Vignette's entire world was destroyed by war. #CarnivalRow great writeup about our free @CarnivalRow role-playing game and where you can download it!
Retweeted by Carnival Row @modernlovetv To fight for true love, the human and fae residents of #CarnivalRow had to break every boundary. @holly_deeann It's not a place you can easily get over... #CarnivalRow @GeekyTate There's much more of this story to tell. #CarnivalRow
@GeeCaret2 Even though puck is used frequently, they prefer faun. #CarnivalRowCan confirm: Carnival Row is amazing! Incredibly deep world, complex characters, monsters, romance, mystery, politi…
Retweeted by Carnival Row @jennietheeditor @PrimeVideo No secret is safe in The Burgue... #CarnivalRowIn other news I binged Carnival Row and I’m obsessed. ITS SO GOOD Y’ALL NEED TO WATCH
Retweeted by Carnival Row @nickeesota And Agreus is well aware. #CarnivalRow @Goss30Goss Find your place on the Row, there's room for all. #CarnivalRow
@matt_earl1 It's a strange yet beautiful place to live. #CarnivalRow @terani142 Be careful as you journey through the Row... #CarnivalRow @JoDiPietro Visit us again anytime. ✨ #CarnivalRowCaption this. #CarnivalRow the smallest details tell a story. #CarnivalRow
@cohalls There's always room for another faerie on #CarnivalRow. ✨ @Nicipedia3 More is coming... #CarnivalRow#CarnivalRow is an absolute mesmeric masterpiece for the ages!😱😍 Pro'lly the most immersive steampunk fantasy on sc…
Retweeted by Carnival Row @Aysh_xox The Burgue wouldn't be the same without Philo. #CarnivalRow @Tanknancy Humans can be the most dangerous beings of all. #CarnivalRow @TM_Frazier Once you discover the Row, things will never be the same. #CarnivalRow everyone loving fantasy as much as I do: GO AND WATCH CARNIVAL ROW!! IT IS FANTASTIC!!! And very emotional and…
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@VoiceOfAdam Not everyone can handle the darkness of the Row. #CarnivalRow @MiAstucia8 We'll return to The Burgue again soon. #CarnivalRow @iammikejv @Caradelevingne Your patience will be rewarded soon... #CarnivalRow
The destruction of war tore them apart. The strength of love brought them together. #CarnivalRow
"It's exhausting, constantly having to worry about what people think. It's no way to live." #CarnivalRow
@itsmeyourV Make haste... there's much to discover on the Row. #CarnivalRow @Eaglecry12 @talenthouse @TheChalkGirl @Randomly_RJ @Yowdisntr The Row is full of gifted creatures. ✨ #CarnivalRow @KeithChampion30 @talenthouse @TheChalkGirl @Randomly_RJ @Yowdisntr Season 2 is coming... #CarnivalRow @sandra9278 We'd be happy to have you on the Row. #CarnivalRow @Aratchy_S Some humans fear what they don't understand. #CarnivalRow @GalacticGirlx2 Sounds like a plan. #CarnivalRow brought The Burgue to life. Congratulations to the winners of the #CarnivalRow @Talenthouse contest! 🎨:… @mornedownunder @Caradelevingne She's our favorite faerie. ✨ #CarnivalRow @Brenda22028 The Burgue isn't perfect, but it's home. #CarnivalRow @SpahnTrap Stay with us... there's more to discover on the Row. #CarnivalRow
@Necro_Lord A return trip to the Row is aways a good idea. #CarnivalRow @AwardsCircuit Welcome to our world. ✨ #CarnivalRow#CarnivalRow is definitely going on my personal list of must owns. This is by far the best show I've seen in years!
