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Journo turned full-time mom. Loves news, books, music, chocolate, TV, film and sport. Old enough to know better...

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@torban69 said. #NZLvIRE
Retweeted by Caroline NewellThis won the internet today for me... @mrnickharvey Ah Mouse @mousey3007 , watch, seriously 😂😂😂😂😂Their fitness instructor is very short.
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @dingo_1916 C'mon Arlene, oh I swear....
@corkbeo Bad driving. I've lost count of the number of times I've left space from the car in front and someone in a… @caitrionambalfe Time to go back to the old black bag
Anyone on here work with a homeless charity? We have a number of bobble hats gathered up over this pair year with a…
Retweeted by Caroline NewellThis is so awfully sad...
@torban69 Nope, was a big fan of the walnut but since the chocolate recipe changed, they don't taste the same. Like… @IrelandAMVMTV Every year, for the couple of weeks after the Dublin Horse Show, we'd set up a showjumping fence cou…
Boris, imo, is a bit of an eejit but if he manages to throw this shower of intransigent idiots under the bus, I mig… @Lin_Manuel @Lyrikris10 lads, that was my fault. Just switched over from Eastenders #SUIIRLJust reading this headline has made my stomach turn... @rebrnrds @Lin_Manuel This needs to be your new profile pic LinAn interesting offer for the kids? @mousey3007 @adrianweckler I think this is gonna be a game-changer for parents funding teens on a pay-as-you-go basis.
@KellyGC411 The day will come when thoughts of her will bring smiles instead of tears. Until then, hold tight and k… @KENNYTCORK @Corks96FM I'm a chocoholic usually but can have my head turned by a lemon curd roulade with lashings o…
Want to hear a joke? Marcus Rashford has won Manchester United’s goal of the month for September. The goal he scor…
Retweeted by Caroline NewellCouldn't agree more...
@The_OlaJordan @The_JamesJordan Happy anniversary. I promise you, as good as you are together now, you'll really fi… was just...well, awful doesn't quite cover it. #GEOIRL @RoisinShortall No, because, generally speaking, the poor don't vote and that seems to have become the motivating i… @CorkCathal A tad claustrophobic. My lads, who have them twice a year, call it the rocket ship. Hopefully, you'll get some answersAh lads, I'm bored off my.... could ye not, I dunno, pick it up a small bit? #COYBIG
@AlanHealy I reckoned it was time for Ben's weekly bashing @Lin_Manuel Chill...what's worth having is worth waiting for!#EastEnders Loving Jack as a detective. @Lin_Manuel @LibraryatNight On headphones, really ear-bleedingly loud, bliss...Nominations open for Garda Youth awards
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @Laura_K_Hughes @morningireland But, see Sammy, the UK is heading for an election anyway so Boris & Co don't need y…
@adrianweckler @darraghayes Very interested in this aspect too. Assume it will be in the shops in time for Christmas?My dear friend Kirsty MacColl would have been 60 today. Everyone knows her version 'A New England' but here's anoth…
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @RSVPMagazine Wrong prince guys @Newells_en @barryomahony4 And that's just my washing basket!! @Linmirandacom @Lin_Manuel @TheWrongMan Only @VAMNit could wear glasses that are cuter than her dimples!! @Bill_Linnane Sure, just stick a big trailer on the back if a tractor and you could take the entire 300 of them to… @Lin_Manuel Moana 2? Anything do with you? #pleasesayyes @Vegalteno Looking in from the outside, I think he condemns himself with every word he utters but, sadly, the reali… @Lin_Manuel It's been brilliant. He's so patient with is and never gives homework. We love you Mr Miranda @Vegalteno @torban69 Wait...I'm sure there will be another shining example of his monumental stupidity along any second now.
@Lin_Manuel It's not the jumper, it's the twinkle in the eye that does it!! (But, if you're feeling the cold, the j… @devlingirl So, so sorry for your loss Niamh. Now, ye can give her the send off she deserves. Rest in peace, Frankie. @Lin_Manuel Piecing together the gmorning pic and this little drama, I have a sneaking suspicion you're in for a ch… @pjcoogan @OpinionLine96 @Corks96FM This place would make an ideal one-stop shop for child services, psychology, SL… mother #FrankieDevlin is still missing , we’re needing Dash cam footage if anyone was around Garryvoe Saturday e…
Retweeted by Caroline Newell
Call for volunteers for renewed search in the morning - meeting 8am Garryvoe Car Park -
Retweeted by Caroline Newell#eastenders oh poor Honey is purging. Much more interested in that storyline than in Ben's boring dodgy business. @TConlonthecouch @mousey3007 I can actually smell the Saturday dinner frying up just as the Grandstand music finished up.Cue panic-buying of bog roll... there any EU citizen reading this nonsense who isn't screaming at the top of their lungs: WELL, F**K OFF THEN!!… RT guys, family frantic to find Frankie.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @1970RobD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣We are living a nightmare xx please retweet and share.
