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Casey W. Coller @CaseyWColler New England, USA

Artist/illustrator primarily known for TRANSFORMERS comics. Dad. Husband. Son. Not available for commissions. (he/him)

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@DavidWCrabtree Nice! @CaseyWColler "I will Crush you, just as Megatron Crushed Prime!" #QuarantineColoring #transformers
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerComics! Thanks to @ascmelbourne ! Transformers by @jroberts332 @CaseyWColler @NickRoche @markerguru and more! Astro…
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerSome background on this: Years ago I did a bunch of Spotlight: Thundercracker & Orion Pax covers for IDW limited.… @VViLBaldvvin On a future cover, hopefully!Here's a nice scan of that Thundercracker cover for anyone who wants to color. If you've got some photoshop skills… on the table... @EpicVoiceGuy Love it! Soundwave was a natural choice :) @CaseyWColler By Zack
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerWhy is Super Metroid trending? BECAUSE IT'S STILL AMAZING.
@Driver_270 Oh that's good to know!Shattered Glass, for those that don't know, is a mirror universe where personalities are flipped- Autobots are the…
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @dyemooch Approved by the FDA. @dyemooch @dyemooch These are so great. I love all the other versions you did as well!Since @CaseyWColler shared a Shattered Glass repaint of a Grimlock/Perceptor piece I did for him, I wanted to post…
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerOh man 😂😂 we just got the third sacred stone and my son was so fired up to go to the temple of time so we did. So w… a gentle reminder during these uncertain times that JOSH PEREZ DID A SHATTERED GLASS VARIANT OF THIS PERCEPTOR…, I've got it down to my top 10... @3dprintnbots Great choice!4 comics that influenced me growing up: Support your local comic shops!
Lotta great suggestions... Will be hard to narrow down. I'll cut down to 6 in the morning!So after a bit of nudging by my daughter I've decided to give this a go. Not 100% sure how the selection process i… @Jamesotron Wow that's bright!latest #QuarantineColoring it's unreleased G2 Grimlock! #Transformers #ArtInIsolation original line art by…
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @RwCJesse Great minds! @turboGFX3D Sure thing :)Optimus Prime wears a mask. Be like Optimus. Wearing a cloth mask in public is an act of respect for others. It's… my... the incredible Kei Zama has offered up some of her amazing artwork for coloring as well. What a treat! (P… @Alfonso15825021 I'd like to, but not sure if I'll have the time. @wordmongerer I would love that :)This six fanarts thing... I've seen so many great ones, this being one of them. @wordmongerer Yes, sounds very similar!
@Silenceof_llama Ooohhh yeah love it!!!🎶Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz!🎵 @CaseyWColler #QuarantineColoring Couldn't decide which version I liked best, got some…
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @wordmongerer Yeah that seems to be the case. I'm just not paying enough attention while my little man's got the… @zebedi Love it! 🌈 @CaseyWColler Rainbow Starscream to support Keyworkers and the NHS.
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @wordmongerer 😂😍 @wordmongerer I support this decision!シーコンズ合体!!深海合体兵士 キングポセイドン!!!スクランブルシーコンでサイバトロンたちを破壊しろ!! #トランスフォーマー #Transformers
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerI don't want to want those Seacons... but I want those Seacons 💰😭Here's a trip waaaaaay back to my first cover for RiD. (issue #2) Skywarp smashing Prowl in the face!'ve got a whiteboard in my "studio" where I keep a constant changing/evolving to-do list and I almost never get to… to get better at drawing: Can you draw one thing really, really well? Good. Stop drawing that again and agai…
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @DavidWCrabtree Love the shine! #QuarantineColoring @CaseyWColler had a lot of fun with this one!
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller
Attn: the person who wanted a Fort Max to color- @SpikeTheMoon Yeah, the more I progress, the more I see that if I was in control wandering the landscape myself it…塗ってみました!!!楽しかった!! (◉ω◉) @CaseyWColler #QuarantineColoring
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @Y_ZARASHI01 Oh my god I love this! @PlayWithThisToo Forgot about that one! Aww...Maybe letting my 6 year old be the pilot is part of my downfall 😂 but here are the next convoluted steps... on Earth is anyone supposed to figure all this out without a walkthrough? I'm already growing pretty exasperate…, so after wandering around Lake Hylia for ages, talking to everyone I can find and trying to get clues to obtain… @vismink Nice!#QuarantineColoring #ElitaArmy cool linart by @CaseyWColler colors by me
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerFlipping through this book by @PlayWithThisToo is such a great trip down memory lane. My toys were well played wit…
@Ghidrah_76 Dig it! Nice touch with the laser background!Elita (Transformers) Art: @CaseyWColler Colors/Background: me #ElitaArmy
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @thunder_robots @rodimusprimal Devastator vs. Superman... interesting!i got creative with this one D VS S @CaseyWColler @rodimusprimal #superman
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @minibot13 So glad you like it! :DThis beautiful piece of art from @CaseyWColler came in yesterday. 💙 Thank you, sir! It’s perfect!
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerAd finally, Sixshot: is up for grabs as well! promised, Jazz is up for grabs. Opening bid 1 penny. ends tomorrow ~!
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @Red_Dragon_Art Nice!#QuarantineColoring Once more, I am possessed with the incredible need to backlight everything, but at least this o…
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @SentaiPRFan19 Sorry, that was a commission for somebody and wasn't meant for coloring. I know someone else still m… @DavidWCrabtree Awesome! #QuarantineColoring @CaseyWColler I'm not much of a colorist, but I figured what the heck! I think it looks swell!
Retweeted by Casey W. CollerElita One coloring done . #AlitaArmy #AlitaBattleAngel #Alita Art by @CaseyWColler Color by me
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @ScottishAllison @LinsayRousseau No, It's a design featured in the New IDW comic and the upcoming Netflix show#OptimusPrime in the Colors of #GetterRobo . Art by @CaseyWColler Colors by me .
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @VedaUnit07 @Jamesotron @LinsayRousseau It's the weapon she's shown with on her G1 animation model
@roboapollo Glad she made a safe landing!My commission of Windblade by @CaseyWColler arrived safely! Thank you so much!
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @Silenceof_llama Nice!I couldn't decide which version I liked best, so take both! Megatron~ Lines by @CaseyWColler #QuarantineColoring
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @TsunamiO7 Love it! Nice mood for SG Prime!SG Optimus Prime.I tried to colors in the Glass 9 style. lineart by @CaseyWColler,thank you☺️
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @lalalita____ @LinsayRousseau Thanks! I know you've been waiting for her for a while :D Glad you like her!Elita One is all inked up! Adding her to the #QuarantineColoring group. Use the hashtag #ElitaArmy for all the Eli… @demonscythsynth @YourNerdWonder @Kosmikat Here you go! (not sure the original source, if someone knows feel free… @NickRoche Agree. To me it really feels like a proper evolution. The early Marvel stuff was amazing- totally captur… beauty in toy form @KrinSyn So glad you (and others) are enjoying them! :D @Alfonso15825021 I think it's terrific then and now. As a child it was an absolute inspiration. He did work on ReGe… takes one on the chin. Marvel Transformers #78, 1991 by Furman/Wildman/Baskerville @Jordan_De_Melo Love the multi-color look :DMy niece Jade coloured Cosmos by @CaseyWColler .
Retweeted by Casey W. Coller @Sezuko704 You win a fictional fortune! Don't spend it all in one place! @KrinSyn Awesome, Krin! Love it! :Dexperimental Sixshot, plus a holo version! ✨✨ lines by @CaseyWColler, thank you so much for sharing!…
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