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Author of THE PRETTIEST STAR ⭐️ (@hubcitypress April 2020)and THE EVENING HOUR (@bloomsburyUSA) he/him

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Today from the #wnbabooks #greatgroupreads list we are featuring The Prettiest Star by @CarterSickels. You can purc…
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All entirely attributable to @kdwinchester reccs! #AppalachainLit
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@frumpenberg Same. I loved just losing myself for a couple of hours. And also, popcorn.
@rebeccamakkai I’m just muting my mic ‘cause I don’t want to talk! 😂
Tonight! 7 pm ET/ 4 pt @pludger YES PLEASE
Tomorrow at 7pm ET/ 4pm PT I’ll be talking with ⁦@MeganNKruse⁩ for ⁦@literaryarts⁩! Please join us. @HubCityPress @HubCityBookshop The best news! She’s adorable. @JewelDole At film fests now. Stay tuned for more! Thanks ! @sadiesocksjake Thank you! @Mary_M_Davies Thank you! @chris_belcher Thank you! Enjoy!We are gonna read unpublished shit! Blow up the bounds of genre etc! Will @tkiramadden finally do a magic trick???
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @JordanFarmerPhD Thank you! @rynrrck @CampPalmore Not out yet. Stay tuned!Here is another trailer for a film set in Appalachia. This one is not based on a book written by a republican. Jus… @CampPalmore ❤️❤️❤️ @nickwhite1985 @LT_MCQ I’ll spare you. The memoir is all republican talking points and Vance is a republican tool.…
Don’t believe any of the polls. I drove through rural Ohio last night and every yard had trump signs. We are in the…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsHappy National Coming Out Day! I wrote this essay in ⁦@ElectricLit⁩ about watching ⁦@Oprah⁩’s show when I was young…
This election is a tough call because one candidate was endorsed by both the Taliban and the KKK and the other was…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsJoin me today at 1:15 cst/ 2:15 et for the ⁦@SoFestofBooks⁩ ! FB Live or YouTube!
Excited for this, with the amazing @MeganNKruse! we talk about the books we're giving as gifts this year? Can we talk about the local independent bookstores we'…
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @frumpenberg @walkyourcamera @Bookshop_Org @HachetteBooks @HachetteUS This is fantastic! I love @walkyourcamera ‘s… wrote about seeing a queer, HIV+ man on Oprah when I was younger, how this was the seed for my novel THE PRETTIES…
7 pm, tonight!! are thrilled to welcome @CarterSickels in conversation with @PGCMLS tonight to talk about his novel "The Prettie…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsFor Page not to demand Pence actually answer her question on the peaceful transfer of power is a terrible failure o…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsThis white man is a CORPSE, honey. A fly has just been chilling on his head for a smooth two minutes now. #VPDebate
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @jessicahandler I would love to punch his hideous face. @jessicahandler Does it sense something !? The decay...Um what is on his head? A fly?Kamala, finish him!!!!Why why why can’t these moderators do their job and cut off the republican slime? Do they not practice beforehand?If he is going to be allowed to lie, interrupt, and go over his allotted time, what exactly is the point of this?
Retweeted by Carter SickelsThe. Head. Of. The. Coronavirus. Task. Force. Is. Debating. Half. A. Year. Later. Through. Two. Layers. Of. Plexiglass.
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Tomorrow night!'m going to go right out on a limb and posit that infecting half the government and the top military brass because…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsIt's true we may have reached peak chaos but I believe art & literature still matter. Maybe you agree? Authors w/bo…
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @gayleforman 6th grade.
Chance to see The Evening Hour if you’re in the Bay Area! excited for this! Please join us! scene of the president ripping off his mask, posing and saluting, is deranged.
Retweeted by Carter SickelsThis is the first time I can remember when a sitting president was actively trying to kill Americans. But he is who…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsOkay dems so are we done with the empathy and can go back to hating him? @JasonKyleHoward Is this like their “thoughts and prayers?” Cowards.
@JasonKyleHoward Even when they’re sick and dying. They can’t get enough.Time to run the negative ads, Joe.
