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I’ll never get over this video
Retweeted by King CassMy 2020 ain’t cancelled, I dunno about you lot
Retweeted by King CassDropping 5pm today 👀
Retweeted by King CassI’ve worked in corporate environments for the past 17 years and i can assure you, burning a bridge with a previous…
Retweeted by King CassMind blown!
Retweeted by King CassOk this is sick. And satisfying.
Retweeted by King CassWell done hagi ruining nice videos of ma baby and his mum. Prick
Retweeted by King CassI remember when my boy clocked his ting in a link up TV video then we couldn’t get hold of him for 3 days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by King CassSo my brother got pulled over and his girlfriend thought he was lying y’all look at this 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by King CassYeppp that’s Tiana Blake as the cover of Spotify’s “This Is How We Do” playlist! @TiaRochelle just wrote an artic…
Retweeted by King CassPeople saying ahh there was bare man, course he had to move like this blah blah blah. Please understand if you ever… lady: What’s yo baby name? Mother: Declan Black lady: COME ON DECLAN!!! Mcmcmxmfmfmfmfmfm I love black wom…
Retweeted by King CassOur love of food starts at a very early age...
Retweeted by King CassMy ex boyfriend introduced me to him 🤦🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by King CassLeave me alone...
Retweeted by King CassI'm gunna watch fresh prince today because mannn RIP Uncle Phil, I’m so happy to announce that I’ve just signed a deal with one of the largest TV production companies ‘Fre…
Retweeted by King CassJust lost for words...I came to the U.K. with no job offer, no salary, no English, no "skill", I would simply neve…
Retweeted by King CassBritain First leader officially joins Conservative Party: 'Boris Johnson is like us'
Retweeted by King CassOmds this was the most racist show ever, I'm tearing up🤣
Retweeted by King CassMeanwhile at old Kent road.. 😲😲
Retweeted by King CassI thought you had them thangs thanging bro
Retweeted by King Cass @KWABSHIGHEST @Jeff_Tymer_ I know but it's caught on n people are actually debating it😪I’m currently looking for new management! I just had my best year yet and I’m sitting on a batch of new music w a d…
Retweeted by King CassOne thing about millennials, we have no problem leaving a job 😂
Retweeted by King CassSomebody said you gay if you get murdered because you let a man take yo breath away
Retweeted by King Cassall the butterflies i had turned to a moth
Retweeted by King CassThe Young ones getting away with things you couldn’t even dream about as a child. You just know the older siblings…
Retweeted by King Cass @rlly_james_smh @_FemGod This tweet. Like my grannies all time favorite song was I wish. And my family still plays…
Retweeted by King Cass @_FemGod This quote is out of context. She gave an hour interview and said certain songs she can't even enjoy or…
Retweeted by King CassThe mental hold that R Kelly has on Auntie aged black women everywhere is fucking scary. Like terrifying.
Retweeted by King Cass @twregista_v99 @KWABSHIGHEST @SamueILFC @WorldwideAFC @KWABSHIGHEST @Jeff_Tymer_ @KWABSHIGHESTSalah and Henry isn't a debate. Salah is world class and world beater but better than Thierry Henry?! My Liverpool… @jayweezycaines @Jeff_Tymer_ Not Thierry this is despicable @jayweezycaines Link me to such madnessTurned it off as soon as my girl said she stopped taking her meds, it all started to make sense...
Retweeted by King CassKickin yo ass too cuz you mean except
Retweeted by King CassEASILY Afrobeats song of 2019 Not gonna agree with your dumebi or soapy suggestions so don’t even bother
Retweeted by King Cass @prospectmelv They saw power and fine tuned then perfected. Elite series enjoy
Coloring Book was right on time, an amazing project.
Retweeted by King CassRyan Babel here 😂😂 I’m dying
Retweeted by King CassOh my days 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I beg you just call me.
