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caroline sinders @carolinesinders airports/berlin/new orleans

machine learning designer+artist | algorithms+memes+platforms | research fellow @hks_digital, senior fellow @mozilla |💙for @Buzzfeed @Eyebeamnyc @PioneerWorks_

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@clancynewyork @xfoml Ah! Yes! This is relevant to my interests!! @EthanZ @pomeranian99 Omg Ethan 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣
@dinosaurrparty This year I started talking real vacations. It’s amazing.Today feels like the emergence of a national movement of gun owners. Many new relationships and media groups starti…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @b_cavello @mark_riedl @alexjc @maxkreminski @martino_design @JanelleCShane @feminist_ai Awww ty! @alanalevinson Batsheva? I believe in you. Rock it.Me: we should not be in the Middle East. Liberal friends: “it’s much more nuanced than that” Nuance:
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@katecrawford @trevorpaglen @wewatchwatchers @HitoSteyerl @merbroussard @mysdick @xiaochang @hdeweyh @mikarv you a journalist covering race, technology and disinformation, based in or around NYC? Check out this event org…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @maninilchiani Thinking of youNØ School Nevers 2020 with @carolinesinders #FeministDataSet #AlgorithmicBias #MachineLearning Full program coming…
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Remember when Micah White's consultancy tried to sell Google Glass trainings to activists and Greenpeace kicked him…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @flexlibris Wut
@ubiquity75 I can give you 100 dollars rn @ubiquity75 Omg 🤣 @Armstrong_Helen Thank you for having me!Fabulous workshop today led by ⁦@carolinesinders⁩ with NCSU MGDs around her Feminist Dataset Project
Retweeted by caroline sindersCheck out @carolinesinders' campaign calling on @SlackHQ to "add a block button to protect victims of harassment" →…
Retweeted by caroline sindersAny Turk workers know how he rated as a requester?
Retweeted by caroline sindersA block button. You need a block button.
👋🏻 Hi #MozillaLifeboat folks; so sorry to hear the news. If you fancy startup life we are hiring @itsArthurAI for l…
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So many congrats to @mutalenkonde and @beatricemartini 🖤🖤 excited for this - running a @feministintrnet intensive on designing feminist chatbots that address online h…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @zenalbatross My queen! @yoshuawuyts Look, nori knows that anything is a bed and any position you can fall asleep in if you just try hard enough.contributed some writing to technologically fabricated intimacy, a project initiated by Marija Bozinovska Jones…
Retweeted by caroline sinders“We need design methodologies that go beyond defining ethics” —- @carolinesinders
Retweeted by caroline sindersExcited to have @carolinesinders speak to our team, on how "UX design, can help explain complex tech through tools…
Retweeted by caroline sindersSo a bit of a misquote! It’s UX design that EXPLAINS complex tech (such as Ai or blockchain), and creates legibilit…“UX design isn’t a skill, it’s a practice” @carolinesinders
Retweeted by caroline sinders @bitchwhocodes @hypatiadotca Thanks for the ping @bitchwhocodes! I want a block button for slack. @percoset @SlackHQ Sadly they say this all the time on twitter too. It’s such a dangerous and short sighted view they have.Filling the gap 🕳 Artists + designers like @carolinesinders and @YellzHeard are using data as a form of protest >…
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@Blackamazon 10000% this! @jilliancyork @melissagira So sorry! I was posting yesterday and in twitters app, the link was there 🤦🏻‍♀️And what if slack had a block button just like email does @maasalan @clancynewyork @morehshin ❤️❤️
@clancynewyork @morehshin i love @maasalan's approach- which is to document, share, write (for journalistic entitie… @clancynewyork @morehshin echoing eileen's thoughts here- i think a lot of activists who work right on the front li… though, let's think about, talk about, consider, the value of 'quiet activism' at times. i know being lou…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @jilliancyork @tante this is gonna be a nailbitter for sure. i want someone to sue fox, next.pls read this important piece by @melissagira on trans workers, rights, and the, uh, lessig is suing the times for clickbait defamation.🎥 Watch back the conversation on ALGORITHMIC BIAS: #AI Traps and Possible Escapes, with @carolinesinders and…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @postessive Same with growing up in Louisiana
@arisejanus 👏🏻GIVE👏🏻THE👏🏻PEOPLE👏🏻WHAT👏🏻THEY👏🏻WANT👏🏻🥳🥳🥳🥳 @Tambalaya Or do a medium post of what you’ve done! And link to that :) @Tambalaya Make it a thread :) I wanna know why you’re up to!
