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@carlosrudriguez she's my sister, she lives alone. seeing your baby nieces on a 5 inch screen is very different from irl. @430Johnson taco is mine, lc is hers. @SamuelJLBrowne looking good!!!! @cmclymer i wish him well and hope others take this as a reminder that no one is above science. @JimmyConrad as long as ‘Kevin’ doesn’t mind us momentarily blocking his driveway He’s cool in my bookthis is how we spend time w my sister. she’s in the car on the right. we’re on the left. Department of Education's grab-and-go free meal service has been expanded to include anyone who wants food, no…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @MrBeastYT @jacksondahl @blakeir missing my friends this morning. rewatching this video from @Dannmace from the 'before' days -- @samsheffer 😍 @jmcalpe @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 ENCINO MAN! great movie @BroichKeegan @JimiBuro @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 I do miss nyc tho. greatest city @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 that’s fair. it’s tough, but it’s fair. @uwlexi @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 we have kids. @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 I’ve never been so humbled @aardvarsk @candicepoolenjoy song btw. 10 out of 10, would listen to againlittle Franny threw all the bad words she could think of at Alexa and Alexa delivered. @h3h3productions @Wil_n12 @HilaKleinH3 you dress like a guy who eats LA pizza and says it’s just as good as NY pizza @Merleshouse89 huh?
@Wil_n12 @h3h3productions @HilaKleinH3 what did I do? we don’t even like pizza in Cali @whatsinside @ZacksJerryRig was cancelled to do quarantine.. figured out how to make it happen anyway. very sweet story from Dan’s such an easy thing to do ONLY if you can. Donate $10 to the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Respons…
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I appreciate this positivity. @Sunder_LAD @media_kraken Well said @ioegreer you should try. deliciouswe’ve been fighting over phone chargers gonna keep this thread going key to making pancakes for kids is to make them really small. then no utensils are needed. thanks for listeni… @jamescharles Congratulations James!!!Can’t believe tomorrow’s Christmas!!
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @bohumphries @greentheonly Is this out? Does my Telsa have this?i know it’s linguini, we’re out of regular spaghetti 🍝Ah shit, here we go again @jacobsoboroff ditto @helena @chrislhayes @drinkhaus can confirm; it's good stuff @AkilahObviously i missed it
Why can’t things just work
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @EstherThePig she’s a beautiful pig @RealDoctorMike @PhillyD Thanks guys.anyone else been eating a disconcerting amount of spaghetti ?I was so much younger three weeks ago.
Retweeted by Casey NeistatWe are not going to be the same after this.
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Candice is washing all of our fruit and vegetables (stuff she just got at the grocery store) in dish soap. serious… work @instagram belongs in a museum *SOUND UP* @RealEvanArcher @AmysKitchen i do and i have! its good but i dont love vegan cheese. prefer without cheese at all @kissesruel @AmysKitchen you have no idea. @jasteinerman @AmysKitchen never seen this in stores. im so down to try tho @runwithheart @trailhen @AmysKitchen i have given you 1 donut during this crisis. one of our very very valuable an… @SanchoWest @TSM_Myth lolManhattan’s Sauce Pizzeria is delivering as many as 400 pizzas a day for free to hospitals. When the restaurant's l…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @MatthewSantoro @HowToBasic my kids freaked out when they heard this @andymilonakis duly noted! after i eat my way through my freezer i'll go there next (while respecting social distancing, of course) @ComfortablySmug oh god. more photos please. @Dannmace how about a thread explaining/showing how the hell you took this picture? @Nick_Kmit @candicepool this is absolutely true @joeahh all true. #witch @HennessyEoin what in the holy hell are you talking about? @mdcarini @verge this feels true. @amsutika we have 2 N95 masks. we've had them forever. i use them for spray painting. their used and smell but if… @IgorCecelja @AmysKitchen we have a tough time getting fresh ingredients. @BLKMDL3 @AmysKitchen a lot of frozen chicken nuggets being consumed overe here too. we are getting low on ketchupactual footage of my kids and me eating whatever @candicepool cooked in the instant pot on Monday nearly a month of subsiding primarily on frozen food i can say wiht confidence that @AmysKitchen is my favori… @oranicuhh Yup @mdornic @kaysha @YouTube why is this so satisfying to watch?how does the guy who took the ladder get out? @aBlooter i asked him to. will let you know if he makes any progress @WissamJaugeon or he's just my friend and rode his bike to my house and we took 30 seconds to make an IG video to l… @WissamJaugeon -- David Blaine continues to blow minds on The Magic Way @FaZeRug i thnk your footwear is the weakest link here. next time try crocks. i think you'll make it to level 12 @edwardhly more of a daffy @tom95076 iappreciatethethoughtfulresponseandwishyouandyourfamilygoodhealththroughoutthisveryscarytimeheyo. Tonight (Wednesday April 1st) on ABC is David Blaine’s magic special. def the best thing on tv (not includin…
@Electro_Couture scooter gang @daisthemaze sorry to hear. @SumterSessoms yeah. me too @jwildeboer nice work! @StephSverdloff we are ok. kids are frustrated but thats understandable @brahmey1 that pretty much sums it up @chrisdraper2007 yeah. i have those moments too @sgregory26 very impressive. future architects right there! @iamwaynegilbert 👍 @sin3stra best of luck @grufwub sorry to hear. hang in there @wazzupchichi truth @KumarSoumick thats the new normal @jradavenport you and me bothhow are you doing today?BE LIKE SANDRA Years Ago Today: Nike's Air Jordans debut in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Raleigh Durham for $65 a pair.
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