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She/Her. Girl gamer. Twitch content creator. Art lover. Super mom. Music whore. LGBQT+ Ally. And avid supporter of all things green!

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In one week I'll be at wizarding world in Cali with my high school besties. We got a mansion to stay in since there… could feed an army with the servings my baking yields. Oh well left overs it is 😁 #foodporn #yummy @ShadowsInTheRe1 Love the lore!!I've been stuck on #divinity2 and got the summoning mod. My incarnate is the beast to my bell! #gaming #pcgamer
Both accurately me Thanks for letting me steal your pics Twitter and letting my flaunt my shit @ChrisDeLaBarrio @RakusaStudios Hahaha know a streamer secret? Absolutely almost NONE OF US have any idea what we're doing. Seriously. It's a patt…
Retweeted by CassFosDid they tell you, you should grow up When you wanted to dream. Did they warn you, better shape up If you want to s… @boozybumbler
@JsinCM21 That's what I meant. You are vulgar with jokes like me tooThis doesn't just happen out of the blue. Open your eyes.
Retweeted by CassFos @JsinCM21 Mine are more vulgar lol but I know I are too ...wink wink @JsinCM21 Same buddy. We fall victim to same insanityMe: oh that’s so cute! *checks price* Me: no it’s not
Retweeted by CassFosI'm shaking after stopping a girl from pummeling this kids butt after calling her a B word and N word.… min playing bananargams with my boss and coworkers...dont mind if I do #selfcare #wedoworkI've been on this extreme kick to relocate... If you could live anywhere where would you go? Nothing to hold you ba… @PWNYplays Omg swoon. U two make me meltI'm gonna tell you this cuz you need to hear it... Even if a person makes you feel happy and well. Is nice to you a…
Funeral. Witch. Goth. What ever the label for my clothing choice. Black is still my favorite with me and you will be in a world of pure imagination #chocolatewaterfall me your friend codes. I'm in love with civ btw #nerd #switch @CannibalVeggiez The look on those poor peoples face on that podcast...i was uncomfortable watching it
Hello world and all who inhabit it. Let's be kind today 🌸🌸 @Carlosaleman19 Need for attention and validation from others is driven by money @glbtc @Alisera 😂 I got my baby daddy one that smelled like his home state for Xmas. South Dakota smells amazing igOmg ive been on Twitter how long and I haven't gotten a single shout out from my you guys even like… @PWNYplays I meannnnnn.... Do with the info as I will 😂 @PWNYplays Well that is what girls dreams are made of 🎶🎶This isn't one of those kinda posts... @AlotKrieg Is the best twitch dad ever. When life seems bleak and you think…
What is love Baby Don't hurt me Don't hurt me No more @FaevanaTV Ya I went to lane Bryant and when the lady told me what size I was...i kinda blurted etc real loud. She… @FinderShow Finally! Someone with real talentI found legendary cool ranch Doritos. The top one was like that on both sides. Bottom chip for basic bitch chip ref… @Shamm_Shield @FaevanaTV So do queens 😂😭Straight men, I want to share my favorite dating advice quote with you about women. "Don't look for a princess in…
Retweeted by CassFos*hits the boof* So that’s just like, how it is man
Retweeted by CassFos @ShadowsInTheRe1 The grammar rules seem to flow similarly for present, past, future least this is way m… @Samoan_317 Right. At work my boss speaks perfect white girl spanish. Enough that everyone knows what she is saying… @CannibalVeggiez Reading seems easier for me than any part of the learning process. Speaking next. Listening and tr… @Jaxa1in Write it all out. What is in your head needs to come out and what better way then to write. Read it and ge… languages do you speak if any? I started learning norwegian on duolingo and I am getting good but I am only j… started playing divinity 2 today 😁 seems like my paced game. Wish I had a way to stream the games I like. But at least I can still game ❤
