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New @super73 bike is 🔥
@CollinCornwell but im not in that city @mcwm @fly276 youre damnright i do. and it's spicy
@lindsaycrouse @richroll love this so much @lexieviolett jesus. that was 2 years ago??
@NantucketFoodie yep. the people at Golds Gym are super respectful for the most part. @toodleloofoo @tariqnasheed @Alyssa_Milano i try to follow people with vastly different perspectives than me. this… @rh_aifcb @CorinnaKopf @candicepool my ex-girlfriend / current-wife. we dated. we broke up. then we got married a… @not_tax_evasion @michaelreeves in fairness, i wouldnt have recognized my own mother after 2 hours in that waterEveryday is a chance to try again.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @JanisTriblis WowVenice morning @CorinnaKopf i married my ex! we have two kids together. live together. def friends. right @candicepool ?
@_terrywarfield @CJKnowsTECH @CKidTech Dream team @djhypekyd I know. If it makes you feel better the abundance of real-life presence is wonderfully fulfilling
took the girls for a hike in their pajamas. it was a first and a big success. they wanted to come in the cave but…
Saturday mornings ❤️ @candicepool you should find this guy and send him everything @lovebillynyc makes - i gave it listen. pretty catchy stuff. i will keep the Ferdi Tayfur playlist even after i reclaim my account f… dear friend @fredhochberg just launched his book. i've never paid too much attention to trade and globalization… @MKBHD i do that. im not proud. i dont know why i do it but i cant stop. when i hear that DING i stand.. almost…
how do you get a sport into the olympics? @Vuhlandes truth. also a great video. @Falmin0 its the Golds Gym in Venice CA. pretty known that he goes there. i like it there because its super cheap… @SpotifyUSA canceling Spotify, buying an 8 track @SpotifyUSA how do i change my password? im a boomer and not that smart but for the life of me i cant figure out ho… @SpotifyUSA HELP! pretty sure someone stole my account. all my playlists and everything are gone. also (i say… see Arnold Schwarzenegger most mornings at the gym. so impressive how fit that guy is for 72. major goals. @PhillyD
@alexisohanian @goatapp i had a pair of Boost 750s. wore them once and the crossing guard who helped kids cross th… @saradietschy the boomer that wrote this should speak to @ianrborthwick about the effectiveness of influencer marketing
we all get frustrated with Airport Security from time to time. some deal that frustration differently than others.… @MKBHD careful.. i did that and never went back to work @MoreWillie no way
On this day in 1968, Johnny Cash recorded his legendary live performance at Folsom Prison (Photo: Jim Marshall)
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @jockowillink hell yes. @candicepool @DavidDobrik every time you hang out with the vlog squad there’s trouble. Every time.
@Cboat30 @candicepool 'chaotic bullshit energy' will be the title of my wife's forthcoming autobiographyWatch what happened when YouTuber @Casey and @McLarenF1 driver @LandoNorris took to the roads of Las Vegas in a Mc…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @web @MatthewACherry just incredible. makes me so happy @MatthewACherry @IssaRae @BruceAlmighteee @Mr_Scribbles @KDRupe @Monica_aYoung @DanielDCrawford @LionForgeDave @benrapo @Liftfoils Yes. Me.Much harder to ride the @Liftfoils in the ocean vs the protected marina charge 10 cents for shopping bags here so @candicepool just throws all the groceries loose in car.
Take a test drive with @LandoNorris, @casey & the #OnePlusConceptOne. 🏎️ 🤳
Retweeted by Casey NeistatWent to Vegas, grabbed a @oneplus Concept One, the keys to a McLaren and drove into the desert with my new pal…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @mcwm tru
did you see the video i made with 20 year old Formula 1 Driver @LandoNorris ?? we raced around Vegas in a McLaren.… a world where everyone adhered to this out ⁦@Casey⁩ Neistat’s latest video. Hanging with Formula 1 driver ⁦@McLarenF1⁩ ⁦@LandoNorris⁩, cruising in a…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @ProductHunt @byte_app best advice i can give it to try not to walk into trees.Mix @casey + @LandoNorris + @oneplus + @McLarenF1 and you get this epic vid!
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @NSCalderone @LandoNorris Sure!Valuations in 2020: Tesla: $86 billion Ford & GM: $86 billion (combined) Valuations in 2010: Tesla:…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat
@GlamandGore yep. i remember being at a party and hearing 'omg you have it? can i hold it?' @LifeofSM OnePlus Casey is currently struggling to edit my OnePlus vlog. too much fun driving a fast car w…
Robin Williams describing New York City makes me tear up a little. i miss him, i miss that city. @DerekBlasberg nice to see you boss @jacksfilms @nerdcity it's really incredible. v difficult to establish an entirely new aesthetic on YouTube in 202… @steezyysosa @AndrewYang wouldnt advise that either. his 2020 campaign is going to be tough to beat @KavirKaycee @amrith nice oneA bit late, but one of the best things I've seen today, by my all time fav #youtube vlogger @Casey! 💜
Retweeted by Casey Neistatjust a reminder; don't sleep on @AndrewYangis this real? did Subaru actually make a car called FUCKS Edition? @CKidTech @garyvee @EmpathyWines winning team right herethis is so spot on. hey, brands pay attention! @samsheffer glad youre ok. many nights in that park, many trips to the playground there when owen was little. sca… @DarcyTymko @candicepool nope. we literally gave it to her. a small sip but we gave it to her. appreciate the vo… advice from Andrew WK is some of my favorite life advice. been a fan of this guy since -… @Venom929 @Aditya_Vijay @candicepool it's a valid point. @Hooneriphic *as all toddlers like to call it 😉 @sforstefano all reusable, all several years oldUpdate; @candicepool gave her Diet Coke also Frozen. take immense pride in the breakfast I make for the girls. pancakeys for the 5 year old, eggys for the baby, mang… firefighters applauded as they arrive in Australia to assist with bushfire efforts.
Retweeted by Casey Neistatwho remembers watching the live stream? it too late to unplug 2020 and plug it back in?
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @GadgetsBoy @oneplus @PeteLau the way the leather feels when holding that beauty
@DillonFrancis some serious 2020 energy right here @mcwm I’m still on the flight and will be for the next 131 hoursthese notes were all left near various elevators at the Wynn in Vegas. someone at CES has a great sense of humor 😂 tracker on last nights VEGAS-LA flight was super confused @GadgetsBoy i also want this @MrBeastYT @reaperfoxy @candicepool thank you? @TaylorLorenz @JOSH_BENNY ❤️
🎥❤️’m in Vegas to make a video about this. Such cool tech expecting you from other people.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @TravisMcP Nope. I’m on @BoostedBoards @RMGplus0daysub @candicepool @lovebillynyc #AD #AD #AD #AD #AD #AD #AD #AD #AD #ADthink of all the great TicToks you could make by putting various items in this sweet sweet phone case. @DillonFrancis bc it’s so so perfect @DillonFrancis How many tries did this one take to get perfect ? @candicepool you’re new sweatshirt is a little offensive for air travel. my flight attendant was horrified.
i wear this shirt at the gym so all of the other super swole bodybuilders know how hardcore I am 💪 spent the weekend organizing the pantry. as someone who embraces my own OCD, This is a thing of beauty. I ap… @FizzyThePiggy Of course! Tell her I said hi 👋 @DougDeMuro i saw that thing in LA yesterday!!