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Hi I'm Casey. I mostly make music but I occasionally draw. | @_Crasin is my best friend and my PR manager | #skelligmichaelgang

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Wait no
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @RBird53 @lord_demomedic @M_Isa_Musa @SavedYouAClickV Nah it's all good lol. I can see how youd make the connectionI'm gonna try to be more active on here this winter break.... Anyway here's #CaptainMarvel. The new poster is gorge…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!In time for the new #CaptainMarvelTrailer here's a little Carol Danvers fanart :) @brielarson That trailer looked…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @Bumpllbee People always want a reason to bash capitalismLet's NOT put those two things in the same sentence. Death Stranding - By David Müller
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!I tried out watercolors for the first time in ages yesterday in my design class and now i want nothing more than to… @ItsSataay I feel that @CaseyTelevision I love breasts
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @iLoveHeroin_ Breasts are pretty fantasticMan, Christian's really out here wilding. @ItsSataay This is a show this time. @iLoveHeroin_ I just like girls, man.Man asks people questions and then fever dreams👋
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @RBird53 @lord_demomedic @M_Isa_Musa @SavedYouAClickV "Pokémon Sword and Shield's Ending Has A Pretty Embarrassing Mistake"Cant wait for the games god defenders to call everyone who noticed this "sweaty" and "nitpicky" you niggas act like this shit wasn’t rushed. i’m not saying the game was bad but you simply cannot deny that th…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!i’m telling my kids this Bill Gates
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!I cant stand high school sophomores and freshmen. They all still think they're hot stuff from being in 8th grade an… stepped passed this kid in the hall who was taking his sweet time and I hear him say "excuse you too" and I kinda… @yobtzy 👀*in ben shapiro voice* let’s say, hypothetically. MCR were to come back.
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!As a man, you dont know what you're talking about. Capitalism doesnt hurt men. You just want a reason to trash capi… @DX_Bean @Bumpllbee Nah it's a bad tweet @KrashHash Personally, I think the whole first trailer was a way to get people riled up to draw more media attentio… @KrashHash I am convinced they never intended to use the original model for the final film @Memeulous Deadass thought it was for a secondI KNEW IT!! IT WAS A FUCKING STUNT THE WHOLE TIME!! @superfrute Fuck I really wanna cop but I'm saving up for a synthesizer rn @_Crasin That's a good choice for favorite movie @_Crasin OH @_Crasin I'm not gonna be able to know what this is“Are you ready for your music lessons?” Mozart gulped. Beethoven nodded his head. Bach took a deep breath.…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!This might get me called a prude or something but I actually got beef with this. Observation is participation, & I…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!I’ve been laughing for 10 mins straight😭
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @sparkie237 @KrashHash I knew what it was saying but I couldnt think of a creative way to poorly describe it lol @KrashHash *put @sparkie237 @KrashHash I'm not very smart Sparky, you know this @superfrute Is it good? @KrashHash I couldnt think of how else to out it lol @ThatBastardChap AyyyyyyRegarding COPPA
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @gigistars I fucking love Baby DriverGuy has to fight his partners ex lovers
LEAKED Hidden Siri Trick YOU MUST TRY!!!
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @bawsswab_ That doesnt answer what I was asking @bawsswab_ What you mean who care?Lizzo got nominated for 8 Grammy's. What a joke. @kaylasheagg It all makes sense nowif you were born before 1996 you are a millennial if you were born after 2005 you are gen z if you were born in b…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @bawsswab_ Lizzo got nominated for 8 Grammy's for a song that came out 2 years ago. I'm not doing all that great.Let's not compare two successful franchise. Both are fantastic. Now shut up and just enjoy things. just to remind people that I love drawing hands @J_Dub23_1 @sergiarts_ @SHeadcrabs @AlliCinema @JustGreggo @IndieWire I've said it before, I'll say it again. Comic…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! just make a little thread of some sketches I've done recently to make up for the lack of art on here. of the dumbest things about all this #COPPA bullshit is the belief that animation is strictly for kids. That’s…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @_Crasin HahahhahahahaYouTube: HEY! Don't make your content too dirty. We'll demonetize ya if you do Also YouTube: If you're videos are…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!This is Yoshi. It’s his first time at the drive thru and the car in front has been ordering for like ten minutes. I…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @_Crasin When you think it's a fart but a little poop come outBillboard-busting production outfit The Stereotypes have created an Expansion that captures a decade of their signature sound. Out now!
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @sinfulparks If you dont put the little line you're boring
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!don’t go to seriously guys don’t do it
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @CaseyTelevision it’s the wage equivalent of just barely getting by in school
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @_Crasin EXACTLY!!죽어가는 편
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @LiamJ98 @jacksfilms @2ToesUp @Hawkeye_1701 @commentiquette @ChrisRGun @ericathesuckup @bobbyhalick @thecutelilpups
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @ariwannii Dont delete it @_Crasin Raising minimum wage is the reason it's harder for teens to get their first job. Like, it SOUNDS good on p… @_Crasin MiNiMuM wAgE iSnT eNoUgH tO lIvE oFfAh yes, the classic “I’m not getting paid enough to do work but instead of working to get a raise maybe doing nothi…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Does your cat ever just...
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!No. A studio lost 35 million $ because they tried to cut costs and listened to executives instead of artists. They…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!I love Chick-Fil-A and this makes me happy good on them :D don't give a flying fuck about people like us, they changed it to save themselves from a box office bomb be…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!(delete later) shit quality sketchbook doodles but I'll get back to it digitally soon
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @jaubreyYT Dont need the meme, just tryna share your stuff :)🇨🇳 NEW VIDEO 🇨🇳 “The Corrosion of Bart Baker” This one’s only slightly overdue, but an interesting story nonethel…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!I hate you ifunny
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!the cum and spilled ramen noodles on my bedroom floor have combined to form a lichen-esque symbiont
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Jesus would have wanted me to huff this spray paint because he loves me
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Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Gas staton sushi got me acting strange ....
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Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!ok Why everone having sex with coco nuts
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Wifi steal
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“Hello, my name is Masahiro Sakurai, director of the Super Smash Brothers series. Before we start the presentation,…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!The student becomes the master
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Sugars reaction when he saw me arrive to pick him up from his play date/daycare 😩🤣❤️
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!i love having conversations with people who text 4 times in a row and emphasize texts, type in all caps and send li…
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!!Dew it
Retweeted by 3 DAYS!!! @TessaViolet @iameden Didnt know you liked EDEN👀👀👀👀👀