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Borrow money to make money or don’t borrow that shit at all! You understand!!!!
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSON @KofiEsikyire Cantonments @KojoIbadin @theakyemmafia Aboa😂😂😂Not here for your approval.
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSON @KojoIbadin @theakyemmafia And you think you have sense pass meHave you had any health problems, or suffered any form of injury or complications due to Medical Negligence? Do y…
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSONThis Friday💥You ready ?
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSONFam, please help me thank @caroline4real for this wonderful opportunity to be aired on #ten2one. God bless her❤❤
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSONYou’re on❤️ #ten2one is live on Facebook. Asaase Radio 99.5 @deejayLoft 🚶‍♀️🎲 Welcome to the Dilmah Tea Casino, 🎰 where we have many many flavours for you to choose from. Spin the wheel and s… @KojoIbadin 🚶‍♀️ @KojoIbadin 👋
@Phreddyfresh @mooserman No be small @Phreddyfresh @mooserman My heart! SighNo amount of financial gain is worth u being Disrespected
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSON @kuhefferson @KojoIbadin The person you Dey talk to dey jam too so wossop? @jophacegh1 @kat_mo3 @JNissiCentre Oh cool @kat_mo3 Visit @JNissiCentre opposite Lord of the wings, East Legon. @Eddy__Marshall 😂😂😂 @Eddy__Marshall Entanglement eh? Kus3 @Eddy__Marshall Atuuu🤗 @Eddy__Marshall Arsenal? @no_azonto_alwd @Bridget_Otoo Hahahahaha @Kantamanto_ 😂 @zogbaa Kasa y3 wo d3😂 @NiiN0i 😂 @KnuckkleHead 😂 @wofa_slayzie Hahahahaha @zogbaa We dey like complicate things too much ah. @zogbaa Close it. @NiiN0i Hahahahaha @Reggie90210 You make wild?🤭I got heaven right here on earth🎶 @99Poke_em 😂 @Kantamanto_ Hmmm @99Poke_em Kmt🚶‍♀️ @99Poke_em We beg😆 @FranklynOpana @Okay1017fm I share your concern about someone getting injured and truly, we don’t have to wait for… @julietbawuah Martin🥰🥰🥰 @NewsyMartin @kwesiakuffo @bee_baron Ah horse meat or chicken?😳 @bee_baron @temposkillz Tema ankasa e make slow now @temposkillz @bee_baron Hahahahaha good times then @bee_baron Hoh😂😂 my mom’s dad worked there so constant supply wey we dey go the club house more times too. @bee_baron That bread and chicken chale. The biscuit too. Everything dey go on for there.
@theakyemmafia 🚶‍♀️ @theakyemmafia Hw3 no @musicbyjojo @Trimud3hemAa @no_azonto_alwd Until someone gets hurt one day. We play too much. @no_azonto_alwd @Trimud3hemAa So wrong smfh @ONEKEPLER Smh @Trimud3hemAa @no_azonto_alwd They show up too.3fata wo nti na me de maa wo🎶 #asedaVoss water for sale(0246567861) Flavored sparkling 375ml(small glass bottle) 12 in a box is 250ghc Non flavored…
Retweeted by Caroline SAMPSON
@cobimensah @bee_baron 🤣 @Nicquey @pkacoleman 😂😂😂 @bee_baron @cobimensah Sia @pkacoleman Be like. Busy day for agents😆 @A_Witty187 Protection noor😅. E dey go with the nose mask. @NYboateng @papa_kwadwo 😂 @GuyHectorManuel Wild @NYboateng @papa_kwadwo 😒 @NotJustPascal @BrodoSchemes Blockedttt @Miss_InDeed @Trimud3hemAa Serious😂 @Richard1Ankomah @QuekuChucklez Yup, both or just the nose mask. @1Albertab @anofff @wiredd_j @Kantamanto_ Boss I get 100k pieces calls all @obiMpenaAustine @Trimud3hemAa 3y3. Mabr3😹 @obiMpenaAustine @Trimud3hemAa 😂I should give you my phone. You go taya @Kantamanto_ The business spoil. I taya @obiMpenaAustine I shock ooh. People used to call to buy for personal use. Those calls stopped coming. Now everybody be agent.🤣 @obiMpenaAustine 100k pieces and things. What ankasa you Dey take do? We dey spoil business pass smh. @obiMpenaAustine They think ordering huge quantities will help get it at their price. Smh @BrodoSchemes @NotJustPascal He Dey funny me @obiMpenaAustine Mabr3 ooh. My phone been blowing up for days. @anofff I am not giving at anything less than 30ghc so all the calls coming in dey stress me @NotJustPascal 🚶‍♀️ @NotJustPascal EbeiThe whole Accra looking for face shields🤦‍♀️ @AqwesiSunday @MySmartCokeGh 😘 @KnuckkleHead 🤝 @_KingJane 😂 @_KingJane Ah @theakyemmafia 😘 @99Poke_em Woyale😅 @99Poke_em 😡 @theakyemmafia Sia @KnuckkleHead Otwe @ONEKEPLER 😂#ten2one is live on Facebook @DJdrizzy4 @MySmartCokeGh ❤️ @buckson_william @MySmartCokeGh ❤️ @S_2Ch @Nicquey No🤗
@PrempehYiadom @ONEKEPLER I didn’t crack a joke. @Ama_K_Abebrese I would so love to know why he can’t stop. Like why does he love being the devil all the time? FuckeryRatings papa b3n smh.We(media) can do better and we must do better than this. Smfh @Kabu_XIV 😒 @ernestnyd 😄 @99Poke_em 🤭