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CEO: J Casas & Associates, Educator, Author of #Culturize & #LiveYourExcellence. Speaker. #FutureReady Advisor. Passionate about kids & serving others.

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@CoxHerb Looking good my friend. @sheila23hall @PrincipalKafele @candor @LCliattWayman @brewerhm Thank you Sheila!#DailyInspiration Dr. Sanee Bell
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @principalwinter @PeterOMoran Thank you for the consideration. Much appreciated. @RapidsKindness @GustafsonBrad @hiltonheadsc Thank you!Doing my best @GustafsonBrad impersonation. @hiltonheadsc is the day. Hope you can join @MasonVenola @Wes_Kieschnick and me for our 30 min webinar, "What Comes Next: L…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#ThoughtForTheDay When it comes to performance we all need feedback in order to continue to improve. The key is to… @ZReynoldsLHS Thank you Zach! @arleen1023 Hope you enjoy #Culturize Arleen! @melissa_lime So glad it went well Melissa. Thank you for investing in #LiveYourExcellence
Waking up to this beautiful view and reading a new book! "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @Delia_Soto1 Glad to hear you are enjoying #LiveYourExcellence Delia.Leaders are intentional with their efforts. Blog post on “What is the focus of 2020-21” Tha…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#DailyInspiration @TeachMrReed
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @mjjohnson1216 Thank you Meredith. Much appreciated.#ThoughtForTheDay Remember that every stage, field, court, pool, & mat is an extension of the classroom. The way we… @rvegab_TISD Thank you Rosy. Truly grateful & honored to have spent the morning with you and your team. Keep inspir…
@mcmillon_serena That is great to hear. Keep up the great work.Rereading (or listening to 😁) great books is a must for ESL readers like me... #Culturize by @casas_jimmy Try…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#DailyInspiration @rickwormeli2
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @ClaudiaHSoto Thanks Claudia. So great to connect with all of you today. Keep inspiring! #LiveYourExcellence @InKelliesClass Thanks Kellie. Let us know what you think. #Culturize @JoAnnaMCastell1 @burgessdave @joboaler @ddmeyer @robertkaplinsky @saravdwerf @dbc_inc @burgess_shelley @BethHouf @rjadeellis @katiesting @lindseyyj26 @4thSTEAM Thank you Jade! #Culturize @jimellis75 @tim_fausnaught @DJMfromAGC Unless you care and you don’t do. :). Even when we care we can lose credibi… One way to ensure prospective new families feel welcomed & valued is to ensure that schools take…
@LGonzalez_GES @LCraddick Agreed! Well said Lindsey.#NPC20 The best educators never stop learning about their #students or their craft. Browse book by @casas_jimmy :…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @LCraddick Exactly Linda. Thank you. Agreed. Bringing your best self is allowing others to see you at your most vu… Justice Education and the School Leader: Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 7) NO registration fee Featuring…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasDon’t Forget About Educator Safety When Reopening Schools #edchat #cpchat #suptchat
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasJust finished #LiveYourExcellence for the second time. I would let you borrow it but there are too many notes in th…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @slitmanhall Thank you Sue! Glad you enjoyed #LiveYourExcellence#ThoughtForTheDay Regardless of our role in education our students need us bringing our best selves to school every… @casas_jimmy I am excited to facilitate a summer book study for school leaders to reflect on our practices and shif…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @melissa_lime Awesome Melissa. Let me know how I can help. Keep inspiring. #LiveYourExcellence.#DailyInspiration
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @katiesting @SusanNations1 @lindseyyj26 @rjadeellis @4thSTEAM Thanks for reading & sharing #Culturize
#ThoughtForTheDay As schools begin to lay out plans for the fall be mindful of where & w/whom you share your frustr… @robbie_compton Thanks for reading & sharing #LiveYourExcellence Robbie.
Did you miss any of the #FutureReady Podcast Series "Leading Through Unprecedented Times" Season One? Check out the…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#ThoughtForTheDay One challenge I often see & experienced myself was asking staff & students their thoughts on a to… @cblitoub @DelValGradCE @DelVal Awesome. Congrats Lindsay!
ATTENTION!!😲😲 I've completely updated my Top 125 Book Rankings!! Below is a sneak peak of 1 - 25. Want to see t…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @WhaleySchool Thank you for reading and sharing #LiveYourExcellence#ThoughtForTheDay Trust is the most critical component in healthy cultures. At times staff needs a safe place to ve…"Darrin let's us into his heart by sharing personal stories in an honest, thought-provoking way and reminds us thro…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @BradBlack5 Thanks buddy. Looking forward to chatting again soon. @JaredNorthup @Humanex Hey buddy. Thank you. Made my day. Hope all is well my friend. Been too long.
