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@seanjregan @gasca @KaneTalking i will appear on any wrestling podcast for any reason @trifster @JoannaStern @backlon dieter wishes he was on my level @isaach doesn’t surprise me. you’ve always been hungry for career opportunitiesHi logged on to say this is 100% accurate!! Some details from my 2.5 yrs there:
Retweeted by Casey Newton @JoannaStern gonna be dongling by a thread after this @willjfang i actually agree with Dara here: as I say, problem predates Uber and is not uni… @probsgab ugh, i’m so sorry
@nikitabier even 1 assault is too many. I think we can hold off on the prizesAbsolutely awful. Yes, the problem of predatory taxi drivers predates Uber. But the scale here is sickening @andrewchen *takes long drag on cigarette* i joined this website in 2009 @andrewchen i like it. and there’s a corollary that’s like, ‘even if you think you have predicted the response of y… @andrewchen the more retweets you get, the worse responses you get @mollie @gasca @RedPenVandal @BenForer me too! I also started an alt account @suplexcasey) @yoda @WillOremus OK! if you think these stories describe a healthy work environment, you are certainly entitled to that opinion @yoda @WillOremus I think it’s dangerous to promote the idea of working through chemo to employees who are already… @yoda @WillOremus @yoda @WillOremus obviously people should do whatever they want! but i worry about making this kind of thing an expectation @TaylorLorenz dyingeverything about this story is wild, but my takeaway is slack's record of everything anyone has typed is going to b…
Retweeted by Casey Newton @carlfranzen is this the same Island of Time that was featured on Poptropica Nabooti Island? @105percent ‘direct to consumer’ — no physical stores, just online ads @jimprosser yuppp @susanthesquark “i know you’re hungry for career development, so I am going to patronize in ways that you won’t even believe are possible” @stetson @ZoeSchiffer we’ve seen it so much with Amazon lately, and it feels like it’s probably true for most of these new DTC brands @ZoeSchiffer Any company that says it's "customer obsessed" is most likely a company that is actively traumatizing its workers @44 @gasca every morning for 10-15 minutes! @gasca @sriramk yes. the good news is that they contain so little information that i can comfortably listen to them at 1.75x speed @gasca @sriramk lucky for me, he recently retired @WillOremus ‘is there a way for you to keep working while having cancer? if so, we want you to keep working’ @gasca absolutely no one in my life cares about professional wrestling, requiring me to listen to seven hours of podcasts about it a weekThese illustrations @GraysonBlackmon and I made for the latest @verge feature were fun to make:…
Retweeted by Casey Newton @molly_knight @lizzo @TheNational would honestly love to see them collaborateEmployees at Away leaked Slack messages showing a pattern of intimidating and manipulative behavior stemming from t…
Retweeted by Casey Newton @ShiraOvide yes! I have made this case @ShiraOvide no! it turns out that it basically doesn’t matter whether they are naughty or nice @ZoeSchiffer Firing employees for starting a private Slack channel and DMing each other, rather than having every c… logs show how Away’s CEOs used Slack as a tool to stalk and bully junior and minority employees. Superb inve… @hunterwalk @TwitterRetweets @rembert with maybe a sprinkling of @leslieberland @Claire_Bushey @FinancialTimes @CrainsChicago @citynewsstand 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Twitter has started a new Retweets account in the mode of its very good @twitter handle on Instagram. Expecting goo… @TwitterRetweets Omg hi! 👋🏻 @rrhoover it’s incredible. one of the best consumer product experiences i have ever seen @mikehadgis @overheardinchi_ 😎 @newtonsshortbus I can't believe this is realAre you reading the Interface? Because if you aren’t, you’re missing out on @CaseyNewton dropping golden nuggets li…
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@gaberivera sorry i only have her social security number @mosseri it’s june 19th. thanks @cinematicme i think it depends on what you mean by ‘data mine’ … amazon is absolutely collecting lots of data on all its customers @Pravdabiz wow what did you do @mkruz @mrdonut @patagonia if you make this for me i will donate to the human utility againWell all I ever want to do now for the rest of my life is read @mslopatto trial recaps
Retweeted by Casey Newton @mid_life_vices WHAT @SYerunkar you have a nice profile photo! hope this helps @maxwell_fong no that was because of a puritanical anti-sex law masquerading as a sex trafficking bill @maxwell_fong craigslist had people search? @a_patil “better than a browser.” imagine!OK I need to formally apologize for Twitter for always saying they’re slow to execute. Because @MikeIsaac yeah it’s in there! it was my favorite detail because it let me imagine the meeting where the PM says… Google Docs style is to resolve editor comments as quickly as possible, except for the moments in the story that… @seldo you better go catch it @seldo is your refrigerator runningYour idea for a new product is ... email? Great, go draw it in your coloring bookAs best as I can tell, NPE is a kind of holding pen for twenty something product managers to keep them busy while t… about ByteDance with @rameswaram —> @__apf__ @kateconger OMG I didn't realize this was you!! GeniusTonight's issue of @CaseyNewton's The Interface is just... art. It concisely, clearly, and convincingly comments on…
Retweeted by Casey Newton @slpng_giants 🙏 @caleonard @tiktok_us @today_explained @cronkitenews Awww yay!!! Looking forward to your TikToks 😁 @mat 🍆I wrote about Larry Page as a kind of real-life Dr. Manhattan @mhbergen @aksteele how are your stories coming mark @mhbergen @aksteele i guess my stripe holiday party invite got lost in the mail!!
@lutherlowe @TechmemeChatter interesting … the corporate lobbyists are framing this as a corporate lobbying issue @sundarpichai Current / former Googlers: for today's Interface I am now accepting: - your thoughts and feels on to… @mhbergen mark please don’t be late to the holiday party tonight @thomashouston TWO Reader jokes in one day? Amazing @maxisak omg what a beautiful dream! cc @ZoeSchifferWOW. Larry and Sergey just stepped aside from Google and @sundarpichai is now CEO of Alphabet and Google @karaswisher @AnthPB 💖💖💖 @abrarwaz yes @annehelen i loved that scene @annehelen do you think Bradley should interview Mitch live on air??? I’m of mixed mindsSometimes Google goes two or three months without launching a new messaging app and I get worried. So this news com… week a dozen #Facebook content moderators will file a lawsuit in Dublin against the social network. I spent th…
Retweeted by Casey NewtonThis week @verge is exploring a quarter century of the PlayStation's influence in a special issue edited by…
Retweeted by Casey NewtonI’ve spent eight years at @verge learning to look at a viral story, figure out where it's from, and gauge how much…
Retweeted by Casey NewtonFour recently fired Google employees involved with worker organizing say they’ll file unfair labor practice charges
Retweeted by Casey NewtonV excited about today’s newsletter, mostly bc when I heard Singapore was making fake news illegal, my thought was “…
Retweeted by Casey Newton @Carnage4Life we agree on something! @jttrw @mkruz @menabus @humanutility joe …… this design is incredible @jguynn haha ty jessicaI wrote about how the fake news law you want isn't usually the one you get @tmobrien @mkruz @humanutility goddammit trevor @mkruz @humanutility thank you and also this is a dope sweater and i really want it 😆 @mkruz @humanutility i’m in for $100
@sarahfrier @sheeraf @MikeIsaac this goes well with most families’ holiday tradition of going around the table sayi… Liam Bot, what did Trump say to Zuckerberg during their secret meeting @mlpowered did you remember to dedicate the book to me @kourge i think this is my favorite tweet of yours @StevenWinkelman oh wow!