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GM of The @Rangers_Guild / Imperial / non toxic internet personality and Freelance Ranger / #ElderScrollsOnline @TESOnline #ESO #Greymoor #Harrowstorm #Solitude

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I seent it the Imperial #ESOFam, I am looking for some new friends within the ESO Community to play with! If you are on PC on NA or EU…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @frazzled_fox @Kaalgrontiid It brightens my day... and I always look forward to the next oneKinda neat
So I have been replaying Skyrim, specifically Solitude and Morthal areas I. Preparation for @TESOnline #Greymoor .… This early datamined map of southern High Rock shows many locations that did not make it into the fina…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @Rykoth1 @deadrabbitgirl The good muzzle or the bad muzzle ?New Ranger HQ update We have a driveway me out @CaptainDumac This But torchbugs @Casual_Ranger @CaptainDumac @faerie_sarah @Tuttle_Power Why imagine when we can make it a reality.
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @frazzled_fox @Kaalgrontiid Yasss the barbarian pack!! Alf has it @CaptainDumac @faerie_sarah @Tuttle_Power Imagine tiny little torchbug milk farms @CaptainDumac @faerie_sarah I think we need to consult the Loremaster on that @Tuttle_Power @faerie_sarah @CaptainDumac Do it Dumac @LeezartTime Me dodging all the political posts @XaphoraTTV It looks amazingMark your calendars Fam Two holidays back to back? Hearts day then Mannimarco Thirst day! I’m down! 💀 @deadrabbitgirl Stibbons is one of my favorite reoccurring chars... when he’s not in a DLC I get a bit bummed. Fin…“Why do I want to be a vampire? …I suppose it has something to do with the allure of power.”– Confessions of a Vamp…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @TESOnline Ooooo 👀 @lleggster @BethesdaStudios Freestates Archer... Im gonna make that a thing @lleggster @BethesdaStudios The Ranger in me CANNOT wait for the bow!!!! @Sigtric @jedi43 @azraelkrieg @Ninja_614 @individualchic
Bud Knight confirmed as main antagonist in TES: Arena @TheElderMemes guys My amazing friend Zombie just tweeted this out! It’s super awesome and we should all defiantly go check… @JebroUnity Sounds like you need to skydive @Mr_DewinterESO dungeons with randos is like riding the subway with strangers at 4 am - everyone is usually quiet through the…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @skymagpie This is the most accurate statment regarding eso dungeons I have ever read.The fact that Rick Astley is still out there on the grind making money truly shows that he has never let us down...… @the_the_jeff @Arkhaniir @LotusOfDoom @TheElderMemes @Galiskner @Aggelos_DCN !!! YES JEFF!!! Its Canon now...Guarmer @Arkhaniir @LotusOfDoom @TheElderMemes @Galiskner @Aggelos_DCN @Kaalgrontiid @sketchi_boi @talkingchee5e @tsunflour @SunnySlattery @judaswenttodie @igniszet @Hnybnny @Irathindur for letting me take some pictures @annonere! I absoloutly love you build here! Everyone please check out An… cold drink and a warm bed... commodities often taken for granted, but much appreciated by Arilas, who has spent m… enjoyed his few days away from the front but knew his leave would be over soon, and still had business in Kv… skilled smith Arilas was able to help the Blacksmith catch up on the recent spike in demand for arms and armor, s… Innkeep offered free room and board in exchange for a few days work. Tired from being on the road Arilas agree… Evening #ESOFam! I wanted to do a @TESOnline Housing twitter highlight on @annonere's Moon-Sugar Meadow! So si… this is amazing @annonere !! May I swing by for screenshots ? up on this..... I’ll be there in a bit too @deadrabbitgirl @LotusOfDoom @JibbsIRL This gif is life
