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jong/ op leeftijd , veel interesses, houd van honden. Haat Mc Donalds. Voetbal Ajax. Hou van kunst en muziek fotografie als hobby, camera gejat.

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@snodlandmick @USMCPatriot8 @ACvejn @Geopolitics_Emp trying to keep people from spreading Covid 19. @devitt_natalie I just did. Hope you enjoyed it. @devitt_natalie so my hopeless self is beyond irritating, because I cannot donate. I live in a home, here I am not… @JulesAllenxx Ofcourse you do. I understand. I wish I could help you @BeckyCT @Geopolitics_Emp I will, thanks for the good advice. @pseudomodo @Geopolitics_Emp But I know that my dutch is a lot better than yours. @devitt_natalie ??????🍀 @devitt_natalie Sorry Natalie, I must have missed something important. Can you tell me again? @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp 150 lawsuits have been started @snodlandmick @USMCPatriot8 @ACvejn @Geopolitics_Emp But also what I told you in the tweet @travelingtrio2 You tell me I don't react to which tweet? @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp I agree about the attitude. He had been puncturing tires all the time, a lot… @snodlandmick @ACvejn @Geopolitics_Emp I saw the whole broadcast. I will not defend the police and most certainly n… @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp You are very right. Again, these people were NOT peacefull. But you are righ… @NeilSausage How did freedom feel Neil? @GracieSunshine1 🍀I wish you all the luck in the world @cavelinoflu @Geopolitics_Emp thank you for your compliment.
@RenskeLeijten Goh zeg, daar sta ik van te kijken. Ik had geen idee. @JorisOetelaar @Leintje13 @thierrybaudet @Frederik_Jansen wil je mij blocken, dank je wel. @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp They are asked begged, warned, informed about what will happen. No he won't… @snodlandmick @DGoing5 @ACvejn @Geopolitics_Emp I wish I could say you're wrong. @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp No it doesn't. But if you decide allthough the warnings on beforehand what w… @ACvejn @snodlandmick @Geopolitics_Emp It is not ok but why do you want to be the trunk when the tank is moving. @lucash_dev @BHemsford never @soleil2611 @EllaHol13679009 He adores you completly. Just look at him. Full of love. Your lucky.
@Archie_AlfieCav I'm going to the gym. To arts school, go shopping, and for a long walk. Will you join me on the last part? @hannahneeson2 @RidleyHowell Did you take a 💤 afterwards @RidleyHowell @bruno_doria Happy birthday my beautifull dog @timesuppeeps He is not so peacefull as you think. He prevends the police to get to the ones who really call the s… @Geopolitics_Emp These people won't take their accoutability for transmitting COVID to other people, don't believe… @VALENTiNE_1_ impressing! @NeilSausage No Neil, the only ones they have reason to be angry with are themselves. Your being a dog, cute dog, lovable dog @EllaHol13679009 Ella are those sponges? Wacht out please, these are very dangerous!
@nrc cruelty @washingtonpost You cannot expect Holland to do it all for something very very bad as commiting cruelty against you… @JulesAllenxx Hey Angel, why do you look so scared? @KampWendy @SimoneSays123 @bernard_goes Tja Wendy, maar mocht je positief zijn met welke aandoening dan ook, dan ga… @KampWendy @SimoneSays123 @bernard_goes maar je weet wel of je corona hebt ja of nee. en dan weet je ook of je in q… @VALENTiNE_1_ @PVDD @Dierbescherming meer dan schande. Dieren die zich niet mogen verdedigen want dan neemt de mishandeling alleen maar toe @fvdemocratie @bernard_goes @hugodejonge Dit is pure onzin. Wat jullie doen met woorden is mensen in gevaar brengen @business What??????? Never heard of espionage @MillieandGriff You two look so twinlike sweetRemember: TRUMP was president when he made it possible for 400.000 children in Yemen to die of famin.Saw a message from Trump (disaster) don't forget I was your president when the vaccine came. HE HAD NOTHING TO DO W… Colbert spoofs Oprah-Meghan interview with Biden's dogs
