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@neon_heartbeat Not sure what this was originally referencing, but that word will always trigger this in my head. @neon_heartbeat Michael Sheen really had some fun with those, didn’t he? @neon_heartbeat Was this the fight that ended up fake, or is that a different one?
@gmcalpin He’s done some great stuff, particularly recently. @dykemadden Postmodern Jukebox all day every day!Here is a timeline of Trump saying, for eight whole months, dozens of times, that the pandemic is "going away." I…
Retweeted by Carter AdamsLooks like an increasingly powerful electorate to me! 🤗
Retweeted by Carter Adams @GailSimone ALASKA?! @R2Shelby2 I know there’s a ton of other factors involved, but I know a guy who’s been in a certain comic actor’s w… @guyofdickborne Not a Free Fire fan?NOT TRUE : The Trump children are barred from a running charity. TRUE: After getting caught stealing money from a…
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@soMelanieSaid Thanks. Finally embracing the rising numbers, in light of [gestures vaguely to everything]. @robdelaney You’re still voting as an American? We appreciate it.Unbelievable. In the middle of a pandemic, Trump wants to throw tens millions of people off of health insurance, in…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @slugsXO #2spoopy @soMelanieSaid I was newly 32 years old when I learned how to call the White House. @guyofdickborne If I wasn’t already watching, I’m on board now.
@joedunn721 He’s found what makes him happy now, so at least there’s that. Also, one of the two young kids is about… @HrishiHirway Watched @Lin_Manuel’s episode of @SongExploder tonight; loved seeing that passion and your added visu… @null_fruit Wait, they’re not supposed to be dipped in chocolate? @joedunn721 Definitely check it out when you can. Alex Winter has become a really solid documentarian. It’s just no… @joedunn721 Have you seen @ShowBizKidsDoc? Wheaton has some serious Things To Say. @guyofdickborne Gotham did blimps?! I wish I had the time for everything I need to give a second chance. @sammyyy_f @R2Shelby2 @OkayOwl will never not be terrific!
@lianakangas SO UNDERRATED @GailSimone John Stewart, Simon Baz, & Jessica Cruz #Top3GLs @neon_heartbeat Yikes. I remember a similar silence when SJ tried to make that trans movie (and when MR actually produce one). @neon_heartbeat Is there a collected thread with all this, or did everyone post about it separately?
32 continues with @BURGERFI, @DCBatman, and @TheBoysTV. (Second cake is the real one.) @guyofdickborne I did not know his real name. Glad Johnny Lawrence is in my corner. @null_fruit What did you think of my Chris comparisons? @null_fruit We were going to have a socially distanced visit with my parents this weekend, but my dad recently drov… @guyofdickborne Who is Billy Z? I could only think of Zane.Breakfast of mango-passion fruit macarons and @martinellis cider. I have the best wife, and 32 might end up being a… @urulokid This tracks. @guyofdickborne And here I thought Snoop Dogg was my most prestigious birthday Buddy. @soMelanieSaid I hear six words is a good limit.FINALLY. It only took...60 years of televised debates.
Celebrating early with that 🌮 🔔. Nothing like a little @MountainDew Baja Blast. @neon_heartbeat Mrs America all the way. @alt_fruit So what you’re saying is...there’s NO chores in that house? @dykemadden I can’t wait to return to this universe. @kylerehl But you get to be a hub for media production now! That’s got to mean something in non-pandemic times. @null_fruit There you go. @MythicalChef Some call it a Kaiser blade. @null_fruit Would it help if we use MS Paint to give them superhero costumes, or is that unfair bias? @OkayOwl @casualbarfer @MonthThePodcast You tagged a man who doesn’t use Twitter! What horrors shall be unleashed?! @null_fruit If you genuinely haven’t watched Hamilton yet (and I know it’s not perfect, because no media is), I wil… @DanielleSATM You talked to the MOOCH?! That’s phenomenal! @neon_heartbeat CRISP RAT
@alt_fruit Then the omnivores welcome you back with open arms...and masks from six feet away.I'm not surprised that the same people who think "freedom" means they get to force pregnancy on you also think "fre…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @DanielleSATM The world needs more @rizwanahmed. Loved him since @4lionsfilm. @ThatKevinSmith @marcbernardin The Matt Smith Star Wars casting was true...originally. The final cut of Episode IX… EATING CROUTONS AS A SNACK
Retweeted by Carter Adams @Loraxx One and the same. Predicting the second coming is pretty hard work, apparently. @neon_heartbeat Fanfic can actually be turned into a Good Thing?! @HarpalKhosla You joke, but the actual movie looks pretty good.