Retweeted by King CassIma stop spending mad ps on videos to look rich cause I ain’t rich yet and focus more on creativity mans filming in…
Retweeted by King CassI believe the DLR should have seatbelts 😂😭
Retweeted by King Cass @jayweezycaines Okok at least 3 away points you man should job for last 16 @teddy_sho Was he top 3 worst? @jayweezycaines Was he top 3 worst though?Lol Arsenal fans know nothing @k100sav Bro it either drains you or gives you energy. Never a balance @k100sav Were all tired. To even open our mouths about such madness is just too exhaustingIf this were actually true of course more than half the country would be in prison and it would NOT be the the half…
Retweeted by King Cass @KwabenaRanks Yhyh he did sports science and a masters and is head of academy strength and conditioning now/sometimes works with first team @KwabenaRanks Went uni Derby Notts side. Wasn't well connected grinded fully but yeah that location has several clu… @KwabenaRanks One Key thing is to not have ties to whatever location your in. I have a friend right now whose been… @jahktweets Honestly 🤷🏾‍♂️Martial FC, Pogba FC and yet they are the most disrespected. Rashford does chip in to but wow may be the most beautiful tweet I have seen on twitter. Wow. Art at its finest was a conversation on the TL about calling and texting people. I tweeted that I prefer to call. She DM'd…
Retweeted by King CassAre Man City lying about their attendance?🤔
Retweeted by King CassY’all take this into perspective... That’s So Raven came out in 2003, he did not age at all!
Retweeted by King CassI wrote about white artists needing to step *TF* up when it comes to calling out our shambles Gov and not leaving i…
Retweeted by King CassIt really is amazing. Liverpool players used to refer to Barca, Real Madrid etc like this. Now the world's best are…
Retweeted by King CassNot really because they’re not making a profit in most cases. They are simply spending millions of pounds of their…
Retweeted by King CassOne last point from the other day about African footballers and Bolt et al. I think we have to differentiate betwee…
Retweeted by King CassThis dude covered his wife and children in gasoline and burned them all alive.. but here’s a nice family photo 🙂
Retweeted by King CassGod when he sees Pop Smoke at the gates
Retweeted by King CassHORRIFIC... Call this what it is: a terrorist attack. If this had been an Islamist, it would be getting a lot more…
Retweeted by King CassWe're looking for fresh talent for future episodes of #LiveWithAM 🍹 Submit your music + videos to
Retweeted by King CassWhen people think you’re rich, family especially, there’s no respect for your financial situation. They want to cho…
Retweeted by King CassThe Thong Song did not have to be that fucking dramatic
Retweeted by King CassCan't lie the fact I've been in gym consistently all month is gassing me. No real differences yet but boy, the disc… this is our ting una 😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by King CassClub Statement 👉
Retweeted by King CassGuys honestly live your life to the fullest, don’t wait for tomorrow do it today for tomorrow could be too late.
Retweeted by King CassNot even close to a dive. Would be an injustice to miss a cup final for this.
Retweeted by King CassIf you have to train people to replace unskilled workers, they weren’t unskilled workers.
Retweeted by King CassSneakbo said this to Dot 😭
Retweeted by King Cass✅ La Liga give Barcelona permission to sign a player outside the transfer window after Ousmane Dembélé gets injured…
Retweeted by King CassAVERAGE PROPERTY PRICES IN LONDON (PER AREA) 🏡 Chelsea - £1.3 million Camden - £837,938 Islington - £651,023 Wands…
Retweeted by King CassRemember when @MeekMill got on this beat the next day?? ....Where is the song lmao
Retweeted by King Cass#OnThisDay in 2007, @Mascherano signed for the Reds 🙌 What a player 👌
Retweeted by King CassThis is not me. There is a UK Russ lol don’t hit me bout dumb shit he says. I ain’t got nothin to do with that.
Retweeted by King Cassyeah sex is good but have you ever watched this video
Retweeted by King CassI thought she was gone be on that bullsh*t 😂 boy was I wrong LMFAOOOO
Retweeted by King CassPriti Patel said today anyone earning less than £25k is an “unskilled worker” & can’t enter the UK NHS starting sa…
Retweeted by King CassI hope @Chunkz_EN and @yungfilly1 get foot asylum to renogatiate that cheque after that last episode. Does the shoe… who owes me money.
Retweeted by King CassToo much disrespect in one video. So many players humiliated. 😱
Retweeted by King CassFlip the ladder upside down ‘Work smart not hard’
Retweeted by King CassI remembered I left the iron on
Retweeted by King Cass
Retweeted by King Cass
BREAKING: Westminster Magistrates' Court has been told that US President Donald Trump offered to pardon Wikileaks f…
Retweeted by King CassThis Ampadu Performance is the sort of performance that could kickstart his season.
Retweeted by King CassAmpadu master class 👏🏾 @UncleMat96 Guys retention is too nice and he turns on a swivel