Retweeted by belgiumlady in Holland @Cheesecake7777 my dog also always wanted to dig holes in the sofa. @RupertLaBoeuf hello beauties @VALENTiNE_1_ Jij ook Valentine @thehill stupidTrump says don't forget I was your president when you got the vaccine. DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH. You better say: inspite… @bulldog_manny Oh,, now I understand. @ChesneyLab Ohw you don't need SHOES TAKE THEM OF @ChesneyLab Bandana? It looks more like a dishtowel, but the colors suit you @WilmaBenton19 Hey snooper, could you see what was there? @jenny68119220 Jij ook een prachtige dag hoor. Hou je van regen en wind? Dan krijg je een uitvoerig cadeaux vandaag
@GracieSunshine1 Just the look of this photo @GracieSunshine1 @TailBangers1 Gracie, I hope you win! @ArieDoodle who ate an icecream? and what do I see? do you handle the remote? what are your favourite programs @PodLegged hey fwend, missed u🐾👀use your EYZ & legsDat sekteleider Willem Engel strooit met leugens over Corona en alleen maar aandacht zoekt ten behoeve van zichzelf…
Retweeted by belgiumlady in Holland @Dominicavecme I knw hw hard th= =. Wish u lot o love @Dominicavecme I wisch you a lot of succes and love @OzraeliAvi a virus can't think. you can, you speak, you talk this nonsense. But it is probably the only way you ma… ben volledig ingeënt. Ik woon in een verzorgingshuis. En we zeggen met Johan Cruyff: elk nadeel heb se voordeel @StaffyLola you need an extra mouth @ReneeBurkett6 @sethmoulton @SenTomCotton I mean the lawman, the one who wants to take Trump to court @POTUS @JoeBiden Mr. Presid. ent, you don't have to send Major home. Invite Cesar Milan to the White House @SimoneSays123 @bernard_goes Ik kan jullie echt niet begrijpen en niet volgen, bij de uni zeggen ze meten is weten.… niet Willem Engel, bemoei je met je eigen zaken. @Dominicavecme Me too, this guy had the nerve to say that he went to court to fight the evening curfew. He lost, pe… @StaffyLola what did you find? @pitbullsad They are ignorant, and they think they know it allen daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens🖤🤍🐾🤍🖤
Retweeted by belgiumlady in Holland @JustGus8 are you like my dog, he used to hunt run bark and chase in his sleep @creek_moose Oh Moose, it's always the same story @squishykocoa Hello Arlen, it' s true, a dog brings out the best in you, and if it doesn't your not worthy of a dog. @squishykocoa Hello Kocoa, I wougt you wight like a scribble fom me.I shared my meal with a hungry child! #ShareTheMeal is the world's first app against hunger. ShareTheMeal now:…
Retweeted by belgiumlady in Holland @DouglasFurrrr Congratulations @Poopsiepetspal1 I dreamed a dream @jenny68119220 dat iemand hier het geduld voor had! @bulldog_manny Hey Manny, just between you and me (others don't need to know) does she, you know who, does she snores?
@sethmoulton @ReneeBurkett6 @SenTomCotton Sir, what do you think of Ben Thompson @bulldog_manny @abby_bulldog And as far as I can see the cat was there too @real_Raffie wat een koninklijke troon!
@Laurparkerr wait for me @Luvvie may I join you @CinnamonBiscYT gelukkig ik ben geblokkeerd @T_Peperstraten @PvdA Als ik mag opmerken, u bent zo bezig over de slavernij. Ik ben het er niet mee eens maar goe… @JustGus8 Just one? @lynn2wine Womensday? What's that. @sadino22 @annievandenber2 @KVajpayaee @PenelopeRuzy @IronBuffalo1 @SLARTZONE @VaderVanella @TopogigioRini
@cis_love3 safety and pay for the rest of you life. So like it or not, you stayed, glued to your chair. Hang your c… @devitt_natalie I always say my mom pooped me out and then used me as a punching ball🍀 @annievandenber2 Ik overdrijf niet mijn BMI is gevaarlijk hoog. Te gevaarlijk. Het dieet is te eentonig. Daar ga ik… @lynn2wine taking a bath. @syd_akaYog I faut zo to, so my zundayvibes made mi zosleepy and then my bossy (shefinks soe ghghgh), I getup, my… @Penny_Lane_Pup @AmazingLinus Ofcourse not, it's mine ALL mine. @labtested1 love the photo Cleo, you look like a Saint.