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Balinese. NYU alumna in Public Policy. Researcher in 🇦🇪. Loves to cook & comment on things. Tweets in 🇬🇧🇮🇩 but also speaks ᬩᬲᬩᬮᬶ, español, & some العربية

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Kemaren bikin sambel ati dikit terus ternyata enak jadi dimakan kemaren, hari ini jadi ga makan sambel ati 😢 wkwk dagelanHari ini masak makanan lebaran super minimalist supaya ga kangen2 banget sama rumah, disini ga boleh open house jug…
Eid Mubarak untuk teman-teman yang merayakan 🙏🏻💕 Mohon maaf lahir dan bathin. Semoga Ramadan tahun ini membawa ber…
Everytime I listened to the song 'My Way' I could only hope than I would be able to relate to every single word of… @skeletale I called my mom's friend 'Tante Teteh' for a long time 😭
This is a reminder that no one is irreplaceable and you can always find someone better. But as long as you keep the…
It's not unique AT ALL for Indonesians to watch foreign movies either. From Chinese series like Kabut Cinta, Korean… sure about others' but my childhood was filled with music from corners of the world. Random foreign songs like…'ve met a lot of Indonesians who totally ace foreign languages. Makes me wonder if our early exposure to foreign l…
@rifandinagz I was livid but couldn't say or do much but I am doing fine now, thank you Andin 🤗💕
Moved around small decors (mostly flowers & cushions) in my apartment today and it helped create an immense change.
@nahy00bae Ada recordingnya sekarang! 🤗
I've always been a weird kid. Look at that grin of joy from having python on my neck 😂
@vilonaaa Thank you so much for tuning in!!! Maaf ya delayed setengah jam soalnya IG Live gabisa dijoin :( I hope i… technical difficulties setengah jam lebih sampe akhirnya pindah ke Zoom but thank you so much everyone for j…! 4 PM WIB di akun Instagram @/ Aku akan sharing tentang perjalanan akademisku dari lulusan…
@nahy00bae Sini ikutan 👀 @niapril That's so kind of you, Nia! I hope I won't disappoint 🤗💕 take care 🦋 @lyaaaww @xcarriposa Thank you 🤗💕 @Gwcapekk Asikk jangan kelewatan yaa 👀 @onlyonesubject @xcarriposa Aw thank you so much! Semoga ga mengecewakan yaa 🤗💕 @humankebacut Tugek nyukla brahmacari gamau nikah nanti matua cerewet enggal matiI am honored to be featured on an Instagram live series with Generation Girl Indonesia to talk about my academic jo… credit to the brilliant @raelaveire habis masak mau mebanten jadi pake kebaya #RahinanMood #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch you're bored, look up this free Harvard University course at edx called: 'Religious, Conflict, and Peace'. I rea…, when I said 'what could get worse this year?' I should've clarified that it wasn't a challenge. Selamat jala…
19. Being wide awake at 4 am because you slept all day long, thanks to your chronic migraine 20. Collecting migrain… A lot of learning 14. Even a lot more unlearning 15. Trying to communicate in a healthy way 16. Not giving a da… Realizing that dessert for breakfast is not always a great idea 8. Doctor visits alone (yikes) 9. Defining and r… is: 1. Unsolicited headache & back pain 2. Dealing with life's uncertainties and anxiety, often alone 3.… there's ever a zombie apocalypse I think my anxiety would kill me first @suwidnyanaputra Lagian sering banyak anak kecil main2 berisik banget @suwidnyanaputra Gatsu barat soalnya deket SMAN 4!!!! 😂😂😂 Ga terlalu rame juga, gak kayak McD RobinsonDi antara cicilan ini itu, kebutuhan rumah, bantu2 anggota keluarga lain, bayar SPP yang masih kuliah & sekolah, be… Indonesia akan susah menerapkan belajar online karena di beberapa rumah internet masih jadi barang mewah. Aku ya… @mendoantipis people who are different than you because of religious/cultural reason is one thing, but hating on them m… here: to help transpuan amidst this crisis: group of Indonesian boys 'pranked' transgenders & transexuals who were working in the street with packages of…
@somikir Dimana anakku🤪 dimana anakku 🤪Got my first IG Live speaker invitation today 👀 not sure what I will be sharing but I am excited!This competition was Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition 2014. We won national rounds and wen… was a student at Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia for merely 1.5 semester and yet 6 years later I was still i…
Made the best cookies of my lifeeee
@rahmimimi Yah jadi pengen sambel udang pete 😭 disini gaada pete di supermarketCumi hitam pedas: rahasia cumi tidak kering dan mengkerut kayak muka kita kalo pacar telat bales WhatsApp? Tambah b… I distract myself from my general anxiety by baking and cooking? Yes By the way, moist banana bread secret? Add… @thatmindcounts Di Bali sih beberapa acara adatnya masih jalan biarpun udah dilarang, sementara sebagian besar yang… di rantau tinggal sendirian tanpa roommate, tapi sudah 2 bulan keluar rumah cuma untuk belanja bulanan/ke apot… Indonesia tidak siap lockdown, tapi paling tidak mawas diri untuk social distancing. Apalagi di Indonesia ra… dulu acara ulang tahun dan kumpul-kumpul, supaya tahun depan bisa merayakan & kumpul-kumpul lagi. Prihatin b…
Ambitious women really only have two options, a super supportive partner or no partner at all.
