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Freelance writer. Contributing writer for @SyFyWire. Drinker of tea, eater of noms. She/her. #BlackLivesMatter

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You want top-quality software, sure. But when is it time to increase the size of the testing team, so that you can…
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Being on Twitter, as well as reading the news, is beginning to feel emotionally abusive. And I refuse to be in an a… “I wonder what that model was thinking?” ⁦@mygeekhusband⁩: “Maybe I can change him.” @TaniaBissell Yes. Yes, it will. :( @jfudge Sob.
A moment of silence, please. Just one. @strngwys Do you play the soundtrack to _Drive_ while you're at it? @ivan_hernandez I don't think that's what William Gibson had in mind....Shofar away from me. Shofar, I just can’t see.
Retweeted by GirlWonder @jfudge It was. I'm an uneven cook, so if I repeat this recipe, it may come out well again or it may suck.I can't imagine my president even knows who Howard Zinn is, except as a name on a cue card. @TaniaBissell It's on my list. :) @TheKaufmann It looks Hammer-tastic. @TheKaufmann OMFG. Just saw the trailer. Why have I never seen this movie before? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? @casewrites I'm still getting used to having a kitchen. @andreakail You've left 2020 to visit the 1980s?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! - 80s survivor, and not in the Eye of the Tiger kind of wayMade duck breast with a cherry sauce and rosemary-ed brussel sprouts, and I admit I fucking nailed it.
@TaniaBissell I'm also from the 80s.Everyone yelling about Tatiana Maslany not being a literal 7 foot tall bodybuilder, meanwhile Mark Ruffalo is out h…
Retweeted by GirlWonder @TaniaBissell Again, I see what you did there. :) @delightfulrepas SAME HERE! Both the tea and the coffee! My husband and I went along to a coffee tasting in Colom… @JesseisParker Still prefer the original. :) @jperlow Peter told me to tell you he recommends Greenhook Ginsmith's American Dry, which is his second favorite af… @jperlow It's true. He bought it once and hasn't done so again. @delightfulrepas I'm at six cups a day. And that's just the caffeinated tea. :) @jperlow Peter drinks it with tonic. @jperlow Peter recommends Monkey 47 gin.I only drank one cup of tea today. @NeonBeyond @andreakail Please tell me this is a joke. <cries>
@NeonBeyond @andreakail My elderly neighbor Anne was telling our much-younger neighbor that she remembered when Bro… @arachnophiliac I'm happily riding the Norse mythology wave. Ask me again after I play GoW2 _and_ Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be launching on the PS4, so there's no need to buy a new #PlayStation5 immediately.… @Gavken How lovely! @jperlow I'll be right over. @awalrusdarkly I love that all writers are neurotic. Birds of a feather flock anxiously together. @casewrites @JedadiahLeland @greggutfeld @GOP @realDonaldTrump Although I like your optimistic take, I hope you're… @TaniaBissell I see what you did there. @casewrites @JedadiahLeland @greggutfeld @GOP @realDonaldTrump “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single…“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” -Anne Frank
Retweeted by GirlWonder @casewrites @JedadiahLeland @greggutfeld @GOP @realDonaldTrump And now I will lie awake vibrating in anxiety and/or…
@latimes Nandi is super talented and deserves all the praise. Dave Grohl is a hero for elevating her. This drum fight made my entire week. @SarahTheRebel Veggies are nummy! If you don't want them, I'll eat 'em! @estherschindler I'm never not in the mood to read Dorothy Parker. @the_margret @Willbot3000 @DCBallard7 @Leland_Lydecker @BillMcSciFi @MDParkerwrites @JoyceHertzoff Mix it up. My bi… @yesnodetroit Food is medicine. Eat something healthy (when you're out of the bathroom). And you have my sympathies.Wherever Baby Yoda goes, I go. @TaniaBissell The world's worst knitter is excited to read about someone's, anyone's, knitting success. @the_margret Did that bug you? @TaniaBissell Preordered! Please tell them I'm looking forward to this. @TaniaBissell Tell the publisher and the author that I want to pre-order it. (And tell them to get me an Amazon link.) @brooklyndan It took me 16:32. Stupid 55 Down, she says, sighing. @cjp_still I'm fine. Meanwhile, the bug has shuffled off its mortal coil.I just killed a bug in the apartment. It was--wait for it--bugging me. @casewrites Gah! @casewrites @keeks_2020 AUGH!!! They should revolt. It's revolting.