Retweeted by Caroline Newell
@ChrisEvans @GOP @Jim_Jordan Remind you of anyone? is a friend's mum. The family are distraught with worry. If anyone can help, no matter how small you think you… @DavidOMahony @Lin_Manuel @Lin_Manuel Did you get a sticker for being a good patient, or maybe a lollipop if the doctor is really nice? @Lin_Manuel @laurenlaverne And in another coincidence, I live in the town that, in the 1950s, body doubled for New… @Lin_Manuel @laurenlaverne Listen this morning. Sounded great. The Stevie Wonder story made me laugh cos I was 10 w… @willhanafin @Corkcoco My dad worked there too, and my mum, til 1976. Rumour around town that a 'bid' has been put…
Got to appreciate the sun climbing over Capel Island, from #Pilmore this morning.
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @willhanafin There's a second Seamus Murphy sculpture in Youghal. It's called The Weaver and it's above the door at… @willhanafin No, auctioneer, you might have known his son, Diarmuid. Lives in a house just around the corner from t… @willhanafin Just up the road from my house. Worth mentioning the Keogh family who have ensued the grotto is looked…
@Vegalteno @ltmphd @mamacita1126 With your mom behind you, you can move mountains. Well done @ltmphd for listening… @PhelanVicky At end of day, leaning on family and medics wee trusted got us through. Nurses were amazing too @PhelanVicky Like organising to keep home going, shopping, looking after child. eft at home. Big help was employers… @PhelanVicky Gosh Vicky, big ask. We have 2 boys with condition called Tuberous Sclerosis complex. To cut long stor…
@Lin_Manuel Drama bookstore...any updates? Feel like the story's been left hanging and I'm holding on for season two.Let's break down this travesty. A thread. (/14) In 2015, a study called Sesame Street the largest & least costly e…
Retweeted by Caroline NewellJoin us in #YoughalLibrary for an information meeting for teachers on Thursday 17th October 5.30-7.30pm. Come disco…
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @willhanafin Isn't the magisterium the evil magic governing body in Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy?With #Wicked’s 16th Anniversary approaching, we’re honoring our original Elphaba and Glinda with a #TBT to…
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @conor_pope Nope, love it, it's like a sport, I reckon Paddy Power should start giving odds on whether forecasters… @ManMadeMoon @colmtobin It's actually been a real failing of the Remain side, not putting huge emphasis on the thin… @RMcGreevy1301 Absolutely they should pay, if for no other reason than as a deterrent. It should be made clear to e… @pjcoogan She's actually addressing a serious issue in the UK. Many there genuinely believe we owe our existence an…
And the winner of the internet is...
Retweeted by Caroline NewellLeo Boyers-Hipwell has been found safe and well
Retweeted by Caroline Newell @torban69 Imagine if Simon Coveney went on morning ireland and did that? Jesus wept.. @Lin_Manuel Take 10, you deserve it. @colmtobin Probably, just in time to be utterly humiliated by the All Blacks. @nbrez How is it that the top sides like NZ can work out how to peak at precisely the right time for a… @Vegalteno @Lin_Manuel @freestylelove @mamacita1126 Gosh, those boys are growing up fast! Treasure, right there
@Lin_Manuel @freestylelove Mmmmm, I'm not sure how to feel about this...might be time to give that fancy mouth a good talking to!! @tconnellyRTE @Telegraph Not called The Daily Torygraph for nothing!! @magnumlady I'm sure that will come as a shock to many of them. Wonder if they'll be so keen on #brexit when they h… @Lin_Manuel @freestylelove I've watched that so many times, still blows me away. Have a buzzing opening, everyone,…
@richardosman An absolute superpower. Do you do parties, bar mitzvahs etc? @VAMNit Would it be OTT to go into the beautician and ask for Human Ursula eyebrows (or even Ursula Ursula eyebrows!) @pjcoogan Yeah, would be nice to see him at my mid-terrace, listed frontage shack, with 1970s flat-roofed extensio… @pjcoogan Agreed the language is a bit OTT but it does underline the huge, and growing, gap between the haves and t… @pjcoogan I do agree PJ but I also feel for the poor homeless souls stuck in some hotel room, looking at the telly…