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Home made pasties!! ⁦@MGsKitchen⁩ beautiful project for a wonderful charity.If you have a few pennies to spare .......💏
@jennyeclair OMG my vulva is crying!!! @dmariecraft @AtTheMoulin so sorry for your loss but disagree with you
@siho7777 Fuck off you tit @alestare Check the @ONS @McGiff @BorisJohnson I’m well but frankly not fuckin happy!! Thanks to @BorisJohnson BorisJohnson @armdale @McGiff @BorisJohnson Yup no spikes ? @caroldecker @BorisJohnson Hello you, yeah, it's gone too far now, like they're determined to keep it going for som…
Retweeted by carol decker @MrMRHouston @doglab I do to what???? That’s a bit vague 😂😂Kim Wilde - Pop Don't Stop (Official Video) via @YouTube riffing on my gal pal @kimwilde great pop song ❤️❤️#birthday #dylan #love #freinds normalising masks in ads you fuckers !!!, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others -- "While My Gui... via @YouTube - Stairway to Heaven (Live at Kennedy Center Honors) [FULL VERSION] via @YouTube Holy fuck awesome @calvinmccormac2 😂😂😂I agree with you Carol. I have now lost faith in @BorisJohnson 's logic based on the stats & Chris Witty is an aca… almost died in a #DarwinAwards type accident this morning . I was running on the treadmill and a wasp decided to… movies, great director.Sleep well 😇 @MrMRHouston @doglab How's the God business? 😇 @phoenixartsclub @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak I've lost faith in their decision making. They're killing our livelihood… up a live performance business for a month to reopen and to cancel with less than 24 hours to go with all t…
Retweeted by carol decker#Finn helping Dylan #birthday 😂❤️🍰 helping Dylan unwrap gifts #birthday you never pay attention to buskers but this lad in #Belfast can sing RT and help make him famous give him…
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So this little guy is 18 today .Love you so much Dylan, hope the world comes back to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the Clive Davis docu’ on #Netflix & only just twigged ,idiotically , that Irving Berlin was a Jewish man… to be young again @tombarrie @BorisJohnson Well yeah , if I can get it @Julybird @BorisJohnson Of course it’s the hardest situation we’ve all faced but @ONS stats don’t seem to link spi… I meant you’re bang on !! Rubbish at typing @Michelleowwba Ron has a great little studio we do a lot of work there xBag on @BrexitAlex protect the vulnerable and let’s get back to work .We cannot carry on this way. I’m truly worr… @mrmarkdolan I look on @ONS for facts .The infection rate does not seem to translate to severe illness and/or de… @Michelleowwba They didn’t mention meeeeeee?????? I’m the lead singer!! 😂😂😂Met up with my pal and & fellow T'pauster Odette yesterday. All our shows cancelled but we will rock again! XX Of The Week with Mike Graham (28th July 2020) via @YouTube excellent comments by… @Michelleowwba Did all our early demos there xSoooo fucked off. @BorisJohnson over-promised and then under-delivered. #depressed @TVKev @CNN Thanks for clearing that up for me because I thought I was a woman for 62 years! I'm such an idiot. I d… @TVKev @CNN oh my fucking god I'm fucking sick of this, are they actually trying to eradicate women?
@bizsupportgovuk I bin drinking out to help out does that count???? @estherk_k Duh???? XxRecovered so many songs there huge part of my story but ironically didn’t record our hits there so was omitted ❤️…
@MelanieBlakeUK just re reading your acknowledgements in #TheThunderGirls laughing as every time I auditioned for a… @The_East_End @ExpediaUK @Expedia Last night @Expedia authorised hotel and car refund but they say flights may tak… @dinodude1100 @ExpediaUK @Expedia yeah sorry babes xxWe booked #StarfishStLucia in January . We called the hotel yesterday to check on things and it's entirely closed… @drdavidbull OMG I thought you were going to say and it crashed and he died !!