@deadrabbitgirl @Arkhaniir @LotusOfDoom @TheElderMemes @Galiskner @Aggelos_DCN got bored at work.. So I made Altmer @Arkhaniir the Guar Farmer. a decade of work and dedication. My novel, Phoenix Undying is FINALLY IN MY HANDS!! 😻😍🌈 Hard cover & soft cov…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️Live my Cherrypies with Storytime in Tamriel Playing the Main Quest tonight! ✨ Drops are Enabled to earn yourself…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @Arkhaniir @Berserk_Zodd @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN I just suck on controller set up so ... I’m slow and derpy @Arkhaniir @Berserk_Zodd @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN I did a remote in from work .... and cranked the graphics up... work… @pylawn @Arkhaniir @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN @UESP_net @LotusOfDoom @LucaHitz @AlcastHQ @LucaHitz @AlcastHQ I’m using moonlight @TamrielDrifter @Terry_Tiernann @TESOnline Bro it sold in seven days and we got 5k over asking. Our realtor did an open house and… my Templar Breton Healer to level 45! This is huge as I only moved to PC this past year :) #ESOFam
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️Did You Know: The Knahaten Flu destroyed entire cities, religions, cultures, and races before it spread finally sto…
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @AlcastHQ Yea boi! Recorded this on my iPhone the other day! read! @TamrielDrifter This was a very good read! Thank you ! watch some old school Elder Scrolls with me! @Niniskya @alistlk I feel attacked ;) #ESOFam! Life has been very busy! Most of you know our house sold in record time so I have been scrambling… @tinythinker @UESP_net Best gif ever @Casual_Ranger @UESP_net
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @Grampy_A As he bears the Daggerfall Standard and Dons imperial Regalia @nukameenoo Ok cool... cause what’s always turned me off of AC games was how linear they were. I like to roam. @UESP_net Till we come knocking @nukameenoo I might need to scoop this game up.... every time you post screen shots you got me like Spongebob day on the Empires frontiers is about comradarie and brotherly and sisterly love. Bringing Tamirels Provinc…
@PeaceMaker2795 Always need more plombJust 👏 amazing 👏 #ESOFam @CraigBruyn @TESOnline Ahhh I love it! @kyledempsterstu @SlashLurk Loaf me daddyHe had bread in his hand... BREAD This is canon 🥖 @FreddoFoozbear @Kaalgrontiid Oblivion Mannimarco yes... but ESO Mannimarco is a snacc @faerie_sarah This is amazing! Happy Hearts day Sarah! So hoppy for you! 🤗 @not_efster *Tosses Dossier to you* Your taller cousins wrote it, not me @skymagpie @not_efster That sounds very Stormcloaky if you Efster. Truth is, the Thalmor are using the Stormcloaks and Ulfric… @Freeman_1972 @HyperPixieGames Double AgentRoses are Red So is Thalmor Blood Join the Empire .......Happy Hearts Day #ESOFam (Hearts day isn’t technically until the 16th of Suns Dawn, but you get the point!) @LianneThePinup @TESOnline @thefinninator @PaganwolfTTV @Thegingersnap89 @HyperPixieGames @R3V3RS3R Valentines Day #ESOFam
Retweeted by ♦️Casual Ranger♦️ @lapoulettakadoc @Bethesda_UK Hahahaha happy hearts Day!
Mad props to everyone who plays @TESOnline with a controller. I cannot ... for the life of me get used to this. B… @kyledempsterstu as requested morning DG @pylawn @LotusOfDoom @SnowStormStudio @TESOnline Works flawlessly... only thing I see as an issue.... is when launc… @Timtwigg81 @Arkhaniir @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN Combats smoothe.... The right joystick is SUPER sensitive on this app.… @Timtwigg81 @Arkhaniir @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN Whelp..... it works @Timtwigg81 @Arkhaniir @TESOnline @NVIDIAGFN same...getting it setup now ahahah @pylawn @LotusOfDoom @SnowStormStudio @TESOnline @pylawn @LotusOfDoom @SnowStormStudio @TESOnline Nvidia