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@alRiggsMusicOk Aw thank you!There are also physical copies available if you want to hold this extremely thick zine in your hands! 400 digital copies sold! This might be the most widely read piece of personal work I have ever made, and I am… is perfect:
Retweeted by Carta MonirThread on the racial politics of Jeanine Cummins "murder-memoir" 👇🏼
Retweeted by Carta MonirIt's Saturday, baby
Retweeted by Carta Monir"for the poster, i’ve included characters from several of my fave queer cartoonists — Ivy Atoms, Edie Fake, Alison…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @antlantern LolllllJust a reminder that I'm selling boutique nudes 😘 treat yourself
Retweeted by Carta MonirWe have a lot of NO TERFS shirts in stock if you don't have one yet!
Retweeted by Carta MonirPlease order stuff from I'm so nervous about taxes lol
Retweeted by Carta MonirThis movie is a fun combo - rare, ludicrous, very 90's. Think of it as a 1990s version of "The Room" but starring e…
Retweeted by Carta MonirThe next installment of "Carta's Movie Club" is going up on Patreon soon! Pledge to not only read my essay, but get…
Retweeted by Carta MonirEYYY everybudy buy our shit!
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she wanders around topless, caressing her tits, saying, “arent these horrible?”
Retweeted by Carta Monircarta drew a little moosh on my bedroom mirror months ago, to help me visualize
Retweeted by Carta Moniruhhhhhhhh i became trans for the same reason everyone else does: so i wouldnt be excluded from the operations of a micropress
Retweeted by Carta Monir @IgnatzHaderach Casey you can do those things anyway @ERossUra ❤️❤️❤️As Carta Monir always says, being trans is a gift and I wouldn't exchange this one for anything.
Retweeted by Carta MonirRealizing I was trans has led to making my best friends, meeting the person I'm going to marry, becoming more open…
Retweeted by Carta MonirI STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (1998)
Retweeted by Carta Monir @ackNalej @Kalekemo 69 baby @crosberg Absolutely! I didn't make this image, I think it's pretty firmly the people's bird @crosberg it would make a cool one!Gonna cancel @CartaMonir for scanning stuff at 1200 dpi like some kind of villain
Retweeted by Carta Moniri am still sporadically drawing, just a lot more for me
Retweeted by Carta Monirhonestly the image is small enough (and our scanner is basic enough) that the scan is still not at the level of cry… finally took a very high-res scan. 1200 dpi tif for all you resolution perverts out there. Enjoy. @BasilBing Aaaaa that's completely stunningThis image is part of my inkjet printer's built-in print test and I genuinely find it very moving
Retweeted by Carta MonirHello old friend keep asking me what EJ stands for it stands for Eindyourown Jusiness
Retweeted by Carta Monirits my birthday! a good day to maybe... read one of my good comix? >:)
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Retweeted by Carta Monir @TheCrystalStorm Thank you ❤️🙏I got a shirt, some stickers and a book 💖 Get yourself some and help support independent trans artists!
Retweeted by Carta MonirCarta remains a total treasure
Retweeted by Carta MonirJust a reminder that I'm selling boutique nudes 😘 treat yourself Twitter. I'm honestly finding it pretty difficult to find a job that will hire a transwoman of color, in tech.…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir DAm WEER REELY HEER uhäähHAWLEEWOOOD
Retweeted by Carta Monir @deprecessary LMAOWe have a new episode out today! It's from our panel at CALA featuring @CartaMonir, @ezracdaniels, and Bryan Lee O'…
Retweeted by Carta Monirnew @saltandhoneypod!! it’s our panel at Comic Arts LA in December ft. our guests, @CartaMonir , @ezracdaniels , an…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @girlsgutsgiallo 🙏🥰phone
Retweeted by Carta MonirThis movie is a fun combo - rare, ludicrous, very 90's. Think of it as a 1990s version of "The Room" but starring e… next installment of "Carta's Movie Club" is going up on Patreon soon! Pledge to not only read my essay, but get… @focus_grouped 🙏❤️ @focus_grouped Sorry yeah that one went fast 😢this is one of my most-worn shirts and it's got a lot to do with it being purple but mostly because its message is…
Retweeted by Carta MonirSomething I think is worth pointing out about quote-unquote messy art is that nobody sets out to make art in the me…
Retweeted by Carta MonirIf anyone is interested in reading my full responses to the interview questions, I threw them up on medium
Retweeted by Carta MonirI was quoted in this article! Thanks Ana
Retweeted by Carta Monirthis shirt is dope you should get one
Retweeted by Carta MonirI love my NO TERFS shirt
Retweeted by Carta MonirGo buy Carta's awesome shirt, I wear mine every week. Or buy something else. Give Carta money, basically.