@alt_fruit Why do I always assume you don’t eat meat? @Loraxx Ever heard of the Seventh Day Adventists (or watched the @parksandrec episode about the Zorp cult)? It’s like that. @Mythical @MythicalChef @NHendizadeh I don’t know why you’re complaining about the burrito-sized sushi rolls; there… your politics are to the left of Biden, you shouldn't be made to feel badly about voting for Biden in order to s…
Retweeted by Carter Adamsholy shit. It’s so fucking obvious in hindsight.
Retweeted by Carter AdamsI've said it before & I'll say it again: What makes me love this iconic performance is that at literally no point i…
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@FuckFacePod Why is @GeoffLRamsey paying for “Robert Galbraith” books? The author is human garbage and doesn’t dese… @GailSimone The role of Brady was supposed to be Anton Yelchin (Chekov for JJ’s Trek), but they had to recast when… @lianakangas He was so wasted by only playing that part in an animated version. The one good thing Sucker Punch did… is, in fact, the ONLY thing that should come back from dexter.
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This is why conservatives don’t give a rats ass about COVID relief and we need to speak very plainly about that fac…
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@El1teMike Not only are they back to espionage, but everyone got to mature (except Carol/Cheryl) and Archer has to… @archerfxx has @nicolebyer on tonight’s episode; they’re killing it in the guest star (and plot) departm… like @Lin_Manuel has a new challenger in the history rap game.’d be calling for a coup if this was any other country
Retweeted by Carter AdamsLindsey Graham to ACB: "You're not aware of any effort to go back to the good old days of segregation by a legislat…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @dykemadden No child wants to step into the shoes of Michael Shannon; great idea otherwise. @MaraWilson I think Henry Cavill did two good distinct accents in Man from UNCLE and his Superman outings. @neon_heartbeat Happy birthday, fellow Octoberite!Though the Democrats’ 905k-521k lead is big, Republicans have about 400k more high-propensity voters in reserve Th…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @guyofdickborne Oh no! That’s no good. They look so promising (and he deserves all the success)! @guyofdickborne Really? Yikes; guess that’s what happens when Fuller doesn’t stick around. Just learned Rapp is the… @guyofdickborne On top of Tig, the new season has two trans and non-binary characters cast appropriately for a chan… @DanielleSATM This exists in 2020, so yes.
This 'accident' is a reminder that voter registration only exists in the US to suppress votes. That is its original…
Retweeted by Carter AdamsHere's a racial discrimination case that Barrett did decide, where she wrote that being called the n-word at work b…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @Loraxx I’m beginning to think the rumor about him must be true and DJT has proof, considering how Graham has done… @alt_fruit ARE WE ALWAYS THE WORST @sportsarefine Is the VHS a hint at @MonthThePodcast?THIS, from Senator @CoryBooker: “Nothing about this today is normal. This is not normal. What is going on in Ameri…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @guyofdickborne The people who can’t be bothered to care about the well-being of other humans are the fuckups. Not you.A reminder that even in his lifetime, Christopher Columbus was considered so horrendously cruel that the people res…
Retweeted by Carter Adams @joedunn721 Some people like Robin Lord Taylor. @null_fruit I’ve seen racial and orientation-based slurs in the mobile version. You’d think they’d be able to prevent that. @guyofdickborne I was watching American Werewolf in London for the first time and learned he did a movie with Chane… @neon_heartbeat WHERE DID THE RIAN JOHNSON SHIRT COME FROM I NEED IT
@DanielleSATM Happy birthday! 🎉🎂🎁🎊 Watching an old (but new-to-me) movie in your honor.happy indigenous people's day
Retweeted by Carter Adamsfuck christopher columbus, happy indigenous peoples day
Retweeted by Carter Adams @alt_fruit I hope you’re able to achieve this soon, as well as anything else you’d like. You are too unique a part of the world to lose. @MaraWilson Watched @ShowBizKidsDoc today; you all made something truly remarkable. @Winter should be eligible for…