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The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, A New Map of Wonders, A Book of Noises, and more.

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@MahanEsfahani Please forgive my ignorance, but who was/is this?The only thing stranger than a medieval bestiary is a modern one. Late to this, but here's an interview about Barel… @Ian_Fraser "take it on the chin"...or a ferocious engine that we are stoking is the America I love necessary, devastating thread.
Retweeted by Caspar Henderson @WaterVole It’s full of invertebrate life!I think I’m in a minority on this one, but I think ‘breakdown’ is a misleading word for what is likely happening. I… unease @HenryCPorter @anthlawson1 Comes to mind a half-formed half-thought about 'green stoicism' from 10+ years ago: ofte… @HenryCPorter @anthlawson1 Ha! 😢"Activism is every day doing something that is worth doing" Satish Kumar. "The hardest thing is to keep going when…’s eye view of the path to my writing shed across a garden which is about 5m x 5m"America or Trump" @edwest How about a remake of Casablanca with this song in place of La Marseillaise, and with the update 'Death to…“the NHS ‘Test and Trace’ programme is currently far from being the robust operation that is now urgently required…
2020 Confederate President. This piece looks prescient, though I guess Solnit was far from the only person to see it by Codona is so good. I find this on consciousness unusually insightful. “We are thrown into the world as a process a…“ I think of Independent Sage as the ultimate exercise in public engagement; what it would look like if you and I a…’s so hot in Oxford that the pigeons are exploding oak“a best-case outcome of our current crisis would be for it to create, at last, a widespread sense of world identity…
There's the respect that makes calamity of so long life @KeggieC Ha ha! @KeggieC Good to see Gilbert White tucked down there next to the chicks. He would have approved Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, Op. 111: I. Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato by Ludwig van Beethoven, Ig… @I_Ran_Away Yes that’s me. I really hope you enjoy the book!"Harts, hinds, horses, dogs, bears are exceedingly delighted with it; elephants, Agrippa adds; and in Lydia in the… does a better job really would be an end to social distancing @prairielaura Something like this Ancien Regime is on Twitter detail from Music: A Subversive History by Ted Gioia (2019) @samirguglani Yes, one of the passages I like most in the poemht @londonmikmaq @londonmikmaq I see it's a woman, not a man - not that the difference really matters return of the great British summer @londonmikmaq All these pictures are good, but that first one (man sunbathing in front of bulldozer) is particularly good“a cabinet of fools led by a hollow narcissist who is nothing without his svengali.”
“intensive surveillance, large-scale screening, effective contact tracing, isolation of cases, quarantine for inter… roses. Swifts high above I know what I'm going to buy when this lockdown is over night, a minor variation in the order of the steps in which I put up my old tent in the garden made the task s… wrote one paragraph today, 76 words long, that I actually thought might be OK, at least as a working draft, as a… @ITattum @RIMooreHistory Amazing Giles, how sweet the sound, that wrote a column like thee. Thou once wast blind, b…"[Many] people would die sooner than think—in fact, they do so." Bertrand Russell distanced synchronised bat actions"There are good reasons to think the impacts of a net zero transition will be net positive & that gains in terms of…"A good circus, she wrote, was a sublimely existential thing, a golden present moment, even a crisis that tipped in…'re really going to miss Gifford's circus this year. An annual visit was one of the most joyful high points of o… chance reference to the Discoed yew takes me back to the ancient ones on Creden hill above Thomas Traherne's old…“It’s hard to assess the cumulative effect of all those missed rituals, all those cancelled joys, and the voids whe…
Tragic descent of The Spectator into hard left tub-thumping. Still has good book pages, though 🙃, it belittled staff and patients who have risen to complex logistic, clinical and personal challenges whi…“Johnson’s darkest hour, his decision to...prioritise Cummings over the pandemic response, had at least three immed… @matthewcobb I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, but I am. The more fool meOur Iranian lockdown“Three things he has come to understand. Human beings are capable of breathtaking dignity. Human beings are capable…“Something has been proven...something profound in the communal psychology about where we place our true reliance..… @PCairnsPhoto @CairngormsCo Beautiful, and very moving"...He prayeth well, who loveth well Both man and bird and beast..." Alan Bennett, Angela Cockayne and Richard Hol… least a million Bengalis were dying. The Company reported “notwithstanding the great severity of the late famine… @RedRiverCroft That's nothing. My daughter snapped me here a few days ago @edwest @stephenkb Something about standing by, and supporting, those whose values we share? @philipwhale Thanks. Excellent matching yellow choice!Let’s be very clear: Trump is bullying social media companies to spread his lies, hate and conspiracies to win the…
Retweeted by Caspar HendersonThe civil war will be aloha-ized to mind Les Murray's Mollusc: " coming uncut over a razor’s edge, by hiding the Oligocene underleaf ma… @civiltalker Hi Michelle, I'm writing for the general reader about transition to zero carbon. Myles Allen suggested…"My garden’s boundaries are the horizon," wrote Derek Jarman at Prospect Cottage. That's not the case here, but one… else is the case, 'lethal control' is an oddly distanced euphemism for 'kill.' @Arethusa99 Agreed
“As though life was first and foremost about waiting and its meaning found in the gaps or in an abstract future tha… Zen town"A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie… @mjohnharrison I’m glad to have the nudge to read it! @mjohnharrison No worries. DA seems to have deleted his account. Pity @MathewJLyons @NewHumanist "Phenomenological ornithology" is good! @mjohnharrison Not me but Darran Anderson!🙂 @josiegz Lovely piece Josie! It's been a real sadness for me that I can almost never persuade my 13 year old to com… men, what is preventing you from looking like this, as Hume observed, "tis a common observation, that the mind has a great propensity to spread itself on external objects""The mind is like a rainbow. The rainbow is outside of our body, but it is a piece of our mind"I try to keep an open mind (!) on panpsychism. As I noted in ANMOW, it may be that Riccardo Manzotti has a helpful…