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Co-Founder @OfficialRefrag - Past: NetcodeGuides, Boomeo, Pregame, ESL

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@JacobHalfman @MistyxInori lmao nice aim jordan @Pimp_CSGO Which keyboard? @dianeCSGO @refinnejle Are you able to frag with nails that long? @Zululiciouss @ESLCS @OfficialRefrag Yup of course!
@unicornparad1se @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO What has been your highest level of league play?Good move for obo, love to see him back in the server. not an og if you didnt have these big does csgo get if matchmaking had an esea level quality anti cheat? @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO Thats the difference between good and bad cs players. @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO those players that are telling him to shut up, arent good at cs. @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO Essentially the more info the rest of the players have, the less they need to think if you h… the @smooyacs @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO Ah ok cool, makes sense. So no actual competitive league play? @psychosnap @Pimp_CSGO what was your highest level of play? @Pimp_CSGO @psychosnap Surely he isnt serious.
@stamjna Well cod is massive, like 4-5 times the size of cs, if CS was easy like cod/valorant it would be just as big. @getDense @Alchemister5 omg i forgot about that @RealStrongLegs which 2080ti? @Alchemister5 all these new clunky music players winamp used like 1mb of ram. i remember setting up the keybinds t… @Alchemister5 winamp though @Seanality @heinocs @RaphyRC wow were you not listening in freezetime? 1 top mid, 2 lower/b, 1 watch long flank an… @RaphyRC wow how did you not see him @heinocs @RaphyRC damn it, gotta get my comms up @RaphyRC nice shot @temcsgo @TEM @TwitterSupport Temfps for when you run to the next shooting game because CS is too hard.One lower b @ThixNation @jokasteve
@blameFFFFF @mithRTV maybe you guys can collab on this?
@FessorCS @D0cC_csgo yes @MistyxInori @EsportsEng ayee grats brotherloads more legends using @OfficialRefrag @JW1 @Krimz @goldenmajk im such a fan boy @ianmiell lmao facts
@Sarah_StarLight There are some things you can do to start that sooner, look into the metatags used of similar chan… @Sarah_StarLight Awesome, yeah thats the natural progression of a youtuber! Its a grind but worth it, keep it up.… @Sarah_StarLight Awesome. Hard work pays off. Have you hit the 1 year mark of consistent quality videos? @piethrouer so basically valorant?
@coachJVal Bot
@miKnuttycsgo @Sadokist @Mod645 hjahahaha @TheUltraLex a lot of spots about to be openhey good csgo players gsync on/off comment below with your reasoning @currydtx I’ll follow if you change your twitch profile picture from the anime to that cute dog you have.
@h3ro_csgo @THREAT_CS @kubik_cs @OfficialRefrag Makes sense, glad you enjoyed boomeo! @maxieCSGO @THREAT_CS @kubik_cs @OfficialRefrag Keep in mind you have been asking for free premium for 10 years now. @janeosaur @denaealiceKinda crazy to see the csgo aim training map I made crossing the 1.5 million subscriber mark in only a few months @janeosaur this could be the best thing ive ever seen in my life.@CAZE_GAMING good explanation of the map and thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoy the map. Id been sitting o… @janeosaur wait what, is this real? a shuttle that takes the dogs to the park?I giggle like a little girl seeing legends like @THREAT_CS and @kubik_cs using my product @OfficialRefrag If you… @WhiteyCS @SHEEKEYCSGO @iukecs @epicLAN @MiGHTYMAXcsgo Slide in my dms @SHEEKEYCSGO @iukecs @WhiteyCS @epicLAN This. What league are you in on esea @iukecs @SHEEKEYCSGO @WhiteyCS @epicLAN On Refrag we run the maps on a server which puts the load on the server and… @SHEEKEYCSGO @WhiteyCS @epicLAN They are on Refrag. @WhiteyCS @SHEEKEYCSGO @epicLAN Wow what a sick map, whoever made that must be a genius.
this @REDKILLER1337 @LiethAssad it is down @PlayVALORANT @aimlab baby cs -stew @SelflessRyu Nope, but most of the values are out there. @coachJVal Are we letting the public know tomorrow that I have joined baby cs?
@ThixNation @mbCARMAC LOL @piethrouer @FalleNCS only if you have them in 4wd mode @D0cC_csgo that was pretty nuts, you should play csgo competitively @sfX_x1 @Justinovah hahaha this is amazing @jarrylew firm believer in thisHonestly, @CSGO has never been more competitive. The level of investment in both time and money is just so much mor…
Retweeted by caseyfosterLove to see top teams getting that team prac in @OfficialRefrag @JustHarryGG Rolf @Ethan_gTV @vanitycsgo Credit goes to stewie2k, he’s the one who coined it. @dAvE_CSGOd @vanitycsgo It’s what stewie called it in a tl interview lol @vanitycsgo You enjoying baby counter strike? @freehitboy @fl0mtv @TeamLiquidCS strongest spot in the game @Slasher @daprcs rekt
@PTR_tvCSGO valorant is just baby cs -stew @nitr0 he should have done 50 damage right there, not the that @natusvincere vs @TeamLiquid match cs is king @Mauisnake was such an unlucky play, their own smoke hit stewie when he was wrapping construction and gave his spot away @LiquidValorant @TeamLiquidCS valorant is just baby cs - stew @Mauisnake @DellwoAlex @piethrouer im semi confused though, i cant tell if the people who are liking my tweet agree with it, o… @launders @HammerBTW LOL @PTR_tvCSGO ive never seen a more back stewie in my life @SteelSeries rofl @piethrouer valornat is going to kill cs @coachJVal I landed on the Herman Miller knockoff at staples. Been super happy
@tobi @IEM love to see this, lets build cs next. i build cool products :)woah sc is back @benmercke woah, the 0-60 is fast af, great mouth-eye coordination as well @aimlab @ESLCS ayee thats my map! @Eutalyx Rofl that’s amazing
@coachJVal Lol factualDid anyone catch @AstralisCS playing vs themselves on the @ESLCS broadcast using the @OfficialRefrag Restrat mode? @KodiSausa roger that @witmer because overwatch LMAO i just run around with soldier76 and play counter strike basically @witmer isnt it great doing like 400 damage to a winston, to just have him disappear for like 2 seconds and be fully healed? @KodiSausa what are "other charges" @witmer @EliGE rofl i thought the same thing. @priusOBS looks like a mouse problem @dekay @Srinjay_Dam you can use process lasso to do this, but really only effects i7 intel chips, assuming you boug… @tawaAlx @el_jack0 @daveycsgo i cant take daveys view model serious.