@plugusin @ConnectEDDBooks @Jeff_Zoul Well deserved my friend. We deserved. Keep inspiring.Calling all #PLN @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @jonathanspike @iamDrWill @sarahdateechur @DrBradJohnson @bbray27
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @lcreasyjr Hope you enjoy my friend. #LiveYourExcellenceLeading Effective and Efficient Meetings: 6 Keys via @casas_jimmy
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#DailyInspiration @plugusin
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#ThoughtForTheDay Always impressed w/principals who greet their students at the door as they enter school. Even mor… @kritter12345 @KyleBurritt @mmzacharia Thank you Karen. Can hardly wait to reconnect again soon.
@beckymc39111672 Thank you for reading and sharing. #CulturizeCulturize! Loved this book. So many amazing quotes! @casas_jimmy #highlyrecommendforleaders
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @stephengpeters and I had the privilege to host an amazing session with @casas_jimmy and @PrincipalKafele
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @KellyLSteinke Thank you for reading and sharing #Culturize Kelly.One of the most challenging jobs in education is the principalship. Implementing change, building capacity, communi… The greatest gift we can give any child is the gift of an education. #Culturize
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@readingrocks77 @PrincipalKafele Thank you Yvonne. So great to see you F2F today. Best wishes to you as you move forward. @stephengpeters @MarkWilsonGA @PrincipalKafele Thank you Dr. Peters. Enjoyed every minute of it. Keep inspiring! @DBzibziak4 @MarkWilsonGA @PrincipalKafele @stephengpeters Thank you Donna for being a part of it. Truly grateful f… @LKarseno @PrincipalKafele Thank you Liza! Appreciate you being a part of it. @Crudd2 It's common, especially among large schools due to their sheer size, departmentalization, turnover, etc. No… @acs_mom22 @cook_rse @AlmandBonnie @bea_holmes1 Good for you Anita. That is a great place to start. #CulturizeThank you for taking the time to read Daily Inspiration for Educators.Truly grateful. #DailyInspiration @DawnCampbellEDU @ToddWhitaker @Jeff_Zoul Great to hear Dawn. Thanks for reading and sharing What Connected Educators Do Differently. @michaelnate One way to find out....:) @michaelnate Yes, has to start with the principal so good for you. But now can the same be said of every staff memb… I often hear staff talk about how they are like a family. Yet, they don’t know the names of every… @justinwmcmillan Thanks for giving it a listen Justin! @AChandler_IHS Thanks for reading and sharing #Culturize Amanda. @iluveducating Thank you Alicia! #TLAP @Deb4change @KirkElementary Thanks Debbie! Much appreciated. #TLAPWould love to continue the conversation after tonight. Consider joining a community of educators who aspire for gre… to everyone & until next time….keep striving to Live Your Excellence! #TLAP #LiveYourExcellenceAre you kidding me? That's it? Dang! I want more #TLAPSpecial thanks to @burgessdave @dbc_inc for allowing me to be a part of #TLAP this evening. You all continue to ro… @MsJachymiak I have a good feeling you are. Keep inspiring! #TLAPPlease take a moment to follow those who joined us this evening on Twitter. Remember, together we are better. #TLAPA4: I often remind others that change doesn’t have to be scary & then I do my best to provide the resources, guidan… you everyone for joining me this evening on #TLAP. It’s been an honor & a privilege to learn w/all of you. @TaraMartinEDU @burgessdave @tishrich @tamaraletter @burgess_shelley @emilyfranESL @teach_n_boots @iluveducating you all haven't read #LiveYourExcellence, you really should! For REAL. I LOVE it! @casas_jimmy did a jam up job;…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasA3: own it. Admit your mistakes. Take a step back and regroup. You’ll learn a ton if you just take the time to proc…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasA4: I don’t spend time or energy worrying about why we aren’t allowed to do something, rather I spend my time plann… @DougDunnEdS @SteinbrinkLaura That's always hard to work through. Hang in there Doug. #TLAPA3: Our lives are full of coffee stains from our spills. Don’t let these moments define you. Forgive yourself & move on. #TLAPQ4: Let's bring it home! #TLAP #LiveYourExcellence out my latest podcast interview "Tell Me" by @EmpowerKidsLLC #TLAPA3: Ask myself, to what degree will this mistake matter in one hour, one day, one week, a month or a year from now?… @Deb4change Accountability partners can be so helpful. #TLAPA3: Own it, apologize, ask for forgiveness, & I don’t let my failures define me. Then remember to also forgive others. #TLAPA2 start the day by finding one thing to be grateful for. Also, find accountability partners who will lift you up b…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @LiviaChanL Better late than never. Thanks for joining us. #TLAP