@CannibalVeggiez I do. I started that recently @CannibalVeggiez It's mostly whole milks. Creamers. Ice cream @CannibalVeggiez Ty. Took a lot of heart even tho it's simple @ShadowsInTheRe1 My cousin got in trouble for wearing one of their band shirts to school. Obviously @CannibalVeggiez I am non dairy mostly
@ShadowsInTheRe1 Omg I listened to sooo much cannibal corpse in the day. Was metal head -.- @CannibalVeggiez It was fun doing the face painting for the queen alien...some people thought he was bumble bee the… @CannibalVeggiez This was my kids first Halloween costumeBekfast yooo #foodporn @ShadowsInTheRe1 Ermergerd @fuzywzyboomboom Omg this is exactly my answer lol..all tho I did like the AR15...ak47 seems better for its fire rate in this situationIn a zombie apocalypse what weapon would you choose?"You" gives me both creepy vibes and good vibes and I'm so conflicted... Its like Dexter 2.0$18 each shipped [in u.s.a] Handcrafted vinyl stickered 16oz. Skinny tumblers for the thottiest of twitches. [dish…
Retweeted by CassFos @CannibalVeggiez Yes to this all @UnicornyLithia I see a bat taking a shitMy mom just went and got my Chinese food and gave me pain meds since my endometrosis has me down tonight.... So man…
@varimatsu Oof so cute @Anhaelas We actually have more than 5 senses science says now ❤ #themoreyouknow added boondocks "booty buttcheeks" to a dino. Count me in. @mxiety This has a break down of how to prioriotize and initate a sequence of task accompl… I got paid everytime someone came into chat and said "what the hell did I just come into?" I'd be fucking rich…
Retweeted by CassFos @CapCorgiTTV Is this at discarding world? Cali or florida? @zsazsakilmor Ain't nothing wrong with that ❤ I am as well on the classic side @boozybumbler Ya her bday is numerically awesome since she was born in 2016. So that whole 4÷4=16..or bday form 4/4… @Thawolf_1 So me and all my friends when I was younger got a Disney princess to dress up as and act like or what ev… @caedus7k @boozybumbler Caddis feels compeled yo move to sedona and work at a sweat lodge retreat @boozybumbler My kid is 4/4 @zsazsakilmor Ccllaassiicc @fuzywzyboomboom All the goodies!!!I dunno...maybe July is special after all 😂😅 @Rabaroni Hahahaaa yes. Plank is literally my fav lmao @doodybeardLIVE Seriously I will drive up there and hug you if u need bro. I've been told my presence does good in… @Rabaroni Dude this show was great! This was my fav from this show. Plank was so in @HunterDaBear Oh ya titans I memeber @BobaBett Yes queen’m so sexually frustrated that the smell of this candle is making me horny
Retweeted by CassFos @PotheadReviews Oh hell ya lol I own it on vhs and DVD lol am nerd. Also this movie had a dope soundtrack and the best cast ever! @redpelican87 Oohhh what does this button do @BisforBennygame Actually if i think back, like wwaayyy young this was my fav. I wore shirts with tweetyy and even… @HunterDaBear Lol random character. Is this from treasure planet?Drop a gif of ur childhood cartoon character you liked the most ❤ you been watching on #netflix ? #twitch
Retweeted by CassFos @PotheadReviews 6 underground was really good. I wanna start You... I guess there is a book to it as well😂😂 #ded
*quickly changes all apps to dark mode and turns off all notifications!*Omg I been locked outts Twitter all day... Why is today so hard??!! #newphonewhodis #obliterateitallHow long does it take you to get ready in the morning ? As a female i take a fraction of the time to make myself pr… @StrawberryTaser Same
@XXJRODX How do you want to see it? @Samoan_317 Should have put option for all of the above @Samoan_317 SameWould you rather explore the deepest parts ofLife lesson. Dont pursue people. Pursue dreams and aspirations... Dont allow others determine your outcome to life.… @Lady_AF_ I love yours lol