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Fozzie Bear but evil // screenwriter // words featured @VICE @Waypoint @IndieWire @thebentblog @Medium

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wow same i love The Witcher 3 @willow_catelyn"It is a doomsday film—a monument to human waste—, but within its prophecy of the end there’s reassurance in knowin…
Retweeted by Carol Grant @bmrow thanks @bmrow heyaaaaahh, video games this game's p alright i guess horses lol @jourdayen wELL @jourdayen lolwut i actually haven't seen this movie yet, that happens???
oh. @SlayerofCis oh what the FUCK IT'S ALL SURGING BACK TO ME @SlayerofCis I don't even remember a golf dude! Lol @SlayerofCis for me the one i think about most is a sitch in time which has shego become queen of everything becaus… @WildPalmCity December 2007, a forum user started a thread dedicated to finding the “last great secret” of Shadow of the Colos…
Retweeted by Carol Grant @TBBucs20 ah i didn't even pay attention, i get carried away just seeing her because i love her i love my wife she's my wife alex my wife @TBBucs20 alex yessssssssssssssssss @TBBucs20 alex her name is Ms. Joke and her power is she can force people into uncontrollable fits of laughter and…'S MY WIFE @CJRoy89 kes, babyprobably the most relatable obama's been in years @thealexminton @pogform Amazon but you gotta rent itBeen waiting for this one. @willow_catelyn finally writes about End of Evangelion, and for a film with a nihilistic… @NotebookMUBI I just want to offer a very sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to experience Evangelion…
Retweeted by Carol GrantMy coverage of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION for @NotebookMUBI continues. In this essay I wrote about END OF EVANGELION.…
Retweeted by Carol Grant @pogform I FLIPPED MY SHIT @willow_catelyn gonna write a remake starring you and it's called mistress canada"you can call me knuckles / unlike sonic i don't chuckle" obama chuckled,[chuckles in trans] @razorgrrrl when ya gotta sleep for a whole year to reconstruct your lost memories?? that shit is grody, homefry.
Retweeted by Carol Grant @tvwolfsnake or they never saw any of those pakula movies and just wanted to sound smart @tenerence It was a thing since that movie came out! "It's like if MCU made a paranoid 70s conspiracy thriller like… @_stephenbell_ an incomparable bangera billion percent madder at all the imbeciles who compared WINTER FUCKING SOLDIER to this masterpiece. just,... fumingi didn't think it would end that bleakly, but i guess the rules... d @DeusExCinema WHY THOR LOL @DeusExCinema utterly fucking hopeless. i adored itY'all. Y'alllllllllllThat... might have been one of the best movies I've ever seenHIS 👏 PARROT 👏 IS 👏 SICK 👏I wouldn't imagine Warren Beatty to be the man who uncovers a conspiracy, but folks,, the ruPakula really just said everything about america in less than five seconds didn't heTHE VERY FIRST SHOT OF PARALLAX VIEW HOOOOOOLY FUCK @HannahYoleau @EstherOnFilm "you know what they say, when you mindhunt, you get either the whole mind... or half a mind." @EstherOnFilm @HannahYoleau "this time the hunted... will become the hunt*er*"Still unclear as to why the story of ongoing, daily, nation-wide mass Jewish protest against ICE is being largely i…
Retweeted by Carol Grantwhat to watch tonight (r = rewatch)holy shit this is very real
@JusticeKazzy_ me @ arthur throwing his hands up in defeat gave me a good cackle surprised by just how much I've been enjoying all the camp stuff and character interactions so far @tylergilfoster not what you're looking for but Mechanic Resurrection uses one of these, but in the laziest way you can think ofMidsommar (Ari Aster, 2019) The man who drove his car over a crowd of #JewsAgainstICE and allies is Thomas Woodworth, a Captain at a…
Retweeted by Carol Grant @theoneroller this is literally a 30 rock gag @TallGuyCM @swen_ryan @faceyouhate @ManiLazic @elazic @bmrow i'm sitting in my table, which is def less a table and… @willow_catelyn The fish was me! Shout Factory! Shhhhh. @makeway42mauro YOUR HAIR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> @makeway42mauro bITCH @thejoshl love the idea of someone who's never seen this movie trying to decipher that cover and watching it to find out what it isNOW VOYAGER CRITERION AAAAAAHH @erinprovolone look at this winner @erinprovolone lol did y'all play telestrations last night?Fire Force available now to stream on Crunchyroll @makeway42mauro timothee WISHES 😍 @marshlands Love, Diaz @willow_catelyn willow is hot, erin is cool. balance. @willow_catelyn erin was always coolme post-hrt helping lol @SlayerofCis gotta respect my dad @SlayerofCis he's my dad, alyssa
Back in the 90s I was in a very famous TV show @SlayerofCis onyx...finally. let's start this bad boy @coopercooperco STOP! mother! time (Martin Scorsese, 2016) ppl underestimate ur stupidity i write this 🙃🙃🙃 @xtinatucker lol don't watch the show. read the manga like i'm doing. it's a quick, breezy read. meanwhile the show… @xtinatucker @carolynmichelle @jbu3 me taking my large son out on a walk @willow_catelyn WILLOW YES FINALLY @HannahYoleau @EstherOnFilm In this world, you either hunt the mind... or the mind hunts you @HannahYoleau @EstherOnFilm i've hunted minds you woul @HannahYoleau @EstherOnFilm "commencing Mindhunt in 3... 2..."BooK
Retweeted by Carol Grant @GemOfAmara She's like actually extremely charming! And every time she's forced to be a badass action lady it just… @SlayerofCis vames @ajhan when two bottoms fall in love thinking the other one's a topIt’s also deeply sinister. Rightwing “populism”—since the early days of Hitler—was predicated on borrowing and misu…
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