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@Shonduras @tannerfox @elonmusk your move Shaun! join the club @CKidTech @LGUS wowfeedback for this request has been heartwarming. thank you ❤️ he's going to lose his mind when he sees himself am… have a decent green screen set up in the LA area? my 3 yr old nephew does an incredible Transformers perfor…
Apple Announces Tim Cook Mini
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @tannerfox @elonmusk handsome ride right there @abhijeetmk the movie is about time travel.. it was non-fiction @jacobssanchez @368 i am 3,000 miles away : (
flame thrower + @MrBeastYT = trouble. @imalexgasaway @robertoblake @YouTube it's incredibly flattering Alex.. you're a great story teller and filmmaker.…
'Hush ya mouth and go slap somebody!' greatest @tesla commercial -- @BoozeMerica they gaveme this one. i dont want to be greedy ; ) @sartejt tell me more about the sandwichanyone want to trade my unlocked s10+ for an unlocked s10e (in pink or yellow - i ONLY want pink or yellow)????? t… @SnazzyQ love your videos!
🔥 new @millselle merch 🔥 @Booker_Rezo i miss the engagement with others but the clarity that comes w not checking my phone every 10 minutes…, the 368 OG
Retweeted by Casey Neistat🚨 🚨 Legends at 368. @PlayApex NYC. March 24th. $10,000. Register for qualifiers now. 🚨 🚨
Retweeted by Casey Neistatcongrats Brian Reynolds! insanely fast time havent tweeted in a week because i deleted twitter + insta apps off my phone. im not killing my accounts just th…
@GadgetsBoy @instagram not on ANdroid either @frederikRiedel @instagram It’s not there eitherwhy don’t I have ‘Your Activity’ on my @instagram ? @adamitow hope you made it out okOn this day in 2007: Twitter wins the SXSW web award in the Blog category
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @jockowillink get it @iamuniquedaily omg. love this new favorite 🧀 tossing video @LeonLush move to nyc and you can get that closer to 50% dream big Leon! @Drumlife_Memo @lovebillynyc is your name billy? if no, do you have a donut shop named Billys?hey @lovebillynyc can you send this man some merch? @samsheffer @MKBHD Look at that scooter swarmPsst. If someone says that they don’t drink... don’t need to ask them why.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @YTCreators 😴😉
replies on this one are 👌 days ☔ possibly the best behind the scenes pic there ever was
Retweeted by Casey NeistatOk well played @elonmusk @Tesla
Retweeted by Casey Neistat
got that limited edition white @GoPro 7 😍😍😍
On this day in 1876: the telephone was patented by Alexander Graham Bell
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @carlosgil83 i dont think so. its a great time but i like to have something official to do there before committing… @ShawnMendes @GibsonHazard GOOD LUCK SHAWN! @TaylorLorenz from now on i answer only to 'CASEY YOUTUBE'Guys, @tim_cook changed his name to Tim  and it's the most legendary "Tim Apple" sub tweet of all time.
Retweeted by Casey Neistat❤️ @GoPro CUMPLEAÑOS ROBERTO 🎂 thanks for the cold miles 🏃 and the colder 🛹 ride
@CaseyNewton ANYTIME! @karaswisher @pakman @kathygriffin @CaseyNewton this never gets oldsuper touching video from @jackycoyne - appreciate you putting yourself out there Jack. we all face ups and down,… @JimTAustin @samsheffer or when apple does a foldable smartphone they better call it the iFold
Retweeted by Casey NeistatIf you could only have one:
Retweeted by Casey Neistat
smile and maybe cry a little. takes @CaseyNeistat sandboarding in the Dubai desert #Thowback
Retweeted by Casey Neistat🍔 Tony Hawk + Cheeseburgers 🍔 The Burger Show season 3 just launched and it's great -- @JeffreeStar @tanamongeau @jamescharles i’ve been wearing sweet and sour since high school. it’s how i get my glow @tanamongeau @JeffreeStar @jamescharles congratulations!!!Netflex?
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @IdeasDoneDaily @Jason HE SAID PARTIAL LISTMe saying anything to my stupid, stupid friends.
Retweeted by Casey NeistatReasons people don’t get wealthy (a partial list): 1. A lack of skills 2. Lack of taking risks 3. Not building a n…
Retweeted by Casey NeistatSpielberg is right, we shouldn't allow Netflix-only movies to win an Academy Award. Just as I've been advocating fo…
Retweeted by Casey NeistatTesla's annual revenue: 2018: $21.5 billion 2017: $11.8 billion 2016: $7.0 billion 2015: $4.1 billion 2014: $3.…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @joaoabreu0slash nice to meet you!Student came to class today with his child due to no babysitter or anybody to watch her while he was in class. My…
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Check out some of the behind the scenes footage from our day of filming with @CaseyNeistat and @KevinHart4real for…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @vanschneider @kirillz @unsplash such a nice sweatshirtWhen you do what you can't you CAN get this many people to place their faith in your content! Congratulations…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @Sebasti28513546 @c_r_freegard @pewdiepie doesnt have the same ring.💔 @c_r_freegard @pewdiepie the gap is closing fast. only 72 million shortELEVEN MILLION!?!?! why didnt anyone tell me??? THANK YOU! what a great way to start Monday. @nisheethchauhan he needs sunglasses @carlyincontro @geebeeimages nice one @Mr_Dronez yeah. that's about what we got. STAY WARM!!i live downtown, anyone uptown get any snow? because there's not really any snow here. just a little slush. surp… @BeleafMel tough guy!!Say Cheese @kevinjonas @jonasbrothers
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @geoshotss i’m ok w thisunless your baby is @kevinjonas 🧀don’t throw cheese at your baby.
@theleviallen i’m with you entirely. lmk. i’m down for either @elonmusk Ohhhhh and will there be videos of those test rides?
Retweeted by Casey NeistatNintendo of Japan revealing their amazing work environment is so refreshing to see. > avg. salary of $80,600 > com…
Retweeted by Casey Neistatgonna need a bigger garage. @svennpetter that’s my brother. we very literally share the identical genetic make up. @howiemandel @YouTube wish I could be helpful here. but I have no idea. a lot of changes being made with youtube… @mcwm where are you? Hoth?this gave me the chills. congrats to @SpaceX @NASA @Space_Station and all others involved. & Positivity without delusion and entitlement ❤️♥️
Retweeted by Casey NeistatHatch is open! Crew Dragon will now spend 5 days at the @space_station
Retweeted by Casey NeistatI have drawn the world’s worst pun
Retweeted by Casey Neistat
If streaming films are banned from the Oscars, consider this my formal proposal to start the Academy of Streaming M…
Retweeted by Casey Neistat @backlon I switched to Sprint to get that phone on launch day. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED @jockowillink asked if you had to choose between a headphone jack or a silent/ringer switch (like on the iPhone) which would yo…
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