Retweeted by Carnival Row @Lauralee_xx There's no place quite like it. ✨ #CarnivalRow the sights. Explore your desires. Welcome to #CarnivalRow. @mintxchutney Their adventure is just beginning. #CarnivalRow @arsamandica @travisbeacham A hairstyle fit for the Row. ✨ #CarnivalRow @NogitsuneGR24 Pleased to make your acquaintance, Grevillea. ✨ #CarnivalRow
@0_0crews Gather your fae friends and join us again anytime. ✨ #CarnivalRow @0_0crews He's the fae's only hope. #CarnivalRow @MomoMisfortune The fae can't keep living like this... #CarnivalRow @Ofdinosanddais1 There's always something new and exciting happening in The Burgue. #CarnivalRow @Onykeepgoing @ChloePirriePie Don't mess with Dahlia. #CarnivalRow @Porch_Frog We're waiting for you... #CarnivalRow @ItsTerrBear We'll see you on the Row. #CarnivalRow this. #CarnivalRow
@GalacticGirlx2 @CarnivalRowWR @travisbeacham @mguggenheim There's always room for one more fae on the Row. 🐕 #CarnivalRow @williamkwilliam @audible_com There's always more to the story... #CarnivalRow @russellholly @TheDavidGyasi There's no puck quite like him. #CarnivalRowOkay, I love Carnival Row! It’s Downtown Abby, Bright, Sherlock Holmes, all mixed with Fairies, and steampunk, faun! It’s awesome!
Retweeted by Carnival Row @CaptianRobert There's a whole new world to discover in #CarnivalRow. @khachbe Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. #CarnivalRow @cedric_taldo You'll never know what to expect on #CarnivalRow. @0Salah00 The darkness has to be stopped.... #CarnivalRow @hopenco4 True friends support each other through thick and thin. #CarnivalRow
Every creature on the Row has a story to tell. Discover more of Tourmaline's story in "Tangle in the Dark," a prequ… @Etche_E_Main There's room on #CarnivalRow for everyone, just be careful. @JustSimplyShell Vignette and Tourmaline will face the tensions in The Burgue together. #CarnivalRow @nickeesota The city must unite. #CarnivalRow @TrishaStack @Caradelevingne All creatures are welcome on the Row. ✨ #CarnivalRowThe strongest bond is true friendship. #CarnivalRow
Caption this. #CarnivalRow
Your love for Philo and Vignette got Orlando Bloom and @CaraDelevingne's attention. #CarnivalRow
@7_polk Pleased to meet you, Delphia. Welcome to our world. ✨ #CarnivalRowI thought Carnival Row was very well done, I wish it was more than 8 episodes, can’t wait for Season 2. Dark Fantas…
Retweeted by Carnival Row @CBR Find your place on the Row. ✨ #CarnivalRow's Originals include new stories from @RL_Stine and a performance from @katedelcastillo. This month, all mem…
Retweeted by Carnival Row @AileenF23 Keep your wits about you. #CarnivalRow, malachiteblaze_art, jennsenport, stirs the imaginations of humans and fae alike. #CarnivalRow #FanArtFriday ✨🎨: anndr_art,… @kevinDW42 @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi Philo is the hero The Burgue so desperately needs.… @TiiffanyO Humans can be the most dangerous creatures of all. #CarnivalRow
@SharpApril It's easy to lose track of time while exploring the Row. #CarnivalRow @SupportRossi46 Sounds like you'd be right at home in The Burgue. #CarnivalRow @AlicjaTurlej @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi No argument here. #CarnivalRow @mandyslade79 Welcome to The Burgue, Nepheline. #CarnivalRow @OConnorColette As you wish. 🧚‍♂️ #CarnivalRow @ninfyv1 It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Rhyolite. ✨ #CarnivalRowBecome who you were born to be, and find your #CarnivalRow faerie name. ✨ @bchatweets @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi She also makes the best Harken Cake. 🍰 #CarnivalRow @7_polk @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi A tough but excellent choice. #CarnivalRow @TiphiniB @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi She values friendship above all else. #CarnivalRow anyone is looking for a new show to get into you have to catch #CarnivalRow! Hooked after 3 episodes. Great stor…
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@mayfrayn67 @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi The Burgue is lucky to have him. #CarnivalRow finished the show Carnival Row 👀 It was a crazy but incredible ride. I honestly didn't thought I would love th…
Retweeted by Carnival Row @tonjatomblin @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi She won't let the expectations of The Burgue define he… @ShelbyReistrof1 @Caradelevingne @tamzinmerchant @TheDavidGyasi There's no puck quite like him. #CarnivalRow