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just a girl against the world // screenwriter // words @Waypoint @IndieWire @thebentblog @MovieMezzanine and @Medium

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This interview rules as much as Asia Kate Dillon rules, which is a lot that religion teacher from my catholic high school voice: it's killing eve, not killing steveThe Tree of Wife @TBBucs20 history better be kind to me and recognize this as an all-timer gag @DanSchindel @woahitsjuanito ehhhhhh @makeway42mauro finally, i am Seen @carolaverygrant
Retweeted by Carol Grant @SlayerofCis CHRIST, @willow_catelyn I expected nothing less @reverendtoller @bybowes @SlayerofCis @bybowes I will, whitey @bybowes @SlayerofCis i just feel shame cuz like i'm asian and i failed my own ppl @SlayerofCis gdi @SlayerofCis yessssa mechanic wifeeee @brendanowicz welp @carolaverygrant
Retweeted by Carol Grantthis oughta be good
@makeway42mauro HEY URSELF BITCH 😍😍😍TYRION: what unites people? armies? gold? no, stories HOWLAND: [nodding] TYRION: and who has a better story than so…
Retweeted by Carol Grant @a_sleepykisser 😍😍😍here ya go, take this as a temporary reupload of my video while i fight the copyright strike on the original
Retweeted by Carol GrantThank you for looking at the picture! My wife and I are blessed by everyone and very happy!
Retweeted by Carol Grant @labuzamovies @sales_off_film Restaurant or casa labuza?I adore Mother tho so I very much love when Bong is in that ModeBong got the Palme!!! Gonna have to finally watch Memories of Murder soon.・ 。✨ ✨∴。 *  ・゚*。✨・   ・ *゚。 ✨  *   ・ ゚*。・゚✨。    ✨・。°*. ゚ *  ゚。·*・。 ゚*✨    ゚ *.。✨。✨ ・   * ✨ 。・゚*.。     * ✨ ゚・。 *…
Retweeted by Carol GrantThe destruction of our lives isn’t even newsworthy anymore.
Retweeted by Carol Grant @bijanstephen @SlayerofCis lmao i literally did this last night during our Skype seshWE FINISHED IT WE CRUSADED ALL THE STARDUSTThis is the way The World ends Not with a Stand But with a book in a hatFuckin Senator PhillipsIGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYPOLNAREFF POLNAREEEEEEFFFFFFF @fivepoisonskid lmao the fuckin crunchyroll subs lied to meeeeeCOOL ICE'S STAND IS LANGOLIERS ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING ME @JEBermanator I would if it weren't 3D but with it it's a guaranteed headacheLegit can not find a good YouTube clip of Astolfo without it referring to them as a "tr*p" and y'all anime fans are…
@bybowes believe it or not, the graphic novel actually written by a queer woman is worse, which I somehow was also positive on way backMy old positive review of Blue still haunts me to this day. What a dumb baby gay i was.Don't worry, I also realized too late that Kechiche has been bad all along. It happens to all of us eventually.bitch try me
Retweeted by Carol Grantno one: a job that pays you min wage: if you sit down you will be shot on sight. every customer gets one free pa…
Retweeted by Carol GrantJust a few days ago was the Housing and Homeless Shelter rule discriminating against trans people. Today it's heal… hell did he snap
Retweeted by Carol GrantTHAT AIRPLANE FIGHT THOlol ofc pious little church girl Jeanne would react ~that way~ to seeing Astolfo's junk @mhcovill Fate/ApocryphaMOOD @DanSchindel hey uhhh i hate thisbitch try me @SandalwoodEmily NO ONE HAS! It was the first time this has screened since Cannes, 13 years ago"The fourth dimension will collapse upon itself... you stupid bitch."Southland Tales last night was revelatory. Moreso than the fact that it was the Cannes cut, just seeing it with an… pls u dont have to do this @yurifucker don't worry, though the hair never grows back, the beard does and it's amazing
@fivepoisonskid @CJRoy89 @SlayerofCis yar yar dayzwhen the anime character descends into madness breaking the fourth wall! Good as hell, classic Willy Shakes.A LOT going on in this episode. A LOOOOOT.This episode is neatATALANTE 😭😭😭The character........ not so much???One of the Jack the Ripper episodes in Fate/Apocrypha is called "From Hell" and i'm sorry y'all but that's extremely good @SlayerofCis I remember this one gaming magazine had an April Fools reveal for the next game in the series "Mushroo… @willow_catelyn "Carol sits on her hands as I ask her of her influences. Why? For what purpose? What is she holding back??" @fuckinalpamare now THAT'S a Southland Tale *I* wanna share @TallGuyCM that's the easy one, c'mon chris, i got bigger fish...Lotta hot boys in the movie Southland Tales. I call em... Southland Males 😏 @thejoshl @fivepoisonskid @EstherOnFilm @SeanRMoorhead being trans means you no longer fear what others think of yo… @woahitsjuanito you stopped being a BOY and became a MAN, baby!lmao @a_sleepykisser "horny" has killed more servants than all the reality marbles in magecraft combined @a_sleepykisser @railoftomorrow they all follow the same fuckin structure, use the same sound cues and editing techniques, it's downright maddening @a_sleepykisser what makes you say that anime is good @daniel_fidler wouldn't you like to know @BioD42 kill meJust had fudge-covered nutter butters and nothing is the same anymoreASTOLFO'S CASUAL WEAR!!! <3 think about it, like, on the regular these days. it's stuck with me more than anything else this year.thought about it... and The Beach Bum is still my favorite movie of the year so farI AM ACTUALLY SCREAMING on SHIP THEM TOOOOOO SHIP THEM love that Jeanne's whole thing here is that centrism is useless when one side is acting in bad faith, and she doe… @willow_catelynme loooove that Sieg and Rider are, like, best buds. Absolute bros.New OP and ED in Fate/Apocrypha both ruleBill Kill no hang on, Ki fuck @WildPalmCity this is me but with zankou @nicksgoodtweets Kill Bill*slow clap*
I would die for Sylvando @coopercooperco @EstherOnFilm @woahitsjuanito @tylergilfoster this is major transphobia juan