The moral of the story is, he lied to you for months and encouraged you to live wrecklessly during a pandemic, and…
Retweeted by Carter Sickelsare you once again furious about the news? You might really enjoy putting some of that energy toward registering GA…
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Looking forward to @SoFestofBooks ! @cathyparkhong Exactly. @rokwon @fieldteam_6 We’ll make it happen ! @rokwon @fieldteam_6 Thank you for doing so much good work. I loved your novel, and I hope we get to meet some day ftf!
Don’t, even for a second, take your eyes off his taxes, his Proud Boys signal, his refusal to denounce white suprem…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsI reserve my sympathy, empathy, and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were mi…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsThat time Trump made fun of his fellow presidential candidate when she was sick. #ItIsWhatItIs
Retweeted by Carter Sickelsthank you, witches
Retweeted by Carter SickelsGood morning, and happy October ! @anjalienjeti @WNBA_National Thank you! @alexanderchee @rokwon @AGReed @jennyhan @ingrid_rojas_c @ayeletw @fieldteam_6 This was great, thank you all! I felt inspired.
Thrilled that THE PRETTIEST STAR is a 2020 Great Group Reads pick! Thank you @WNBA_National! getting to talk books with these two. Here are just a few of my favorites and some fantastic recent reads! @KateAMcMullen Time has been so weird. Remember how March felt like it would never end. How is it Oct? @fSimonGrant Thank you for coming, it was good meeting you! And thanks for this. @megireid 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Love talking with these two. A great books podcast you should follow! 💜💜💜 hope you'll join us for Read | Write | South book club tonight at 6PM. We will be discussing Hub City Press titl…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsTrump refused to condemn white nationalism, bragged about his legions of armed supporters, and said he would not ab…
Retweeted by Carter SickelsI can’t watch, y’all. But will come here for the commentary. 🤞🏼Huge thank you to @pludger for visiting my fiction class. Students loved meeting you, and loved your book. Thank you!
Tomorrow will be a good day for @realDonaldTrump to explain his Russian business deals.
Retweeted by Carter SickelsNext can we talk about Brett Kavanaugh's awesome miracle disappearing million dollar debt, please ?????
Retweeted by Carter SickelsTrump is a criminal but the GOP Senate are his accomplices. Vote them all out. Every one of them.
Retweeted by Carter SickelsHe’s broke, he lives in our house, and he’s been stealing from us.
Retweeted by Carter Sickels$750. Vote this POS out!!!!reminder that Trump’s personal loan officer at Deutsche Bank was SCOTUS Justice Kennedy’s son
Retweeted by Carter SickelsFederal income taxes paid in 2017 (jointly with spouse): Joe Biden - $3,742,974 Kamala Harris - $516,469 Bernie…
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @jerichobrown So much more.
Thank you, indie bookstores! 💙❤️💜 @frumpenberg @HeadandHand @bluestoopphl @cherrystpier @Tin_House @jennshapland @carmenmmachado @LizMooreBooks
@khenslelowrance @downboundbooks @AMIGHTYBLAZE Thank you!Cincinnati has a fantastic indie bookstore, @downboundbooks , and I loved talking to the owner for this video!
@pludger This is good, thanks.
It’s a special kind of cruelty that more protestors in Louisville tonight will be charged than men who murdered Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @frumpenberg Yep. And doubting if you were really sure of what you were doing at any point. Or even if you were su… love libraries! Thank you! 💜 talk, it’s awful to not be able to safely see friends or family or travel, yet work productivity expectations…
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One of our favorite novels of 2020 ✨ | @HubCityPress @CarterSickels
Retweeted by Carter Sickels @ReadAppalachia @HubCityPress Thank you!THE OFFICIAL ABECEDARY OF #sfb2020 S is for: -Sabic-el-Rayess @amrasabicPHD -Sepetys  @RutaSepetys -Shotz …
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@anjalienjeti Thank you! I’m excited to read yours! @CrystalWilki Should get mine soon! Oh, Kanye....🙄 @jessicahandler Give it at least 4 episodes or just try season 2! Takes off in second season. I love it.
@anjalienjeti He would have done much better. It still would have been nearly impossible, but he had a much stronger campaign. @cathyparkhong Exactly! I’m living in KY, and it’s obvious she’ll never win. Please donate to the seats we can flip blue.
@mchangpoet Thank you!Wanna hit up all the most vulnerable races at once and put your dollars where they have the most impact? This fund…
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