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⧩ JavaScript ⧩ AWS ⧩ ⧩ Quad bikes and mud

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@NehemiahKiv Unfollowed and blocked for vocal tweet! @DivDev_ JavaScript @natterstefan It doesn't work on Samsung :-/ @mavi888uy You bet!!!With iOS 14, users will be asked if they want to be tracked by the applications. That means, people are able to re… @mavi888uy I go mudding @florinpop1705 💯💯💯💯I was so desperate to get coding experience in a company that I did an "internship" for free I DON'T recommend doi… @philip_kiely Sorry. Should've included the link.Reading this book at the moment and I like it lots. Did any of you read it? How did you find it? The author is… @chivsjawn Thank you! <3Thank y'all! @JoeAttardi @FrancescoCiull4 I hope so too! @NicHarryton Thank you! @BetoToro_dev Thank you! Happy to help!What VS Code themes do you recommend? Even though I like Dracula and Night Owl, I'm looking for other alternatives. 🤔 @abel_yai Soon! @baffledbasti Building Vue @FrancescoCiull4 Thank you Francesco for the continuous support! Much love! 🧡💙 @natterstefan Thankkkkk youuuuu!! @natterstefan 😈😈😈 @marcoslooten Thank you for the feedback! @dowexworld Will do! Thanks for the feedback! :-) @dowexworld @FrancescoCiull4 @RandallKanna Will do, thanks! @FrancescoCiull4 @RandallKanna 😈😈😈😈😈 @FrancescoCiull4 @RandallKanna Pre-orders soon 😎As I've said, it's not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add more. In fact, I want to see more advices and opinions. 😃5) Don't view interviews as a way for companies to grill you. It's a two-way street. Ask questions, participate, fi… Don't lie in your CV. Only add things you are familiar with. Thus, don't list everything you touched. I did this… Reach out to recruiters on LinkedIn. It's the best way to get a chance. When you apply on websites (in most case… Now you can use GitHub as a CV. Have a portfolio of complete, working web applications. Also, you can now add a… non-exhaustive list of advices to get your 1st job as a developer: 1) Apply to jobs even if you don't meet all… @chrisdixon161 Thank you! <3 @wottavm Thanks a lot! I don't have an audio yet. But that might be an option. Thanks for the idea! 🙏 @kettanaito Thank you, haha!So many people do the hard work and then give up just before reaping the results. @FrontEndLand Thank you! 🙏 @madsbrodt Sure, DM me. :-) @dannysteenman Thank you!! @dmokafa Thank you, Deni! Soon! @amanhimself Haha, thank you! 😻 @jackdomleo7 rgb & rgba @madsbrodt Thank you! Yes, I'm halfway through. 😃 @accolades_dev Thank you! <3 @NehemiahKiv Thanks a lot! @florinpop1705 @IndieHackers @csallen Share the link of the podcast :-D @sunilc_ Looks really good. Well done! I gave you an up-vote. :-) @silindsoftware Thank you! :-D @hackSultan That's a lot of hard work to put all the people together 😃 @jstnchu Canva :-D @hackSultan Looking forward to meet some new people. @study_web_dev Thank you! 😆 @ilonacodes 💯 @FrancescoCiull4 @DThompsonDev Same! He's a top man!This ebook is no "get-rich-quick scheme". However, it has a lot of useful information that can help you to improve… @DThompsonDev Well done man! I need to buy this one too!Do you want me to tweet only tech stuff or unrelated stuff too? 🙂
@MoxieHampton Yohooo! Well done and crush it! 🙏 @cobra_winfrey @dannysteenman Moister than an oyster @godwin_kachi @pro_ndubuisi @kodekage @codemon_ @setemiojo @PromisePreston @DThompsonDev @jackdomleo7 Thank you and well done! @JimDBanting Haha @towernter 😂😂😂 @DThompsonDev You are a legend man! Thank you for all you're doing for the community. @brunoraljic 😂 @wolfhoundjesse NiceIf you look at the Chicago Bulls logo the other way around (upside-down), you can see a robot reading. 🤯 @RandallKanna @arvidkahl Thank you!!! @DivCultivator I'd be interested @LashaKrikheli Amazing 🔥 @RandallKanna @arvidkahl How is it? I'm thinking of giving it a go 🙂 @DivCultivator That's really amazing. Any more info on this? Do you have any articles or such? @CodeKayCode 💯💯 @DivCultivator Thanks for the replies, really insightful! @DivCultivator Is it? @JoeAttardi I love him and his hardcore motivation. ❤ @Arvind_0602 @devinDford @FrancescoCiull4 @rafrasenberg @dannysteenman @DThompsonDev @dmokafa @jackdomleo7 @alyd789 @towernter I didn't like the second one. Did you enjoy it? Read the first one and I loved it. @Pathogneumonic Thanks a bunch! Will check it @RandallKanna They rock 💯Non-tech books I love (in no particular order) 📖 Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 📖 You Can't Hurt Me by David Goggings 📖… @IAmGeneGuy 💯💯 @IGrabill Nice list. @DThompsonDev Well done to you! @adrian_twarog Happy for you bud! @NehemiahKiv @FrancescoCiull4 😂😂😂😂 @arvidkahl Taking care of yourself and enjoying life is productive. 🙏 @devinDford @Sebykay @BlakieCodes @traversymedia @DThompsonDev @vakharia_heet @wcandillon @ravinwashere @edurekaIN @rafrasenberg Manele @sasiKdharan 👍 @jstnchu @BlakieCodes @RandallKanna @Rich_Harris @denicmarko 🙏🙏Your progress in a company that supports you, offers you a mentor, gives you access to resources => 🚀 Your progres… @v1rtl Well done!!!Do you use a cover letter when applying for jobs or not? @silindsoftware Lark Mode @VadegharRaj I lev itttttNo. You can even code on your phone nowadays. Any laptop will do. 👍 notes. 🙂 @dannysteenman Nice man! @DThompsonDev 💯💯 @fs0c131y Burn the house down!