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bad girl gone good, kinda 🙃 destroying the moral fabric of society one tweet at a time /// @artofchaospod /// @afterdark_LA ///

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@ChadAlvaXXX @TheTaylorNoir ask someone to search you - i can’t even find accounts of shadowbanned people i follow… @krisscottx ugh. i hate when the owners are there at all unless they’re industry. i went OFF on the guy who lived a… @Horsed00d00 @chkndlsp @gabegutierrez if the cop who shot her isn’t responsible then was it... the gun’s fault?We just reported tonight to the court in #aclu case that we still cannot find parents of 545 kids separated by Trum…
Retweeted by carter cruise @gabegutierrez holy shit#Breaking: statement from grand juror in #BreonnaTaylor case
Retweeted by carter cruise @cwlive2 @Lexual__ feel free to do your own research on it :) it’s not like, a controversial topic. i read about it…
@TheAyenem 1. hotness is mostly subjective but sydney sweeney is objectively perfect 2. you don’t need to put anoth… @ChloeOnlyMe a lot of people try to say that women are biologically wired to “find a protector” while men are wired… @ChloeOnlyMe i think a lot of it is how we teach women to think about their sexuality, more than the biology of the… @Frank78187 ya it’s laziness on their part lol @G3MINIF33D i’m glad i’m not the only one lmaoooo @DailyCaller attacking an institution is not the same as attacking a religion. in its purest form religion is unpro… @__Dariyon @FKAMcButtz @only4memess of course it’s the corruption of humans that cause this, but the institution of… @__Dariyon @FKAMcButtz @only4memess the church has been used to justify wars, colonization, slavery, forced convers… is this just a me thing? 😹when you share a picture or Sydney Sweeney & get a bunch of DMs telling you how much hotter you’ve gotten because o… @IronicChthonic 💯 communication is key. but i also wouldn’t fault someone for initially thinking they were interest… @tastytamara that’s def true if it’s a thing that goes on for a while but no one REALLY cares about someone after o… @TheHornyBaboon i mean even if the sex fire doesn’t mean people want to date you haha. i’ve known a lot of men who… @mondaypunday my head just exploded reading this lol @ChloeOnlyMe you should! the hardest part for my house seeing people is that there’s five of us so if we all see 5… @ThinglesPringle it’s definitely not purely a gender thing but i will admit it’s usually women i see complaining about this haha @stefanfurg1 i’ve seen multiple people use this term to describe how they felt when a one night stand didn’t want t… who needs to hear this but if you aren’t looking for casual sex then... don’t have casual sex. don’t sleep with… @ChloeOnlyMe i feel this haha i got sick multiple times this summer and knew i couldn’t possibly have it bc i haven… @Godzilla833 even if neither candidate does exactly what you want, one is definitely going to be closer to what you… @Godzilla833 if most people voted then not voting might make a point but you’re just joining the millions of apathe… @billblackshow LOL only need that test if we plan on getting freaky lol @specialspagheti 😻Fan art of @CarterCruise 😛 #cartercruise
Retweeted by carter cruise @dances a much much smaller number than there actually are haha for sure @Frank78187 YUM @thealixlynx THANK U. the hat helps. it’s pretty ratch otherwise 😹 @advisorjim hahahaha i think if i were old i might feel the same way. but that would stress me out as his kid haha @Godzilla833 well unfortunately they’re our only choices & only one refuses to believe in science & regularly uses… @GhoztKat i feel awful bc all my friends are down to get tested but i know like one person who got a false negative… @frenchieinLA12 i’m so sorry 😩 hang in there 💕 @gearsofdutyHS high risk factors include: being 65+, having asthma or other lung problems, being obese, heart disea… @ColtonCarlyle @Alex_B1971 @PermianPost oh i feels. i’m not a doctor so my advice is purely my personal feelings. i… @ColtonCarlyle @Alex_B1971 @PermianPost oh jeez. i would not recommend that unless you quarantine for a week (5 day… @PermianPost they’re not making their own decisions though bc their actions don’t only affect them. they affect the… @cesarlebon 💕 @ColtonCarlyle @Alex_B1971 @PermianPost i know you weren’t asking me but personally i wouldn’t feel comfortable tak… @whommusic_ it’s not just grandparents. plenty of young people have severe asthma, autoimmune issues, etc that make… @PermianPost well not everyone high risk is elderly & willing to trade a few months of family time for the rest of their life. @PermianPost sure, if you don’t give a fuck about the high risk people in your life. @IceKareemy 🤗💕 @whommusic_ me either lol but if there were less cases i would feel more comfortable seeing the occasional tested f… thinking about how nice it would be to see even ONE (tested) friend without having to panic for two weeks afte…
