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nonprofit art director and designer. mom. founder @northerly_mag.

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@neonbabel Still good journalists at strib 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ @theniptunes Also why is she SO panicked.. and really struggling to make a tourniquet? She’s clearly ER nurse... Maybe a bad one!In the old days you would’ve been left behind by your hunter gatherer tribe for being this stupid @MaxGhenis Yeah ok Alfred E Newman.... @leslieleeiii 🥴Being Online is a mental illness @GraceSpelman @Silentnight_exe 🥴 @proustmalone Definitely. A large swath of the population is hard wired for authoritarianism. @LanceStLaurent looooooool @Niles_Schwartz 😑 @iSmashFizzle I have? Questions??! @robdelaney Lol I gasped
@MarcusMichalik He’s “da best” as you might say @Dan_H say more @jaymboller The happy shit seems to be taunting ??If you can, please spare a few bucks for the staff of City Pages
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻Petition for @citypages staff to form a media co-op. I will invest. @reedfischer @growlermag Southwest Journal too! @jaymboller @StarTribune Your power,,,Absolutely gutted. My former colleagues at @citypages are some of the hardest working people I know. HIRE THEM. KEEP JOURNALISTS WORKING.
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻if any CP friends need to write about stuff, I publish a magazine which is not very well read and makes no money. @eriktmpls @citypages Erik you bring so much passion and energy to everything you do! I hope you can find something worthy ❤️ @jaymboller 💔When (RIP) was shut down by @StarTribune me and @jaymboller moved over to CP. I was only th… this so muchReally really feeling for my friends @citypages. You guys have done amazing work and I'm so glad I got to know and work with some of you.“At the same time,” @alockstadt @DrawnWell PINK SKY SZN IS NIGHI hate women’s pants @ziibiing People demand so much of women talking about grief. @mattzollerseitz Do you take walks? If you have time for a long one in the afternoon I bet that would help some. Ti… yeah sorry I didn’t follow up on this one. Felt I had said all I needed to say.✨🔮 i w a n t t o b e h e r 🔮✨ mean I never really gave much thought to the g suite before but imagine having that gmail logo and saying “lol we need something worse”Free design advice
Lobotomize me are undignifiedA small token of good birthday wishes to my friend @Niles_Schwartz who I love and miss. @jourdayen Never in any circumstancesIf you're upset about republicans throwing away your votes might I suggest bringing that anger to the voting bootH???? @RossRaihala I'm sorry Ross. 💛 @useful_noise ???? @mgoldst Virgin AIGA Design Conference, Chad Adobe MAXSo HONORED and BLESSED to count Allegra as a friend.'s probably that food they eat @cinatyte Election Day just one (1) week away, we're thrilled to present our November cover stars: ICONIC mother-daughte…
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻 @OCATCooc @whtegrlinacrowd @timtimtimtimtim how do I say "shut the fuck up" to a photoRenaissance Vol.1 by William Byrd, Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina #NowPlayingTrying hard to resist toxic pop culture brain and not make a reference to Cersei Lannister crowning herself queen of Westeros (and failing)Excited for the next 7 days you say “now abortion won’t be a choice” you erase the fact that it’s already not accessible for many of those…
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻You may instead consider donating to the Yellowhammer Fund, which will mail Plan B to people who need it in the Dee…
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻 @joshnorthsouth WellThey should hold the election on freakin’ Halloween @rezaaslan How’s this going? @joshnorthsouth Everything about these people is corrupt! @joshnorthsouth My worry is that it won’t matter if Biden “wins”. What do we do when the election is rigged, or Trump doesn’t concede?This is one of the most dread-inducing nights in a while @_cingraham I think it’s fine!!Thought about staying off social media for Election Day and day after but maybe I need to just throw myself into the sea NOW.
whatever happens next week i will never stop believing that a better future is possible
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻 @bombsfall Wow this is so true @neonbabel when she became hasselbeck I simply remembered her from survivor and I've kept this info with me always! @neonbabel some of us have known this for a long timeGrateful that voting is so easy in Minnesota. I got a couple extra ballots to send in from the kids. Let’s gooooooo… @katewillett invest in some good boots and have bonfires😌😌😌
@_omgigi_ more cuz this one’s nice't know what'll come of these but they were fun to make. to get some rest today. Creative impulses cannot be silenced though. favorite thing about the sticker design trend is that it'll be around forever @leslieleeiii It got how many seasons now? @ebruenig Wise* investment 🙅‍♀️ @ebruenig Layering is especially hard for toddlers for some reason so today actually I got some bunting suits so it… @ebruenig Get some nice fleeces, long johns, wind and water resistant shells. Stroller bunting. Keep a basket of ha… I’m doin some media analysis ovah heeeeuh @kathbarbadoro I’ve gotten into so many arguments over this...This season especially seems a pretty clean, albeit basic metaphor for our current moment in politics. I wonder how it ends!!!!I still have one episode of THE BOYS to watch but it’s got me thinking about how we have people in power who are am… @_Floodlight were* 😑😑😑 @_Floodlight That rules. I had no idea there were states that we’re mail only voting.And from here in Minnesota, where we have same day registration and no-excuse absentee voting and drop-off location…
AND THEN BOB ODENKIRK SAYS “MY LITTLE WOMEN” 🥺🥺🥺Getting choked up thinking of this one: Little Women (2019) after Beth gets better. I was seeing it for the second… @PanashthenerD Hey I’m not here for this!!!!! @BLACKMESSlAH What IS Powergetting pretty tired of these emails
Retweeted by Scare-o-line Royce 👻 @PanashthenerD Look, man..... @joshnorthsouth lol I put on Diamond Dogs during dinner and Alan was like “this might be a little discordant for di… opening day of Return of the King.. take your pick which moment got the most applause. Two that come to mi… @petegaines Urness Dukakis 🥴cool 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 so you guys are seeing my tweets but what you're saying is I need to post about otter poop to get favs. @lukeisamazing They did it @cinatyte It’s a good prompt that feels more to the point than like a desert island disc scenario. I could pick one… @timheidecker I have to say what did it for me was piss on my lips @cinatyte I could be content with 7