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@KEEMSTAR @ProSyndicate our new place has a tiny pool. i want to keep it super warm all the time but worried about… @NBT88YT @GioakG @gregskril @fully_us @BHPhotoVideo so awesome. @KEEMSTAR how much is electricity? like noticeably more when the pool runs?i appreciate this, need more of this in my life -- picture. this is Hudson Yards. a city within NYC, all of those towers were built in the last 6 years. @KEEMSTAR does the waterfall stay on overnight? @MatthewACherry so goodperfect. boys are back in town.
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Notice the time stamp - these predictions are a week old. Very impressive Slade, very impressive to John Wick for knocking End Game out of the #1 box office spot. i attribute the success of the movie to… thread insta bio here for the memes
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Not sleeping enough: "makes you dumber, more forgetful, unable to learn new things, more vulnerable to dementia, mo…
Retweeted by Casey Neistatstrong turnout 🙃💪 @DavidDobrik @PriceAvery No @KEEMSTAR Dad question; what temp you keep your pool at?👏👏👏 @LoganPaul @CKidTech I miss mine everyday. 😭😭she waited overnight for the pop-up. madness. @ubeenstryked @JayzTwoCents @StockJockAT @SamsungUS How is the phone?! That was one of the coolest projects I've done @XxFutureTacoxX @368 @DavidDobrik I think it's all exclusive merch at the pop upThe @DavidDobrik Pop-Up Shop 368 NYC Sat-Sun 11am-7pm
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@israelmaKer Yeah. I don't really have a job @LinzDeFranco My great uncle Louis Nye was in the original live action version. true storylunch run @SaeedDiCaprio dropped a new vid announcing my channel will be switching to a make-up channel.😍😍😍 i love it when she talks about her work😍😍😍
I like your sign @DavidDobrik also.. did you leave your Ferrari here? @DavidDobrik your merch arrived! David Dobrik pop-up at 368 this Sat & Sun, 11am-7pm.
Retweeted by Casey Neistattrying to bring back the love with @jeromejarre circa 2015 #tbt anyone else watched this? I learned a lot about this Legend. I have a ton of respect for him, even before winni…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @edwardkcharles very nice to meet you!!!! @mcwm @kerrymflynn @TylerH ps - Mike if you wanna ride my new wildly overpowered scooter you know where to find me[NEW EPISODE] Is the "Golden Age" of YouTube long gone? we go DEEEEEP into the current state of YouTube with…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @31_Chapo You won't regret it. Great device @alecthenomad @komocode @lovebillynyc It hurts because it's trueBoosted Scooter so fast you have to wear the full face helmet delete this but im going to be heading to david dobriks pop up shop for a little bit at 368 broadway in new y…
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matching outfits, matching footwear. it's how we do xxx @lovebillynyc @Kantrowitz @AcousticTie It folds but big to travel with @PhillyD Always torque on the Boosted Scooter is so strong it will throw you off. Like a two wheeled rocket ship🚀 @Firstplacelast @PhillyD @chasingphoto @iOlovesyou'Casey, why haven't you been making videos?' 'busy doing other things..' @jsalgadomatos I mean.. maybe but I don't think so @PhillyD I'm really good at handling pot holes on these devices. Why don't we double up on the scooter? Me upfront… really appreciate companies embracing creators like this. been much of a scooter guy but this scooter says BOOSTED on it and that.. well.. that changes everything made a GoPro. imma review it. @mcwm @kerrymflynn @TylerH i hear you, i understand you but... @reckless @BeccaFarsace ditto. she always answers the questions i wanna ask @_JayMcgregor Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage. Yes you’re scared, we all are, so Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage. Courage.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @davidrocknyc FOLDABLE EVERYTHING @fresh_paint_ @Daniel_LaRusso8 i don't think sowonder what the hell i meant to do when i tweeted this.. @KPandTMR @oneplus im not sure. i havent tested that extensively yetnever seen this before
@sushant_jagta @oneplus truly dont understand why all consumer electronic manufacturers dont do this. so appreciat… @NBT88YT @oneplus i didnt make it : (Such a fantastic initiative @Mahelx Style not dead. Genre is dead. @guskenworthy @ShawnMendes @verizon @JohnGilmore2002 @DolanDavk @oneplus truth @dcseifert my mother-in-law held up an iPad that had a bright orange case on it at my wedding. there is not a sing…*$669 - $749 (not $699 sorry) @DolanDavk @oneplus 1. your use of 'lesser' is incorrect. 'lesser' typically has to do with quality, 'less' is the… @dcseifert @ranimolla i won't schedule a meeting with someone who asks me to download an app to schedule a meeting with them. @backlon great review. captured my sentiments entirely @mcwm wait.. why? i duel-wield (iphone + android) and i can't tell you one is better than the other. they're both… had some hands on time with the @oneplus 7 Pro a little while back. really remarkable device at $699... well it'… @sidchopra85 i didnt kill the pig dipshit. @Jessewelle i got that same shirt tho @De_Landon looks great!
Franny started crying when I showed her these pictures. No joke. @grandayy @lovebillynyc i am a beautiful man. @RyanAbe @368 come!The love of my life, the apple of my eye. Happy mother's day to my beautiful wife who gave me two equally beautiful… @samsheffer @omarhamati @mcwm @samsheffer you wanna come over and play ping-pong? this weather is garbage. @mcwm hate coming home from a magical vaca to a dark grey wet city.big congrats to @domsantry and @Maisie_Williams on the launch of their new platform for creative collaboration… Dobrik pop-up at @368 is next weekend. If you really really want a Clickbait sweatshirt you should come by Reeves gives the right answer to an impossible question.
Retweeted by Casey NeistatMe: Happy Mother's Day! Clerk: You too!
Retweeted by Casey NeistatHappy Mother's Day, Moms! ♥️
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@saradietschy yeah me too. thanks.and this new genre shall be called VLOGGING.