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She/Her. Girl gamer. Twitch content creator. Art lover. Super mom. Music whore. LGBQT+ Ally. And avid supporter of all things green!

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@xnoems Love tina lol this show is funny af
@zcurrey1 Omg its like a brain made of nuggies @juliagomezart Duder happy bday! My kids also four! Maybe one day after rona we will trip some where together! @UnicornyLithia I learned this with my art sooooooo hard. I walk away from half inspired pieces and come back later with new inspiration @boozybumbler Haha 👏👏 @Cloudrunner_TV The dude abides. @GGAAHHHHH I had lovely @KitsuneKrush do this for me when I first started streaming. Its a representation of thing… @jessfalcowow Im teaching my daughter catch and release to not be scaref of any bug. It now has made her a bug enth… @danYELLtwitch Me. Im penguinDo you have a gif that best describes you?It's feeling like you hot enough to melt, yeah Can't trust no one, can't even trust yourself yeah And I love you, I… me. Im you guys @CannibalVeggiez I watch everything david does. His voice is my medicine. Life docus are literally the best filmed… @CannibalVeggiez @WhiteWolfSpeaks @DelightDaniTV This are the words i havent been able to find @_themodernmom_ Are you serial right now!?!?!?! Why havent i thought about color. I do it by likeness of apps. Goo… @Nirodis_ Im down. I love languages and religion. Intriguing things how the human mind has come up with these beginning of life ideas @CannibalVeggiez What the!! Tiny homes for basketball players isn pretty i mostly like science or nature.Please enlighten me with your best documentaries! @DrulkTV Haha that is amazing! I wonder if there was sunflower in the mix...probably not tho cuz it would have spro… @Amselina05 @tumbledorez Um fitvr sounds doppee. I do at home yoga and body weight movement like lunges. Boring but its workin out so meh @DrulkTV Umm hey...those yellow things on top. Those are tassels. Those are yer cornies. Be proud papa cuz you got… @RoraPickles I like the sleep zone for people who go afk for a while in voice chats. There should be a rule for mut… @DoubleAgtSmith My friend is heavy into echo. It reminds me of enders game training simulator. Zero gravity game wh… @doodybeardLIVE I mean...i have many skills sir 😉 @RetroAddict86 Appreciate you ♡
@_sunshineCHI Lol or jacob jacobson. Like wow...couldnt come up with a new thing @RoraPickles @RoraPickles @RoraPickles @MassageSloth No way. Its gotta be automatic. Just trust intuitions and believe in your toolsFeels. Yo. #music #vibes @UntameWolf I got for free a mars survival simulator game on steam. Have yet to try it. Called surviving mars. I lo… measurements: 32" 24" 36" My measurements: 34" 24" 41" . . . . So much ass @DashMaker_ Bathing* suits...not breathing lul @iamh3ml0ck Yyaaassss!!!! @DashMaker_ Dont give up. Breathing suits are hard for most. And you might want to just step up and pay for that go… @Laidy_AF Come visit me. You will love the weather @doodybeardLIVE Its my blogging website. I like to write but its been a whileHey now, Breakfast is served who's hungry? @_themodernmom_ Omg this triggered me too the other day. I just had a mini anxiety attack but i literally like was… @RetroAddict86 Always ♡Some of you forget just how pretty we are even when we are in pieces @EyePoke42 Me but not ones with good art. I just come up with content for memes sometimes @VideoGameDiva_ I took a mini solo vacay to Seattle after a break up for moms day. Was clarifying. I walked the w… @ImBabyLamb Finna means gonna and my theory is the word gonna got miss spelled to finna in text so much that it now… @RoraPickles Ive noticed you look healthier and happier. Your skin looks all milky and pretty. And honestly i wan… a application on a home in ya know makin my way north ig. Good vibes peeps. This mama needs a house so bad
I may be a complainer... But I’m not a quitter.
Retweeted by CassFos @carmyab Eat bacon for breakfast every day. And work out. Worked for me lol @RoraPickles Oh hi 🥰😇 else feel personally victimized by this pandemic @boozybumbler @MillChrono They were put in this pie 😁 have no time construct... I will now begin bathing in am as a self care act. 🙃😁 @MillChrono @boozybumbler Millions of peaches.. but they were definitely not free @boozybumbler Literally this song has been in my mind since we went peach picking on sundayDo you pronounce it rebel or rebel as in rebellion?How do you "fill your bucket" when you feel low? @challahvalhalla Mood. Honestly gotta know your worth these days and stand for what you are and want in life @boozybumbler It truly is cursed @Job_for_a_Cody Proud of you. Small parenting wins 🙌
@_themodernmom_ @Oreocide Bet- means bet you wont, bet you will, or a positive agrreance on something. @boozybumbler *cries in depression* @Job_for_a_Cody Dude its so hard. My kid is an extrovert and wants to talk to anyone that will listen...except no o… cant be everything to everyoneMy kid keeps singing the hook to this and im impressed. Love our emo rock sessions requested meatballs. And so she will make them. #minichef no one is laughing... @DelightDaniTV @DrulkTV Stay safe. Praying for youBeing an adult is such a joke....
You're welcome for ruining your timeline. Enjoy Im down 5 more pounds.... Bacon and workouts im tellin ya. @GGAAHHHHH I keep a running note of Twitter post ideas. I sometimes have so many in one day it isnt possible to twe… @ButtJuiceSoup @JsinCM21 Even your profile pic looks like you're judging the tweeter below @ButtJuiceSoup Fail. He @JsinCM21 was being so sincere @ImBabyLamb the a dead body in there with him?@! @boozybumbler Ohh i wanna play this game!!!! @Job_for_a_Cody @Nesayo1 @_themodernmom_ Agreed i do this. Every year i make a conscious clean eating choice. Like no pasta. No so… @Job_for_a_Cody Seems legit yo!! What u got to lose? LolJust a little reading for today. Cia knows how to time travel and how to transcend... But we are all to worried th… @prodege936 Then switch up the thing you eat with it. Do potatoes obrian. So good. Or do waffles or a sourdough En… @prodege936 Might i suggest. Bacon lul @SephySlays @_xinfiinity Lol @SweetRosieBee @DrulkTV I lovr this example cuz meditation isn different for everyone. Trying things that work for… @DrulkTV This is my expertise..well if one can be. But best advice is to not linger on one thought. They will come… car singing just for you! Listen to the song of my people damn it!! #dreamer #sing snacks, my little, some pillows and blankets plus its my favourite movie!!!! Im so happy #empirestrikesback @mightydrakonis Just dm me hunDude people REALLY like cows @CronicBrownie Jokes on my own third @Peaches come in a pie they were put there by my mom.... Or something like that Peach pie anyone? @mightydrakonis How ever you like it hun @MamaCritty This is the ultimate time to be hyped then! Rage in the cage while watching the shark cage rage
If you don't get excited about shark week... you are probably a pansy. @BarmaidAlexis Also put foil down on pan and you wont have to scrub to clean. The bacon fat gets thrown away in foi… @_Tsel I asked myself the same question. Rn its lady in bed and listen to talking back Sunday. So you know... @JsinCM21 I saw these. Made me think of you. @doodybeardLIVE Moesha is on Netflix...and I thought maybe we could discord watch sometime 🥺👉👈 Netflix and chill?