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@ReidyCarrick That is excessive! I’ve never even been in one! 😂 @EveRabi1 I feel your pain! @ReidyCarrick Just how often is this happening..? @jilltweeting This is seriously disgusting. Had to switch out hand soap brands because it was gunking up too much. @WatsonTheSnail Plus, rinsing spoons is a health risk. I’ve almost shot my eye out with soapy water. @aussielol Goodness if this isn’t the truth.
@megiseleandrade I absolutely do audiobooks during cleaning!! Almost a necessity I swear. @MoviesMatterPod I haven’t cleaned my oven in way too long... yikes... @CPells2 Mold is no good. Dry where I am, so no major mold issues thankfully. @AliBenice How often do you do this? @writerlocke This sounds so awful. @neutrinoburrito Haha!! This means I win. @megiseleandrade I do my dishes by hand too! Very much an annoyance. @WhatAreYouHaiku Ohhhh this is a good one!!! So goopy and gross! @patwellstx I agree. This takes way too long. @4TH3Record Send some my way, please! @CaptainRail I hate how I smell after mowing. @KathiBragdon Agreed. Why are they shaped so weird?? @AmandaGW Why can’t they just stay pretty forever?!? @JudyAycuens I hadn’t thought of this! This is a great answer! @LefeverDan I don’t hate raking, but bagging the leaves isn’t fun. @JenniferKayDav1 I always find it difficult to maneuver the clothes around to get flat surfaces! @Linnaeus_Sky Moving stuff around is the worst part of dusting for sure. @borbalabranch For me if it involves chopping - especially meat - I’m out. Measuring and stirring and stuff are fine. Chopping? No. @sdguy82 I kinda like dusting. @MaxieLurline Something I’d never considered! 😂 @RebeccaEAI1307 I always start folding them with such optimism and confidence. Like... I can figure this out... it’… @AHofn I absolutely hate ironing. @ArkHorton 5 people is crowded! I’m 1 and I shock myself. @BooksByo I have noticed this. I like listening to something during chores and that doesn’t allow it! @jm_hanisch I don’t know why the drying part is so hard for me... I stack them on the rack and they stay there for eternity. @evitacreates No hose... ya... that would make everything more difficult! @CatherineBeavis My dishwasher doesn’t work. So I feel your pain! @borbalabranch I gotta agree, cooking is no fun unless I’m doing it with other people. Cooking for myself is such a chore. @ArkHorton Oh that’s interesting! I wasn’t expecting that reason to dislike it. I just get annoyed how many dishes… @evitacreates Not gonna lie, I’d probably just shoot water at it and call it good. Ladders are scary. @RebeccaEAI1307 My super power: I have NEVER struggled to put on a fitted sheet. Granted I have long limbs. I canno… @AhishaWrites I hear this! And toilets are such weird shapes, so getting into those nooks and crannies is just torture. @naisbitt_steve Really?! Haha. This was my lazy chore I’d try to claim when I was a kid. Easier than all the rest! 😂 @rocapri Dishes are so annoying. @anomalyalice I’ve met many who love doing laundry. I have to force myself to do dishes RIGHT after using them or i… @GirlyWithATwist Any part in particular? @ArkHorton Hand wash or dishwasher? @BrandonMorehous Is it the folding in particular or just... all of it? @AhishaWrites Any particular part of the bathroom? I DESPISE cleaning the shower/tub. So much awkward surface area!Writing research... What’s your absolute most hated household chore?
@Gotteswaise What a terrible thing to teach! 😂 @karissa_writes I knew many who weren’t allowed to watch this one. @ForgottenAstro2 So curious as to why!
@nmurphywriter Not sure what this is! @allisonkrebel Those books were terrifying. So even with lights on you were the brave one. @WingedWriter90 What?? Why??? @allisonkrebel I kinda loved that show though. Hahaha. @king_reinhardt I never would have guessed this one!! I loved Power Rangers. @FireTigerGirl Simpson’s was fortunately allowed. South Park not so much. Haha. @shae_whelchel Ya I agree. Never understood the severe criticism. @KrystinHart11 One of the lucky ones! @ArtieEckhart Not Cartoon Network!!!! That was my everything!! @jpatrickauthor I forgot about that show! Pretty sure this was banned at my place too. None of us had ever seen it… @Armascribe Oooh if I’d asked about video game bans I guarantee gta games would be on that list. 100%. @TurqMc Never even heard of this one! @shae_whelchel This is the correct way to live! Hahaha @JoshuaMarsella I was closer to this... I think a few shows would have been too far, but we never pushed the envelope. @TFiredrake I’ve always wanted to watch this show actually! Never officially seen it.What TV show did your parents ban in your home?
@ProbablyMiles YA does seem to reuse a lot. Certain names must just fit the genre! HahahaWhat names are overused in writing? #WritingCommunity
@AhishaWrites @BStubbles @DerekRKing2 @CCWorkfloor @seanyseanysaeny @muschtheplumber @nellyb78 @JimNotBob @astlecw @chasethestories Book if I can. Movie if I didn’t realize there was a book in the first place. @AnthonyNerada Love these!!
High five to anyone who needs it today!
@KathrynAAuthor “Release the birds.”
@werbette That’s how I say it! @AhishaWrites Ya! They can suck it! You get to speak however you please!!
@AhishaWrites Do say it with a long A in the middle? @jtmorsewriter @ElaineJackson12 I for real thought I was the only one who said it with a long o. @werbette How do you say horror? I’ve had debates and have heard some say it like “whore-or” while others say more… @sujichaja I don’t think I’ll ever look at that word again without thinking about miso soup 😂 @ElaineJackson12 @jtmorsewriter That’s probably the correct way! @JessShou English makes everyone question their sanity. Such a bizarre language. @ShayBoote Haha! Warsh is delightful. I don’t know how but I once ended up attempting to say M&M, enemy, and anemon… @Diegodc03Diego With a hard O like photo. Most have told me it’s supposed to sound like “phutography” @JeffreyCouncil2 Frankly, I find that more delightful than the other options. @GoodWit53592147 I just said this aloud like twelve times and I don’t know which I do! I feel like I hit the T harder myself. @sbangel978 @jtmorsewriter Validation! I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one! @khalissakaine Do you hit the e hard in the middle? @TJBaerAuthor Oh wow... I’m fairly certain I’ve pronounced it both ways and haven’t a clue which I’d use more frequently. @sbangel978 This is an excellent reason to mispronounce a word. @lenorewrites I’m suddenly realizing I’m not even sure IM pronouncing this one properly. @chasethestories Hahaha oh I’d bet just about everything you say is “wrong!” Hahaha. But you be you! @love4writenword Now I’m gonna start saying this one wrong. @jtmorsewriter It’s actually not the “ography” but the first syllable. Apparently most people say “phut-ography” an… @GoodWit53592147 Well now I have to know how to say that any other way! @AdrianEKoesters How do you say it? @JeffreyCouncil2 Oh I probably shove together tons of words. Haha. Mouth moving faster than brain seems to be a pro… @SDReedAuthor Ooh how do you pronounce it??What word have you been accused of pronouncing incorrectly? Mine: Photography. @Andrew__Ocean For me somehow every “they” turns into “the” and every “my” turns into “me.” It’s just not me intention!
@PaulJen38854700 You are always welcome. @audreydoodles I need to do better. I’m a mess.