@sjvn @casewrites @twcarey @brooklyndan How do you go about solving a few chess problems a day? Don't they take years? @casewrites @twcarey @brooklyndan @sjvn I love Sudoku! But my other joy is KenKen. Gods, I love me some KenKen. (6… @brooklyndan One day, you will find yourself shivved by a rolled-up New York Times, and this tweet will lead the police right here. @twcarey @casewrites @brooklyndan @sjvn Monday. I couldn't wrap my brain around Sunday. @casewrites @brooklyndan @twcarey @sjvn Sadly for me, @brooklyndan will probably have done it in under 30 seconds.… the first time in years, I finished the New York Times crossword in under ten minutes. That's right. 9:59, exac… @Kalendaries GALAXY QUEST. GALAXY. QUEST. @TaniaBissell Let me know when it's out. Seriously, I'd love to read it. - Carol, the very bad knitter
@DoctorCBenjamin Which article are you referring to? @passthejoe @sjvn I assume he's getting the rights to develop a few hotels out of this. If he were the kind of pers… do we say to the god of tea? Today. And right now. #teaWhat do you think, @EricLKlein? @casewrites Thanks for the nightmare fuel. <packs bags, makes plan to move to Mars>
I should be applauding this. Instead, I'm thinking, "What's in it for Trump? What's his motive?" @estherschindler George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. In the second reading, you can see GRRM plant his plot seeds. @twcarey @brooklyndan @sjvn It took me a half hour to get halfway. Nope. :( I took a look at Sunday's, too. Egads.
Who wants to tell him he’s president of the “Blue States”
Retweeted by GirlWonder @strngwys I've been watching a ton of horror since the pandemic. The genre makes more sense to me right now. @JesseisParker Shameless self-promotion: @Felderpony Mmm...curry and gaming. @scottedelman @locusmag Mazel tov! @trentlmoore "Trump Day" to celebrate 9/11. I...I have no words. @ostrichson Not a museum, per se, but Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas has an aquarium dedicated to predators. :) @ostrichson The Frick, 1 East 72nd St, NYC. Small enough to do in a few hours, large enough to get an eyeful of gre… @JesseisParker This doesn't even come close to disturbing and backwards. Here is only one metric that makes me want…
@ostrichson Clearly they stand by their product. :) @ostrichson You dare besmirch the good name of Frazetta? Good dayto you, sir. I said good day!Holy smokes! @casewrites @beccastokes @Etsy Crazy like a fox. Crazy in the best possible way. @casewrites @beccastokes @Etsy True story: My BFF said, "This is Etsy. You can buy jewelry." She went to use the ba… time when Daniel Radcliffe shot a condom on Dame Diana Rigg's head. (RIP Diana Rigg.) @cjp_still Rage, rage against the dying of the light. @estherschindler HAHAHAHAHAHA! The only problem with this video is that the singers actually want to eat the gluten…
@ivan_hernandez A gamer with square footage, clearly.This #DuneMovie trailer is one of the best things to happen to me in 2020. @JesseisParker Ooo! Deep! @JesseisParker Boogie Nights was one of the best films to come out of the 1990s, and the 1990s was the Golden Age of indie cinema.Wednesday's New York Times crossword puzzle: 14:21. And unlike yesterday, I found my error in a reasonable time. @brooklyndan @twcarey @sjvn @GrammyKathy7 @casewrites @greggutfeld @JoeBiden A care a great deal about people, regardless of country. I'm not d… @TaniaBissell Hahahaha. Clearly they need you. @Superherologist @CrackerBarrel This is steak perfection. And you should not mess with perfection. @casewrites @greggutfeld @JoeBiden HAHAHAHAHAHA! (Still, I'm voting for him, cuz the Orange One needs to get gone.)
My heart and funny bone are breaking! @brooklyndan I'm at 26-something, and I still haven't found my errors. Gah!