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@Steven_ALloyd @MikeLUHGv7 Nah mate. The players would laugh in your face. @TheSportsman What a dive!!! @Jack16_reeves @_UtdTom @UtdDistrict He is. That's not a man utd player. I was more excited by obertan @UtdDistrict 3 @RedDevil_George @RedDevilBible What? So passion wins you trophies? Why did Wimbledon never win a trophy then? @AreebLUHG @ManLikeMemphis1 @MikeLUHGv7 Not in that manner mate. Proper modern football. @Adamstott30 Sterling has never scored against us, so I just think he has a inferior complex when it comes to playing against Utd @Persie_Official @sohanlon23 If not, which one would you say is? @Persie_Official @sohanlon23 Is that your best goal? @ManLikeMemphis1 @MikeLUHGv7 Cause he goes to teams with small squads. Remember this @RobbieSavage8 Yeah, can you ask Scholesy why all the ex @ManUtd players seem to be a bit… @MikeLUHGv7 Bielsa never took on top jobs either. His attitude stopped that from happening I can guarantee if he t… @BeardedScholes @Amonmrk @MikeLUHGv7 That's a case of trying to amend 7 years of failure with his reckless approach… @Amonmrk @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Definitely. Its been a season of popularity contests @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 That's why I think Lampard is more geared to have a better career in football managemen… @Amonmrk @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Fellaini was very underrated and was only sold because of fan pressure 1st mi… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 No I really don't mate. I just think if a manager is really world class, that should be… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Hodgson disease atm. Haha @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Only time will tell. Signings are only good if they improve you. They are great when they win you trophies @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Classic case of Guardiola was his 1st season the premier league. He knew he was lacking… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 But they live by those principles and encourage it in any system they play. We beat Ci… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 The premier league @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Defo. But Mourinho liked power and physicality in his Chelsea teams, he adapted to the… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Pep Guardiola is tiki taka. Lampard plays attacking possession football As does Potter… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Klopp's style is based on Arrigo Sacchi's tactical style. I think it's called a gegenpr… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 @saifrahmanb10v2 @BenMFeldman @LiamPaulCanning No. Not at all. Why, cause all we needed was to beat 2 already releg… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Every manager should have a football philosophy in the modern era. I'll send you quote… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 That's absurd. I can clearly define what Pep's and Klopp's style is. Fuck, I even know… @MikeLUHGv7 @BeardedScholes He has, but I dont think solskjaer knows what his style is. That's the biggest problem… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Completely agree with that. Does it not concern you that he might have been found out t… @MikeLUHGv7 Oh oh. Wait for the AWB supporters come at you.
@BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 What is Ole's tactics? What is he trying to do? @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 You don't need over a year to coach players. You really don't The players by into it o… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 We have gone a few games this season with no chances created in the 1st half. xG is fai… @ftblethan__ Are you a Glazer supporter? @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 No, not by himself no. But unfortunately the manager is the main figurehead of a footba… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 The next game. It's a pathetic tool. xG stats will not improve finishing Andy cole fo… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 Solskjaer was the finishing coach at Utd when he went into coaching I'd be very concern… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 But points and league position define a football team, not xG I had an arguement over x… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 That's just a lie. Points define football managers. Not some xG stat. So if we got rel… @BeardedScholes @MikeLUHGv7 What?? So pre the xG crap, what were managers judged on? @DrippyGreenwood @MikeLUHGv7 You like the Glazers now I'm taking? @Shappy_C @lauriewhitwell @TheAthleticUK I'm not an overpaid multimillionaire footballer mate. Somehow these footba… @Theatreguy49 @talkSPORT 😂😂 @rioferdy5 @RobbieSavage8 Spot on @utdreport In other words, Neil Ashton and the Glazers has briefed them to do it. @MikeLUHGv7 Another way of putting it. We Morgan was much more