@TheHornyBaboon i know it’s not my fault i haven’t left my damn house or seen anyone beside my roommates in fucking 7 months lol @JENergizerr i hate to harp on it but everyday i see someone on social media being so fucking ignorant 😩 @_akabutt literally every weekend posting “love my quarantine crew” with a different group of people el oh el @_akabutt maybe so & obviously they should have but tbh in LA a lot of people have been treating this like it’s not… @Alex_B1971 oh totally. i’m not high risk but i don’t want it for that exact reason. but the people making this arg… @whommusic_ there was definitely a point long ago where we could have gotten it under control but it’s probably lon… @whommusic_ nothing will be “normal” until a vaccine is fully distributed, but we could at least get to a point whe… @ArmstrongPjames i just said 50% to avoid overestimating but yes it’s probably much more and then once you count ev… mostly i’m bitter that there’s no end in sight or even small improvements because of the selfish MFers who thin… yes i am bitter!!! i’m bitter that i’m scared as fuck to see anyone & risk killing someone i love. i’m bitter tha… you really gotta be a selfish twat to demand 150+ million people (plus everyone who lives with a high risk per… whole “if you’re high risk for covid then just stay home while the rest of us live our normal lives & drag this… @chelcQuEEN holy shit that is so fucked ☹️ @Czsmith5 meh i don’t think it’s only american. i’ve seen plenty of foreign influencers get busted for fake as fuck… @IceKareemy drop that venmo @ foolbut how will i survive without seeing 400 instagram pictures a day of influencers in tulum?! how am i supposed to k… @cheesewizbandit white people irresponsibly bringing disease to mexico... why does this sound so familiar? 🤦🏼‍♀️Someone Venmo me $200 so I can take the LSAT in January
Retweeted by carter cruise @samkillen @rjreport TRU @dianababy88 lmk when he’s charged with a crime! @dianababy88 biden didn’t break the law tho? or should all parents be punished for their kids “crimes” @dianababy88 you’re* @dianababy88 lmaooooo oh please, like you haven’t found a way to justify trump’s many affairs & his disgusting comm… @MalevolenceInc1 even the basic ass suburban housewives in my boring ass hometown did cocaine lol it’s rly not uncommon @NorwegiannBabe no judgment from me - i think they should all be decriminalized anywayi always thought Ekali looked like a sloth.
Retweeted by carter cruise @JayZito avn vibez @Jamal696867 yes, it’s called addiction & it’s a disease. some people are blessed with the ability to dabble in dru… folks really believing that none of the trump family has ever tried cocaine is so fucking funny to me 😹 there… @cwood881 “but LA has in-n-out” 🙄🤢 @FrankP614 sometimes you just want a simple treat, no judgment from me unless he got mint 🤮 @amydipa nah, sometimes you just want something simple ya know @ziggynole85 YES omg. you can get a milkshake, burger, corn dog, & onion rings (or many other kinds of mains/sides) for like $5 @ANDRECthatsme i could make like 3 meals out of a tray for $5 haha @the_je85 hey sometimes you just want a simple treat @KVKeefe no hangover cookout?! a damn shame @rjreport okay so maybe not 500 but 40 is still a lot compared to the 3-5 max most places have @Kaviar1911 i know it started in NC but i think they’re now in a bunch of southern states! @KevinWhite28056 lots of people depending on the location - some are more walk up friendly than others @craymusic like, everyday ☹️CALIFORNIA: TODAY is the last day to register to vote and receive your mail-in ballot before election day. Don’t…
Retweeted by carter cruise @MADGRRLmusic omg lolpeople mad as fuck in the comments that the media is asking biden what flavor milkshake he got 😹 but us folks from… @aeurton31 @Addicted2Poli @tylerpager @JJohnsonLaw ya i’m sure none of the trump family has ever tried cocaine befo…
@Jmott_97 i was gonna say i can totally can imagine him dropping them - makes sense with his other music and his fan base for sure @dances what i’m gathering from this thread is that i could 10/10 drop them in a set and enough people would get hype haha @AidenAshley hahahaha WHY @jonesrob10 hahah they are they just dropped a fire tune. but i am more a fan of their older stuff bc that’s when i really listened to them @XMISHACROSSX i mainly just always wanna drop them in a set but have no idea if people would be like oh hell yeah i… @jangelgoat yes that’s pretty much the basis for it. that concept started in the late 1800s with the “New Thought”…