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@kayjay_notts NEVERalso (and this is part is NOT sponsored) sony loaned me a A7Siii to shoot this video and i posted in 4k. i only sc… love to @NordVPN for being an awesome sponsor. use code CASEY to get 70% off a 3 year plan plus 1 additional… uploaded a new video. its about not knowing how ot be a parent - years ago today, Jesse Owens humiliated Hitler at the Berlin Olympics by winning 4 Olympic Gold Medals. Hitler…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @saradietschy HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA DIETSCHY!!!! @tansionline but my heart is 💔 @rodemics @jassonrodz @petermckinnon @MattiHaapoja @codywanner yup my exact set up. been using RODE since day 1 of… @philippsteuer i ordered but delivery is painfully slow. i understand there's a lot of demand... still want my bik…
@DougDeMuro @carsandbids what a beautiful machine @Parshan66902785 awesome
@chloemae I have little sympathy for a man screaming FUCK YOU, violently swinging a baton and emptying a garbage ca… thanks for listening. in the end we drove to a different mcd and did drive through. My kids wanted pancakes and… purpose of curbside is to keep the customer from having to enter the store (maybe bc of Covid concerns or fear… I click ‘order details’ it says ‘COLLECTED’ past tense. so which is it McDonald’s? Will you bring me my order… my situation the order status said ‘we’ll bring you your oder’ as in it will happen in the future. BUT an order has been initiated the app should ONLY serve me clear information about my order status. I already… app is generally too busy and noisy but the specific problem here was the lack of clarity in the app when in the ‘order status’ stateBUT the app really created all the confusion that resulted in me giving up and driving off. this is Mcd fault.ok so we just left without getting our food via curbside p/u but after paying via the app. waited about 10 min (tha… @NBTJacklyn this is the nicest tweet. Thanks Jacklyn. I’ve loved watching you succeed over the years.dominos app is way better than mcdonalds app
@lilialuciano @yashar @Liftfoils Let’s do it!!! @yashar @Liftfoils Also it’s awesome. Like a flying carpet. But you should still wear a PFD @CollinCornwell i appreciate the level horizon @whatsinside FBI gonna come calling with a thumbnail like that 💣? @yashar I have a @Liftfoils and am here to answer any questions. Also I live in LA so if you want a lesson lmkstill slaps's been 20 years since britney spears released lucky on august 8, 2000.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @mcwm @Sethrogen So goodeverybody wants to talk about instagram this, tiktok that, but they forget about chili's®️ half-price southwestern…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat
FOLLOW THE CREATORS OF THIS VIDEO HERE -- @cedfunches imagine filming yourself hearing that song for the first time.watching this is a great way to start your day. i promise finished American Pickle. Loved it. so fun watching @Sethrogen play across @Sethrogen - great movie. is awesome.. you know what i mean? @TaylorLorenz @Casey damnn Casey who would have thought
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @MoreWillie @TaylorLorenz same energy, different decadeWatch the trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah, a movie about the betrayal & assassination of Fred Hampton, chai…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @TaylorLorenz i think i may have been slipped some cash to show up at this event and i can assure you i was an abso… this a crazy pipe-dream?q; how complicated is owning a couple chickens? enough to provide eggs for my family? i live in LA but have a little yard space. @ZachHonig DONT. FUCK. AROUND. WITH. THIS. -
@Jason @iamjamiefoxx @hitRECordJoe @Domfishback @henryandrel Pretty close actually @PhillyD GotchuCheck it week ‘til PROJECT POWER comes out!!! Dope new action movie that I’m in for like 30 seconds. Stars actual movie… @AkilahObviously Letitia James is not to me messed with @reid311 @jacksonhvisuals its not so bad right? you just kind of deal with it and the piece of mind when running by people is def worth itSay hello to the FIRST Black female director of an MCU film. First of her name, mother of greatness.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @godfree Correct @Jessewelle I miss the old Jesse psyched for new iPhone and MaskID @Lakerfanatic2 narrow trails. lots of heavy breathing people
@iranimirani haha. he wouldve screamed way louderalso; flexapologies to the man who screamed and jumped off the trail after looking up seeing me barreling towards him at a de… @TrainWithTempo @ijustine UPDATE @TaylorLorenz taylor may i plz have TLDR for all this? @superscientific i left mine rolling (24fps @ 4k) for 52 minutes a couple days ago. was as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce @superscientific psssssttt.. a7siii @jackycoyne i can help w this. seen every single episode multiple times @jackycoyne a gentleman @leifthunder I bought mine a week ago. Delivery estimate is last week of sept 😢i can't even count to 40. congrats Jimmy, you deserve every single one of those 40,000,000 @natalinanoel @GadgetsBoy @SamsungUK I want this tooi had to google 'collared' because i can't spell and this was the top link need this kind of energy in my life. i also need to start tearing the sleeves off of my collared shirts. donation link in the thread below how deep of water can my model 3 push through? given that it's 2020 and all i feel like i should know this to… please @jamescharles congrats James. keep going! @LukePlayIe @alex @mcwm @hunterwalk @kerrymflynn the real question is what incentivizes viewers to pay $30 when they can just w… stuck in the clouds this morning @mcwm @hunterwalk @alex @kerrymflynn im fine for $30. they lost a lot of theater revenue.
such a good mom flood barrier. in 20 years i never saw this in NYC. hope its not needed @Kevin_Alires exactly @JacobPitcher4 where surf in txlol @alexisohanian i found this because @MatthewACherry posted it! @Vuhlandes seriously wtf
@TheHazelHayes @mcwm oh man @HeyBuckHey my nana was a rockette. taught tap for 70 years of her life. i took lessons for years!! lmk how you progress.anyone wanna road trip for some bbq?? @_terrywarfield YOU GOT GYMS WHERE YOU LIVE? @mcwm is this homemade? @samsheffer @JamersCampbell ALL OF THEM @DeejayForum @Michelle_Gulz these trails are narrow and lots of hikers. i keep the mask on while running. @Devrockne yes. for sure @runwithmiles old faithfulThe Empire Strikes Back is the best of any of them. @web @karliekloss @Nadeshot @mikemajlak down. hope you have a big enough backpack to carry us both @mikemajlak my lack of skill lead to such shaming I had to quitrunning above the clouds. marine layer hanging just over coast all morning. such a sight