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Carose @Caroselol New Jersey, USA

Twitch Partner and Free agent 11 AM EST - 7 PM EST Business email: @maryxxbethh 🌻❤️

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@TwitchAv LOL#1 KAYO AND SKYE LIVE ON TWITCH RN OMG @Naturres D: my TikTok saw it first following back people who help me hit 4K followers @wackyzx @v8lta im good too @Cr1sto_ yes it would lol🕺💃📸 should I duo with this season? @ them down belowINSTA LOCKING NEW SKYE EVERY GAME IMMORTAL LEVEL GAMEPLAY 3 WAITING ROOM I WILL HIT RADAINT THIS SEASON.I think it’s time I turn into what the kids called a RANKED DEMON 😈. Time to give the people what they need. Good l… late night grinders are in this one. must viewing party our god, make sure all goes well. @NottDylxn Lmao I seen this on my Snapchat memory2 Years Ago Today... This changed my life and I started the greatest “movement” of all humanity.
i just reached 500 SUBS LETS GOOOO 24 HOUR STREAM NEXT WEEK. W @nuthiom hot @Caroselol any laddies in the chat?
Retweeted by CaroseTarkov is the superior game in every way compared to Val. Thinking of switching games forever @battlestategamesNut is my favorite mod @PlayVALORANT omg omg omg plz give me all access Morning coffee w/ carose @GODfr0st 🤫🤫 "I'm still on the run" @NottDylxn dylan by no means do i mean to trigger you with this statement, but i must say. Peep the twitter header… @NottDylxn not sure i would love to credit them but sensei posted it in my discord u know me the yoinker#NewProfilePic I'm in love with this artwork. is an offer to true carose fans. Watch a carose stream today, get pussy. subs on my board for every sub come by the stream night sub customs ? W
@Heelmike Those moves sheeesh 🔥👀 @LoOnieEU @ElevateFN Goat status @ZombsHypeman Let’s goooo thank you. 🤟🥰banger first stream as a Free Agent. Thank you for the love, now go show your fathers some love. HAPPY FATHERS DAY… CUSTOMS STARTING RIGHT NOW NEED 3 STREAM AS A FREE AGENT @EmadGG LFGhorny hours @threezy @Sentinels ❤️❤️It really warms my heart all the love I got with this free agent post... I was super nervous to post it I really wa… @AwaisioFN @Stretch @Sentinels I mean it is carose we are talking about
@HydraaVAL @Sentinels Love to see it, you as well I’m waiting for that team to come get you @MackWood1x @Sentinels Thanks dad ily 🤟 @thwifo @Sentinels Thanks thwifo you’re going to kill it next tourney ❤️ @Stretch @Sentinels :D ily the grind never stops. @shaggyPTt @Sentinels LMAOOOO ily shaggy @AspectFN_ @Sentinels Stay safe Nick ILY @bugha @Sentinels Thanks bugha I love u bro you and I we tight. We shared Moments that some would never believe. As… @Safarooniee @Sentinels ❤️ thanks for the kind words, love you safaroonie @_tagni @Sentinels Thanks tagni, I appreciate you a lot. I’ll never stop grinding(pun and no pun attended). Keep up the good content ❤️ @Dyna_Sean @Sentinels The blue was no joke to get off but content is always worth it ,and thank you my man. Keep killing it. @Zyto_ @Sentinels Thanks Zyto I will miss you guys a lot , just thank you a lot fr for being the homie I always nee… @apazo_ @Sentinels Thanks Apazo, proud of you. You came a seriously long way to where you are now. From Fortnite… @Ju1ianZ @Sentinels ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you for everything. ❤️ @Connoreo_ @Sentinels ❤️ @Stake Connor x highsky x carose stream ? Give us the funds @browntown7272 To all our org members @IceHeight @Sentinels :) i want to go forth with this new chapter as a louder inspiration. I want you guys to know… @SEN_Animal @Sentinels Thanks Owen I love you man we had so many great times together. I need a Owen in valorant to… @xsetnate @NottDylxn @Sentinels Love ya Nate @LoOnieEU @Sentinels Thank you loonie 😘 @ElevateFN @Sentinels Your so kind, I hope I can throw an absolute rager one day when those carose stonks fly up an… @ZombsHypeman @Sentinels Love u @ZombsHypeman @Sentinels Thanks my guy @AlianosFN @Sentinels :( it’s ok new chapters @XerasiaOh @Sentinels You know it my g thanks for the reply I love u @quicksouped @Sentinels Thanks man, and I only want be more entertaining. I want to be unique and different. I’m go… you emad, truly my number one inspiration. Grinders don’t need alarm clocks. @CaMbCaMbTV @Sentinels 💛 @robotic_fn @Sentinels Love ya bud @FelixLive_ @Sentinels Thanks bro, I truly want to take my channel to a whole level and I’ll let no one stop me. @KnightSir6 @Sentinels Your a beast man ily @lyxnnnnn @Sentinels Thanks my guy love you @AdmirOGg @Sentinels Much love dude @Preavai @Sentinels Thanks man we all family. @Pughimself @Sentinels Thanks pug @veroxrrr @Sentinels Thanks for always believing me. I still look back to this day and think of you and remember wh… @OmarWRLD @Sentinels Thanks king 🤴 hope your day is good. Live on @maiLfps @Sentinels Thanks bro I appreciate this :) @NottDylxn @Sentinels Thanks Dylan much love dudeThank you guys for all the love and support. This only motivates me more to never give up on my dreams. I want you… contract with @Sentinels has expired. I’m forever grateful for my time and the memories I’ve made and I’m ready… wonder if I could compete in valorant. Never tried before, but dms open to anything. @JeffySzn Yea the game is made for children and is complete dog shit going to die in a yearNever quit, no one likes a quitter.
I’m double dosed up on a Friday. Gawd dayummm @EmadGG The time has come. The gamble has ended.YOUR AGENT DIDNT GET NERFED! THEY UPPED THE PRICE OF EVERYTHING CHANGING THE ECON. THEY WANNA MAKE U THINK TWICE BE…
Retweeted by Carose @jainormis Naw you don’t know the secrets 😅SKYE GOT BUFFED WE AINT GOIN NO WHERE BABYYYYskye flash having a 45 second recharge thoughts? @xasma1337 fire choice @XSET @thwifo @paulywog47 HeyTime is ticking, don’t be afraid to go out of your shell and see where life takes you. @xsetnate @Asunaa Big moves I see u Nate @G2Nwanderer You like what you see :))))