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PhD candidate, U of Toronto; #envhum & U.S. lit; co-organizer @EnvHumUofT; child of refugees; settler in Dish with One Spoon territory; she/her; snack expert

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@seeshespeak oh I thought it was that the size of the parquet squares makes the people look really smallwhy do people automatically hug upon meeting and parting and is there some sort of pin or something that I can wear… in all seriousness I don't see how investing in fossil fuels is apolitical while deciding *not* to invest in fossil fuels is politicalis Stanley Fish secretly sponsored by an oil company? @JohnHenryHarter 😂 @dogbitdude @baldonieri @OC_Transpo *shivering at the thought* @gctat yowzers, yeah, international student tuition fees are outrageous @JohnHenryHarter i do believe that snacks give us the time and contemplation necessary to rebelUofT pays grad instructors 8000$ to teach a course, so, if you land a course after you've paid 8000$ tuition it's l…*reviewing finances in anticipation of January tuition payment* tell me again why I pay 8000$/year for library pri… @baldonieri @OC_Transpo lol, but at least Rome doesn't get as cold as here, where sometimes you wait an hour for a… @OC_Transpo also it's really expensivethinking of moving to #Ottawa? don't! it has the WORST public transit system @OC_Transpo
it was my last minimum-wage retail job (so far) although sadly not the firstone winter I got hired at Zellers and worked three.5 hours of an 8-hour shift and when it was lunch I went outside…’m in this zine with the best commie poets around! get yr hands on a copy and wield it against the ruling class li…
Retweeted by Caroline Holland @XO_LM *considering getting an iPad just to try this* @icpetrie @fivefteditrix 😅😭the sense of possibility disappears as soon as the document contains enough writing to necessitate scrolling @fivefteditrix it does to me too if it's intended for something I need to finish... but not if it's just for something I need to startopening new Word documents just to feel the sense of possibility @larissapolitics they're not exactly all "anti" it but also some of them don't seem to want me to use theory (ecoc… @pfessenbecker I am a Whitehead fan, so I guess I can grudgingly take another look at Russell lol @V21collective @profdgd @minhyoungsong I am not a victorianist of any sort, but just wanted to pipe in pointlessly… @larissapolitics I must admit I only know their names (i.e. have never actually read them). thanks for reminding me… @pfessenbecker I have reservations against Bertrand Russell, who seems to be a liberal darling did not know he was… @HKBradshaw has yet to be decided ... in the Great Cheese Decision of 2021 (let's hope not later than 2021) @larissapolitics I didn't know there were different versions of "Can the Subaltern Speak?"! thank you for the ref… @pintsandpoetry citations by memory in the presence of the manual is so relatablenationalize the ivies @LDiakena I haven't read that one yet! Just The Production of Space and a handful of the shorter texts on the city, architecture, etc @LDiakena I use Lefebvre in my diss! he's cool @LDiakena out of sheer curiosity @LDiakena I guess I'm just looking to see who people identify as their preferred communist literary critics @AmyClukey I think this is a good question & wish it were multiple-choice @LDiakena I took a seminar with her at UofT! @LDiakena yeah, exactly! haven't encountered the use of the term as much as one would expect @larissapolitics 😂 @larissapolitics hahaha, no worries! enjoy your delightful-sounding evening @larissapolitics cool! which of her texts have you found the most helpful? @larissapolitics are you using Spivak for your polisci research? @larissapolitics lol I thought you were going for paratactic-chic*?who are your favorite literary studies scholars who are also communists @MedievalPMC maybe 14beer+cheeseblock will become the new post-grad trend
the Ottawa of desolate parking lots and strip malls near the station always makes me feel @gctat 😭 @pintsandpoetry WHO IS THE MEANIE WHO GOT MAD @AmyClukey it sure is. Netflix coerced me into watching it with their nonstop automatic previewsin retrospect I'd sooner spend two hours looking at photos of that cat that resembles Adam Driverthe new Noah Baumbach movie has confirmed my suspicions that both marriage and divorce are sooooo boringif I hadn't already been a communist, listening to the Hillary Clinton interview would have made me one1. We are in Madrid, Spain at the @UN's #COP25 Climate Change Conference demanding the #NixArticle6. The UN conti…
Retweeted by Caroline Hollandonly rich people play ignorant in asking “where is the money going to come from?” Bish, you know we’re coming for y…
Retweeted by Caroline Hollandon a train headed home for the break, where I hope to eat as many stews and soups and schnitzels as humanly possible @uahikea @CagdasDedeoglu @EnvHumUofT @JHIevents so happy to have the chance to learn more about Mauna Kea & the movement to stop TMT @CagdasDedeoglu @EnvHumUofT @JHIevents @uahikea such a pleasure to finally meet you and hear about your work! @Rose_withthorns lol let's hope so @khowaga ... I agree @camillemarys default is cheddar but open to suggestions @margaretlenoreb yes. I will put you on the cheese-block-eating guest listoftentimes academics point out that academia is not actually a meritocracy, and they often gesture toward the ludic… @tony_damiano thank you! @TinerMike it IS dinner @bdjansenphd it’a good to have goals, Brian 🙂 @waliualao lol I hope you refer to my dream of a block of cheese @Jwcreel thank you. you're rightI used to hope I would get an academic job after finishing my PhD but now I only aspire to drinking fourteen beers…
have you ever gotten a book signed by the author and then thought dammit now there’s a stranger’s name in my book*makes five linestmw you try to delete a line in a Word document & instead of deleting it just makes a second line1:46AM. i have oversnacked 1:47AM. i am ill now and full of regret 1:49AM. perhaps one more snack will solve this problem @JMiller1789 ruffles are excellent for capturing maximal amounts of yogurt, but I'm really into kettle cooked chips these days @JMiller1789 SNACK TWINSsnack version of potato with sour cream: potato chips dipped in personal tub of plain yogurt
i do genre studies winter is making my skin so dry that I just put lip balm all over my faceHope you can join me this Friday! I’ll be speaking, along with @uahikea, my research on #religion, #environment, an…
Retweeted by Caroline HollandPresenting on how environmentalism is weaponized in a settler state of exception against kiaʻi of Maunakea to promo…
Retweeted by Caroline Hollandattn #uoft / GTA #envhum folks! nightmare: having a PhD becomes the standard for jobs where previously a highschool diploma, and then an und… it'll get so bad that grad students will be paying universities to work there oh wait @GregWiker *chef's kiss*procrastiwriting my dissertation so I don't have to clean my apartment @erinsaysytho *looking at random desk piles of disorganized things and thinking finishing the dissertation might actually be easier*
just saw a “pro”-strike argument that says the strike aims are good because their implementation would ... boost productivityI know so many academics who were not always the highest performing students. Some of my best students have strugg…
Retweeted by Caroline Hollandone problem I have with advice is that the advisor might be wrongYou too could make pots if you vote labour for well-funded adult education and a four-day week
Retweeted by Caroline Hollandsaw a herd of wild turkeys from the train window. I believe they might be engaged in a conspiracy. I support it @erinkburrell this is very true @OrionOctober comic understatementI carry an Epi-Pen. When I was in grad school at Berkeley, I had health insurance (& thanks to my union, & unlike H…
Retweeted by Caroline Holland @pococatastrophe I hear that's how it usually goes @pococatastrophe lol wait a minute, you defended your dissertation! @motheroftheses thank you!! @morelocj lol thank you!!why does it always feel like the university expects you to have been born already knowing how to do everything @fivefteditrix yeah I mean imagine someone trying to have a convenient strikenext time you feel like saying "I'm being inconvenienced by this strike!" try "capitalists are murderers and I'm no…