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Cassie Evans @cassiecodes Brighton, England

Front-end Dev @clearleft. Disorganiser @GeneratorBtn. Obsessed with web animation. SVG magician 🎩✨ 😷 Banished for the good of the realm.

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@Orangetronic @seb_ly Just realized I've now mentioned all the bad keywords via these tweets. Strapping in for even more ads. @Orangetronic @seb_ly really!? God it's so bizarre. I would love to be able to go one day using technology withou… @seb_ly Gotta love the binary split on gender too. Great job all round youtube @seb_ly All the algorithms are ridiculous. I get makeup ads/slimming products/hair extensions/baby stuff I asked m… Do you like mad scientist tech experiments and lasers? You know what to do. @mxbck @smashingmag @hankchizljaw @Mamboleoo Thank you Max! Also. GO ENJOY your cabinYaaaay! 🥰
🥰 Amazing work as per usual from @sarah_edo. Well done @Netlify team! @SBinLondon 🥰 hai!📫 Got a lovely surprise in the post this morning. @clearleft are a good bunch. 🥰 @mxbck Niiiice. I look forward to all the glorious photos when you're back online. @Mamboleoo Nooooo. Not the peach tree. I'm sorry. :( That courgette (zucchini) looks great though. We usually stuff… @MicheBarks Asking the important questions.
@oluoluoxenfree @noopkat @superSGHP @lynnandtonic @sarah_edo I have a newsletter (about SVG) you may be interested… @lynnandtonic @sarah_edo @noopkat @oluoluoxenfree @superSGHP Another super enthusiastic +1! 🙌 @noopkat @oluoluoxenfree @superSGHP @lynnandtonic @sarah_edo Thanks Suz 🥰 @rosieebob Aaaaaah. I love this
🚨 New article: Tips and notes about freelancing A few pals are either flirting with the idea of going freelance or…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @Orangetronic Mead-slushie is very on-brand for you.
🚩Episode Up! 🚩 We already know that @eleven_ty is powerful. In this episode, @brob will teach us how to take 11ty…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @seaotta 💜 hope you're okHere is my first attempt for #viewBoxChallenge😃 @cassiecodes I tried recreating a simple spacewalk from…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @atomic_variable @CodePen This is *wonderful!* 🙌🚀 @carolstran @TartanLlama 😂 @carolstran @TartanLlama How did your apartment come with sweet cyberpunk art. I had a tacky sculpture of the wor… @carolstran @TartanLlama MATE this is coolCollaboration on audio - in the browser. Amazing job as always by @alyssaxuu @alyssaxuu Amazing job as always!Do you ever need to create a bunch of identical or similar SVG elements like circles, lines and rectangles but don'…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @JoshWComeau 😍 It's like a lil in-browser pattern library @TartanLlama Well done to you and your lovely cat💌 It's *almost time* for edition 2 of viewBox! 🛸 Taking part in the challenge? Get your galaxy-themed codepen ov… @jh3yy 😅Also, DM-ing people and telling them to speed up with the free content they're putting out is *mega lame* chill out.✨ A few people have asked where part 2 of my avatar blog post series is. The sun's been out. I've been spending m…
@oliverturner @deanleigh @Wattenberger Also, I don't know what you mean by resolution aware. Have you got a link or time to explain? 👀 @oliverturner @deanleigh @Wattenberger I just always get the positive and negative mixed up directionally for some reason.I'm always using percents in CSS, but often have to stop and ask: "% of what?" hint: it's probably not what you th…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @ReactingBadly I have had drinks and I shouldn't have because I do overenthusiastic commenting @ReactingBadly MATE YOU ARE GLOWINGTomorrow’s the last day to apply for the @Clarity_conf scholarship for underrepresented groups in tech we’re co-spo…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @deanleigh @Wattenberger I always get confused with left and top. It's like plugging in USB's for me, I have to get… @SaraSoueidan ✨ Eid Mubarak! ✨ (I like the dancing sheep 😆)✨ Amelia smashing it out of the park (as per usual) with her blog post about % measurements in CSS 💜 I love intera… @AmeliasBrain @Mamboleoo 😆 @aldoconde7 @Mamboleoo PUPPER @torahwilcox I had a huge wall of mould too! Good times.The most glorious promotional photo I've ever seen. @Mamboleoo LOUIS - this is the promotional content we need!!! @lynnandtonic @CodePen Ahhh! You were watching, awesome. 