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@katmhuang exciting!! def meet more ppl, and also i think those ppl change and figure themselves out more by junior… @katmhuang literally never felt like i belonged at the tvte — things may have changed (im a ‘14) but imo it’s also… @glagolista oh man 😣 guess that’s what it takeshow do i stop eating so much in quarantine 😩😩😩it has finally been more than a month since super tuesday
3 hours later my hand is burning in pain and i have decided the croutons were not fucking worth it lolchaos in a bowl... needs some more salt or savory elements i thinkfridge salad: little gem lettuce, cucumber, carrot, apple, onion, preserved duck egg, homemade croutons, parm regg,…
@TheAmyCode unfortunately driving stresses me out more than walking 😅 but I’ll check on amazon fresh ty 🙏 @gmicheler @boop lol it came up on spotify again, i got it this time! @alexkaminsky @ashleyhefnawy clutch, ty @ashleyhefnawy im in park slope! the local mr. fruit store, which usually has everything, was out of TP last i checkedHi Twitter. The global state of things really sucks, huh? If you're out of work and near GMT+9, I'd love to donat…
Retweeted by carolyn z ✨ @saysAaron oh shit ty!! @saysAaron they're either sold out or selling for 4x on amazon loli didn't realize i was super super weird until like 26 how did yall figure it out before adulthood??? as a kid i ju… @o_fishel aww thank you for the offer ❤️ i will try going to a couple stores tomorrow after not having gone outside… buy any tp while prepping cuz i thought i was too smart for that and now im running low on tp................... wtf do i do now @gmicheler @boop sorry idk! It was a spotify coffeehouse playlist
@edwin_de_jongh perfectionthis is how it's done, kids old were you when you realized how deeply strange you are
it hasn't even been a month since super tuesday lol @BohnJai @wikichen lmao guilty as charged Twitter, who is looking for gigs in this crazy time? I'm putting together a list @ycombinator and will sha…
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@zck hard pants lmao
@dvsch yeah :( for important links and takeaways you can try using a separate doc that's linked via channel description or slackbot responsechanneling my need to exert control over myself, the world, and the general concept of time... into my sokoglam cart's dr fauci's skincare routine. my guy is 79 but looks 49
cacio e pepe round 2... crushed it #CaroCoronaCooking @VictorPontis lol i can help youHow This Mom Went From ‘It’s Just The Flu’ to Opening the Mailbox With a Stick:
Retweeted by carolyn z ✨ @WarronBebster omg
@dvsch haaah i laughed out loud for real @jongold @_dte i love dogs but they're too much work lolwhen i pet the cat he doesnt purr like he used to... how do we get the magic back @vickiheart i started eating gummy vitamins lol @christaylol it’s super easy and quick too!! one of my fav recipessichuan dry-fried string beans, an old favorite recipe: #CaroCoronaCooking
@SamIAre hes an asshole and he hates me
@jeongsteph cant feel guilty about not meeting new ppl when u... literally cant meet new pplyes, the world is falling apart, but at least i am finally free of the pressure to find a life partner @jeongsteph @purpleyay yesssss 😍people who rate recipes 5/5 before trying them............. why
cat-approved accidentally made 2x what i intended (literally never cook spaghetti idk what the quantities mean!!) - didn’t gra… cacio e pepe #CaroCoronaCooking
@iamharaldur i am stupid 😛 @iamharaldur ??????? @iamharaldur i am drinking water!! @ninamehta love is blind season 2 @iamharaldur @jeongsteph get outta here @lexisnotinlove @iamharaldur @jeongsteph ??? @jeongsteph ohhh yea i don’t get why guys are into her @jeongsteph No!!! Spoilers!!!!! @outthegrid her voice is so annoying and she sounds, ngl, high maintenance @dlbee_ @JudsonCollier WATCH PARTY
fighting racism by being asian and hot
Retweeted by carolyn z ✨sksjdhahajjsdkajdbdkaldjcnsjalfngjsj in repose @ktsuskin yesss @NYCBEARDO read the modification suggestions on the comments! it’s a super flexible recipemade That NYT Stew again added huy fong chili garlic sauce after recording this 🤤 #CaroCoronaCooking
@WarronBebster hasn’t she been socially distancing in her castle for years tho @jlax @GK3 what a masterpiece of a headline @GK3 awwww so sweet 😍 @magichousekeys looool @_holyshift this is helpful, thank you!!considering getting one for talking to my mom, tho i'm very nervous about facebook+privacyif you've used facebook portal... how do you like it? what makes it different from just facetiming family?
clementines are the universal quarantine snack @jongold zoom video background!!i gotta learn how to plate better... scrambled eggs w/ laoganma, sichuan chili crisp, fermented tofu, black pepper…
hyper-vigilant about taking care of my mental health during the workday now. took 20 mins today to make a simple br… @_EricHu hahah I’ll try tomorrow @freialobo didn’t know i could love them even morePakwan is my favorite restaurant in San Francisco and I would love if you would support them if you can. If you lik…
Retweeted by carolyn z ✨ @iamharaldur 💞 @purpleyay added to rice, topped with scallions, squeeze of lemon juice, and lots of freshly ground black pepper @purpleyay improvised! 3 small potatoes + 1/2 onion + 1 shallot + ~1.5tbsp pickled mustard stem (sumiyacai) + some… @purpleyay it was so easy too!! 😋#CaroCoronaCooking diary forgot how much i like cooking! kicking off with japanese curry. added a bunch of random…
i love him but i hate him and he doesn’t care either way... is this what teens’ parents feelhe’s figured out the most reliable way to get me out of bed to feed him is to threaten to knock over my earring org…"we have a very small house here" this is the most californian shit ive ever seen @gladwerefriends oh I just take pictures then google it later 😅 or on the spotA lot of freelance designers, illustrators, developers have reached out to me in the last few days, their contracts…
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ive never wanted to go to a party more than i do Right Nowgetting into birdwatching after moving near a park is one of the most unexpected developments of my recent life tbqhgazing into the social distance @travelinglens tyty @emhaasch 💞 ty! stay healthy and safe @lil_morgy @isosteph i get ppl’s anxieties about being away from family in trying times but i literally could not l… @isosteph also all the ppl who are flying to get back to their parents' homes.... wut @helenajar i've been going to the park every day but seeing tweets shaming ppl at prospect park has me confusedfeeling like a dumbass for asking this, but can i take a walk in the park or notSome graphic designer could make a killing right now designing branded background graphics for salespeople etc to use on their video calls
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