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Jimmy Casas @casas_jimmy Bettendorf, Iowa

CEO: J Casas & Associates, Educator, Author, #Culturize Speaker. #FutureReady Advisor. Passionate about kids & serving others. #LiveYourExcellence

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Can’t think of a better job than traveling the country & supporting principals in their daily work. Grateful for so…! It is hard to believe that an hour just flew by that quickly here on #masterychat Thank you all so much for… @mrsrycroftelkin Congratulations! #masterychatA6: Recognize that I am a learner first. None of us are experts. We simply have different experiences to share with… I feel like I’ve become even more reflective over the years, so I plan to continue to do my best to model the b… We are all a work in progress, always evolving. In what ways will you continue to try & grow in your current ro… coming right up....#masterychatA5: Our lives are full of coffee stains from our spills. Don’t let these moments define you. Forgive yourself & mov… Ask myself, to what degree will this mistake matter in one hour, one day, one week, a month or a year from now?… Own it, apologize, ask for forgiveness, & I don’t let failure define me. Then remember to also forgive others. #masterychatQ5: Rather than dwell on the negative when things don't go as planned, what are some helpful tips you do to help yo… coming right up.....#masterychatQ4: Discuss the pros and cons of saying no to student & staff requests & the potential benefits & implications on y… coming right up....#masterychat @ifireup @ChristineBemis2 @chattygaede @DustinPearson2 Lurking can be good Dorothy. Glad you are here with us tonight. #masterychatA3: Dropped out of college twice. Went to work & then realized my greatest joys came from helping others so returne… @aweninspiration Oh no Ann. I am glad you are doing better. So important to remember it is not selfish to take care… Overcame a lack of confidence of not believing I could lead a school. Great things happen when you surround you… Share an example of a personal or professional challenge that you overcame and what did you learn from it?… coming right up....#masterychat @LCHS_Physics Good for you Kevin! #masterychatA2: We created several programs that celebrated staff & students together in meaningful ways rather than separately… @TheStephenKeys Agreed. We also need to get past the phrase, "We tried that before." #masterychatA2: Proud of our staff because I felt we shifted from an adult centered culture to a student-centered culture. #masterychat @Mrs_Koppers Hey Kristen! Glad you made it! #masterychatWhat is one barrier you overcame to make a positive change in your current role? #masterychat coming right up....#masterychat @cclark421 Well said Christina! #masterychatA1: To cultivate a culture of excellence where every student & teacher was treated fairly & they felt cared for & supported. #masterychatA1: I wanted my school to echo for eternity, where every student & staff member had an opportunity to leave their legacy. #masterychatQ1: What is your vision for your classroom or school? #masterychat excited to see so many passionate educators joining in tonight. First Q will be coming up shortly. #masterychat Casas here and pumped to moderate #MasteryChat.
Attention educators: I will be attending a scholastic warehouse sale next Saturday. Please share some of your favor…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#Masterychat TONIGHT is going to be awesome with @casas_jimmy ! Join us at 7pm CST / 8pm EST over on Twitter!…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @jasongribble @benjamingilpin @GustafsonBrad @Joe_Sanfelippo @E_Sheninger @thomascmurray Well....good thing Ben was… @benjamingilpin @GustafsonBrad @Joe_Sanfelippo @E_Sheninger @thomascmurray @jasongribble Poor Jason. His back must be killing him today.#ThoughtForTheDay No matter how messy your mornings feel somedays just remember that some child will come to school… @tkonz @APTaraKidwell @PWCSNews @NSPRA Yes. Great memories. @tkonz @APTaraKidwell @PWCSNews @NSPRA Thank you Toni. I hope you enjoy it. #Culturize @IHHSPrincipal @Joe_Sanfelippo @VAeducatorRJW @RLGMike @drneilgupta @MadeiraHSPrin @mikesmithlive Thank you Jeff! A…
So great connecting with @RosaIsiah at #FutureReady San Diego. Thank you for all that you do to model the way my fr… grateful for the opportunity to work with this team of passionate leaders. Hard to believe another year has come… @MrsACleveland Ha! No worries. @WebsterPpal Uhh...super cool! Keep up the great work. Love it. #Culturize @LorindaOttaway @mrsmegtreg @burgessdave @mradamwelcome @teachbetterteam @mrronclark_ @ronclarkacademy @gcouros We should never be surprised when students don’t behave or learn at the level we expect them to.… @mrrwayes @CalexicoUnified Great connecting with you amigo! Keep inspiring! #FutureReady @Mr_Nellis Thank you Joel for giving it a read & sharing. #Culturize @LisaPearceEdS @Ga_APBS @Sherrystclair Will be right there with you in spirit Lisa. Thank you! #Culturize @Carmen_Restrepo @thomascmurray @CajonValleyUSD Right back at you Carmen! #FutureReady @kelcoordinates Thank you Kelly. Glad we were able to connect. #FutureReady#Masterychat is going to be EPIC this week with @casas_jimmy! Mark your calendar for this Thursday!