Retweeted by Carrisa TehputriAku pernah ngeliat di bali malem2, lampu ijo di langit kedip2 terus gerakannya ngaco gitu udah pasti bukan pesawat.… @saybuddy Lockdown memang susah, tapi tuntutan jrx itu untuk kemBALI normal: berarti tanpa social distancing, padah… @Gilss1999 Keli kene ye ngetes sabuk 🤷🏻‍♀️😒I really really wish that Indonesia has clear laws that could imprison people who spread fake news/rumors at the pr… @NouvindriAdji I love myself too much
@rommyadams Konstruksi jalan kayaknya, mungkin working hours aja yang lebih pendek soalnya ramadan. Abu Dhabi sepi… @rommyadams Aku wfh dari minggu pertama Maret bang. Cuma bisa keluar untuk essentials (supermarket/pharmacy/medical…'m getting to the end of week 8 of quarantine in the UAE & there's not a day that I'm not feeling grateful for bei…'violence against women starts with disrespect' widespread idea that women do things only for men is appalling to me. I remember telling my dad when I was 11 t… of the time when people found out that I love cooking and baking the first response was: 'what a wife material… @LidyaPatient 😂😂😂 yaitulah mbak namanya juga percaya gak percaya.. Sebagai orang Bali yang kental cerita mistis, s… @spendingmytim3 Maunya sih gitu... Tapi saya lahir & besar di Bali gabisa menyangkal betapa riilnya fenomena mistis…
Di Indonesia, terutama Bali, schizophrenia kayaknya agak susah didiagnosa atau dipercaya ya karena kalo delusinya j… @beesweethoneyy Lha kan emang aku adalah dia wkwkwkw Satu akun formal satu akun nyinyir 😂
Baked garlic rosemary focaccia & had it with sauteed portobello & sausage and gems lettuce 💕
Animal Crossing Music on #Guitar 😊
Retweeted by Carrisa Tehputri'The greatest right that any nation can afford its people is the right to be left alone' -Circus of BooksCircus of Books on Netflix is such a heartwarming, fascinating, well-made documentary @gerhardhulu Mirip foto2 feature profile di majalah tbh wkwk Bisa diphotoshop cerutu atau cigarette holder ala2 19… @gerhardhulu Itu foto kedua foto gagal? Excuse me?!! Fierce banget!!!! Tyra Banks is s q u e a k i n g 🔥🔥🔥🔥Homemade steak sandwich ft. spinach ricotta salad with pomegranate, walnuts & balsamic glaze all evils are, well.... evil.Wah, ngeri banget hidup jaman sekarang.
@gerhardhulu Sering terjadi di kota-kota besar 😂Terus gimana? PSPB ga mau tapi anjurannya social distancing? Patuh gen tooooo gusEkonomi mati bisa hidup lagi, jeleme mati ya diaben 🤷🏻‍♀️ Udah jelas di negara yang parah kayak Italia, Spanyol, P… @gerhardhulu Go!! Cantik, harga2 murah, & Iranians are hands down the kindest people by nationality that I've met!… @saybuddy Lucunyaaaa! Langitku tak pernah berpelangi 😢Besar di Indonesia, aku sering dengernya Iran jahat- entah karena rezimnya atau karena mereka Syiah (biarpun aku no… cuma: thank you for visiting Iran! Kenal engga, ketemu juga ga pernah. Sepanjang perjalanan juga sering ke…'s share heartwarming stories! What's the kindest thing a stranger ever done to you? Aku ke Iran th '15, Tehr…
@ranialljames Ih kenapa? Jangan nae berantem 👀💕#passthebrushchallange Sepupu, adik, ponakan. Mewakili wilayah Kesiman Kertalangu (Denpasar)/Bondalem (Buleleng… couldn't help but remember my late grandma's dream of going to school- a dream robbed early by her marriage & ple… pic was taken when I was interning for PTRI to the United Nations, New York. I was living in my dream city w…
Random sih tapi sering ngidam salad barnya pizza hut yang kedengeran sehat tapi isinya: potato salad, macaroni sala… sekarang, buatku pizza masih makanan mewah & bikin seneng banget, biarpun waktu tinggal di New York pizza ter… komen temen yang ngerasa Pizza Hut itu pizza 'kelas bawah', jadi inget betapa mewahnya dulu kalo diajak ke P… @nakulazerowaste Hah??? 😂 Aku mantan debater juga kok. Ah enggak kok aku ngerasa banyak manfaatnya. I enjoy their… nyadar anak2 kritis & suka bacot di dunia pertwitteran Indonesia rata2 ya... English parliamentary debater 😂 s… rekomendasi itu ga gampang memang. Aku aja pertama bikin tugas Policy recommendation revisinya berapa kali? 6… juga buat dokumen panjang2 kalo ga dibaca. Professorku selalu bilang kalo bisa 1 page, 1 page aja. Jadiin s… public policy & kalo bikin rekomendasi ga straightforward professorku ngamuk sih.. Asumsikan selalu client/pe… the scene, footage ga kepake wkwk Bikin video gini aja susah banget euy challenge but no one is passing me the brush because I'm too impatient to wait for everyone's video s…