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We agree 💡. #justbuidl ⁦@devopsdotcom⁩ #nocode #enterprise #baselineprotocol $ubt #erp #innovation Unlocking En…
Retweeted by CastelWanna express my gratitude to @ChainLinkGod @Crypto___Oracle @ChainlinkBull @All_Things_Vain @finrekt
Retweeted by Castel @Chris_Sturgess1 1 $Link = 1 $Larp EOY! @LoverPlaid @Cutecaucasiangf luguber👀 @All_Things_Vain @TruthRaiderHQ @chainlink Unlike Tron 😂 @TheCryptoCactus 🙃 @TheCryptoCactus @imBagsy yet it's still severely undervallued.autocorrect i guess 😂 @MrKittyLink felt like a $5 stablecoin for ever @TheTradingTramp total supply will never be circulating @DefNotTheIRS that's why i don't chill on social media. bunch of sheep🤷 @LinkFinland i al thinking about it🙌So 135 nodes nodes of the Zhejiang district went live and Chainlink surges 15%. Remember that there will be nodes i…
Retweeted by Castel @DefNotTheIRS watch @cherry_hotwife pics☝️lets all invest in $doge for a major spying app! Idiots🤦 who's next? justin sun? oh wai… @justinsuntron @tiktok_us the major spying app? typical something for you! @binance useless without #Chainlink5.96 stablecoin $Link
@All_Things_Vain @chokethehippo k, i'll check it out. thnx! @All_Things_Vain @chokethehippo i found 2 noia coins. first time i hear of it. what's noia? @koller_social blockchains are useless without Chainlink. without chainlink you can create a token, send a token, s… @NasreddinLink @LinkFinland my friend thought it was too expensive @3. it corrected @2.7 still didn't buy. covid w… it literally spells WIN. #Chainlink $LINK
Retweeted by Castelwho buys an actual memecoin 🤷 @Ltc_firstlove 😅 Chainlink is an oracleframework tyat is blockchain agnostic. only the link token runs on ethereum.… @EthanDKerr @LinkFinland it didn't it's peanuts for what's to come @SterlingDefis @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois No use. Leon the Fat Pecker has cognitive dissonance.That sombitch Sergey actually pulled off the greatest meme of all time $link
Retweeted by Castel @SterlingDefis @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois comfy as fuck. imagine trusting on consensus of dev's and miners.Transthereum, our open source blockchain explorer for developers! #blockchain #tools #opensource @baselineproto
Retweeted by Castel @LoverPlaid @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois it's useless discussing. he thinks if a compagny develops on… @cherry_hotwife This excites me @reeeatine from here on known he will be named Leon the fat pecker and he will remain poor until we reach moon!$XRP
Retweeted by Castel$BTC may not be above $9500, but $LINK is above $5.00, and that's enough for me.
Retweeted by Castel @VitalikButerin an oracle framework is worth 2billion dollar in Market cap. and it's just starting! #Link #Stink care of my cubes. with love! @Andjela32441968 Buy more $Link obviouslymy $Link miner running Chad-256 algo made some nice profits 👌 goin to sell some, buy $Larp. lend it for $sLarp. tak…
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2020 was that $Link📢2020 #newlistings on DMG @DMMDAO will be listed on #HOTBIT Deposit opens at: 2020-07-06 15…
Retweeted by Castel @LarryLogical who tf is buying bsv. still shows how morronic the whole space is. @Hushhhbruh i flikker het nipples @DonPablo______ porn. oh wait that's verge. @realDonaldTrump america does this all the time @MrKittyLink iere, wuk ist? @mdudas @Ripple CT has become more enduring since the xrp army has disapeared.
Retweeted by Castel @Obit7777777 Thank you flannel man @dec_future would be more leggit if he wasn't chilling xrp aswell. @davidgokhshtein @dec_future @chainlink unlike xrp @cat_the_cat_cat @taydavidmiller @BashfulFred @kristina_basham @ScottAdamsSays i hope so, for the rich guy, or he 's in for a treat🙃 @cat_the_cat_cat @taydavidmiller @BashfulFred @kristina_basham @ScottAdamsSays golddigger is the name. a grown golddigger.$UBT today👌 @skylarmartinez0 bch had alot of hype. especially when btc reached its ath and they swinged into bch. doesn't mean…
@Arne87751158 @QuintenFrancois coinbase wallet en dapp idex erop starten @whaleteamm 😂😂😂 @penguinmarty sacre blue! @PeterMcCormack @Max33Verstappen West for president! @binance Not needed for ODL. @RealCash17 @Don_ChainLink @CoinMarketCap @coingecko @chainlink @coingecko is amazing and has all the data for defi… @RealCash17 @CoinMarketCap oh saw no, and pressed it before i saw hell no. twitter should have do-over votes 🙃 @binance $FUCZ @LoverPlaid 1st ever gayfish president @penguinmarty 😂😂😂 @kanyewest a Gayfish president 😮
#justbuidl 🌏💡
Retweeted by Castel @CryptoLinky @LinkFinland i'll stop now. it's useless. MuCh BitCorn GoOd eTh bAd🤪 @All_Things_Vain lol i know filter, but in my mind the song of moby started playing that's when i reach for my revolver 😅 @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @fjarross @QuintenFrancois @RemindMe_OfThis dude. snap out of it! you are stuck in this i… @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @fjarross @QuintenFrancois @RemindMe_OfThis so if satoshi would be mining and never left… @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @fjarross @QuintenFrancois @RemindMe_OfThis if satoshi would create a compagny through an… @factcheckmypost @SylosisRichards direct this to the eth community then. damn you keep on going. even the duracell… @SylosisRichards @factcheckmypost this ☝️ @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois oh right steve provides your data😂😂 @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois so did you use a decentralised search engine to find all this ?😂😂 @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois i said it was a compagny. yes compagnies are centralised. good for bette… @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois all you need is a brick wall. that's some funny shit 😅 Fact checker with… @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois ouch pissing of ethereum community aswell. sounds like you feel threaten… @Munkka3 @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois lol like he knows what defi is. and i can already guess what he'll think of defi😅 @factcheckmypost @Munkka3 @QuintenFrancois chainlink has no marketing, they didn't even tweet partnerships sinds sh… @youjustwin3 great advice. i don't block usually. but his name and his lack of knowledge. i want to see where this goes @factcheckmypost sso what facts do you actually check?? sad you have 0 knowledge about Chainlink and can't even hav… in $steve he can do everything $Link can. and even better! why need tamperproof decentralised oracle for dat… @nebraskangooner well i would send it to elon musk and get 3bitcoin back @Franck_Rbn @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois And? @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois 4IR is about progress, improving, trust, reliability, @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois ask google, microsoft, sap, nasa, swift, ibm, homeland security, ... why they don… @Franck_Rbn @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois it's compagny. don 't you use a laptop or a cell phone from a central… @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois 😂 the nodes opperate decentralised. the compagny is centralised. you could never… @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois an oracle needs to be tamperproof aswell. a second layer oracle solution provides… @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois simple! progress. chainlink made more progress in a year then every project in th… @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois opposite of the idea crypto-currency. has nothing to do with blockchainbased tamperproof smartcontracts. @factcheckmypost @QuintenFrancois bitcoin is meant to be digital money. it's not even 100 decentralised with your l… @LoverPlaid @bzxHQ @BandProtocol how do you have time for these $Larps on band telegram @incubus16330582 @intocryptoverse @james8362849 the question is ada☝️ 🤪 @intocryptoverse btc doesn't do anything really. eth and ada are both enchanced by Link. Chainlink makes ada and et…
@davidgokhshtein 😂😂😂 paid chill