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caroline sinders @carolinesinders airports/berlin/new orleans

machine learning designer+artist | algorithms+memes+platforms | research fellow @hks_digital, senior fellow @mozilla |💙for @Buzzfeed @Eyebeamnyc @PioneerWorks_

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@brianloveswords Happy birthday and so many congrats! @natematias @jilliancyork @DiaKayyali So much fun! @jilliancyork @DiaKayyali Y’all were what made that trip so fun!Aww and two years ago today @carolinesinders and @DiaKayyali and me were taking selfies with a dead moose in Maine.
Retweeted by caroline sinders @jilliancyork @TerriLeeedit Oo I wanna check this out! @natematias This is so pure and warms my heart so much but also such a good idea! Kudos! @hondanhon Congrats! @ruchowdh Accurate, and I feel the same tbhWhich Silicon Valley tech reporter is gonna write a story about the @bgurley turning into a full on troll account…
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go awf gideon yago
Retweeted by caroline sinders @hypervisible Burn this with fire and shut it down. @hypervisible No one asked for this, whyyyyyJochai is one of the most talented, kind, funny, thoughtful, and smart people I've ever come across. Your organizat… opportunity: my friend Jochai Ben-Avie, formerly of Mozilla, is on the job market, and if someone is looking f…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @MylesBorins @ohhoe BIG BUNS HAVE FUN! but it's true thoHey friends, there’s a petition to German Bundestag to launch a study on racial profiling in German police that nee…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @abditum @TheGayChingy its like whyyyyyyy @TheGayChingy Right here, right now 💔💔
@allergyPhD @nyutandon so many congrats! @ubiquity75 @C2i2_UCLA @minderoo @futuresays_ yaaaaay!Catch up on all things PubPub++ in our August newsletter, feat. @CrossrefOrg, @mitpress, @TheHDSR, @stripepress
Retweeted by caroline sindersBerlin friends, do you have an old smartphone that you don't need? Lots of folks in Beirut lost their phones in the…
Retweeted by caroline sindersAttn Berlin: there's a scam going around pretending to be a socialized housing project It's really elaborate and I…
Retweeted by caroline sindersI think it is very brave for the devs on MacOS Photos to only offer the "moment name" as a subfolder export option,…
Retweeted by caroline sindersI don't typically post dms but I was really proud of this one.
Retweeted by caroline sinders @bitchwhocodes This cover is so good
@lynne_bias I do this every day with all of my work as an ADHD coping mechanism. Good luck! It’s whiplash inducing sometimes :( @pomeranian99 @thornkvist @ohheygreat @draganakaurin @brillhart @indy_johar @triciawang @LatoyaPeterson @shashashasha @gaia_sca @kenyatta 💖💖 @brillhart @thornkvist @ohheygreat @draganakaurin @pomeranian99 @indy_johar @triciawang @LatoyaPeterson @LatoyaPeterson @triciawang I think about that lunch spot (saltimpoten??) almost every day. @jeremyexplains exactly. @jeremyexplains they are so good! imagine if we had this 2016. @Blackamazon 😡four😡years😡oh and i had twitter designers all throughout 2016 and 2017 email me to say they had seen my talks and loved my ide… @Blackamazon and designers at twitter emailed me after this conference saying they had seen my talk and really enjo… @Blackamazon it makes me so angry my eye is twitching. my eye will not stop TWITCHING.The upgrades and innovations being “discovered “ and suggested now are YEARS old . often begged for and rarely cred…
Retweeted by caroline sindersside note, this was one of the best confs i've gone to bc i met @thornkvist @ohheygreat, @draganakaurin @brillhart about the new reply feature. i suggested something similar in 2016 at @TheConfMalmo (its at the 18:33 mark)… you’re an ethically minded senior engineer who was laid off from Mozilla (or any of the other companies) DM me.
Retweeted by caroline sinders @elizejackson @SVADSI @alexhaagaard @MiyaOsaki I love this so muchEx-COO sues Pinterest: I realize, with the benefit of three months hindsight, the role I played in Pinterest’s toxi…
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Announcing The New Real feat. newly commissioned artworks by @annaridler @carolinesinders @jakeelwes alongside crit…
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@theDANtheMAN I’d wear all of these @flamsmark @tallpoppyhq So so many congrats! @levendowski Thinking of you ❤️❤️❤️
@jilliancyork Give it to me thoI've been volunteering with ULYP for 9 yrs now, and I'm always in awe of the 3 women who run this small org with a…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @DiaKayyali I guess when anyone releases “new and exciting tech”, I just expect it to continue to harm people who a… @DiaKayyali So I’ve been reading about the amount of bias ppl have found in GPT3- so I’m not surprised this “great…, I’m not surprised by this at all.