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@troystephglass If you think it made your day Troy, imagine what it did for mine. Thank you! #CulturizeKicking off the #FutureReady San Diego conference with @mrhooker doing the opening keynote!
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasStriving to push thinking on becoming more #FutureReady with educators in San Diego this morning. @JessicaFey5 Hey Jessica! Thank you for the invite. Unfortunately I will be unavailable. I will be in a workshop at… all educators! Edchats are a great way to connect with new friends, generate fun ideas, and of course, feel…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas#ThoughtForTheDay Some days I look back at my 17 yr old self & think I’m not sure I’d ever want to be 17 again & th… food. Good laughs. Good times! @ San Diego, California @burgessdave @alicekeeler @thomascmurray @burgess_shelley Pumped!!!
When it comes clarity, leave nothing to chance. #Culturize . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TeachersofInstagram"Ultimately, at the end of the day, it all begins with an investment in relationships. To really know people and th…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasEarly Bird Registration is now open for our next What Great Educators Do Differently conference in Houston. Hope yo…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasLead calmly...#Culturize . . . . . . . . #TeachersofInstagram #TeacherAppreciation #TeacherShare #TeacherLife What is clear in our minds is not always clear to others. Be sure 2 do daily barometer checks w/s…
@CarstensDan @espn @AKsportshall @CarstensBethany @KenaiSportsGuy @duckfan66 @kpbsd @PrincipalRJones @ChiStateWBB Go Bethany!Love when the kids want to spend time with their grandparents. #familyfirst @ Springville, Iowa not start today.....? #LiveYourExcellence Don’t view having to give consequences to students as something negative. Look at it as an opport… @bell_dawn TY Dawn. And Happy Holidays to you too!
@RosaIsiah @maestra_mendoza That’s a winner Rosa. One month away from my annual tamale day with #MamaCasas I’m sure yours were a winner!So excited to have @Principal_EL leading #ALedchat on Monday at 9 CST! Join us! #Retweet @Cbice_1 @clasleaders
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasThankful this holiday weekend for all the blessings that have come my way since the release of #Culturize two years…’s always about the people!! @GustafsonBrad joins me with some insight for this #LeadershipMinute. #AuthenticEDU
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasA really important reminder from my students: “We Have a Life Besides School.”
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasOnly 6 hours left in the #Culturize campaign to order your t-shirt. Don’t miss out. Order now at…
🌟 Educational leadership coach, speaker, and best selling author @casas_jimmy sat down with us to talk about his pe…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasBlessed. @ Des Moines, Iowa day to order your #Culturize #LiveYourExcellence t-shirt. Campaign closes at midnight tonight! Multiple color… clip from @casas_jimmy is hilarious & so true! #edchat #culturize #thatonekid #education #edutwitter #teach
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#ThoughtForTheDay Can’t get this thought out of my head. Student tells Superintendent that “If we fight in our neig… @LoriWebber9 @LaVonnaRoth @AMMorris123 @ElisaBostwick @JessicaCabeen @melanie_korach @SarahSajohnson @JulieSHasson @PatriciaHolgu15 @JennieChavez15 @Raquel_L_Rod Thank you Patricia! @EmilyAPaschall Love it! Keep inspiring. #LiveYourExcellence
Take a Leap & check out this book from @ElisaBostwick & embrace a new way of thinking when it comes to igniting stu… @VP_JBrown @dbc_inc Thanks for giving it a read Jamie. #CulturizeProud of my girls who strive to live their excellence...every day! Keep living your best life Miraya!… to my partners @josephjonessr @tjvari and my soldier @casas_jimmy for always pushing me to find ways to tran…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas @jennihayesedu @BradOwings @BryanMcDonaldPD @Joe_Sanfelippo @gcouros @SteeleThoughts @ToddWhitaker @BethHouf @PrincipalBallin @MrsDrFerguson @BrianMendler Agreed. Well said. @MTEScounselor @BrianMendler Thank you Nicole! Hope you enjoy it. Keep inspiring!LEADERS!!! BUILDING MOMENTUM FOR STORIES often means making sure that MORE PEOPLE HAVE THE STORY TO TELL. Put your…
Retweeted by Jimmy CasasHad the opportunity to hang with @jeffgargas & @RaeHughart of @teachbetterteam last night and talk #AuthenticEDU. Y…
Retweeted by Jimmy Casas3 days left to order! Don’t miss out on the hottest selling t-shirt out there. Great holiday gift. #Culturize Every… to be on the Brian Mendler show @BrianMendler this week. Hope you will take some time to listen to his podc… When a student is non- compliant, never judge their desire to learn. No S wants to fail, but like… @Dr_DSforza @BectonHS Looking good my friend. Carry the banner with pride!
@TheBradCurrie Appreciate you bro @hannah_andahl @BrianMendler Thank you for giving it a listen Hannah. Glad you enjoyed it.