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VISUAL ARTIST & DESIGNER. My name is Catalina, not Jan. It’s an Office reference.

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🙌🏻🙌🏻 @_Seyi_ Completely off brand. If I wasn’t desperate for Trump not to get re-elected I wouldn’t care. And Piper is s… can’t believe I’m saying this but good on John Piper for trying to talk some sense into the conservative evangelical world about Trump. @Mepaynl @CTmagazine 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
What is up with old, creepy dudes within the CHH genre tryna hit on ‘CHH girls.’ Ain’t you got some grandkids to look after? 🥴
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @BlackXtian @markjobechicago Oh man. I heard about one of them named Caleb. I’m gonna see if I can find his @ @BlackXtian @markjobechicago I honestly think he and the other two (Dean Arens and Rachel Puente) should be arreste… to give the names of the rapists at #moodybibleinstitute all in favor say aye“While many of us have found God and His calling on our lives within the walls of Moody, some of us have also faced…
Retweeted by Serenity by JanFormer Student Claims Moody Bible Institute Put Her on ‘Warning Status' for Being Lesbian
Retweeted by Serenity by JanHi @markjobechicago are you a fan of rape because it looks like you are.So @markjobechicago came out with a lame ass statement crying about how he has daughters but still called the 2 mai… @BlackXtian Click the petition and read the stories. FUCK @markjobechicago @Moody_Bible Do you love the alumni whose rapes you covered up?WOW. WOOOW. Raise your hand if you already knew Moody Bible Institute was a garbage dumb but are sad to see this an…
@smilingjoce Been there
@drkatiemd_ Legally blondeI am working on an outline for a half visual art half short stories book about my journey through miscarriage, ment… about psychosis without judgment is suicide prevention
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @mwestramke WOOL SOCKS @StreetHymns None of those things have to do with how an election works though... like, I understand the metaphor b… @StreetHymns None of those things have to do with how an election works though... @StreetHymns You do you @comedylife24 @StreetHymns For the record I $1000 getting rid of a 2-party system. @StreetHymns Your not going to change the electoral system with one independent vote that has no chance of winning.… @StreetHymns Exactly. @Jessicaebersole JAEL
@TheErinnAffect @OMGitsWande Is as knit-picky*** @TheErinnAffect @OMGitsWande I see that. But I don’t think her point isn’t as knit-picky. CHH doesn’t get enough re… @TheErinnAffect @OMGitsWande I think that’s exactly what she’s saying @kingzson NO
“Hey I saw you today and you didn’t even say hi” Me:
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The girl I mentored always called herself an idiot after she realized the “error of her ways.” This was like very 6… I think about all the shit I believed and acted upon when I was in my 20s I don’t psycho analyze it... I was y… sucks but everyone’s gotta get their heart broken, learn how to manage money, learn how to take responsibility,… you have a problem with a 21 year old and you’re over the age of like, 27??? relax and remember all the dumb thi…’m 32 now, and when I think about young adults I think of people who are fresh out of their childhood and realizin… I was in my early 20s I was part of a toxic group of christian friends where everyone was obsessed with “iron… have such a distaste for grown people critiquing or gossiping about young people who are in the process of discov… @finfou23 This looks like a seizure waiting to happen @Deathbymartymar Every time the weather changed and my allergies acted up.
@OMGitsWande I thought it was a derogatory term for Jewish.. at least I saw that on a movie. @Corybrand LmfaaaooI need a star chart for every time I don’t take a pregnancy test 10 days before my period is supposed to get here.I do not understand the appeal of Timothy Chalamet. He’s got such a dainty chin it doesn’t really do it for me. @sarajean116 I can’t believe these things HAPPEN. @JBsTwoCents Wait that was an option?“She is born worthy. She is born valuable. And one day she’ll be able to demonstrate her joy as a person with depre…
Retweeted by Serenity by JanWhat is the best way to support a friend who is considering/in the process of checking themselves into a psychiatric hospital? @prophiphop You will be at a different season! @JuiceBangers Doja cat stupid autocorrectI don’t know who needs to hear this but your lived experience ain’t ever up for debate
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @djwadeo Definitely NOTI just realized someone sent me a love letter 3 years into my marriage. I didn’t read it all fully when I first got…
I borrowed my friend’s wax kit and it went horribly wrong.
Noam Chomsky on Trump, Modi, and Bolsonaro
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @sweater_gay Yerp @saggiesplinters “Shibby” and “woot woot.”This year for halloween I’m dressing up as mentally stable
yea your nudes are fire but do you wear your mask over your nose
Retweeted by Serenity by JanOur directory of 200+ free and low-cost U.S. #mentalhealth services & resource guide are now easier to browse and a…
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @_philiptran I have mine shipped in from John’s mom in NYC.For the first time in WEEEEEKS I had an all good report in therapy (feels like school) but I think this is the first time ever??
@sava_laur BIG DEAL @mitchellatencio I like it!! It’s like 5th dimension math 😂😂 @julioadriandlt I have screen shots
This one got the vibes. @SareemPoems x @TeremOne x @cataphant
Retweeted by Serenity by JanMY FIRST TWO PRINTS ARE LIVE. I’m banking on this being a legit stream of income but I’m feeling hopeful bc the qua… @SouthpawSwade 😂😂😂😂😂 I swear it’s goodCheck in: How it started. Vs. How it’s going.
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @SouthpawSwade DONNIE DARKO
Thank goodness for the internet. #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpCovid19 #TrumpMeltdown
Retweeted by Serenity by Jan @S_L_Sanderson @LynseyBock Good argument. @S_L_Sanderson Nope. Not at all. Except the one that would shoot out the hole whenever I flared my nostrils. One t…
@_philiptran I do everything through PayPal but I really liked @drkatiemd_ 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @DepressedWBlack 😂😂😂😂 @DepressedWBlack Wait is it meI need to stop blowing up on one: claudia conway: so this what the inside of Area 51 looks like
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@BethMooreLPM @bubbleup01 My favorite movie until Covid
@smilingjoce @sarajean116 @mitchellatencio Me and Jocelyn @mitchellatencio @sarajean116 DM ME @sarajean116 WHO DID IT
That said- all of my love, money, and support will always go towards their safety and right to live joyfully withou… don’t believe in announcing “allyship” bc it’s self centered, but I just want to say that there’s no other people…, I want to donate a percentage of my print sales to support black women doulas and safety in birth because FUCK… this reason, “being Colombian” for me has very little to do with affirmation from my family and everything to d… my mom tries to act as a barrier between me & “las tias” bc she knows me and knows that I’m patiently waiting… aside, there’s a significant pocket of really amazing family members who I consider my FAMILY family, and I lo… was also a rumor spread around by my aunt that my two brothers (who are on the spectrum) live off of disabili… only that, there’s long standing grudges between factions of the family, usually having to do with money or sup… there’s my family- public school lower middle class gringos in creative fields with no filter and no manners.… family gathering is a competition where manners are important but it’s a silent battle of passive aggressiven… family came into money a couple generations ago and it went to the heads of a few great aunts and uncles who sen… I’ve been thinking about my mom’s British English, I want to talk about how “upper-class” latinx people can b… finna get weird. mars is in venice beach & mercury is doing the renegade
Retweeted by Serenity by JanMy mom is from Colombia & obviously has an accent when she speaks English, but for the life of me I have never been… @DepressedWBlack