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i think @nonstandardmcd is my fav twitter feed. they post pictures and descriptions of non standard mcdonalds and… places in LA to adopt dogs?1 in 46. I invest in @FloridaPaint?
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @mcwm my reaction entirely @wildmoonlightap i really want a pit but wife says no @Liron_Segev looking good @ItsArnaud @davidrocknyc great edit!this Jake Paul interview is.. something else -- @mcwm thank you sir. these represent years of fails buns. @missandrealewis This one. I want as my family @scottsimmie I will take him. @mcwm Yup.10 out of 10 this morning. kids concur a dog that inst huge but not tiny, will protect a litttle but not guard dog, doesnt shed too much and is good… @gingeradventur1 not the romantic Home Alone mission I wish it was. covid is spreading at rate too high, don’t wan… a weird year @web Voice of a generation. @MathManHale not even closeintegrity. ❤️ @netflix @CamcamKennedy Nice onetbh my wife has no idea I did this. She hasn’t even activated her phone yet. it is not a gesture of our undying l… when 6G comes it will be fast enough to load IG images.
new running shorts. check that color way @saradietschy i went ham in march. bought as much as the exchanges would allowgeneral rule for ALL email @panzer @chelscore Verdict??wife and I don’t wear wedding rings, we show our commitment to one another by exchanging sim trays in our iPhones. more.
Retweeted by Casey Neistatsuper into this form factor. feel for restaurants and businesses trying to navigate covid regulations but this doesnt seem like a safe alterna… about Thanksgiving. my older kid Owen was supposed to come visit from sf but covid stuff is too bad for him to… @JohnnyRocketMan super into that @luisdaconceicao nice @rainingbabiesyt huh?thank you roku. this is exactly where the volume controls belong. dear every other tv remote ever made, you’re doi… is kind of fucked up but it’s home to some of the best donut shops on the planetupdate. He lost’m sure I coulda posted this as a fleet but I’m still not 100% comfortable saying ‘fleet’. anyway VERY IMPORTANT m…
excited for this! @boztank THANK YOU!apparently its monday.its tuesday afternoon at 1:33pm. im wearing sweatpants and uggs. this is who i am now. im ok with that. @whisper_machine @MKBHD i cant see eithervery handsome bicycle @samsheffer dittoremember when it was march?"Thank you" costs nothing. It's totally free.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @AnubhavKhanna8 @SherwinWilliams read the statements from both the company and the guy in question. he didn’t take… government has had 6 months to prepare for a second wave and have done absolutely nothing. Now we are punishing…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @simmyoto @SherwinWilliams @Benjamin_Moore Nice oneWe got the chance to catch up with @Casey to ask some questions about what sparks his creativity, his digital workf…
Retweeted by Casey Neistatwho's @SherwinWilliams biggest competitor??? hey @Benjamin_Moore you got a golden opportunity here! someone can make viral videos about PAINT he should be celebrated and given a senior marketing role.. instead… hate this want donutshe threatened divorce if i eat her donuts (totally understandable) but was vague on ‘eat’. she mean 1 donut? the w…
Update; set up menu is a huge hit w Franny got this thing. What do I need to know?🤷‍♂️ @jackycoyne @MbDiedhere GOAT camera imhoOur whole society is so broken
Retweeted by Casey Neistatdare you to google ‘tiger fish’7 years ago I was swimming across the Zambezi River and a Tiger Fish bit me. before the teeth marks healed I made t… @NBTJacklyn For me it averages 1hr per minute of edited video. sometimes faster sometimes slower. But that’s where it nets out @JOSH_BENNY @RedHourBen some real hardcore new yorker shit right here @NotSpamIpromise Madnessmy fyp is almost entirely cartel TikTok, it’s fascinating @Liron_Segev @NordVPN !!!! use code CASEY --
I second this. @godfree @NintendoAmerica I want one of these so bad. Almost ordered one from Japan last night @LeonLush truthInstagram in particular is a huge mess. the shopping page is just yuck, feels almost predatory... and desperatefeature creep on Twitter and Instagram has really diminished user experience.I still can’t believe I got to watch this happen with my own two eyes
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pass it on @iloveqatar me too @jimwilsonphoto OMG
upgrade @web Hey Web. 👋 @RodLurie @TheOutpostMovie @NextBestPicture agreed. every moment he was on camera gave me the chills. virtuoso performancei spend more time Zillow surfing than i do on social media. its an addiction i cant shake. Taylor nails it here -- to announce @BancStadium is the home for @weareangelcity when we take the pitch in 2022! Thank you @LAFC
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @LB_BurtonSr @Popcorn_World_ LA needs a Popcorn World. PLEASE!!! i want whatever youre cooking up @itskellykline @CollinCornwell @LB_BurtonSr No, not yet but I think Oreo cheesecake is my fav of the sweet flavors @CollinCornwell @LB_BurtonSr A tin is a single serving. Brace yourself @TravisMcP @LB_BurtonSr I WILL THANK YOU NOW SIR @rob_keyes will be gone before morningcouple of easy wins and the extreme wild card; YOU @LB_BurtonSr !!! Popcorn World is genius and delicious So fresh
look who just slid into my DMs 😘 app that posts stories across Instagram, Twitter, fb and Snap simultaneously. please.Alexa hockey puck props the window open the perfect amount kind of sorcery is this?? you @Apple all the cocomelon parents out there, this article is amazing. 🙏 @stuheritage -