💜💜 @ddprrt @wearewebclerks It was a whole collection of my favourite things, so I'm super glad you enjoyed it. @KiraArghy v big fan of this jazzy shirt/magical wonderland combo @JoshWComeau filters are so cool! 🥳🔥 `box-shadow` doesn't work well with transparent images. `filter: drop-shadow` does what you'd expect, adding a sh…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @mattstratton The painful process of installing fancy cybernetics into our new hybrid human-robot bodies @lynnandtonic @CodePen Lynnnnn. This is gorge.Very, very, very impressed with lovely personal websites that focus on tiny little details. So authentic, honest, h…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @smashingmag Thanks Smashing crew! 🥳 💜✨ If you missed the fun last night, no worries! You can watch the stream here! @wearewebclerks #ViennaCalling
@g16n @cssence Sure... Seems like more effort to do the same thing, but to each their own. @mxbck @hankchizljaw @MicheBarks @hola_soy_milk @cariefisher Best online meetup I've been to 🥳 Supremely well done. 💜 @StuRobson @hankchizljaw Spoiler. CSS can scaleThank you all for coming to watch me talk at #ViennaCalling @wearewebclerks. Here’s the slides:…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @techgirl1908 I love this more than anything. 11 year old me is sobbing with joy @techgirl1908 WAIT IS THIS 2020 PIXEL DOLLZ 🥺 @cancrexo Andy pls stop. @wearewebclerks @domangerer Amazing job! 🥳I've been drinking whisky everytime he says 'progressive enhancement' and I'm now ded. @weekbeforenext @cariefisher It was *wonderful!* @daeyved @cariefisher It will be, and I wholeheartedly recommend watching thisI've had the pleasure of working with Andy on a pattern library project @clearleft, and his approaches to CSS are bang on.🥳 Next up, Andy talking about how he does CSS 🧊 CUBE stands for Composition Utility Block Exception 🤘 'The casca… @AndreJaenisch @hankchizljaw @wearewebclerks I use custom properties with CSS a lot, good combo. No idea about alpine.js though I'm afraid.We both have SVG chameleons too! 🤘 Chameleon buds *high five* I *love* the dark mode demo. So so cool. @gerig_thamara I want a donut now. @gerig_thamara @wearewebclerks Thanks for coming along Thamara 🥳✨ Yess! So excited for this talk from @cariefisher @mxbck @hankchizljaw @wearewebclerks ohmygosh yes @petebarr @hankchizljaw @wearewebclerks I'm on four day weeks, it's basically friday Pete. @hankchizljaw @wearewebclerks I'm doing it for your talk. Getting the whisky out now. @hankchizljaw @wearewebclerks we really should have done a 'progressive enhancement' drinking game.👾 Thanks for having me @wearewebclerks #ViennaCalling ✨ Slides here! - 💜 More accessibili… @maxray @deanleigh Yes! @deanleigh 🥳 Thanks Dean! @g16n @cssence Keeping the transition duration makes sure that any functionality tied to a transition e.g. a menu s… @deanleigh Hahaha. It's so odd. Your voice starts to sound super strange after a while.Two, one, zero, #Vienna­Calling! Today, 19:00 (CEST) – livestreamed on twitch. Join us!💜
Retweeted by Cassie Evans🍿 OK go fetch yourself some snacks and get comfortable - we're streaming live in 5 minutes! 👉 #ViennaCalling
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @cobra_winfrey This needs to be everyone's pinned tweet.🥳 Free this evening? Come and hang out! 🎨 I'll be enthusiastically rambling about SVG. (as per usual) 🤘 Max is r…✨ Probably the most fun I've ever had coaching @CodebarBrighton Covered a lot of new concepts! Great job… @noopkat Which books Suz? I love being nosy about other people's books. Kindles have ruined bookcase snooping.The great thing about being super stressed about other things is I haven’t had time to be nervous about the talk I’…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @cassiecodes We do! :) Inline SVG is even better when combined with the built-in CSS editor. It lets you do things…
Retweeted by Cassie Evans @MiriSuzanne
@slides I am *ALL OVER* thisI would just like to remind everyone of this wonderful tweet. if it's just taken me an age to notice)🥳 Hold up. @slides allows inline SVG in slide decks now. I would say take my money, but you already have it. Ke… @lynnandtonic Ok. More meetups need Grandma's and dumplings.