influential for Leicester than Maguire ever was @ThomsonCiaran Dim problam met @ThomsonCiaran Yeah defo. Top rated series atm @ThomsonCiaran Slow to start off with buddy @lauriewhitwell @TheAthleticUK Another thing, harry Maguire and solskjaer didn't think of donating 30% of their wag… @AndyRobUnited @UtdDistrict I've tweeted it before now, it's a massive publicity stunt. Add to the fact the Glazers… @lauriewhitwell @TheAthleticUK And another PR stunt. How many times is this going to be reported in a different way… @jaybrown720 @AnNhin52277894 @Figoo2x @LiamPaulCanning Did you Google translate that? Haha. Da iwan met @AnNhin52277894 @Figoo2x @LiamPaulCanning I'm not a Poch supporter. Just think he is a much better coach and tactic… @StanCollymore @ManUtd Paying the staff in full is a no brainer for the Glazers, it can be offset against other thi… @talkSPORT I'm heterosexual thanks @Pschmeichel1 @IntChampionsCup @ManUtd @FCBarcelona Messi isn't that good at penalties anyway. Missed about 12 I think @1CraigFisher @lholsy @itsbrunoyouknow @ScholesyTime @NaldoUtd @lfcdaily5 What's the deal with the FIFA cards? @AnNhin52277894 @Figoo2x @LiamPaulCanning Agree. But it takes much more than decorating a football team to win trop… @SalfordLadsArmy @utdreport @neilashton_ Hello mate. Hows the boring social distancing doing? @lholsy @itsbrunoyouknow @ScholesyTime @1CraigFisher @NaldoUtd @lfcdaily5 I'd rather TAA at the moment cause he is… @Ametefesamuel @Artsenalszn @mufc__liam @UtdTgns @CFCTotal Ok, Sheffield United will win the league next season 68… @Ametefesamuel @Artsenalszn @mufc__liam @UtdTgns @CFCTotal Who in the last 20 years has won the league on 67 points?? @oakleyffs1 @Figoo2x @josh_nika Like Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes do you mean. What angelic true reds they are @ScholesyTime @1CraigFisher @itsbrunoyouknow @lholsy @NaldoUtd @lfcdaily5 Why the hell are people using FIFA stats… @Ametefesamuel @Artsenalszn @mufc__liam @UtdTgns @CFCTotal We are on 45 points mate. Not sure if you know, but we w… @CFCTotal No, TAA is expected to attack in and attacking setup, AWB is expected to defend in a defensive setup. How… @_BrunoSZN_ @AndyRobUnited So Antonio Valencia was a better player than Beckham then. @itsbrunoyouknow @1CraigFisher @lholsy @ScholesyTime @NaldoUtd @lfcdaily5 AWB is not younger than TAA. AWB is 2 years older. @NaldoUtd Also I'll add Bielsa into that as well. You know that guy who tore us apart in the Europa league in 2012?… @NaldoUtd Nowhere did I say he should be challenging for titles. Exciting football doesn't need millions spent on… @NaldoUtd With only a net spend of 20m a season and playing in Wembley for season? Your logic makes solskjaer look worse mate @NaldoUtd So anyone manager can do it then if it only takes buying players? Sounds like FIFA to me Ridiculous stat… @ManUtd @vancole9 Quality @NaldoUtd So your opinion is, coaching and tactics are overrated and managers like klopp win trophies cause they sp… @NaldoUtd That utd team was also capable of shredding teams open and was in no way as defensive as this team is. O… @NaldoUtd My god. That is not an excuse. Mourinho was winning the league with an average age of 24.9 in 2005 in his… @NaldoUtd We are the glorified version of crystal palace. And that's unfair to Hodgson who doesn't get to spend 200… @NaldoUtd Do even with Bruno Fernandes @NaldoUtd If I was a liverpool fan I'd would love Ole to stay. Right, you need to learn a bit about attacking foo… @NaldoUtd In open play. Ole doesn't know how to orchestrate a attacking build up with his 90's tactics @NaldoUtd In open play. You know, when we have the ball. @NaldoUtd We beat Chelsea and city without Bruno Fernandes, it isn't a hard thing to do this season. The rest were… @NaldoUtd Manchester United with Rashford this season - 45% win rate Manchester United without Rashford - 66% win rate @NaldoUtd Erm, we have. @NaldoUtd Lingard and Pereira @NaldoUtd @BrazyBissaka So, in theory, ole is our Puel @NaldoUtd And to counter lingard, Pereira and james, that's on Ole. Until injuries Ole didn't trust fred nor matic.… @NaldoUtd Pogba was playing no 6 in a defensive setup. Made no difference We have a better win rate without Rashford @NaldoUtd @BrazyBissaka Ancelotti: It's a lot easier to react/counter than when the onus is on a team/manager/playe… @NaldoUtd @BrazyBissaka Where were Leicester when Rodgers took over? Do you really think top teams are brilliant ca… @NaldoUtd Attacking, players knowing when to run off the ball, movement, positioning, overlapping, underlapping. U… @NaldoUtd @BrazyBissaka Brendan Rodgers is the reason Leicester are 3rd @NaldoUtd We score an early goal an sit back against most teams mate. We dont win games were we concede first. We d… @NaldoUtd He will improve, but not much in an attacking sense. You either have it or you don't. I like AWB, but no… @BrazyBissaka @NaldoUtd Ricardo Pereira? @NaldoUtd Crossing @NaldoUtd AWB is 22. Lahm went to defensive midfield cause he had the attributes to play defensive midfield. Like k…