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Richie @cartoonegro Harlem, New York

NYC | Gamer, Anime and Wrestling enthusiast.

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@UnearthIyChiId @Ty_Rants Could believe itThey said fuck the pandemic.Everybody really couldn’t miss MLK this year 😂 SMH!Truly... y’all spoiling it 🥴 lol
Because you did tf outta ‘Streets’.’m choosing violence today cause a lot of people got me fucked up... @Ty_Rants The game is out? @imashleyhall @DPJolly_ Haha ❤️❤️ @imashleyhall @DPJolly_ I meant a 😍 sorry I was typing fast @gReEnGuY_4 I know that’s RIGHT! @Trevoy_ 😍 look so cute☠️ We 🤠 Be 🤩 Ready #WrestleMania
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Retweeted by Richie @ComeOnVegeta 😂I just wanna be your favorite. @hoodopulence Sure was5 star match. The ending could choke though.’s not even about that though lol @TRULY_A_CLASSIC Me right now 😂 @CaliMOfficial_ Still one of her best versesThis hookah got me lightheaded 😵Hookah 💨 @gReEnGuY_4 @Ty_Rants Purrrrrrrrhow are y'all not embarrassed to post videos of you at a party/going out 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Richie @CaliMOfficial_ @MickieJames @WWE This is WWE we talking about lolanti is turning 5... half a fucking decade... rihanna please do sumn
Retweeted by RichieNow, come on. Lol! @aZollas Then one of them got turned into a white Walker sheeshI’ll watch the new episode of Attack on Titan tomorrow. Plus I want to rewatch older seasons.. @aZollas My heart!I give 0 fucks and I got 0 chill in me.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
Retweeted by RichieThey make me so beary happy🧸🥰
Retweeted by RichieGEEKED! @Ty_Rants @gReEnGuY_4 Maybe, the way I’m so excited for this game. Nuts!
@CupcakKe_rapper If you’re still in a giving mood $cartoonegro ❤️ @CupcakKe_rapper $cartoonegro ☺️❤️ @CupcakKe_rapper $cartoonegro ❤️New year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by RichieRunning on 2 hours of sleep 😴Taurus’ll be amazed by how unattractive a person becomes once the lesson is learned.
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@_BayBey That’s what I’m saying lol she such a clown I swearAccording to @AsianDaBrattt Doll is so annoying.Lmaooooooo huh??????? Hood prices??? Girl hush., respectfully ❤️ @TheTasheemW Omg he going? How about you find a new nigga 🥴 @TheTasheemW Aww lolLemme get my video together. @KPCeeJ I did lol @rocketzpower ❤️❤️❤️ you’ll get through thisGirl please... @LasTrain2London She though she said something @LasTrain2London Ew. @TheNewMethod Because no.Words of affirmation & Quality Time. Hearts. through middle school and high school.’t know yet. I couldn’t tell you what the jokes was about, I would get “cancelled”., I get nervous and freeze. haven’t gotten there yet. esteem. @BejonTaylor Lmao virgoI’m way too emotional. @UnearthIyChiId 😂🌚 @iDavey @_Himm I don’t think it’s hate (well for me) I just got bored with her verses lately. Same ol same ol. @UnearthIyChiId You love singing a fucking song lol @aZollas Yung yang around the houseDoja ate. But that’s expected.“I top your top” ... okaaaay??? Aren’t we all just fucking, who cares 😂😂
Retweeted by RichieLMAOOOOOO YOOO @TheShawnyboy 😲😲 omgDoja’s team gets it.’s always going to be CC for me because that’s ridiculous 😂’s Day is such a disgusting holiday. Don’t mind me, I’m bitter.when y’all come to Atlanta & are fine at first then take Covid back home and it kills all your friends and family,…
Retweeted by RichieI’ve been in the house battling Covid for a good 5 days now. The worst symptoms are over, I gained my taste/smell b…
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Cardi has landed her first lead role in a major motion picture. She will start as ‘Amber’ in the upcoming comedy “A…
Retweeted by Richie @THEEguy_ A music video? She better 🥺Black women >
Retweeted by RichieMegan’s verse is about to annoy tf out of me 😂♥️
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@Ty_Rants @__aadrien @gReEnGuY_4 👀👀👀👀 @BigWheeliana 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 @aZollas It’s tea. I got it on switch.
Y’all Need To See This 😭
Retweeted by RichieAht aht. We didn’t forget.
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Idk what #BussItChallenge y’all doing but please stop.LMAOOOOO
Retweeted by RichieIt's always #BossTime. @SInow Congratulations, @SashaBanksWWE! 🎉 #SmackDown
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