@theblerdgurl 💖💖💖 @theblerdgurl Clumsy girl high five!Follow @AbirGhattas for ways you can support. She's been tweeting all the vetted fundraisers.
Retweeted by caroline sindersRemember how Lebanese poured their support out for Black Lives Matter? I hope all the white allies remember that an…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @theblerdgurl Ah thank you for asking! I’m 100% okay- just a very clumsy girl ;)Do you ever just get distracted by the cutest pupper and then somehow misstep and fall down 3 stair steps? Me, too. @NatalieZed @JairusKhan PLS PLS PLS DO! @JairusKhan @NatalieZed Guess it’s time for Natalie to write a second book! @linguangst @jilliancyork @DiaKayyali Whaaaaat @linguangst Both Ursula once she becomes human and Keanu reeves circa any time anywhere.
@allergyPhD I have something coming out with Interactions magazine in a month on ai in cities, not necessarily abou… @kaepora @KardOnIce @jilliancyork You are threatening to sue Jillian bc she called out your harassment of others. A… @jilliancyork @KardOnIce Hugs, I’m so sorry he’s threatening you like this. @kaepora @KardOnIce @jilliancyork You’ve unblocked me to “explain” harassment to me and then threaten my friend. Fu… check out @carolinesinders' campaign calling on @SlackHQ to add a block button to protect victims of haras…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @jesslynnrose Residencies, deadlines, articles about the project, have other collaborators (so there’s accountabili… has been exactly one year since I outed myself as a sex worker to my shitty former mentor. Some thoughts~
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@rcalo @KevinBankston @natematias @ohnobackspace @markpmckenna @shrapnelofme @digitalasiahub @BKCHarvard @kari_paul Riveting the whole time! I just wanna know how this becomes someone beat and also how do they get these stories?! @NatalieZed @JairusKhan @BraydonBeaulieu I would honestly do the same. Bigger apt and more art and a walk in closet. @JairusKhan @NatalieZed @BraydonBeaulieu Right?! Like think about it. It’s a whole room (even a smol room) but for… @kari_paul I have so many questions. 1) WHY THIS NAME?? 2) can you even huff whipped cream? 3) why is this a news story?hello, are you a student who has been punished for speaking out on social media about your school's re-opening?…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @JairusKhan @NatalieZed @BraydonBeaulieu Mine is a walk in closet. Like big closets (or any closets) in the city I live in are a big deal.!! 💐🖤 Thanks @tianareid for taking the time to engage with my work in this way! Feeling seen.
Retweeted by caroline sindersthe threats Nadim is making against @jilliancyork are gross, unethical, and unfounded. He's a known harasser, and h… @trufelman YASSSSSkeep your eyes peeled in October, for a new thing @annaridler and i are working on @sarahdrinkwater @VersoBooks @stripepress @nayafia choices*** @sarahdrinkwater @VersoBooks @stripepress @nayafia amazing chioces!I wrote abut getting COVID in the first wave of NYers in March and how I didn't get better really and have develope…
Retweeted by caroline sindersWrote an essay on how we might attempt to use design to create more beautiful futures. Explored the relationships b…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @jilliancyork Oh a 1000% @luizaprado I hate the wasps and do not want to sit with them. @ubiquity75 Wat.
@ClarissaRedwine @colmenares @iam_internet @bentarnoff @organizejs @sarahdrinkwater @andrewjb_ @DFS_MWC @katjabego are taking action for the Black Lives Matter movement and holding companies accountable for the systemic ra…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @tech_actions this is amazing!
What's happening in #Lebanon is nothing short of a humanitarian disaster. The country completely relies on imports…
Retweeted by caroline sindersFriends in Beirut are telling me about bodies in the streets and the catastrophic damage, hospitals are packed and…
Retweeted by caroline sindersMassive explosion just reported in #Beirut, #Lebanon. Hearing from friends and family that their apartments were bl…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @allergyPhD @laura4lano @mitpress So many congrats! @ubiquity75 Your twitter is the best twitter
Join us on Thursday at 1230pm EDT to discuss equity and sustainability in open source w/ @carolinesinders @dabbish
Retweeted by caroline sinders @KeshaGreen4U Thank you so much!If you’d like to help @SaveOTF to fund critical in-progress FLOSS @OpenTechFund projects, folx can donate to the re…
Retweeted by caroline sindersIt’s 2020 and weird* teens are still doing Monty Python and that soothes me.
Retweeted by caroline sinders @elodievialle awww thank you!