@SaintLuciaUK Do you know that Starfish St Lucia Resort is closed down but still taking bookings via Expedia? We sp… @heresheisalexis @skystephen @CraigRevHorwood @DrRanj @mimilabonqu @Cherylbaker @Lucy_Benjamin @Rustie_Lee Watch ALL this #HERESHEIS by clicking on the link above! @skystephen @CraigRevHorwood
Retweeted by carol decker @LewisReeves1 Hey Lewis i Dmd you x @DonaldCMacleod @Iromg I like 'Famous Five style' cycling on a towpath with a baguette and a bottle of wine in the basket on the front! @DonaldCMacleod Enjoy your chats with @Iromg You seem a really cool guy so I'll forgive the cycling😂
@edfielding Thank you Ed xxxxTalented and troubled soul .He came to my house in London once .Sweet and shy .Sleep well Peter.
@teddybearjai @r1johnnyboy I urge you to research on @ONS for the facts not the fear take care x @kb290466 Love you tooo !! But check the stats on @ons about the virus @juliasichel Nooooooooo @IkklesaTwit Check the stats of the virus in the working age community on @ons get true facts not the hysteria Take care x @jezclax Outbreak !!! @GarethBarham2 It’s very peaty @seawildearth the virus is negligible in the general UK working age community look up the stats on @ons we need… #dogsoftwitter #thumbs #wish to everyone for getting us back in the charts after a couple of weeks off. @Iromg and @TVKev will be back wi…
Retweeted by carol decker @neilalexander_ Wow, thank you!!! .....wait ........what have you said about me? 😂 @ashby525 dunno it was some random film poster on Netflix xxVirtual @80sClassical is streaming NOW!! @JimmySomerville @howardjones @NikKershaw @caroldecker @JHJ_Official
Retweeted by carol decker @neilalexander_ It was a fab gig NeiI, NI audiences are among the best xxx
Tune in folks it was a spectacular show and will lift you up!!! 💋💋 @seawildearth I’m focused on factsTop laughs Plank Of The Week with Mike Graham (21st July 2020) via @YouTube @estherk_k @Iromg
⁦@ashby525⁩ this is fun and PS I’m 62 & I have asthma and I STILL want to get back to normal #NoMasksFor those of you querying my no compulsory masks. check the stats on @ONS Not the headlines!! Low numbers in work… watching this to cheer myself up before we all get muzzled tomorrow @maljacqpr I wish!! luck in all you do!!!!❤️ 👏🍾🎇 the hair and makeup!! @MatthewJRudd @Gee1Emm @BorisJohnson @MattHancock The Masked Singer Tv show must be #CancelCulture now i guess?
@Gee1Emm @BorisJohnson @MattHancock We’re you singing one of my songs , maybe that was his objection 😂What an arse @ZippyLong72 @BorisJohnson @MattHancock Agreed I have a mask and wear it in confined areas of course , but I object… @jabberslaye @BorisJohnson @MattHancock I perfectly understand it go on @ons look at the actual figures #comonsense @BlokeCockney Henley @xxashooxx Yup @quantick I have measured out my life in glasses of wine and a river runs through it x#beautiful #getbacktonormal #NoMasks @Channel4 Put #MikeandMolly back on weekday mornings. It's my early morning work out TV in the gym. Double #cheers,… @telb1 @Absolute80s Nice pics Tel! xI just got shrieked at for stepping over some yellow line in a supermarket.Protect the vulnerable. Let the rest of…
@DeanoTheBeano72 @Iromg Fabulous lunch weather and location @rouxatskindles Taplow#lunch #getbacktonormal ⁦@Iromg⁩ 🤙 song. Check this out from @caroldecker ❤️🎧📻🎼🎙️
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Here’s the fully unleashed Lockdown video of Bill Wither’s ‘I Wish You Well’, featuring @JimmySomerville and…
Retweeted by carol deckerChuffed to have been involved in this project. The Big Band Collective cover of I Wish You Well featuring…
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