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it ain’t that serious..

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@PincheChalin okI just hope that you miss me a little when I’m gone....
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@longliveangeles ???? @daixnel nice, nice! i’m going to work sadly @Iatinwave that’s always nice!un poquitito de agua ardiente, limón, y sal 👯 @daixnel hi, hi 🙋🏾 how are you? @maciasluis397 y quien es esa? @Iatinwave hahaha what are you gonna do? @austinImao go get it then 🥵 @Iatinwave happy early bday? 🥺🎉🥰 @maciasluis397 buenas, buenas! como estas? @Iatinwave happy birthday 🙋🏾good morning 🌞went for a starbz coffee... and ended up making out w a cute man... 👏🏽😌“stop being a stingy bitch” 😂’s Prince Charming✨
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Retweeted by ًlemme just tweet everything i feelcraving starbucks, might just get sumeveryday shenanigans 🎧🎶 -C
Retweeted by ً @MyDeadDog i said this in spanish
no hu tao and everyone is upset hahaha #genshininpact
@archurrit0 @archurrit0 yeah other options for you to text, so... @archurrit0 you literally said that tho... @archurrit0 so you are agreeing that you’re a cheater, wow. @archurrit0 yep is that why oomf hasn’t texted you any faster /.\better late than never 😂🥰 #bussitchallange
Retweeted by ًno me trynna be flirty w oomf and getting called peasant, well. @MyDeadDog i kinda knew who oomf was anyways @Jeronimomnt pos veYes. I know I made a typo 😴 Some context - No mention of android controller support - Material conversion hasn't b…
Retweeted by ًDear Travelers, Genshin Impact will host a special preview program for Version 1.3 "All That Glitters" on 22 Janua…
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I think about this video a lot 🥺😂
Retweeted by ًYEP from houston, not a surprise bought a tv now there’s no way i’m leaving my room 😩
@Zach__Frank that’s not possible due to we would be in a trance :-)i can’t find my smash bros game anywhere 😢
@BlameItOnJoe ok maybe i do think he is 🤷🏾 @qjotx jocks* haha i wish i knew where to get some @qjotx where to find those hocks 🥺the only mood i’m here for is chase the bag and my happiness to find...i think joji is kinda cute 👀
@geminif33ds then what happened? @holeinterrupted YEP freaking amazing! too bad i don’t have venti :/ also i’ve noticed that they make the bow users really good 😩 @holeinterrupted i want ayaka already 😩painting my feelings
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Retweeted by ًimma regret this in the morning xDNice and quiet weekend
Retweeted by ً @asstrob0y we need to get drunk together duhwith that being said i want ass 🥺tbh i’m a lil drunk @dommydiazepam @alexeder_ i didnt expect her to sound like a lil like kali tbh but tbh she needs to step her pussy game up xDHi besties 😚
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Rosé and Utica have my attention @JayKahnD @mmm_poppy_seeds 😂😂😂 wow @mmm_poppy_seeds @JayKahnD really? 😩 @JayKahnD what anime is this?y’all kahmora is a messi got lost of prayers and i can’t seem to stop making klee roll 😂😩
@TeVampireSlayer @Itsydna LMFAO @TeVampireSlayer @Itsydna it be fun tbhya compraron su cafecito, buenos días gays!🙈Just in case.
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c6 ganyu or continue w character collection... @perksofkev me when i tweeted that tbhoomf is so pretty and everyone sleeps on them ...
@fellxthecatt YEP, go stream la luna enamorada by kali uchis @uncutiana yeeee haw? can i ride this cowboy? 🥵so quick story about my sister’s name 😂 my mom gave me the chance on naming her and i gave her my ex’s middle name… @uncutiana i had too 😂y’all have no idea how h word i have been... i guess manuela will have to help 😂😂 @cam_vrl @fellxthecatt i’m sorry but as soon as i saw justin i immediately said this 😂 @Rudyc_c oh there’s more characters comin out in feb and march and it’s exciting and more new contentand twink fem boy too 🙈yes ms thighs came home 🥰
Lana didn’t come to play 😂
@cehm27 HAHAHAimma just hope things turn out for the best... @gusteeeeee ok and? lol this is once every 23 years and also the effects of climate change xDbanjee c*nt
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@thegenuine_ but it seems like it tho :(actually excited and hope it’s not country 😩 ‘chemtrails over the country club’ Love you. Hope you love it.
Retweeted by ًPls delete co star. The app creator literally said they troll ppl when they’re going through good transits in their…
Retweeted by ً @MyDeadDog lmfao juno seems not to be enjoying someone’s company cxlooks like snowgood morning, it’s hailing! 😩
@longliveangeles ? lolfluffy 🥰 enjoy this video I found on Reddit 🥺♥️
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