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Proud father, husband, brother, son. Writer/Analyst @FutureSox. Outfield defense FTW. Embrace the Barrel!

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@bradrobinson8 Our burden as fans to carry. @bradrobinson8 Was just thinking the same thing. Trestman to Nagy... Cutler to Foles... Emery to Pace. It’s all the same. @chrisbleck @oneluv98 we know why Pace traded for Foles. #InsideMan’s see what @alexbrown96 and they boys have to say about this.At least I hit the under? 🤷‍♂️Nagy, grow a sack and yell at a ref.HOW THE FUCK IS JUMPING ON THE PILE A PENALTY. THERE WAS NO WHISTLE.Like Aaron Rodgers hits that... I hate this stupid sport.That could have been...Or the refs can ignore the hold on Hicks and then call a penalty on him for playing football.Turn the ball over, or at the least, win the field position battle right off the bat.👇👇👇 @nolanfr12 Ginn wouldn’t have caught it anyway lolBears aren’t calling a timeout cuz they don’t have a punt returner.It’s not volleyball, TashaunRobert Quinn getting abused, if you weren’t aware. Which you probably wouldn’t be, cuz he’s getting abused.Oh to have a camera on Ryan Pace...This tweet could be from 1990. Or 2000. Or 2010. Or 2020. Mooney. More Kmet.A for effort. F for execution.Hell of a play by 20. Shocked the refs didn’t call a penalty. @JWerner247 Miller had 6Took it to Nagy too. @caseyboguslaw Gotta save those for on offense when you don’t get the play in quick enough to the QB.
Retweeted by Casey BoguslawCall a god damn timeout if you’re not ready.Who is Vaughters?That’s NOT a penalty. Refs: 3 Bears: 0If someone can explain to me why Harris or Ginn or on this team, I’d love to hear it. Sign some dudes who can play.Are we sure Ginn knows how to catch?They called timeout to do... that? Thank you
@WaddleandSilvy @thekapman think Friedman told Roberts, just do not let Kershaw or Jansen responsible for a loss tonight.Pinch hit Brett Phillips!I want to know EVERYTHING about the guy in a Hawaiian shirt, who looked to be by himself... caught on camera doing… there really a point of putting an mvp watch on Randy? Unless it’s possible he could get it if the Dodgers win...Think that was worth a review...That was really, really bold by Margot.How did Díaz get a triple? @AndyCritiques It’s called an emotional hedge, AndyI live bet that Randy at-bat at 28-to-1 to hit a homer. My heart is still racing.
@AndyCritiques Little bitThis account is rooting for Kershaw tonight.Ban kickers @arude8 @soxmachine_josh @NWI_Steve That’s who reported it? Woof @soxmachine_josh That’s just not true. They don’t sign anyone... outside of Lowe, I guess. @NWI_Steve @soxmachine_josh Whoa... yeah, no way. Wouldn’t want that at all anyway. @NWI_Steve @soxmachine_josh Why I don’t worry myself about Bauer. @NWI_Steve @soxmachine_josh Might be too easy - and maybe unreasonable for this org - but I’m all in on Springer @soxmachine_josh @NWI_Steve I got a better idea... neither!Last night's walk-off was the 20th most pivotal play in baseball history, increasing the Rays chances of winning th…
Retweeted by Casey BoguslawThat’s a good list. No Geoff Blum though?? gives a shit about baseball? do love baseball. Which is why I’d like to watch the postgame show. there anywhere to watch the postgame show or am I stuck with local news?That was incredible. I’m still shaking.This Brett Phillips interview is why sports are awesome.Brett Phillips... drafted by Jeff LuhnowWHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENEDSmith may have well been setup in the dugout on that pitch. @caseyboguslaw It's almost as if batting your best hitter 2nd instead of 3rd is a good idea or something.
Retweeted by Casey BoguslawThat’s a real nice read/break by Joc. #OFDFTWHow great is it that Randy was moved to the 2 spot today?Keep reaching, SmoltzyWalk Seager and Turner? (Only halfway joking.)If that would have hung up there for Renfroe...GET LOWEHow’s that not reviewable?You can’t call him out here.UnrealDodgers pitching in Games 1, 3, and 4: 3 BB, 28 K#OFDFTW @michaelsclair @Darenw ?That’s a huge play by Yarbrough.
Penix @SteveBenko It’s pretty incredible how well this works.Carr Winger👇👇👇, the #Bears should absolutely look into signing Quinton Spain.
Retweeted by Casey Boguslaw @willgchase @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla Haha I texted Adam immediately upon hearing it. @AndrewDeffley Wasn’t that exciting of a game but considering the alternative...I feel bad for my Illini football fan friends. @mind_butter @fangraphs And Urías is pitching tomorrow... @UtleysSlide Just saw this as well. Had no idea! @isureppin12 Which part @Lucas_Haupt I think it’s tongue and cheek and that little hand thing is when they get cheap hits.BaRrEls aRe oVeRrATeD can no longer root for the Dodgers. @BenChiTownKid98 @KingMac1129 @ChiSoxHaze is “playing MLB The Show on it’s easiest mode against your friend who has never played a baseball video game”…
Retweeted by Casey BoguslawThis is the Buehler I wanted to see all season. @RegionRat14 I’d be shocked if that sold well. But I’ve been shocked before. @RegionRat14 Alcoholics aren’t addicted to the taste...Wait a minute... who the hell is buying something that tastes like Budweiser that doesn’t have alcohol? @JeffPassan @MLBRandomStats I’ve heard upward of 20 seconds... mostly cuz of gambling.That was smoked.
@HWMNBN1988 Still happening to me two years later. @JoshuaHowsam So... they doing fans still cuz... not great @JoshuaHowsam Yeah he corrected itWho the fuck is asking Brett Favre about anything outside farming and jeans?