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Cassie M. @cassmarketos Los Angeles, CA

previously: @Kickstarter @ObamaWhiteHouse currently: I'm involved with and working on climate, voter rights, election 2020, writing, science

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If you need volunteer designers, writers, engineers, etc. - use this resource: @MikeIsaac Oh my god what a fucking idiot. Floyd’s video may have depicted violence - it was not a CALL to violence… he continues to defend his decisions to employees. Keeping Trump up and unchecked was a “thorough” decision.'t forget to make sure you aren't spreading misinformation. There's enough REAL batshit out there to keep up wit…
Retweeted by Cassie M. @JolieHolland DAMN F'REAL?! been watching the down ballot votes cominngg innnnn !!!!I just have no idea how ~2 decades of being uncritically worshipped by a spineless, money-grubbing industry of almo… @MaxTemkin dammit @stdoyle @buzz Hello! Yes ! It would haha @buzz Hahaha - I’ll design and DM you one product a day as a stop gap? @MaxTemkin @CAH You do, in a way. I have some thoughts about it .... haha 😅✨ @choongng 👀Feel like this might be a project @CAH would jump into - an alternative digital gathering/living space for people t… people post that they will no longer use Facebook or Instagram- shutting down personal company accounts, bra…
@yylaro 💗💗💗Ready to commit to long-term action against anti-Black racism? Join us this Friday for a conversation to find your…
Retweeted by Cassie M.For ppl editing vs deleting their black squares today: @marissapple So glad you’re tryin to look into it tho 🙌RAHUL ❤️
Retweeted by Cassie M. @ASIANDAN The FUCK ?well this tweet aged well @marissapple this is a good query to amplify, though, just in case? if a lot of people are editing the caption vs r… @maggieNYT @mikeallen I’m sure they’s no coincidence...🤫
Retweeted by Cassie M. @jstylman Haha I hope it builds 💕
@_RussellElliot_ What the fuck does this woman think she is doingDon’t just delete Facebook, y’all. Where’s the map of everything they own? Were going to need to give up Instagram,… share!
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@ResonanceGlobal You are the literal best person on the whole planet and I love youATTN Los Angeles, some action items and information at A lot of us couldn’t be in the str… made a bookshop! Thanks to @Bookshop_Org for giving us a non-Amazon way to support authors and independent bookst…
Retweeted by Cassie M. @mmpopkey For a second I thought maybe an employee had hijacked the corporate twitter feed lol @tkretchmar HAHAHAHAHA @mmpopkey wh a t @JolieHolland I thought about that right after I sent the tweet and now am thinking about deleting the tweet @JolieHolland This does help 🥰The thing is, people get upset at me for being "so angry" - but in my head, the whole time, I am being SO RESTRAINE… @JolieHolland I LOVE YOU I NEED A HUGa @realDonaldTrump the best recruitment ad for the cause I've seen yetBeen a nice couple days fighting with and getting blocked by lots of people I know for not being into brutality or… the “free speech” fanatic blocked me for this @prestonjbyrne 🙄 you had the exact same dumb take on every other form of disobedience and protest, no matter how pe… have been some interesting convos about how to protest police brutality, how the destruction of property affe…
Retweeted by Cassie M. @heyglorydaze @teddyvelie Ohhhh crazy !! 🥰*Activists and Legislators:* Here’s a thread of MEANINGFUL legislation that has been proposed and, in some cases, p…
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@marissapple 💞💞💞💞 x a millionFor all the ppl who are frustrated and feel helpless because they couldn’t be in the streets this wk, there will be…
what she said: ✔️vote for mayors ✔️vote for judges ✔️vote for DAs @katieneeds Amen @mmpopkey Totally- you get numbed by the positive feedback loop of power. 😖 @mmpopkey Hahahaha last night I was trying to explain to my dad that rich people aren’t smarter just because they h… @katieneeds “Knelt”....?Imagine if a phone company routed specific phone calls to you based on monitoring your credit card bill and regardl… @meganamram This bit is aging well. @winklevoss If this is the analog you want to use for Facebook, then get rid of the algorithm and/or any targeted o… @karaswisher Imagine if a phone company routed specific phone calls to you based on monitoring your credit card bil… @jstylman I kinda do :) @noahkalina @zachklein Ah yes * gazes into the distance * once upon a time... 🌝 @zachklein @noahkalina Don’t know that Noah, seems nice tho @noahkalina 😝 @jstylman Don’t disagree this may be the case, but anecdotally I don’t think is true. (I do know people who work th… @noahkalina Your tweet was the first thing I saw opening my eyes this morning, yeah.A mass walkout of Facebook employees right now would be meaningful.Make no mistake, the president just threatened to gun down American citizens en masse in Minneapolis.
Retweeted by Cassie M.Mark Zuckerberg created a website to rank his female classmates by their appearance and it ended up destroying demo…
Retweeted by Cassie M.What the FUCK is going on. @steve_locke
My Dad sitting down while I am on my computer, furiously focused on work, and explaining to me in detail how the hu… @brandonstosuy this is the best take on jogging-with-a-mask yet @TigNotaro @atticusbobross @jennasauers @NifMuhammad Yessss - "Guilt" by Marianne Faithful also superbly used @katieneeds please never get it 😂 pls stay exactly the way you are @katieneeds I love you ahahaha @winklevoss Your fragility is showing @yayitsrob Yes. @ruthiebaron Wow I randomly thought of him and relistened to all of his stuff so recently 💕 @wagatwe @margarita @LCVoters Was just thinking the same thing 👀 @JolieHolland WOOO!The League of Conservation Voters @LCVoters is hiring a social media manager, location flexible. This is a good job… @jacecooke AWWW :) @jacecooke That sounds lovely : )If a CSA is available to you, sign up. (My veggies come weekly from a farm ten miles from me.) Our network of small… great place to give $ this election year. @slpng_giants I’m pro transparency about how these decisions are made and who makes them. That’s diff, obviously, t…, political speech IS scrutinized, in the form of....fact-checks. Making it more convenient for people to see a…
Retweeted by Cassie M. @aaronlammer @ftrain Aaron. Your avatarYep
Retweeted by Cassie M. @atticusbobross @RatsEveryHour @cass It’s okay just looked at Cass and she seems p cool @karaswisher I feel like he needs Twitter more than Twitter needs him? Ha. Not sure he’s not cutting off his nose to spite his face. @hellolanemoore This times one fucking million @atticusbobross @RatsEveryHour @cass Lol you didn’t even tag me and I still saw it ... how @margarita @ndrew_lawrence Omg @GermanVIP Don’t think I’m at that stage of things yet, just thinkin bout stuff. But thank you :) @jacecooke Thank you!!!!Lastly, it's a fucking joke for him to defer responsibility "as a private company," while simultaneously spending m… @wildarms_xo this is extremely my shitThese guys are positioned to meaningfully address one of the biggest problems facing our gen (rampant spread of mis… vapidity and also cowardice of this statement are stunning. Nobody is asking Zuck or Facebook to “arbitrate tru… @JolieHolland Yes we have discussed! I do remember this, that’s amazing @JolieHolland I think we actually talked about this at one point, it's ringing a bell. Thank you for indulging me 2x on it haha
@JolieHolland THIS is what I’m talkin bout. Where in Colorado? @thinmatt Haha, how affordable...! Email list maybe a good way to start getting an idea of things and how they work…