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Director of Product @ESL, Co-Founder @OfficialRefrag - Past ventures, NetcodeGuides, Boomeo, Pregame.

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@nattyshaps @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG ah ok cool!
@nattyshaps @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG How did all you guys find this thread? @nattyshaps @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG ya as soon as i saw the bch i knew not to take him seriously. hes probably new to crypto @shocKval_ it will continue to grow beyond what it is at now @shocKval_ Cs is never going away @Mauisnake This is the main reason that 64 tic CS is literally a different game. @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG No problem @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG Unless you have played pro cs, you wont understand the analogy. @el_goon__ @JustHarryGG Nope @aidennachtmann Yup. I’ll pug but no league matchThrough these 20 years I’ve played with probably 4-5 players that had all of the necessary tools at the time to pla… @JustHarryGG Facts I compared it to Bitcoin the other day too. It’s perfect the way it is, it goes up and down… @Azirah__ I will play pugs, but i will never play another match. @khanslashblitzz nothing will ever replace @temcsgo i know lots of successful people that say cap /s @MaestroMJ3 "hey guys, love everyone that i met in cs, great memories, i couldnt make it in cs, so im going to play valorant, love you bye" @coachJVal @MaestroMJ3 you know its true :) @MaestroMJ3 i will never play checkers, sorry brotherJust played the last cs match of my life. 13 year old me would not think 33 year old me would still be playing cs… @dAvE_CSGOd @fl0mtv i actually prefer the truely lemonades
Haha this is amazing @ScrawnyCG lol thats great loads of players who couldnt make it in cs arent going to like your moms take truth hurts sometimessuch good demo reviews from @launders here, surprised these dont have more views i did these types of videos for 1…
I tweeted something like this before the CS explosion around 2014, still applies today. @rumor_dF @Vansilli @acesu i didnt really, i just started like 3-4 weeks agoThis @Vansilli @acesu you won with 1 kill and 1 damage? haha thats awesome add/invite me, i play a little!
@iiPolen If I was any of the players, I would Have started my own org so fast. Quickest way to make 3-4m they will ever have. @coachJocko @SelflessRyu Loads of factors, could have been; you/the team/the time but its def the play right now for some teams @priusOBS 0 dollars are needed, find an entrepreneur to join the company for sweat equity i get messages every wee… @SelflessRyu @priusOBS Ya, thats why my original tweet said its mind blowing. But I did message a few of the teams… @SelflessRyu @priusOBS easy solve; find someone to do all that + find sponsors and theres literally 0 risk @priusOBS no need for investment, theres no riskBlows my mind more teams aren’t becoming their own orgs Future ex chaos has the ability to create a multi million dollar business overnight
@angercs No way?
@karbonMAYne im interested to see real world performance with amd cpu and amd video card was hoping you bought one of the 6800s @karbonMAYne What card are you running rn? @MegamanTV i have a friend who had 10 and was selling them for semi normal prices @MegamanTV if you tweeted this a few days ago, i had you. rip
@xirilikika i cant actually, sorry!
found this in a discord, ive never been more impressed in my life @xirilikika in the clip @Am1racle @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag damn that sucks, wonder if they have made improvements in the last 7 months, sounds unlikely though @Am1racle @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag oh weird, i had the exact card in my other rig, but i didnt replace a card with it… @Am1racle @Impos1bl3 @adreN_Hoag have you tried the recent amd drivers? they are fantastic now
@MegamanTV you can put your name on the evga list and when they come up you have a spot in line i also got a 2080t… @2easy4pietro @MLGPuckett steam @2easy4pietro @DonHaci the dev behind refrag is 19 too @HeyitzOmi @ThixNation gang gang @dxmienmusic @blakeir @ChrisZarou you changed your life @JMaldofps Ok drake I see you
@el_jack0 Do you not hear the usps? @ThixNation !!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!! @el_jack0 did you listen to the song? @iiPolen just added this one to refrag nadr .save polen-default-bangerlisten to this song, right at this time @StefanJD CWO @jenah_jenah6 @EliGE @dianeCSGO That is actually some crazy club head speed for a non golfer, give it a shot Jon. Lol no joke
@RaphyRC @jokasteve @nitr0 Jokasteve is the best everything player I know @jokasteve @nitr0 Confirmed @RaphyRC thoughts?oh happy belated bday @Twistzz your only getting started bud, keep it up! @eboyer @ScrawnyCG @priusOBS Hahahaa I laughed out loud too rofl Prius for president after letting this get online
@rumor_dF Ya it’s driving the price down of other cards and stuff too. Just got a 11gb 2080ti for $500 lol @rumor_dF Ya will be interesting to see in the real world @tweissCS It’s a different game for sure @tweissCS Welcome to the club @DonHaci Ahh ok thanksAs a non valorant player what is illegal about standing on the magic wall from the orb girl? @temcsgo In the world of esports your a boomer at 25 @TheUltraLex I wanna see you play apex, your aim and mechanics would be nuts in that game
@alannn_cs I don’t have the rig, it was a test rig.Damn, this is hitting home for a lot of people in the cs space. Cant stress this enough. Its not cool to act stup…
your boy @fl0mtv famous on techcrunch @zchmz oh that was cool @f1ukie the ms difference between 240 and 360 isnt worth if you already have a 240 @AB_LOOP and yes, even the ryzen 3600 for $250 is clapping the current $500 intel cpu the new ryzen 5000 series ca… @AB_LOOP thats the retail price, most people are reselling for more @coL_Beef worth!The new amd 5600x with a 3080 netting 450+ fps mid gunfight in a full deathmatch on 1920x1080 Didnt think I would ever see that day. @pretzelhugs Miata Is Always The Answer MIATA
@LiethAssad ;) Read my tweet from two months ago where I told you to do this lol @piethrouer your twitter delivers @REDKILLER1337 :) @REDKILLER1337 He did not cheat
Interesting results this far. Didnt think it would be this close. Just a heads up, flusha was/did not cheat. @mossCSGO Lol troll @SyykoNT @flusha does/did not cheat @sfX_x1 this happens pretty much every year @4sh0t @flusha InterestingCurious what the average CS player feels. Did @flusha cheat? Context: @SelflessRyu @Alchemister5 @DogmanOW it should handle that too LOL @Alchemister5 @DogmanOW i heard it roasts the beans, grinds them and then handles the pour. @piethrouer @tweissCS i heard this map is better @Nokokopuffs_ should have been ducking and dodging irl
@sjokz @rumpel7 @marcwinther @CSGO Lol just thought the same thing @sjokz ours went up yesterdayWild that ive been playing the same video game for 20 years. @2easy4pietro hahaahah @2easy4pietro c is for radio commands sir