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Feeling like I'm playing CS again
Retweeted by Casperr @TicSteel but u will never get good at it if u dont play, besides complaining which will not help and bring down team morali hate posting stuff abt ppl in ranked but this mindset will never make u a good player. if u never play these “bo… was streaming the whole game lol just listen to how pathetic he is who this is but god damn u need to go see a doctor or sth his mental is so ass and selfish complains every 2 ro… I really need to people to know this isn’t me. A RT can help me out a ton #. @Dasnerth
Retweeted by Casperr @nosyy_tv @HardGutem cant DM him :(how to suppress from b to a on bind @nosyy_tv who made this @
KAY/O main in the making @n0thing @Dasnerth HAHAHAHAHAKay/O have a new glitch that allows him to 'see enemies through walls' due to a suppression glitch when ULTing. Ri…
Retweeted by Casperr @sfX_x1 plugwalk🚶‍♂️ @pl1xxval everyone is vibing and thats itmaking progress on KAY O piece ranked made me realize the best change to valorant was removing 5 stacking, please never bring it back thank you
Retweeted by Casperrpog
KAY O @Governor_Val yosolo q W is so pog easy @1leakcs I am truly grateful for being where I am today, even to this day I still don't believe how far I have come some…
Retweeted by Casperrorigin vandal one game of Val today to get my radiant back since it’s deactivated cuz I didn’t play for 2 weeks and I get… @cavemanpwr @sirhypey
@sfX_x1 ye ik LOL its gonna shift the meta and most teams will def run him @sfX_x1 and the knife is a 1 time thing that last 8 second @sfX_x1 ye hes ult is a better version i guess, KAY/O himself is the center of the EMP so its a moving EMP that bas… learn how to build keyboards when college starts, exciting stuff planned @sfX_x1 not sure how many times it hits but i think its 4 times @sfX_x1 an EMP that suppresses a wide range every 4 second and if ur in that range u cant use any abilities for 3 seconds @sfX_x1 so when he ulted and u killed him hes in a down mode where his teammate can res him its like when u killed… wait to main kayo @waltthesalt_ hyperxa story in 2 pic @Juan_Beaufrand @Dasnerth LOOOOOOOOOOOOL HDrecent pex clips wtffffffffff @Virtyyyy @RiotEvrMoar therapist time it is @RiotEvrMoar i wonder what level @Virtyyyy is onI've been working with the progression team on account leveling! When you log on during Episode 3 you will be backf…
Retweeted by Casperrim doing everything for it for the love of god. the skill gap betweet this is unreal agent is likely called "DeadEye" as seen on their gun.
Retweeted by Casperr @_PLAYERR1 excited for u man! @HitBox_Hiros Sova on Team 1GUTS#6969 saying fslur and hiding on a smurf if anyone know who it is would be nice so i wont need to bother ppl at… ever just @SundownVAL dms @derekmrda tmr?
@NattyFPS lets gooooooooooooo!sunday bussing @eliter3k okie @eliter3k valorantBeen practicing my octane recently 💯‼️
Retweeted by Casperr @zane1wnl ye idk what that second pad was LOL @bearkun @vinnerwinner ill get u out if u wanna play apex ranked HAHA @bearkun @vinnerwinner LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @bearkun @vinnerwinner idk LOL i was smurfing in bronze to show a friendlil 1v3 @SoaRDusa she will have a good time in heaven feel better man ❤️ @melloneen DMsneed 3 for plat rank :D"hey i just got 20 gifted can u yell in the mic?" @spookyaddison
Retweeted by Casperrty for stream :D on @eliter3k @Lear_VAL @nax_dv @RiotEvrMoar @Rckzys whats going on @XorainVAL :Dalso thanks for 500 followers on twitch! some apex maybe val later/or mini games apex stream in 5 min @eliter3k ai, see u in discord @eliter3k ok now?anyoneeeeeeeeeeeee @Chlorinewtf not interested atm ty and i dont have funds to hire oneany friends wanna play smurf Plat2
@onuh51 will take a look, already forwardedLF 4k+ DPS for @SaintsGamingCA 🇨🇦 Fall 2021 Overwatch roster! • Experienced staff • Dedicated training space in o…
Retweeted by Casperr @borkithy :> @Strafe_val retail :D @Strafe_val they expensive men :<"hey i just got 20 gifted can u yell in the mic?" @spookyaddison @RossyUA yessir😈 @vice_cs sheeeeeeeeeesh @Nighty10k come me and @spookyaddison is playing both on plat accold fit luck to all the ladies in VCT Game Changers today! 💛
Retweeted by Casperru ever just find a new song that just be hitting so u just listen to it on repeat staring at the ceiling and then ur like oh shit its 7 am
Retweeted by Casperr @subihighwaters @sh0pguy ! @subihighwaters @sh0pguy cap @jrcfps_ yes :D
KO clips is so fun live playing new agent!!!!NEW AGENT STREAM in 5min for new agent