Retweeted by Carta MonirDiskette puts out such amazing work, and now is a good time to buy a bunch of it and squirrel yourself away with yo…
Retweeted by Carta MonirWe have a lot of NO TERFS shirts in stock if you don't have one yet! order stuff from I'm so nervous about taxes lolsame
Retweeted by Carta Monir @IgnatzHaderach Ugh ppl like u are why I'm an injelAnd remember, you can always get the book digitally as well!
Retweeted by Carta MonirPhysical copies of Napkin are now available online!
Retweeted by Carta MonirPls be very careful w how u utilize “abuser” as a noun! There is no single category of people called “abusers” who…
Retweeted by Carta MonirIt's been a bad few days for getting misgendered and I don't know whyIf you're into trans women, don't hide it! Own that shit. Make people feel like assholes for shaming you for it. Ar…
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Spider butt, spider butt I've got spiders in my gut Every time I poop or pee Lots of spiders come out of me Oh God- I've got the spider butt
Retweeted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir this morning: you know how spider-man has the proportionate strength of a spider? I just have the strength of a spider
Retweeted by Carta MonirGrateful for Twitter today to anyone who's emailed me in the past couple months, I have fallen *very* behind and am trying to catch up o… is also a great time to get some comics, as the money will go straight into a huge machine that'll chop my hug…
Retweeted by Carta Monir @chairdesklamp I'm hoping we can just repair itAnd another link to the full report!!!
Retweeted by Carta MonirFor more information visit
Retweeted by Carta MonirThis report was written by @MistressBlunt and Ariel Wolf, with advisement by Naomi Lauren of #WCIIA. 📝 Designed b…
Retweeted by Carta MonirTakeaways: - v difficult to tease apart impact of FOSTA-SESTA and an overarching whorephobic online hellscape. -…
Retweeted by Carta MonirRecommendations:
Retweeted by Carta MonirCommunity quotes on shadowbanning
Retweeted by Carta MonirCommunity quotes on getting kicked off #fintech
Retweeted by Carta MonirOn #fintech
Retweeted by Carta MonirOn access to community post #FOSTA-#SESTA
Retweeted by Carta MonirOnline workers use of the web including digital security and harm reduction
Retweeted by Carta MonirOnline sex workers share their experiences post #FOSTA-#SESTA
Retweeted by Carta Monir60.4% of online respondents said that they faced barriers to other forms of labor.
Retweeted by Carta MonirHere are some highlights from the report. Online sex workers say that FOSTA-#SESTA is:
Retweeted by Carta MonirWe hope that this report leads to more research on how marginalized communities are impacted by losing access to te…
Retweeted by Carta MonirWe are super excited to release our community report — ERASED: The Impact of #FOSTA/#SESTA
Retweeted by Carta Monir @JennyVSimile Yes! Not malicious just a teen driver @CKdotbiz Nobody was hurt though and her car was barely affected @CKdotbiz It was a four way stop, distracted teen driver turned left into me @JosephH21637084 Thank youMe, pulling over after being hit: "oh my god I look like such a fag oh fuck oh my fucking god"today was the wrong day to wear my hoodie that reads "COCK UNIVERSITY: ASS OF 19" 😬RIP "GAY," I hope I can revive you hellraiser-style by pouring oil (car blood) on your broken body'm only 2k away from my first big surgery goal! my top surgery consult is coming up in 2.5 weeks, where hopefully…
Retweeted by Carta MonirAs a result, they present a series of stale stereotypes....trans men secretly want male privilege....trans women ar…
Retweeted by Carta MonirThe NYTimes Opinion page is so obsessed with presenting endless "nuanced" takes on transness that they fail to cons…
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@IgnatzHaderach Namio Harukawa!Too many thoughtful tweets today, got to balance them out somehow