@_menkman @sfpc @everestpipkin I’d love to see the slides, too! @bumblblu And I live off of the s42/s41
@bumblblu I have to constantly think about were I’m going, and then look st the stops listed :/ so I don’t remember…“⚠️ Security warning: we don’t give a shit about (other people) tracking your private data but we know it scares yo…
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@robyncaplan @datasociety Congrats!One of my favorite residencies is all time. Pls pls pls apply. @huertanix @corcra Never. Forget. @huertanix @corcra YassssssI have such an intensity of feelings about a man failing upward and the Great British Bake Off Season 5 is to blame. @flexlibris @aprilaser Cries we must all hang out tomorrow pls pls @flexlibris @aprilaser April is a national treasure
@wheresaddie @jilliancyork @tenuous @maninilchiani sometimes tweets his issues with using the word “Iran” and payment transactions @susie_c an extremely good look @dinosaurrparty 100%. I always tell people what it takes to have me give a talk and if they can't meet those requir… @dinosaurrparty oooof. and no one else?? then a perfect reason to be like "i'm just so swamped with work, etc etc… @dinosaurrparty i'm very much like nope, i won't pay that fee. and this is probably why the only academic conferenc… @dinosaurrparty totally! and this bizarre. @dinosaurrparty they want you to pay to give a talk...? this is crazy, those tickets should be comped, and your travel paid for. @beldukes Yes, same! I'm glad the movie theatre I was at did a good job of showing small clips to explain how South… @beldukes SO GOOD! i'm still thinking about it.Your regularly scheduled PSA that Slack does not have the tools necessary to foster a healthy online community. It…
Retweeted by caroline sindersI would like it very much if small-minded men did not make decisions on behalf of all of us.
Retweeted by caroline sindersJust saw parasite and my mind is a bit blown away.
@zenalbatross @gucci_bagel @ariellecohen @rosieaclarke @motherboard I’m obsessed with @gucci_bagel’s work. Imma ref… @annaeveryday im not joking when the teacher was not only 100% serious, she was extremely confused as to why he stopped showing up to class. @ashleyshoo Paging @elizejackson @annaeveryday Mine was having Haley Joel Osment in my freshmen year creative writing class and the teacher very ser… @cattsmall @Asanadesign So so many congrats! @buritica Wait pls do @mshelton @shannonmattern Ty! This was a video commission I made for MozFest this year :)El primer evento de este año será con @carolinesinders en febrero (próx. más detalles). Mientras, Caroline nos pide…
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URGENT: we are hearing credible reports of detentions at US borders, both of Iranian Americans and permanent reside…
Retweeted by caroline sinders @brb_irl Good luck! @nd_kane @FitzcarraldoEds @carmenmmachado Ill add this to my list :)
@flexlibris meeeee! also lets catch up pls pls[Thread] I've been trying to understand the narratives that have been building around Qassem Soleimani's assassinat…
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@jennschiffer @glitch Awesome :)
@alanalevinson Yes, yes and yes @BostonJoan Good luck! I’ll try to tune in. @quasimondo @kenricmcdowell @memotv check it out! Y’all made find it interestingMy friend @_vade made a very cool thing using ML for video @tchoi8 @jomc @sfpc I wish I was in town- this looks so so amazing @detectiveyes @cacnola Ahh I’m in town and will come by!Not for nothing, but the steady roll of US state and local law enforcement agencies statements on upping vigilance…
Retweeted by caroline sindersso incredibly fucked up
Retweeted by caroline sinders @zenalbatross God she’s the fucking worstDelete your account.
Retweeted by caroline sindersI’m so extremely heartbroken for my friends and their loved ones in Iran. The US is a beast, Trump is a fascist, an… Iranians, most Iraqis have family & friends who served in wars, were maimed & killed by wars, were driven from…
Retweeted by caroline sindersBreaking News: Today, @STOPSpyingNY , @TeamUpturn, & @shearmanlaw announced that we sued the #NYPD after they refus…
Retweeted by caroline sinders“It does not take a U.N. expert to recognize the current conditions of Chelsea Manning’s incarceration as a form of…
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