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pls watch this second stream!! it was such a good time, everyone did an amazing job
Retweeted by Carta MonirThe amazing thing about making hardcore porn is that every time you start to doubt your self-worth, you get a compl…
Retweeted by Carta MonirThis was so good and HOLY SHIT Mickey and Michael and Sophia and Lala and everyone!!!!
Charlotte is a disabled trans women who has recently found a place to stay after 16 years of living unhoused. She n…
Retweeted by Carta MonirDid you know #PatientZero is not a thing, based on a comprehension error that was abused by a hack journo? Gaëtan D…
Retweeted by Carta MonirFor all the people asking if they could donate. I set up a gofundme if you would like to help out.…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir
Retweeted by Carta Monir @VVVisection Oh shit I think I might have left my balls in your car? Can I have your keys real quick so I can checkChoose your fighter
Retweeted by Carta Monir @mxgloom I get *so many* of those lmao @jamesid I don't know, I like it when my doctor says that same thing @HedgeMom Not yet but a girl can dream @olivebrinker *in mirror* nice my panis. nice my pabisThe amazing thing about making hardcore porn is that every time you start to doubt your self-worth, you get a compl… think about this tweet... every day @xpatriciah @TheGayChingy Not just straight but straight with... the WORST MAN @nyanotech @recursive That's just Spider-Man @nyanotech @recursive Two little faces going "GWAMP" @recursive "precision female load" that's me @jonniphillips *reply guy voice* beautiful that zigzag tongue @Moosekleenex KELLY 😍 @SecretestCisco So was the French Revolution @SecretestCisco Wow that was so long ago!this is so fucked
Retweeted by Carta Monir @faitpoms LOLWow remember when everyone in my life didn't know exactly what my dick looks like?? Those were troubled times
Retweeted by Carta Monir @winocm @Wxcafe @nyanotech @sendqueery @xMegaMichellex I don't know exactly what I'm looking at, but I know it's perverted @Wxcafe @nyanotech @sendqueery @xMegaMichellex I've used a soldering iron like... five times in my life I'm not cut out for this @Wxcafe @nyanotech @sendqueery @xMegaMichellex Are these jokes @sendqueery @nyanotech @Wxcafe @xMegaMichellex Look lady I only fuck this machine because I'm paid to @nyanotech @Wxcafe @sendqueery @xMegaMichellex I'm faving all these tweets as if I understand them @sendqueery @Wxcafe @nyanotech @xMegaMichellex @lilly_wachowski @sendqueery @Wxcafe @nyanotech @xMegaMichellex Dot matrix gender @ADirtyTrans ah that makes sense!!A lot of the listings are like this. Enormously expensive, no description, one picture... in this case it appears t…'m always looking at printing equipment on eBay because there are so many bizarre and pretty machines? Look at the…
it’s my anniversary today so send me gifts in the form of money cashapp : $AllysaEtain googlepay : allysaetain@gma…
Retweeted by Carta MonirMILF (man I love f*ggots)
Retweeted by Carta MonirIf you're looking for a way to channel your depression and want to do something the DNC would hate, I recommend don…
Retweeted by Carta Monirso i set up a gofundme for a couple reasons. one, i want to look to the future and put myself in a position financi…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @TheAuntifa We like the cars / the cars that have wombs @10copper Damn, I guess my tweets are just Too Good @GadzooksB It stands for long haired butch, it's a lesbian acronym @GadzooksB Damn I thought everyone knew LHB @10copper 😾Man fuck all of you this is funny(Lethal Head for Birds)If you're reading this, send a dollar. Send $5 if you can.Is Fabio an LHBThe first and last time I used an elliptical I thought they were the most complicated and painful machines ever bef… donate to help this trans woman in need! Even a little bit helps ❤️ is getting in the way of me having my perfect porno slut body and I'm mad about it.Hello My name is Sherry and I am homeless. ( I need food, a weekly bus pass for the week, new clean "cheap" clothes…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @emuchaton Uncrack it immediately @emuchaton Fuck ing G O D"i can't wear a mask, i have a lung problem.." alright lady i have huge nuts but i still wear pants to work
Retweeted by Carta Monir @Mountaingoat_69 Don't tempt me Hanky Panky
Retweeted by Carta Monir
@Mountaingoat_69 can't wait to bite the shit out of those @Mountaingoat_69 GET IT HANKY PANKYLooking forward to a midcentury revival of Darwin Awards-type books all centered on the worst, most pain-inducing tweets from each yearI feel like future high school textbooks will be full of images like this labeled, "Many democrats remained optimis… ok I'm going the fuck to sleepAre lion furries horny on mane @CKdotbiz I'm working on a few brand contingencies @CartaMonir what if it were pronounced faguette, gay bread
Retweeted by Carta Monir @safety_pinup Soft, like any dignified bottomfaggot but it's pronounced "fahjette"cis liberals spelling "tranny" as "trxnny" to be more inclusive
Retweeted by Carta Monirtag yourself I'm horny
Retweeted by Carta MonirI feel so lucky to live in a time where it's actually revolutionary to be horny online. I'll never stop being horny…
Retweeted by Carta Monirfag lesbian
Retweeted by Carta Monireveryone replying to this post complaining that the word fag should be taken out of the bot or this bot is cancelle…
Retweeted by Carta MonirOpen for a terrible surprise
Retweeted by Carta Monir @lovageandmace I love you ❤️ I miss you ❤️
If you're looking for a way to channel your depression and want to do something the DNC would hate, I recommend don… are in the same issue of wizard (Oct ‘95) and my brain went “——————-”
Retweeted by Carta Monir✨MY TOP SURGERY DATE IS NOVEMBER 3RD! ✨the love and support I’ve been receiving has meant the world to me. I need t…
Retweeted by Carta MonirCan't wait to be locked into men's prison by a no-nonsense she-wolfHey let's look at the best case scenario, I could potentially have my rights taken away by a badass girlboss this timeVote for [Bad/Choice; Kill/Me; Fuck/Everything; We're/Screwed] this election dayMan, fuck this country @CartaMonir me
Retweeted by Carta Monir @stwawbwewymilk Fuck I'm so sorry @xMegaMichellex @CartaMonir
Retweeted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir U know u want it.
Retweeted by Carta MonirPlease sign up to vote in this year's virtual Ignatz awards! @caraesten these tweets are giving me LIFEoh wow I forgot I tweeted this @DiscoDeerDiary LMAO @CartaMonir top connector and bottom connector
Retweeted by Carta Monirvote Agnieszka for mommy dom of the yearFuck I'm obsessed with this video I found though this is just homophobia, plugging in my headphones: "unf this is what men do to women, during fucking"I'm always thrown by the insistence on categorizing connectors as "male" and "female" ... aside from being gender e… you aren't an artist, or aren't able to work on such a project, but are interested in it being made, please boos…
Retweeted by Carta Monir...inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Mass Effect, and Ghost in the…
Retweeted by Carta MonirNow that I've unlocked, I'm reposting this: I'm looking for an artist to collaborate on a serialized, queer, postco…
Retweeted by Carta Moniri feel like the very existence of “coffee chaw” is summoning a new kind of Guy into existence
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